Costco Shoppers Want ‘Americans Only’ Hours

Vanessa Ho, San Francisco Chronicle, August 15, 2012`

If you’ve ever shopped at Costco on a weekend, you know it’s like an endurance sport, with tough parking, packed crowds and competitive lines for those mini-sausage samples.

But Costco shoppers in Bellingham, Wash. have an additional challenge: Canadians. It seems that the store, 90 miles north of Seattle and near the border, attracts flocks of Canadians in search for cheaper American milk and gas. And that’s making some locals grouchy.

A Facebook page has emerged to vent the grumpiness, called “Bellingham Costco needs a special time just for Americans.” With more than 4,200 likes so far, it features rants about crowds, parking and rude Canadians who buy up all the milk (by the double-gallon) and take forever in the gas line (with their extra gas cans). {snip}


But not everyone is complaining about the “mob show” at the Bellingham Costco. One Facebook poster called the comments “discrimination” and wrote, “I say to Canadians boycott, and watch how fast your city begs for Canadians to return.”

Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville also continued to welcome Canadians. “The unpleasant comments we’ve seen on social media regarding Canadians are offensive and inappropriate,” Linville said Monday.

The Facebook page creator wrote that the problem isn’t Canadians personally, but the need for a larger store. {snip}

Also, don’t expect any special U.S.-only shopping hours. Costco said it’s planning to continue its policy of letting Costco members shop in any Costco they choose.



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  • Anan7

     I don’t mind Canadians coming across the border.  As long as White foreigners have a clean record, they shouldn’t be restricted.

    Canadians are *generally* much harder working and less likely to murder/rob/rape than the Mexicans/Puerto Ricans.  They’re the ones we really have to worry about.

    This is what immigration laws before 1965 were meant to do.  We should return to that standard.

  • Yes, Canadians are shopping in large numbers in the states – due largely to the high Canadian dollar and protected over-regulated industries in Canada. For this reason prices are substatively less in the U.S.  On the other hand I have noticed, travelling to the outlets mall near Seattle, that perhaps a majority of those shopping are not Canadians, but rather Chinese and East-Indians travelling to shop from Canada. Do not mistake their behaviour and appearance for Canadians. They are not us.  Engraved on a large stone arch in the park at the border seperating our countires (Peace Arch crossing) are the words “Children of A Common Mother.” This is true of Canadians and Americans. It is not true of the post 1960 immigration boom, allowed on both sides of the border by nihilstic liberals.   

    •  Oh yeah the Pakistanis and the Indians and the Asians buy up all the milk for cheap and then sell it in their stores for a nice tidy profit.  They are NOT Canadians.

    • The__Bobster

      No, they’re coming to the U.S. to shop to avoid paying their high taxes, all the while bragging about their health system that is supposedly supported by those very taxes.

  • Jay11

    Imagine a Costco in southern California or Texas and white Americans call for the same thing!  But in their case, the illegals came across the border and never went back!

    • Dr Al

      You can’t blame the Mexicans for not wanting to go back to Mexico. Would you? If you were Mexican, would you rather live with White people or your own people?

      We whites don’t realize how wonderful we are. What a clean and healthy civilization we create and that Mexicans can’t. 

       They may not be as smart as us, but when they notice toilets work, light go on, then they will surely want to live with the white man rather than the Mexicans.

      Mexico is so hideous Mexicans hate it.  The problem is that whites take for granted that which WE ourselves create. We feel anybody can do it since it is so easy for us. It is NOT easy for Mexicans.

      Civilization comes natural to whites. It does not for Africans nor Mexicans.

      • Guest

        The Aztecs did pretty well. You shouldn’t put them in the same sentence as Africans. Africans didn’t even invent the wheel.

        • The__Bobster

          The Aztecs never used the wheel either, except on their kids’ toys.

      • Jay11

        I know what you’re saying, it’s just that I know a lot of Mexicans and they are way over the top nationalistic and ‘proud’ of their country.  I mean they make us look like the puny patriots.

        • Carney3

          Do they ever say what they have to be proud about, specifically?

      • dukem1

         Yeah…Didja ever notice that if someone says they’re goin’ to Canada, fishing or camping or whatever, no one ever has to say “Don’t drink the water!”?

  • Dr Al

    I hope Sam’s Club and BJ’s Club read this.

    Sounds like a no-brainer to build THEIR stores a few miles CLOSER to the border.

    Or, if COSTCO had ANY sense, they would built ANOTHER store.  Or, even better, raise their prices and make a lot more money.  Always raise prices until they lower your profit. If they are buying gas for less, up the price until it doesn’t work.  

  • JackKrak

    I was thinking the same thing. Part of me would love to shove liberal Seattle noses in some salsa-flavored “diversity” that they are always cheerleading for – from a distance…..

  • Why are those things more expensive in Canada?  How does the Canadian government feel about bootlegging?

    Why is it possible to advocate on Facebook for American rights against our neighbors to the north, but not against our neighbors to the south?

    • They Canadian government loves bootleggers. They have more money to spend on more heavily taxed items, like beer.

  • They’re upset about Canadians? Wait until they’re dealing with a mob of blacks.

  • Canada seems to be committing  national suicide as every white country on the planet is. Check this brainwashing propaganda, where is white  history month ?

  • Tim

    My first thought was “C`mon guys! They protected our convoys with the original Corvettes…”  But then I thought, “I`ll bet they`re really Chinese from Vancouver looking for the BBD (Bigger Better Deal). Otherwise, how we would even know they were “Canadians”?!?…Anybody put truth to that theory? Wondering what their manners are in line also… Fellow posters Enlighten me please.

    • MikeofAges

       I live 50 miles south of Bellingham on I-5. Yes, you can spot Anglo Canadians. The just look dorky and always confused. The men have bowling ball calves and wear shorts. The women look like 1950s-style Midwestern housewives.

      I don’t know exactly what turned Canada into “the enemy to the north”, but it sure wasn’t the efforts of these people.

      • dukem1

         Hey now!   Don’t go knockin’ 1950s-style Midwestern housewives.
        Sheesh!  I can’t even finish my thought just thinkin’ about ’em!

  • Suggestion for the white shoppers of northwestern Washington State:

    Avoid big boxes.  The older I get, the more I despise them.  How anyone can be romantically enthralled by a Wal-Martinez Stupor Center, and even think about doing all of their shopping there, is beyond me.

    I’m sure there are smaller retailers and farmers markets in the area that would love your business.

    • Carney3

      Fair enough, but then don’t be one of those that disdains shoppers who make it all about price price price because you know so much better than they about broad and long-term consequences, but then when the issue of energy comes up smugly points out that ethanol fuel or electric cars costs more in the short run as a reason to mindlessly keep using jihad juice.

      •  Apples and oranges, (apropos, we’re talking about food.)  I’m probably not paying much more buy regularly shopping for food at the six different places that I do than I would be if I bought it all at Drone Mart.  Meanwhile, your proposals would drastically make the cost of living more expensive.  I would feel better if your ideal world that involved blocking out the jihad juice from the world oil market also involved getting more of our own oil, but you’re opposed to that, and you seem to push ethanol as some sort of panacea.  It makes me think that you have a personal motivation (investment). Just like I think Whiteplight’s hatred of Christians is entirely a personal thing, it’s almost always a personal motivation of some sort when people ride a hobby horse.

        If your ethanol dreams come true, it won’t matter where I buy my food, it will be that expensive. Then again, very expensive food would be a feature not a bug for some people.

        • Carney3

          Every single sentence in that post was untrue. Every single one.

          Yes, I support ethanol. It’s the most widely used alternative fuel, does a lot of good, and gets a bum rap, and I will stick up for it when falsehoods about it get spread.

          But I am not invested or personally an “interested party” in ethanol. In fact I prefer methanol with an M to ethanol, because methanol is cheaper, made from a broader array of resources (natural gas, coal, or any including inedible biomass), and avoids the “food vs. fuel” myth that ethanol is vulnerable to.

          I also support battery electric cars as an important backup and adjunct, and support looking into methanol/oxygen fuel cell cars and external combustion engines (modern-day steam, such as the Cyclone engine).

          I don’t oppose getting more of our own oil as such, but in the context of reality I oppose expending finite political focus, momentum, and resources trying to make it happen. “Getting more of our own oil” is politically extremely difficult if not impossible (Bush couldn’t accomplish it even in 2005 with a GOP House and Senate and just re-elected), and even if we could do it, it would accomplish NOTHING. That’s because we have less than 2% of world commercially recoverable oil reserves while OPEC has more than 78% including all the easiest to access, cheapest to extract, most-wanted stuff (“light sweet crude”). Even all-out drilling won’t help because OPEC can easily cut production to keep the world price of oil high enough to keep their revenue stream intact.

          Ethanol does NOT cause higher food prices. Even while ethanol corn production tripled, food corn production went up 45% and production of other staple crops went up as well.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I’d like an Americans only, Mexican-free shopping period at ANY store in Southern California.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I’d like an Americans only, Mexican-free shopping period at ANY store in Southern California.

    • Carney3

      I’d like an Americans-only, Mexican-free America.

  • Strider73

    As long as the Canadian dollar remains strong vs. the US dollar, Canadians will flock across the border for bargains. (Not long ago it was the other way around — the local Sea World used to accept “loonies” at par with the US$, which saved the Canadian snowbirds as much as 30%.)

    Also, taxes are higher in Canada, which is another incentive. We just bought a lot of clothes two weeks ago during the  back-to-school sales tax holiday. When Massachusetts imposed a punitive tax on liquor a few years ago, everyone simply drove to tax-free New Hampshire for their booze (including at least one MA legislator who had voted for the tax). I understand clothing stores in New Jersey are inundated every weekend with shoppers from NY & PA, as NJ doesn’t tax clothing.

  • MikeofAges

    Times were brutal then? How about now? Mass warfare. Mass genocide. Guerrilla war. Urban partisan war. Terrorism. Tribal warfare. Religious warfare. Ethnic cleansing. No wonder they won’t land! LOL. 

  • Carney3

    Muslim terrorists and their sponsors and enablers are at war with us.  In such a case, it’s much less important that we daintily keep our sparkling-white kid gloves simon-pure in a libertarian sense, and much more important to pick up and use whatever tool or weapon is necessary and useful to crush the enemy with maximum speed and effectiveness.  If that means some a free-market nerd swoons in horror and needs smelling salts, too F-ing bad.  WE ARE AT WAR.  Do what it takes, including subsidize, whatever.  If we waste some money for the sake of SPEED and RESULTS, so be it.  Get your priorities straight.