A four-star Army general who was the first head of the U.S. African Command is under investigation for possibly lavishing hundreds of thousands of dollars improperly on travel and hotels.

Gen. William ‘Kip’ Ward, who at four stars has the highest rank in the Army, could be demoted if the imminent results of the 17-month investigation reveal he spent money inappropriately.

Gen. William ‘Kip’ Ward

Officials told the Associated Press that Ward, 63, is facing allegations that he allowed unauthorized people, including family members, to fly on government planes.

There are also accusations that he spent excessively on hotel rooms, transport and ‘other’ expenses – all while traveling as head of Africa Command, a role he started in 2007 on its creation.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will make a final decision on the matter and Ward’s potential demotion before the end of the month, defense officials said.


He had sought to retire last year and carried out the paperwork to make it possible, before attending his retirement ceremony in April 2011 at Fort Myer, Virginia.

But the Army has since put his retirement on hold as the investigation is under way – and he will only be allowed to retire once they conclude which rank he will be.

He has been working in Northern Virginia, serving as a special assistant to the vice chief of the Army.

Because Ward’s alleged offenses occurred while he was a four-star general, he could be forced to retire as a three-star, which officials said could cost him as much as $1 million in retirement pay.

It was not immediately clear whether Ward also could face criminal charges.

It is unlikely he would be demoted as far as two-star rank; investigators would have to conclude that he also had problems before Africa Command, and officials said that does not appear to be the case.

The investigation has dragged on so long that Ward technically has been demoted from his four-star general rank to two-star general. Under military guidelines, if a general is not serving in a four-star command or office for more than 60 days, he or she is automatically reduced to two-star rank.



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  • OPersephone

    Is corruption contagious?

    • chuck_2012

       it is for african americans. they just love to live it up on yt’s dime….performance on the job just does not figure in their thinking.

    • Rocky Bass,

       No, but it does appear to be GENETIC.

  • Force him to retire as a E-1

  • JohnEngelman

    Wasn’t his salary enough? 

    • Pandemonium

      Whatever the amount, it is never enough. How much is enough?  Just a little bit more.

  • Ed

    This doesn’t suprise.  This is the kind of behavior that is expected and encouraged in the black community. 

  • Rocky Bass,

    How many of those “stars” were just affirmative action to being with? How many white, smart and qualified warriors were passed over along the way to bring this fella to the lofty height he was not suitable for.  

    • Howard W. Campbell

       Rocky; Probably 100’s throughout this man’s career. If George Patton were alive today, he wold bail out of the Army as a Captain and go to work for Blackwater (or whatever it is called now). The military is under incredible pressure to find and promote minorities; whether qualified or not. For the Selection boards for Navy Chiefs (E-7 thru E-9), if there are minorities (especially females) and they are not promoted, there better be ironclad evidence that they either are not ready or completely unqualified.  Very few servicemen have problems with minority bosses, so long as the person has his/her act together.

      Years ago, I remember reading an article in the Navy Times that sung the praises about this black female who was in her mid 20’s, a single mother, and had just bought her first home. The thought that occurred to me was that the local welfare department just moved their problem over to the Navy. This woman may well be a Master Chief now, passing over scores of more qualified white males.

      If you have a minority who is a screw-up and needs to be thrown out, you darn well better have every I dotted, T crossed, and a mountain of paperwork. We had a guy like this at my first command. When he came in the Navy, he tested positive for marijuana when he arrived at boot camp. At the time, E-6 and below received a mulligan for a positive test. When a new CO arrived, he ordered drug tests for everyone and lo and behold, this guy tested positive again. Our miscreant started screaming racism, but the none of the other minorities at the command tested positive and EVERYONE (CO on down) took a drug test. His claim was denied

      The following is the first few lines in an article about deadbeats in the military. A lot of this is still true today.

      16 November 1999


      “The purple fingernail polish and the dreadlocks covering
      her face and the hole in the side of her nose where she wears
      a diamond stud on weekends were bad enough,” a command sergeant
      major says. “But then Specialist Flake asked me if she had
      to take that ‘pointy sticky thing that goes on my gun’ when she
      went to the M-16 rifle range.”

      Flake is a single female soldier with three children by three
      different fathers. The “pointy sticky thing” is her
      bayonet. You know, the one that’s stuck in an enemy soldier’s
      belly when things get close and nasty.

      Beats me why this soldier is concerned with the bayonet or why
      her commander insists she qualify with her rifle. When her outfit
      moves out on a combat mission, Flake will be left behind to care
      for her kids, along with the sick and lame. She is nondeployable.
      She is like a firefighter who can’t ride on the firetruck.

    • JackKrak

      This guy was probably a general within six months after enlisting.

      On his ability, of course….

  • Dr Al

    Here is the talking points for MSNBC, CNN, etc.”  

    This is just another white hate attack on a proud Black Man.  This is because  he is BLACK.He earned his rank and earned everything he ever got. He was never advanced in his career due to the color of his skin, since that would be racist, but this attack on him is ONLY because he is black.

    Just another white attempt to lynch a black man.

  • anmpr1

    African Command, eh?  I’m sure two real “African” generals, George Patton and Erwin Rommel, are looking down, and having a good laugh about this over drinks (or whatever it is they consume, up there).  Except that in private, the former is probably shaking his head, and wondering whether it was worth all his effort, considering how it turned out.

  • Pandemonium


    Here you see the results of affirmative action.

    The terrible thing about affirmative action in the military is that soldiers get killed because of bone-headed decisions by unqualified people such as this “general”. 

    Insanity is the word that keeps bouncing around in my head.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    African Command.   I’m exhausted, my stomach hurts  and I’m wiping tears from hysterical laughter.   What an [oxy]moron.

    • Seek

      “The African Command” — the whole idea is something out of a Mel Brooks movie.

      • MekongDelta69

        Are you referring to that great comedy – “Blazing Africans”?!

    • MekongDelta69

      The “African Command” runs from 96th Street to 168th Street in Manhattan (i.e. Harlem), with a satellite division, centered at Bedford and Nostrand in Brooklyn (i.e. Bed-Stuy).

      They function about as ‘well’ as “Mother Africa.”

    • The Africa Command was created so that he could become 4 Star. It is out of Germany ….

      • SLCain

         I would like to believe that, however I’m not so sure.  The military tends to create new commands when they anticipate that there will be some action.  Centcom (originally based in Florida) was only created in 1983.  Within seven years it had a war for itself in Iraq.

        The fact that our government has established an “Africa Command” indicates to me that they intend on screwing around in Africa in a serious way within a few years – that’s where the next fun war is going to be.  And it will be a disaster for us.

  • Good Lord, who’s his travel agent, Michele Obama? Demote him and make him pay back the taxpayers. Same thing should be done to that other unqualified commander at 1600 Pennsylvania.

  • libertarian1234

    I agree.  This is an AA appointment, because the brass and politicians at the Pentagon needed a black face in higher command to “prove” that they aren’t “racist.”
    Any sergeant or even a second lieutenant would be court martialed for misappropriation of government funds, which is a serious felony, but it looks like Mr. AA is only going to get demoted by one star…..if that.

    I’d be willing to bet that this black crook could barely pass a high school GED test.

    The days of having a military with the likes of such high caliber individuals like Eisenhower,  who anguished for days on end whenever he was forced to make a decision he knew would mean mass American casualties, are over.

    In his place are diversity monkies carefully put in place by Carter, Clinton and now Obama, who look upon their troops as so much fodder for their cannons.

    Remember Jessica Lynch?  They were so eager to create the lie that she fought off an entire Iraqi regiment all by herself, thinking they would be flooded with female bodies to add to their store of fodder and to manipulate and move anywhere they wanted as bullet stoppers.  And, oh, how eagerly the lying MSM tried to promote the idea also.

    But it was Jessica herself….to her credit…. who refused to go along with the lie and instead admitted she dropped her weapon,   fell to her knees and prayed for her life.

    But the liars weren’t set back one iota.  They just forgot about it and moved on to the next lie.

    This is the new command in place now of the military.  As the Empire implodes so does this oddball-ran organization called the US military.

    Only the troops in the field have any courage and honor.

    • haroldcrews

      It looks like Bush promoted him to four stars.  But otherwise good comment.

      • libertarian1234

        I’m not surprised.  Both Bush I  and II made some atrocious politically correct choices.

    • jeffaral

      Carter, Clinton and now Obama??!!    Why do you want to blame only liberals?   Conservatives are even worse than Liberals in matters of Affirmative Action.

      • libertarian1234

        “Carter, Clinton and now Obama??!! Why do you want to blame only liberals?

        “Conservatives are even worse than Liberals in matters of Affirmative Action.”

        I’m afraid you would have a really difficult time if you had to prove that point.  Democrats live, breathe, eat and sleep affirmative action.

        There’s no comparison, but there have been conservatives who drank the kool aid for sure.

        Both Bush’s are good examples.

  • haroldcrews

    Looks like he did not appreciate the differences between the expectations in lifestyles and ethics of an African general and ‘African-American’ general.  I’d say once he returned to mother Africa he went native.  But he was probably corrupt before assuming the African Command.

    • He never returned to Africa. Africa Command is in Germany.

  • MekongDelta69

    I saw this story on FNC yesterday and when they put up the quote from the Defense Dept’s. present day hyper-PC ‘spokesthing’, it said something like (paraphrase):
    “We are genuinely saddened by this, but a full investigation will go forward. In no way will this affect our committment to diversity, which still remains a top priority for us.”

    In the last 30+ years, our once vaunted Military has been feminized, affirmative actionized, homosexualized, ROE-ized, illegal alienized and muslimized so much, I almost don’t even recognize it anymore. I am eternally glad I served in combat before all this insanity happened.

    The above beliefs do not apply to the individual grunt. They apply to the top brass, who these days, are simply an extension of the leftist culture. They have to parrot this garbage or they get ushered out of the Service. (e.g. the former Commandant of the Marine Corps.) Some of them are so brainwashed, they actually believe and embrace this nonsense.

    There is simply no (institutional) refuge from this stuff anymore. We are a decaying society and it’s a damn shame…
    Nah – it’s even more than that. It’s downright criminal what’s happened to this country because of the left.

  • There was an ulterior motive to affirmative action as many blacks as possible to the ranks of four and five star general.

    Starting with U.S.eless Grant to the present, save James Garfield, every person elected President of the United States has had one or more of these five things in his background:

    1.  Elected Vice-President
    2.  Elected U.S. Senator
    3.  Elected State Governor
    4.  Federal Executive Cabinet Secretary
    5.  Four or Five Star General

    Until recently, black Senators and Governors were rare, and there weren’t and still have not been any black Vice-Presidents, and the kinds of blacks who are Cabinet Secretaries aren’t really Presidential material.   The mania to make blacks “generals” had a lot to do with greasing the skids for a black President.  The catch is the only two Presidents since Grant who were elected President were Grant himself and Eisenhower, and they weren’t just armchair generals.  So the hope is that we had a four-star affirmative action black general when we went into Fezeliginiblautenstan to overthrow some tinpot warlord, the black general gets all the credit and therefore elected President.

    That tactic failed with Colin Powell.

  • Of course it’s dragged on. That’s the modus operandi when dealing with blacks in positions of power who abuse the priviledge. This joker would fit right in as a dictator of some backwater banana republic in Africa. Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia.

    • Strider73

      This joker would fit right in as a dictator of some backwater banana republic in Africa. Congo, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia.

      You’re more right than you think. Note his resemblance to that famous Ugandan despot, Idi Amin.

  • D. H. Andrews

    There were some very good reasons why the armed services were segregated prior to 1950. Prior to that time everyone – except for a very few Asians and others – who wasn’t White and patriotic, devoted to the United States and preserving her assets. Blacks, it seems get special pleasure in the end to “sticking it to Whitey” which has been inculcated in them from day 1 in their families and communities. This general had no scrupples about ripping off the army – and Whitey, the hand that fed and promoted him over and over – in the high times he had on our dime.

  • jeffaral

    He looks 100% black.    So people can’t blame “his White half”, as would be the case with Obama, who is a mulatto.

  • The Africa Command was created so that he could become 4 Star. As he in not in command he is currently 2 Star. So he should be busted down (at minimum) to 1 Star for retirement purposes. 

    Hell he should be in the brig. 

  • blindsticks

    Only 12 comments! – My arse. Obviously the Mail are doing their best  to distance themsleves from an ‘unsavoury’ readership.

    • Strider73

      And note that only a British paper had the guts to publish it. Not even MilitaryCorruption.com touched this story.