Anaheim High School Cancels Events Found to Be Demeaning

Robert J. Lopez, Los Angeles Times, August 22, 2012

“Seniores” and “Señoritas” events held at an Anaheim high school—in which students dressed as gang members and a pregnant woman pushing a baby stroller—have been canceled after officials concluded the activities were demeaning toward Latinos and their culture.

The events, which have been held for at least three years at Canyon High School, took place during senior activity week in June and were approved by campus administrators, according to school district officials.

The event was canceled after the Orange Unified School District launched an internal investigation in June in response to two complaints filed by former students.

“I conclude there was a lack of oversight/supervision and that the school administration should not have allowed this activity,” Aileen M. Sterling, executive director of secondary education for the district, wrote in an Aug. 10 letter summarizing her inquiry.

“Even if strict guidelines were provided,” Sterling said, “the result would still lead to hurtful and demeaning messages about the Mexican culture and to the students of the Mexican, Hispanic and Latino descent.”


In recent years, about 55% of the students at Canyon High were white and about 16% were Latino, according to a Times database of California schools. The faculty was 87% white and about 8% Latino.

Campus administrators will undergo diversity and sensitivity training, and the school will offer an ethnic studies class for students and hold an International Week activity in the 2012-13 school year, according to Sterling.

In the most recent event in June, two boys dressed as a gardener and the woman pushing the baby stroller. Other students dressed as U.S. Border Patrol agents and “gang members with bandannas and tear drops,” the investigation found. Some students wore large sombreros and fake mustaches.


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  • Rocky Bass,

    Sounds a perfectly fair cultural critique, if Mexico is so beyond reproach, then why have so many been forced to flee it?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    You call gang activity and teenage pregnency a culture?
    You import 3rd World people, you become a 3rd World nation!

    • guest

      Try telling that to the liberals who are so bent on bringing more and more of them in here.  And of course anyone who tells the truth about it is a racist hate-monger who must be punished.  In this case, the punishment is to undergo diversity and sensitivity brainwashing…uh, I mean…training…and to have an ethinc studies class for their International Week.

      Everytime I read stories like this, it makes me glad I’m not in school anymore.  Especially today when it’s getting so PC and out of control.

    • Enar_Larsson

       The funny thing about this article–by Robert Lopez, I might point out–is that it seems to concede in its opening sentence that not only are gang activity and teen pregnancy culture, but that they are definitive of Latino culture. The article indicates not that the events were canceled because of hurtful, ugly, and misleading stereotypes but because “officials concluded the activities were demeaning toward Latinos and their culture.”

      • ZB

        Great observation, Enar_Larsson.  

        Is this what’s known as a journalistic “Freudian slip”?

    • Gringo

      They needed a male dressed as a Border Agent handing out Welcome Bags to those crossing the border.

      It could include a Drivers License and a Voting Card so as not to inconvenience the new arrivals.

      • John Bonham

         Let’s not forget a gallon of water too..

  • dhs

    It’s not surprising  that liberal rulers would cancel  events which show hispanics in an unfavorable way. But here is what I find disgusting:
    Campus administrators will undergo diversity and sensitivity training,
    and the school will offer an ethnic studies class for students and hold
    an International Week activity in the 2012-13 school year, according to

    Don’t the students, teachers and admins get enough liberal indoctrination?  Apparently the liberals don’t think so.

    • Rocky Bass,

      The fact that we are arguing this north of the border, speaks volumes about Hispanics and their origins! Risked their lives fleeing from something to a safe and better land, only to start trying to turn their new safe haven into the hell they escaped in the 1st place! Rinse and Repeat.
      Are locusts really “aware” of the damage they do?

    • Enar_Larsson

       Not only is it disgusting but it’s also very disturbing. Whenever whites are accused of racism or insensitivity they are forced to make public confessions and undergo reprogramming. The worst case in recent memory was the Seattle police officer who told a detainee “I’m going to beat the Mexican piss out of you” while punching and kicking him after he was down. The issue was not excessive force (which did in fact seem to be the case), or even the angry taunt, but the adjective “Mexican”. The officer issued a groveling, tear-filled public apology and not only had to undergo sensitivity training but afterwards had to teach it to other “at-risk” officers and community members. Even though it is redundant to say so, this is all very Orwellian. There was another case posted here a while back in which a law professor who was cleared of all charges of insensitivity was told he could not be reinstated until he had undergone reprogramming. What was encouraging in that case was that he refused. I honestly believe that if even a large minority of “conservative” politicians, pundits, and celebrities would very publicly refuse to apologize for these sorts of things (or even for being blatantly pro-white in the case of politicians) that public opinion would quickly follow. There are a great many out there who just as disturbed and disgusted but because there is a spectrum-wide stigma, are afraid to admit (oftentimes even to themselves).

  • The fact that the Latinos were “offended” tells me all I need to know about them!  

  • At least Latinas value motherhood, unlike so many “modern” white women….

    • It’s the leftist media. Our new “culture” demands that a woman put her career first. If a woman chooses family first she’s demeaned as “old-fashioned”, “out of touch”, or “hasn’t worked a day in her life”

    • rosy14

      they don’t value maternity. they simply open their legs to the first chicano who smile at them. if they valued maternity, they would wait until adulthood to provide a much better life (in terms of economic security, good housing, good food, scholing, etc) to theirchildren. they simply breed, not become mothers and fathers.

      • Spartan24708

        My grandmother worked with a Mexican woman who allowed her daughter to go to dances with adult males at the age of 14. Big surprise the girl turned up pregnant a short time later by a man who was here illegally and started beating her. When she was 21 she had her 3rd child and tried to leave. The man shot and killed her while she was holding the baby and then killed himself.

        The school system encourages and practically demands that girls have some sort of career and therefore postpone motherhood until it is sadly too late in many cases.

        • Anonymous

          That’s crazy!  To think we want to import more people like this?  All for ‘cheap labor and votes’?  Is it really worth it, my neocon and liberal friends?

  • “Even if strict guidelines were provided,” Sterling said, “the result would still lead to hurtful and demeaning messages about the Mexican culture and to the students of the Mexican, Hispanic and Latino descent.”

    The truth hurts. That’s why truth must be outlawed as a “hate crime”.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Everywhere you look in SoCal you see gangbangers and pregnant girls/women and their herd of anchor spawn toddling along beside them.  Where’s the offense here?   

    • The__Bobster

      ” The sting in any rebuke is TRUTH.”
      – Benjamin Franklin

  •  No we wouldn’t.  If they wanted to play trailer trash dress up, I would give them tips on how to improve their performance.

    • Michael C. Scott

      I have a few of those tips from life with my friends I express as Jeff-Foxworthyisms:

      If you have ever removed the exhaust system from a new truck, just to make it louder, you might be a redneck.

      If you have ever been too drunk to fish, you might be a redneck.

      The Mike Scott mea culpa is “If you have ever seen something you wanted at a store and figured, I’ll just go home and make one,” you might be a redneck.  If you  then actually went home and made one out of scrap, and do this on a regular basis even when your family and all your friends know exactly what you’re doing, then you can toss out the “might be”.

  • ncpride

    You’re right, I would be up in arms if they had a White trash or trailer park trash, hicks or hillbilly day, because I know they would be referring to Southerners. It becomes a problem because of double standards. If they can’t take a joke, why should I? If Whites were to complain about a dress up day they felt offended by, nobody would care and there would certainly be NO diversity and sensitivity training. Just look at the White trash reception some lobby group had in Washington a few weeks ago. That’s what makes me angry. We are supposed to walk on eggshells around diversity, but they can poke fun at will, and we’re expected to be good sports about it. That just gets tiresome and old. If they would ‘chill’ out, so would I.

  • IstvanIN

    This is not the sort of thing that should be normalized in school, regardless of who is offended.

    • ncpride

      I tend to agree. My daughters HS has spirit week, and they do things like dress up as a favorite cartoon character or superhero, color wars to see which grade has the most students wear the school colors… silly things like that so they can be goofy for a few days, but always harmless concepts.

  • No habla ingles…

  • bluffcreek1967

    The amazing thing, I suppose, is that this sort of event was allowed to continue for the past three years and that it was even approved by campus administrators!? I would have never guessed in this age of political correctness that such an event would have been allowed even once, let alone on at least three separate occasions! Of course, such fun could never have continued indefinitely – unless the event centered around poking fun at Whites or the great country they established (USA). Orange County, in the past, had been a bastion of White conservatives and Republicans, so maybe there’s still a few of them in certain Anaheim schools who still favor their White heritage and despise the Mexican invaders? Let’s hope so.  

    Some Mexicans were offended at how they were being portrayed (e.g., gang members and pregnant women pushing strollers). But why should they? Isn’t this exactly what one sees when visiting any community dominated by Mexicans? The largest and most dangerous gangs in CA are all Mexican. Our CA prisons and jails are dominated by Mexicans, and so much so that entire sections of every prison has be divided between Sureno and Norteno gang members. And is seeing a short, Indian looking Mexican woman pushing a stroller with four other kids running behind her such a rare sight? The truth is, we see it all the time – just like we see all the Mexican ‘homies’ roaming about on almost every corner.

    If anything, such an event should provoke Mexicans to look deep within and consider how they are viewed by others. Maybe they should think about the gang culture they have allowed to dominate their communities, making the gang life and being Mexican virtually the same?

    In reality, the Mexicans were offended because the event hit too close to home. It made them see the truth of who they are, and how they are perceived by Whites.    

  • Onlooker

    “Campus administrators will undergo diversity and sensitivity training,”

    The end.

    • Vil

       I wonder how things would go there if one of us guys would attend that “diversity and sensitivity training”. I probably would correct their every sentence, annoy them with “facts” and other racist babble and eventually be shown the door.

      I suddenly remember my old feminist philosophy teacher… As you can imagine, we sure got along very well 😉

      • Yes, it would be tempting to cause a scene.

        Before it began, I’d be sure to get it on record that the conversation was a frank and honest discussion. If I got fired for my frank and honest remarks, I’m sure there’s a lawsuit in there somewhere.

        And when I was done, I’m sure no one would ever suggest another frank and honest discussion on race and diversity.

  • Stereotypes persist because they’re largely true.

  • Young adults today must be very confused. They’re told to celebrate Hispanic culture and they do; by mimicking the Hispanic culture they see around them. Then they get tarred and feathered for their efforts.

    If only multiculturalism wasn’t so difficult to understand there would be more understanding.

  • Anonymous

    That’s because the older mexicans–like the older blacks–lived during a time when they didn’t get government freebies and most white men didn’t tolerate any bad behavior from them.  The Zoot Suit Riots were fresh in their minds.

  • John Bonham

     Stop. you’re bleeding heart is messing up the floor.. You sound just like a liberal..
    BTW, what college did you go to, because they sure did their job indoctrinating you..
    If most of them weren’t here illegally, then we wouldn’t even be talking about this story..

  • anmpr1

    I know a white guy, nice, but naive, who got involved in a church project to “mentor” so-called “disadvantaged” kids.  He was assigned a 12 year old Mexican boy.  The family consisted of the boy, his 17 year old brother, a 16 year old sister, and a mother.  Pop was in federal prison, to be deported south of the Rio Grande when his time was up.

    The 17 year old brother was sleeping in his mom’s bed with his 14 year old Mexican hottie girlfriend, (mom slept on the sofa).  I told my friend that, if he was smart, he would check out before the old man got out of stir, made it across the border again, and came back looking for his family.  I told him that the macho ex-con would not appreciate a gringo hanging around with his kids, and wife.

    To make a long story short, the family moved one morning to Texas, in order to be near the dad, when he was released from prison.  My friend was upset that they didn’t even say good-bye to him after all he’d done for them.  There is nothing more pathetic than a disingenuous white liberal.

  • MekongDelta69

    In addition to every other thing mentioned below about how ridiculous this whole thing is, You would think Robert J. Lopez could spell “Señores” correctly.

    If you get ‘offended’ about something, that means you know it’s true and you relate to it. I don’t get ‘offended’ by much of anything, but if I did, if somebody here (or anywhere) called me a Martian, how could I possibly become ‘offended’? I may be a lot of things, but I’m not a Martian.

    So when Hispandex people get all bent out of shape about gang bangers and low riders and 16 y/o pregnant chicks, etc., etc. – that means they KNOW it’s true – and they RELATE to it.

    Same when blacks go apoplectic about jungle references (gorillas, apes, monkeys, etc.) or thugs or black crime or destroyed neighborhoods or dysfunctional (no-father) families, or the Bell Curve or evolution or ghettos or backwards to non-existent culture, to no impulse control, to everything else which applies to them – that means they KNOW it’s true – and they RELATE to it.

    Same as if I called a black or brown guy a Martian. They wouldn’t get ‘offended’ because for all their faults, they’re not Martians.

    (Well okay, maybe the brown guy might get ‘offended’ if I called him a Martian, because he might internally think of the word (space) ‘alien’ and somehow twist it to make it (illegal) ‘alien’, just so he can call someone a ‘racist’ and demand groveling apologies and money – lots of money…)

    • Anonymous

      Blacks get offended easy because they the critics are true.  They know that they can’t or never will built the nice white societies that they leech off of while telling us how much they hate us and want us dead.  I was on a message board long time ago.  Some black guy was saying how “white men don’t want us around their women because white guys have smaller d–ks than us black guys.”  I said that we didn’t want our women around black males because it’s not natural and furthermore most black males were losers.  Boy did that make him mad!  He responded back calling me a ‘racist mother f—er’ with ALL CAPS and exclamation marks and threatening me he’d track me.  I then said, “You’re mad at me because you know what I’m saying is true and the best response you black guys have is to get violent, threaten with violence or call us racists.  You have no other way to argue or prove us wrong.  Oh, before you call me a ‘KKK’ member for thinking like this, trust me.  Lots of whites think like me.” 

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Actually I have heard of high school students donning costumes on both sides of the racial fence.  I used to work with a Mexican-American woman from SoCal.  She told me a funny story about her high school days.  She lived in a working-class Mexican neighborhood and their football rivals lived in the White working-class neighborhood nearby. 

    When the two rival schools had a game together, the cheerleaders from both schools would dress up in clothes mocking the other school.  The White girls would wear bandanas and stick pillows in their hoodies to look pregnant and the Mexican cheerleaders would don blonde wigs, etc.

    Interesting thing is neither side got offended by the antics of the other.  Just football rivalry and cheering for the home team.

    Not sure that would be allowed anymore.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    If multiculturalism were working, no one would have any problem with this…It would be fun laughing at the others, and fun laughing at yourself.

    But multiculturalism isn’t about multiculturalism. It’s about white genocide, and at some level everyone knows it.

  • These people are so stupid, they don’t even know they just admitted they’re Natural Criminals with their “demeaning toward Latinos and their culture” statement.

    I sure wish White Parents could band together and pull their children out of “school” and those with Teaching Skills could teach.  You don’t need big classrooms, just a little bit of Financial Help and a House.  And it won’t be just y’all Parents who are helping, lots of us would help (the childless).  You parents should get together and come up with a plan.

  • MissBonnie123

    I cannot sympathize with the Latinos. They come to America waving their Mexican flag, threatening us that they are going to take over all of America one day (it used to only be the southwest and California that they threatened to take from us), take jobs that Americans desperately need, steal peoples’ identities, break our immigrations laws, and generally cause a breakdown in law and order.

    The event described in the article above is minor compared to what these Latinos are doing to our country.

    • Anonymous

      Much like how we can’t offend muslims, but they can cut people’s heads off or firebomb newspapers for printing cartoons about Mohammed.  Much like blacks that we have to include them now in every aspect of our lives while they segreate themselves from whites, call us racists, steal from us, sue us, attack us, rape our women, make our young worship them and kill us.  So I d0n’t feel sorry for the blacks and Hispanics having a racial war or when a black male complains about ‘police brutality’ or hearing the bleeding heart stories of these “poor mexicans who just came here for a better life.”  no guilt on my part.

  • IKantunderstand

    The Mexicans should be embarrased that this is the impression they make on people. Meanwhile, I would like to orchestrate  a White People strike. NO White person goes to work on a day we decide upon. Please respond to me.