95% of Last Year’s 882 NYPD School Arrests Involved Minorities

Rachel Monahan, NY Daily News, August 16, 2012

NYPD school safety officers were ticketing or arresting students last school year at an average clip of eleven pupils per day, data released Tuesday revealed.

Black and Latino students were collared in 95% of the 882 total arrests, while blacks and Latinos make up about 71% of the city’s student body of about a million pupils.


Nearly three-quarters of the students arrested were male.

“If the Bloomberg administration is serious about helping young men of color succeed, then it must address these disparities and focus more resources on educating children, not arresting them,” argued Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Top NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Lieberman was ignoring the circumstances of the complaints that prompted the arrests.

“The NYCLU’s kneejerk reaction to claim racism is as old as it is false,” he said. “It knows better than to compare arrests against population instead of description of suspects provided by victims.”


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  • Of course it’s raaaayciiiism can’t possibly be the fault of the Race of Failures and their continued inability to conform to the norms of society.

    • MekongDelta69

      With all due respect sir, you spelled “raaaayciiiism” incorrectly.

      I believe (although I could be wrong) it’s spelled, “raaaayciiiisssiiiism”.

      [Please don’t thank me. I’m always more than happy to help enlighten fellow AmReners.]

  • “The NYCLU’s kneejerk reaction to claim racism is as old as it is
    false,” he said. “It knows better than to compare arrests against
    population instead of description of suspects provided by victims.”

    Assuming Mr. Browne wasn’t smirking when he said that, he should know better than anyone that racial agitation is the No. 1 liberal money maker.

    •  They get money out of government, foundations, and large corporations, and they do it from positions in academia.  They are the professor-priesthood of the religion of political correctness.

  • Global Minority

    Darn near every public school system in NY is majority non-white so what the crap do they expect? It’s also genetic something our ancestors knew very well.

    • Major

      Yea…how is it they’re still a “minority” when they are the Majority in public educational holding pens and sewers?

  • Enar_Larsson

    —“If the Bloomberg administration is serious about helping young men of
    color succeed, then it must address these disparities and focus more
    resources on educating children, not arresting them,” argued Donna
    Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.—

    What kind of resources are you going to devote to those poor students who are so desperate for an education that they’re fighting, stealing, fornicating, raping, doping, manufacturing porn, stabbing, shooting, assaulting teachers, vandalizing, and God only knows what all else, on school grounds, while class is in session? If these nice kids were interested in getting an education, you wouldn’t need “school safety officers” at all.

    • blight14

      A typical ‘Finnish’ explanation…………

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Time to start expelling and suspending the White and Asian students for serious offenses like talking out of turn or not raising their hands.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    There  is nothing here on which to comment. I won’t insult the intelligence of AMREN readers by going over the same old bovine excrement. As the police say, “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

  • And you know that there are white-hispanics and middle-easterners classified as “White” tossed into the mix so the real crime rate for Whites is probably <.01%  Imagine what the world would look like, if it were only populated solely by Whites- with only White influence. We have to imagine this, because as far back as I can remember, as a dripping fetus, I've been immersed in all sorts of nonsense by non-whites. Oy Vey!  I imagine the world would be a lot like Disneyland on opening day.

    • MekongDelta69

      You must be (relatively) young.

      Just fyi – 1945 to 1965 was the greatest period of time in the greatest country in the history of the earth.

      Anybody – and I mean, A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y, who was born near the beginning of that time period and grew up during that time period will tell you the exact same thing.

      That’s why anyone who’s older is even more disgusted (and every other adjective you can throw in here) than our kids and/or grandkids. To them, today IS THEIR normal. They don’t know any differently. They know it’s bad, but they don’t realize HOW bad it really is.

      I always tell younger people that if we could, I’d take them back in my DeLorean, so they could live a week when we grew up to show them we really aren’t embellishing anything. It REALLY WAS fantastic.

      As sort of an opposite analogy, I know the Great Depression wasn’t ‘great.’ I know it was bad, but I didn’t live through it day by day. If my Dad had said, “Son, let’s jump in the DeLorean and go back to 1933, so you could see what a day in my life was” I’d say, “Uhh – thanks, but I think I’ll pass. Can we just go to the Yankee game instead? OK with you?”

      It was a unique period of time that will probably never happen again. It’s one of those, “If I have to explain, you probably wouldn’t understand” kind of things. (Not that you don’t have the cognitive ability to understand. You just weren’t lucky enough to live it, feel it, and have it a part of your being.)

      • Dr Al

        I remember it.  I remember CLEARLY life in the late 50’s all through the 60″ and early 70″.  

        As a white American in a 95% white America it was heaven on Earth.

      • When people like you talk like that, the response from the left is to remind you how bad it was for blacks. That’s how they silence people like you; they remind you that ‘the good ol’ days’ weren’t so good for blacks (and Hispanics and gays and women…).

        • MekongDelta69

          I assure you that “people like me” (or, in this case – ME), are NEVER silenced by guilt-ridden, self-loathing spineless white leftists.

          I simply turn their insane ‘race card’ right back at them and give them links to Thomas Sowell’s or Walter William’s sites and a few other reasonably conservative black guys, who are older than I am.

          I could give you the rest of what I say, but it’s *way* too long to write out here.

        • dhs

           What I say is, “So what!  Why should I care about groups who are at best indifferent to my welfare, and often actively hostile?”.  

          If the discussion continues, I point out that the liberal-femininist-neocon coalition has gained control, it’s their country now, and it’s welfare is their responsibility. I am  a poor white man who concentrates on his own welfare.

        • MAJ

          Hey, I don’t care about blacks now, and I didn’t care about them then. I’ve heard this nonsense reply from liberals – I let them know that blacks were lucky to have a home in America in 1950 and all things considered they are worse off and more dysfunctional now.

          If you don’t like my reply then too bad. Go the ‘hood and help out the folks living off the EBT cards.

          And don’t distort the big picture by throwing in off-topic guilt issues about gays, women, hispanics, etc…Sometimes life isn’t easy or entirely fair – get over it. 

        • blutopluto

          Blacks in that time did not have to live in free fire zones.

      • I can only imagine. When I was a boy in school, things in Southern California were begining to fall apart. All I’ve known my whole life is decay and always having to be one step ahead of the disease. With my own eyes, I’ve seen what non-whites can do, and I honestly think that is what drives us to places like Amren– we don’t hate non-whites, we aren’t here driven by some illogical distaste for a person’s skin– we have simply lived with these people and we’ve seen what they can do. It’s like watching locusts level a cornfield. I was raised to believe we are all the same. I no longer believe that. I know that is not true.

        • Detroit_WASP

          I experienced the same in Detroit.  We were ran out of every neighborhood we lived in.  And now they blame us for “abandoning the city” when all the whites were forced out by crime and violence.

        • Rocky Bass,

           Once the eyes open, good luck on ever getting them closed again!

      • David Ashton

          I am a Brit and I pretty much agree with your timescale.  It was not just the optimism of youth; I am one of those who have many accurate memories of events in childhood and at school.  But go back and read the history of those times, look at the literature, and the films.  England in the early 195os still had its seedy side and its square side, its bomb sites and ration books, but we had post-war pride, the 1948 Olympics and the 4 minute mile, the Festival of Britain, the Coronation, Concorde, and first-class grammar schools, with the death of Stalin as icing on the foreign cake.  The statesmen of the time were statesmen.  The downside for us was the retreat from Empire, with needless loss of life, rather than a clear break, and a take-up of the idea of holding white southern Africa as a close ally.
          As a boy in a town called Walthamstow I used to sit at the back of an aunt’s shop and read books and comics about white men, including Brits, peacefully conquering space, like Everest.  If someone had then come in and said, “Do you know this very shop in your lifetime will be a headquarters of a Muslim sky bombing terror plot, and this town would be an Afro-Asian colony with five notorious black youth gangs?” I would not have believed him.

      • Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the Baby Boomers are the ones who voted — decade after decade from ’65 onward (voting age was 21 back then) — for politicians who kept our borders open, who changed our immigration laws, who voted for *huge* wealth transfers from white taxpayers to NAM tax consumers, who never balanced our federal budget, much less eliminate our national debt.

        Baby Boomers who were raised ’50s and ’60s are the ones who pushed for McMansions that used illegals to build, illegals to garden, illegals to clean house, illegals for baby sitters, for cooks, for car washers, for hamburger flippers, and for everything else under the sun, while backs watch TV, buy drugs, use drugs, collect welfare, etc.

        The Baby Boomers, esp whites, were the ones whose women went to college for careers for more income and delegated child-rearing and housekeeping duties to those illegals.

        Don’t get me wrong: many of the Greatest Generation were AWOL from politics — or from even trying to make sense of all the changes that were being imposed on America after WW II (Kinsey, Brando, Playboy, Dean, Monroe, Presley were all in the ’50s). So they just focused on their careers and families. Ten years later SCOTUS was taking prayer and Bible study out of schools in the early ’60s. No wonder the Boomers turned out the way they did….

        The “cultural wars” (cultural Marxism), that Pat Buchanan described has been steadily waged by Hollywood against America for over half a century….

        • ed91

           voters in 1965 had to be 21 or older to vote……..

          if they were born in 1944 (1965-21) then technically they were not boomers……….
          boomers were post ww2—- 1946-1961 or so………..

          but I do put some of the blame on boomers……….

          the generation that was in charge during 1946-1961 let their guard down a bit too much and allowed public education to begin it’s quick descent.   However, I have to place a lions share of that guilt on white women…….    their gullibility has been the prominent cause of a lot of all this decadence and stupidity we see today.

        • MekongDelta69

          You’re lumping everybody who was born in a certain time period and ascribing blame to all of them/us. I can do that with any generation, but I don’t and won’t.

          Who you’re referring to are the “Woodstock” boomers. There are scores of millions of us who were not “Woodstock” boomers. If all of us had been, there already would be no America as we knew it, because there would have been nobody to push back against the cultural marxists.

    • Sylvie

      Maybe one day the world can be Disneyland; and visiting hell can be novel again.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    This is great…people like Bloombergs, Chicago’s mayor , and Lieberman (is there a pattern here, smile), jeepers are they in for a big surprise.

    • God forbid people start mentioning the Jews.

    • Major

      Yes…Rahm Emanuel…the Jewish mayor of Chicago-hoodland, declares that Chick-fil-A’s Christian beliefs are not welcome in Chicago. Does this maniac forget that someone just like him said that in the 1930’s in Germany and gave all his ancestors…”Kristallnacht”?

      And gave them boxcars and concentration camps because he “didn’t like Jewish values”?

      The problem with liberals…are they claim to be Oh so “tolerant and intelligent”…yet the opposite is true when they deride, mock, attack and assault values that the majority of Americans hold…and probably many in Chicago too. Unless they too…would like to see more broken windows then there already are in south side…every lawless, murdering weekend.

  • MekongDelta69

    Oh shut up Donna from the Un-American Communist Liberties Union.
    I was born here and lived in Brooklyn and Queens most of my life before I moved. Even in regular, working-class neighborhoods, the demographics of the Elementary and Junior Highs were mostly white. If we so much as chewed gum or got caught talking in the back of the class, we would be in trouble. It wouldn’t even have occured to us to talk back to a teacher. We would’ve been shot – twice – once by the Principal or Dean – and again, when we got home by our… (…what’s that word that’s missing from the black dictionary? It’s on the tip of my tongue…) …oh I know – our fathers.

    And if you think the public schools were tough, you should’ve seen the Catholic Schools. Sister Mary I’ll Beat Your Butt If You Even Look At Me Cross-Eyed would’ve put you on a first-name basis with a 12″ ruler.

    The schools in the ‘minority’ (back then, that meant black or P.R.s) neighborhoods were ALWAYS rowdier. Nothing like they are now, but then again, we lived in a different universe back then. Now? Fuggedaboudit. Today, 710,000 ‘minorities’ going berserk would make the ‘minority’ schools back then look like you were in Saint Mother Mary Of Holy Enlightenment School.

    (Btw, I’d love to ‘axe’ Mzzzzzzzz. Bleeding Heart how 71% is mathematically a ‘minority’. Ahh – no point. Bloomberg would simply ban math, just like he’s banned everything else – *except* illegal aliens. He LOVES illegal aliens. The darker, the better.)

    • Major

      Wow…we knew the same nuns in school?

      Bloomie…sure knows how to count his billions to buy votes though doesn’t he? The little Napoleon of that now…crummy little island ( maybe we can exile him there as the French did to Napoleon?) should never be allowed to set foot in another country like…the rest of America…excluding California of course.

  • Sloppo

    Maybe they can even out the arrest rates by only arresting blacks for first degree murder, but arresting whites for things like tardiness, jaywalking, running in the halls, and chewing gum.

    • Dr Al

      Black first degree murder = white chewing gum in class.

      The new math.

      • MekongDelta69


        It only counts if the black kid murders a white kid. Then he gets promoted and a scholarship to the Ivy League University of his choice with a guaranteed Summa Cum Loud and Louder waiting for him after a few hours or so of grueling classwork in the gym.

        If a black kid kills another black kid, they might classify it as a third degree misdemeanor and give him a horrendous punishment – like sending him home from school….for the rest of his natural life.

  • Frank Sinatra said it:  If he could make it in New York, he could make  it anywhere.

    If New York of all places, epicenter of racial egalitarianism, can’t make black and Hispanic students equal, then they can’t be made equal.

    For the life of me, I wonder how or on what grounds 5% of white student arrestees were arrested at all.  I bet they were arrested for ticky tack stuff, just to have a few arrests of whites on the books just to shut the civil rights vultures up, (look at how well it worked).  That’s the thing about being white in a heavily minority area:  The cops will nab you for any little thing just to have whites on the arrest stats.

  •  I know exactly what you mean.  Stop-and-Frisk isn’t going anywhere.

    The New Yorkers who are kept safe by it, disproportionately Jewish and other white liberal, and in Manhattan, write big checks to Democrat politicians.  The New Yorkers who are sent to jail because of Stop-and-Frisk, blacks and Hispanics, are only expected to vote Democrat or at bare minimum never vote Republican, and big whoop that is in a deep blue city like NYC in a solid blue state like New York.  Obama’s DOJ might huff and puff about SAF to placate the black reverends, but this is the same Obama that attends a fund raiser once every 60 hours on average, according to the left-wing magazine Mother Jones.

    And you are right about the hypocrisy angle.  We already have proof of that:  Michael Bloomberg.  He defends SAF for New York City but goes to Florida and publicly opposes Stand Your Ground, which is Stop-and-Frisk by any other means.

    • For me, it’s hard to understand. I know a few Jews & they’re rational people. We mostly agree on life’s basics. I simply cannot comprehend how an ethno-cultural group can be so blind & ultimately suicidal.

      •  There was once a New York social doyenne who was rumored to say something along the lines of, “I don’t know how Richard Nixon won.  Nobody I know voted for him.”

        We’re blinded by the selection biases of our social circles. If my own social circles and some of my past and present niche hobbies and interests told the tale, every Jew in America would be a right wing white nationalist race realist Linux geek ham radio operator firearm aficionado.

        I’ve said it before:  If you buy a pink Saab on Monday, then by Tuesday you’ll notice that everyone has a pink Saab.

      • s shadow

        For those of the tribe that feel this way it appears to be the severe intensity of vengeance for the Holocaust and similar occurrences, that overwhelms the instinct for preservation of group, and what should be natural loyalties, i.e. Tim Wise the Holocaust avenger.  Morris Dees, as the ultimate example of projection, projects his own severe hatred upon his victims (us) and assigns the hatred to them.  He thinks in terms of hatred and assumes others do as well.  There would be many other lesser known examples.   What is more difficult to explain is Bill Gates policy of excluding whites from his large scholarship program.  Now that is hard to explain.  White parents working harder and sacrificing, and white students having to work rather than study part of the time, when he could easily help thousands who are trying hard and have the mental and moral constitution to acheive, but he refuses to do so.  Incurring the disgust of his customers appears to mean nothing to him.  How bizaare and perverse, and some might even say evil.  `

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Think they already know they are destined to be merely excess cannon fodder? 

  • There is a plan to limit suspensions of blacks in public schools, to normalize it with  their actual population percentages, how long before this scheme is extended to black criminals? Prison populations will have to reflect population percentages.  You know liberals are already thinking of ways to implement it. They are working to let felons vote (but specifically black felons) and they are putting in place laws to ban criminal back ground checks for employment

  • Gray wolves are more likely to be cited for violent behavior than white sheep. 

    It has nothing to do with their color.

    • David Ashton

       Could it be transphobia?

  • JohnEngelman

    Black and Latino students were collared in 95% of the 882 total arrests, while blacks and Latinos make up about 71% of the city’s student body of about a million pupils.

    – Rachel Monahan, NY Daily News, August 16, 2012
    57.4 percent of New York residents are white or Asian. 
    Once a public school system reaches a tipping point white and Asian parents pull their students out of public school and send them to private schools, where they will be safe, and where they will be able to learn.

  • zone

    Might as well seek maximum indignation and state they also need to be kept out of classrooms to improve the environment for those wanting to learn.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    Wonder how many Chinese and Korean kids got arrested.  They’re not white, where’s the racial oppression?

  • APaige

    1. (A) Blacks and Hispanics commit more crimes in school or (B) its racism.
    2.(A) Males commit more crimes in school or(B) its sexism.
    Those that are aware and can see know that the answer to BOTH questions is ‘(A)’
    Others think the anwser to number 1 is ‘(B’) and the answer to number 2 is ‘(A)’-because ‘B” is just plain stupid.

  • John_D01

    My solution:  Put cameras in the classrooms and get it on film.  That way, they can see for themselves whether the arrests are tied to behavior, or if it’s plain old whitey racism (as if).

    Let ’em call it racism.  I wish they’d decide that Whites are soooo racist that Blacks and Mestizos must be separated from us for their own good, so as to spare them from the harm that our mere proximity so clearly does to them.  If only.

    The ACLU doesn’t really regard these creatures as equals.  They treat them as though they are perpetually helpless little children, forever in need of White help, unable to succeed on their own, and whose every failure is because of White racism.  They are completely paternalistic about them, and as with almost all liberal do-gooders, it’s very probable that they live nowhere near their special needs wards; nor do they send their children to school with them.  They are frauds and hypocrites.  Their motives are those of status whoring SWPLs, perversely gaining status by putting down other Whites.  Their thirst for status is so enormous that they sacrifice their own progeny by forcing them to live in a Third World America that they are creating.  If sacrificing your own children for status isn’t treachery, I don’t know what is.

    • IstvanIN

       I thought “status” would involve joining the Forbes 400, having a rail station or school named after one, or living the life of a country squire, not ghettoizing the entire country.

      By the way, what does SWPL stand for?

      • Stuff White People Like

        Named after the book, basically hipsters and air-head liberals

  • Bandmo

    Put TV cameras in the classroom and catch them in action.

    • Amen, amen, amen.  I welcome the coming 24/7/365 surveillance state.  After the legal war for the rights of the public to have access is won, that is.  Obviously the Uncle Toms running our gov’t will fight tooth an nail to have exclusive access to the data.

      Blacks and browns will be the big losers in the coming surveillance state. They’re going to have to start acting like humans, the poor dears. I feel sorry for the Commissars of the current Anarcho-Tyranny too, I really do. But they’re going to have to get real jobs too I guess.

  • Gereng

    I wonder when the ACLU, race liberals and other moral relativists will succeed in imposing this same  idea on law enforcement and the courts?  As the book review on the assessment of LA’s schools indicates, all kinds of nonsensical excuses for black behavior have won the day in public education.  If such insanity can be made the basis for judging the unequal outcome of the K-12 school system, then it is only a short hop to introduce the same theories to criminal conduct  After all, the two are directly related under this hypothesis.  

  • “Just look at Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine..”

    And you know what is funny? These states are where the politicians live. The kennedy’s live in the whitest White areas imaginable. They force this multicultural nonsense down our throats, and then they live in gated compounds where the only mexicans are the gardeners/chefs. At least their reign of terror is almost over, and our time is rapidly approaching. Like the French Revolution, a little more anger, a little more pain at the pump and grocery store, and our little spindly banker fops will be peeing down their legs. Happy Bastille Day! (even though it’s in July)  🙂

    • Major

      From your mouth to God’s ear! Bastille Day indeed….the 4th of July with a fresh revolution, as Thomas Jefferson suggested, would certainly be in order and welcomed by everyone except the bottom feeders.

      Free America from it’s PC chains, I propose!

  • Really shouldn’t need a vest and a gun to deliver pizza.

    Vest – check!
    Kevlar helmet – check!
    Loaded 12 gauge – check!
    Large cheese pizza – check!

    OK, lets do this…

  • IstvanIN

     No white guy at all.  A white girl with several mulatto babies, perhaps.

  • Major

    Ya gotta love their Bull yet they keep on trying as if we have no memories of what it should be and what is was:

    “then it must address these disparities and focus more resources on educating children”

    Disparities-n. pl. dis·par·i·ties. 1. The condition or fact of being unequal, as in age, rank, or degree; difference..

    Like low IQ? Like no social skills? Like early felonies and arrests? Like a lack of family structure? Like the lack of fathers in the “family” Like the 75% illegitimate rates? Like the low graduation rates?

    After 15,000,000,000,000 big bucks thrown down a black hole…they want more $$$$ to waste? Isn’t it clear that no amount of $$$$ will ever change that…”disparity”? Ever?

    Clearly…the majority of them are not only incorrigible but uneducable too.

    Want more proof than look no further than the entire continent of Africa…their vaunted, revered  “motherland”. A wasteland if there ever was one. Which I think God put there to keep us humble.

  • Major

    He did complete Liberia. Look at it today….a huge dung heap if there ever was one. Same old same old…war, poverty, genocide, AIDS, ebola and swine flu. Billions of our dollars later…they still don’t know what an aspirin is or does.

  • MekongDelta69

    If you’re referring to ‘me,’ I can’t (and wouldn’t) censor anybody for any reason.
    If you’re referring to the Moderator, I have no control over that. It’s AmRen’s private site and they have the right to do whatever they please.

    As far as me ‘partying,’ that would have been a little tough for me during WWII. I wasn’t even a twinkle in my father’s eye at the time. I was born after WWII. I was simply referring to the time period in *America* that I mentioned. And of course I (*obviously*) know what happened to half of Europe after WWII. You can thank Stalin for that (as you can thank Mao for the same thing in Asia).

    Stalin killed (approx.) 40 million people and Mao killed (approx.) 70 million people. They were garbage and Communism is garbage.

    Now, if you’re hinting at ‘us’ (the Allies) destroying NAZI Germany, well then, we have a profound disagreement. Hitler was garbage and the National Socialist party (which btw, was far left – NOT far right, as a lot of people mistakenly think) was also garbage. ‘We’ didn’t create him. He rose to power after WWI and unfortunately (most of) the German people went along with it, b/c he promised them everything.

    Sort of reminds you of our present dictatorship we have now. One man, one vote, one time…

    • Rocky Bass,

       Has been said that the treaty of Versailles set the table for WWII. From what I have read of it, had it not been Hitler it would have been someone else calling for another chance at a “greater Germany”. That treaty was a little to punitive not to have fostered resentment.

      • MekongDelta69

        Partially true. Whomever wins in war sets the rules. Nobody can go back in time and say “what if.”

        Look at what happened after WWII. We rebuilt Europe (including Germany) with the Marshall Plan, and Japan and now those two (Germany and Japan) are our allies.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    One of the very fine qualities I’ve noticed in most all my Russian friends is their racial realism.

    I hope it protects most of the girls of Sevastopol when the loathsome blacks in the US military visit for “joint training exercises.”

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Department_of_Education#Demographics

    About 1.1 million students attend New York City public schools. There
    are about 635,000 students from kindergarten through eighth grade.[16]

    About 40% of students in the city’s public school system live in
    households where a language other than English is spoken, and one-third
    of all New Yorkers were born in another country. The city’s Department
    of Education translates report cards, registration forms, system-wide
    alerts, and documents on health and policy initiatives for parents into Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, Persian, Hindi, Russian, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Korean, and Arabic.

    In 2007, Hispanics and Latino students made up 39.4% of the student population. African Americans made up 32.2% of the student population. White American and Asian American students made up 14.2% and 13.7% of the student populace respectively. Native Americans made up the remaining 0.4% of the student body.[17]

    The specialized high schools tend to be disproportionately Caucasian
    and Asian. New York’s Specialized High School Institute is an
    after-school program for students in late middle school.[18]
    It was designed to enlarge the pool of African American and Hispanic
    candidates eligible for admission to the selective schools by giving
    them extra lessons and teaching test-taking skills.[19] Unlike other urban school districts (such as San Francisco Unified School District), New York does not use racial preferences (affirmative action) in public school admissions.

    So, summarily, in NYC:

    Public schools 1.1 M

    40% Hispanic
    32% Blacks
    14% Whites
    14% Asians

    Private schools 510 K

    62% Whites
    10% Hispanics
    12% Blacks
    4% Asians
    12% “others”

  • Stan_Mute

    I read this and the very first thought that popped into my head was, “Oh my God, think of the absolute Hell on earth for the tiny percentage of white children forced to endure this ‘educational environment’. This is the most perverse child abuse I can imagine. That we as a society can force these innocent little kids to go into these torture chambers day after day and year after year is an indictment on ALL of us.”

    Then I thought, “Surely someone else already posted such a comment.”

    But nobody did. Nothing even close really.

    Are we that hardened thi this new reality? That presented with evidence of torture of innocent white children, little blue eyed angelic boys and girls, we can shrug and go on to debate whether we should have video cameras recording the atrocities?

    • Jay11

      I’ve taught in the schools here for almost 14 years.  In that time, and across four schools, I have had exactly ONE white student.  He was an Italian ethnic kid in high school.  The rest of the school was black/latino.  He hung with the black kids, was into rap and hip hop and was basically a w****r, though he did get the highest grades in his class, which isn’t saying much.

      When I first met him I felt sorry for him because he was a nice kid – just getting sucked into the hip hop world.  But he seemed happy, had a hot dominican girlfriend and all the black kids liked him because he was a good barber and would give them free ‘shape ups.’

      The areas where there are white students tend to be where they are still in the majority in the schools like in northern Queens.  Generally, unless it’s a clueless liberal sacrificing their children at the alter of ‘diversity’ white students do not appear in most of these kinds of schools.  Sometimes you will see a tiny percentage listed as ‘white’ in a black/latino dominated school here or there, but many times it’s latinos, arabs or others who are misclassified as white.

      I worked in one school that said we had one asian student.  Go figure, it was an Ecuadorean kid with one chinese grandfather.

  • Donna Lieberman = clueless

  • This is news??? You would have to be from another solar system to not know what most of hard working white Americans know. Blacks and the Hispanics commit most of the crimes.  I was reading The Color of Crime awhile ago. It said something along the lines of the BEST indicator of crime in a community is the number of blacks and Hispanics that reside there. Nuff said.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    “If the Bloomberg administration is serious about helping young men of
    color succeed, then it must address these disparities and focus more
    resources on educating children, not arresting them,”

    Am I being obtuse, or is that not exactly what they’re AT the schools for – to educate them??? That’s what taxpaying Americans are TRYING to do with all the money that’s being extorted from us. We bus them, feed them, give them free tenneyboppers and now actually pay them money to show up to learn. They don’t want to. Bottom line. You can deal drugs even if you’re stupid, and make way more money than you can if you’re edumacated.

    •  Your typical drug dealer makes about what he could make working at McDonald’s.  The difference is street cred.

  • I gave some links down there:

    So, summarily, in NYC:

    Public schools 1.1 M

    40% Hispanic
    32% Blacks
    14% Whites
    14% Asians

    Private schools 510 K

    62% Whites
    10% Hispanics
    12% Blacks
    4% Asians
    12% “others”

  •  Expanding:


    Prediction:  DCPD will soon implement Stop-and-Frisk.  Hint:  D.C. is full of politicians, who don’t like to be crime victims.

    • Gen__Lee

      A DC judge was robbed at gunpoint a couple weeks back in the cities whitest quadrant, Northwest, but I haven’t heard of any Supreme Court justices being robbed recently.

      In other DC news, a 29 year old white man was put in a coma Friday night after getting pummeled from behind by a blunt object on Capitol Hill. No description of suspects yet, but methinks you may be hearing about this story on AmRen in the coming days or weeks.

  • Rocky Bass,

     I agree, having been born in 70, and raised by grandparents until my teens, that period was better for all. The whole Norman Rockwell scene was to be found  everywhere. My grandmother probably told/taught my sister and I more about that time than the time we were in. It was just more enjoyable to discuss while, black criminality was closing in on us even then.  

  • I guess they really couldn’t title the article that “95% of Last Year’s 882 NYPD School Arrests Involved blacks or Latinos”, now could they?  Or, “Only 5% of of Last Year’s 882 NYPD School Arrests Involved whites or Asians” despite them being 29% of the student body.

    Again, Asians are the 800# gorilla in the room. The mainstream media cannot mention Asians if they want their readers to believe in “institutional racism” against minorities.

    Asians offer a great benefit to AmRen’s position (undermining “racial justice” arguments) at a very little cost (they’ve got low welfare, crime, illegitimacy, and STD rates).

  • The NYCLU’s kneejerk reaction to claim racism is as old as it is false

    That pretty much says it all.  Old, forlorn, tired, sagging, worn-out, used-up…that’s libtardism in a nutshell.

    But this one was old the moment it was uttered.  What’s new about sociopaths blaming anything and everyone but themselves for their own failures?  That’s what this is – like an old, violent drunk who’s been kicked out of every bar in town and blames it all on every bar in town.  What’s unusual is people are such sheep they don’t laugh this nonsense out of the public square.

    The big lie, and all that.

  • Oh, and as usual, I have to point out that we should be laying stuff like this at Diversity’s doorstep.  No diversity, no crime/arrest disparities.  If blacks and browns are so downtrodden by YT, I have a simple solution for them; stop following YT around.  You can’t have downtrodden blacks and browns in a population that is 100% White.

    These libtard sociopaths whine about the plight of blacks and browns one minute, and then whine that we aren’t importing enough blacks and browns the next. Shouldn’t we be DEPORTING them? What kind of psycho thinks “America is hell for minorities” and “we MUST import more minorities” at the same time? But this is exactly what the libtards think.

    A 100% White America would totally solve the world’s race problems. 100% White communities would be the solution to America’s race problems. Save a black or a brown – create a 100% White neighborhood.

  • It’s funny how it’s news that a pizza joint won’t deliver pizza in Detroit.  What was the headline?  “Pizza joint finally gets the point”?  It’s 2012.  What kind of idiot doesn’t know you don’t deliver pizzas in Detroit?  I mean, didn’t the need for an ARMED ESCORT tip them off?

  • MekongDelta69

    (See my comment above). The “Woodstock” boomers had it too easy. Everything was handed to them on a silver platter by their parents. Unfortunately, the “Woodstock” boomers’ parents went through the Great Depression, just like our (non-“Woodstock” boomers) parents. They all had nothing growing up, but those hippie boomers’ parents didn’t know how to say “no” to their kids. Their thinking (which was wrong) was that they didn’t want to deny their kids all the things they didn’t have growing up. The result was their kids turned out to be spoiled brats and we all saw where that took us.

    If the very first time, some of those radicals stormed some college president’s office, took it over and started making demands; and instead of acceeding to those demands, the college administraters ordered the cops in to throw them out and arrest them, most of them wouldn’t have tried that again. But they didn’t. They gave in. So the radicals kept doing it – and on and on – and here we are.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Cali, I’m glad she got out alive and I’m sure she is much happier now. It’s too bad a teacher who loved to teach such as your sister was bullied out. Somewhere a majority White school is missing her.