Yeagley in Washington Times: The Final Interview

David Yeagley, Bad Eagle, July 16, 2012

Today, July 16, 2012, the Washington Times has posted the final interview segment which Mr. Joseph Cotto conducted with me, beginning June 20, 2012. It is called, “What does it mean to be David Yeagley?

Mr. Cotto is one of the few conservative voices in media to show a serious interest in American Indians, and he may be completely unique, in recent years, in giving voice to the views of aconservative American Indian. Not since Richard Poe was editor of have conservative Indian views been shared in major media. (Indeed, the years 2000-2002 were considered the “heyday” of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Those were the days when Richard Poe was in charge

Mr. Cotto observes:

Agree or disagree with Dr. Yeagley’s opinions, they are what they are.

No attempts are made to rationalize or sugarcoat anything; he stands by what he says and makes not a single bone about doing so. Perhaps he draws inspiration from his ancestors about things like this. One can only imagine how much a person’s word meant in traditional Comanche society.

Here is a list of all the segments, beginning with the first, ending with the latest. There are a total of eight.

1. Conversation with a conservative Comanche
June 30, 2012.

2. Changing Challenges for a Changing Country
July 1, 2012.

3. David Yeagley: Can America Stand Divided?
July 2, 2012.

4. David Yeagley: A Man in His Own Words
July 3, 2012.

5. Guns, Mascots, and Casinos: Native American Life in Real Time
July 4, 2012.

6. What Do Native Americans Really Want?
July 7, 2012.

7. A man and his tribe: On David Yeagley and the Comanche people July 13, 2012.

8. What does it mean to be David Yeagley? July 17, 2012.

I think the Washington Times should be commended for allowing Mr. Cotto this outstanding effort to give voice to American Indian conservative views. While I am not the only Indian conservative in the country (–in fact I’ve always insisted that all Indians are naturally conservative!), I am the one who has made the most effort to bring the Indian before the media as a conservative force in American society.

I believe it is in the best interests of Indians to become informed of American politics, and of the role we can and should play in it. Certainly, our commentary on American society is worthy. I simply want to make sure that we create a positive path for ourselves in the future. I believe that path is American patriotism. I believe we should care, mightily, for our adopted and mighty son, the United States.

The final interview segment (No. 8) did not include the link to, the site representing the company, Comanche Media, LLC. This company, registered in the state of Oklahoma, is the company created by me and my partner Nick Tachchawwickah for the purpose of improving communication between all Comanche people, and between Comanche people and the world around us. This company was created by our own private means, and we are certainly seeking investors. We have expansive plans for our company.

I would like to again express my appreciation for the editors of the Washington Times, and to Mr. Joseph Cotto especially, for their notable consideration of American Indian conservatism. These interviews represent the initial coruscate of what I hope will be a conflagration of Indian conservatism–a movement that will consume away the suffocating miasma of liberalism. A far shot, perhaps, but then, the wind can carry the flame far beyond the words of a single warrior.

May it be so. The great, great grandson of Bad Eagle has spoken!

David Yeagley and Bad Eagle

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  • Maybe we could get a meeting between him and Fauxahontis Warren, both can bring any indian weapons made by an indian relative.

  • gemjunior

    David would smack the pretense right out of her, he actually still looks somewhat Indian. Faux-cahontis is so pathetic, her claim to 1/16 of her ancestry smacks of hypocrisy and she’s as White as a bleached sheet IMO although she doesn’t deserve to shine the shoes of a real proud-to-be-White person.  Her desperation to appear ethnic – diversity – politically correct is so obvious a ploy that real Indians must vomit.  Does she really think they consider her native, with similar concerns, issues, mindset?  It’s way worse now than even when Gerry Rivers started calling hiself Geraldo Rivera.  Geez.

    • Unperson


      “Faux-cahontis is so pathetic, her claim to 1/16 of her ancestry smacks of hypocrisy”

      She claims not 1/16 but only 1/32. Roughly 3%. A DNA sliver so pathetically small, it’s not even worth mentioning. If someone was 97% one race and 3% another race, do you think anybody would notice? Would you even notice that 3% yourself? Hell, I could be 3% gypsy for all I know, but I feel no compulsion to beg in the street, cheat strangers at cards, or perform shoddy home repairs at extortionate prices.

      That a white American politician like E. Warren would play up the 1/32 of herthat came from a nonwhite race while downplaying the 31/32 of her that’s white, tells you exactly how anti-white “normal” politics and “normal” life has become these days. I don’t know if it’s entirely fair to call today’s USA “Black Run America”, but Warren’s case  demonstrates that it sure ain’t White Run America anymore. If we were in charge, people would want to claim white heritage. Instead, decades of Frankfurt School intellectual vandalism has taught us to run from anything white and embrace ANYTHING nonwhite. It is a truly sick situation; and this trend must, at some point, somehow, be reversed or it’s lights-out for Whitey.

      That said, kudos to Prof. Yeagley for his persistence in getting his unusual but important point-of-view across; and also to the Washington Times for giving him the opportunity to do so.

  • Mentious

    I admire David. He’s quite the rare bird.

  • Is David Yeagley still going ahead with his lawsuit against the antifa who got an American Renaissance meeting cancelled?