Woman in Air Force Says Trainer Intimidated Her into Having Sex

Jim Forsyth, Yahoo! News, July 17, 2012

A woman testified at a U.S. Air Force court-martial on Tuesday that a training instructor accused of serial sexual assault started by flirting with her when she was in basic training, then hugging and kissing her and finally intimidating her into having sex with him against her will.

The unidentified woman testified on the second day of the court-martial of Staff Sergeant Luis Walker, who is accused of inappropriate sexual conduct with ten female Air force trainees.

Luis Walker

His is the first case to go to trial in the worst military sex scandal since 1996.

Walker is charged with 28 counts, including rape, aggravated sexual assault, attempted aggravated sexual assault and adultery, which is a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. If he is convicted, he faces up to life in prison, as well as a dishonorable discharge.

The woman, referred to only as victim No. 10, testified on Tuesday that Walker’s attention was nice at first because it made her feel she stood out from the other recruits.

But nice turned to nasty when Walker ended one of their support sessions by “holding up his arms like a hug,” she said.

“At first I hesitated because I know that is against regulations,” she said. “But I didn’t know what would happen to me if I said no.”

She testified Walker kissed her on the lips and then quickly apologized. But about a month later, Walker called her into an office that had a cot in the back, sat on the cot, and suggested “with his hand gestures” that she engage in sexual activity with him.

“I said no several times, but he didn’t accept that answer,” she said, adding that although the two engaged in sex, she could not remember the details. The encounter was not violent, she said.


Lead prosecutor Major Patricia Gruen told the seven-member military panel that Walker is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” who used his authority as a military trainer to prey on vulnerable young women, away from home for the first time and anxious to make a good impression in their new military environment.

“Here sits before you a predator,” she said.


A total of ten victims are expected to testify at the court martial, which will last into next week.

The scandal widened further on Tuesday as military officials confirmed that a seventh training instructor at the base has been referred for court martial. The instructor faces up to 43 years in jail for sexually assaulting a female recruit during basic training.


Another 35 trainers have been pulled off regular duty while they are being investigated. Thirty-one women have come forward with accusations and the investigation continues, the Air Force says.


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  • The__Bobster

    Most White parents that let their daughters join the military don’t realize that they’ll be targeted by their predatory moolie training officers.

    • I’m going to have to call nonsense on this one. He “forced” her to have sex by “motioning” to her? Oh please. If he had put a gun to her head, then I’d be all for her. He was in a “position of power?” Big whoop. You call your superior.

      • Strider73

        You’ve obviously never been in the military. In basic training a recruit’s drill instructor is just one (very small) step below God. His authority is effectively absolute. When he yells “Jump!”, the only answer is “How high, sir?” And you’re deluded if you think going to the squadron CO or NCOIC would do any good. In any “A said/B said” dispute the higher rank always wins unless the lie is blatantly obvious, as it apparently was in this case. This is endemic in the armed forces, as a quick perusal of MilitaryCorruption.com will confirm.

        You might also read Kelley Vlahos’ recent articles at Antiwar.com on this subject. Sexual assault in the military is becoming an epidemic thanks to the refusal of the chain of command to investigate and prosecute. With the recent repeal of DADT men are also being victimized. And with the current PC culture such assaults will greatly increase as homosexuals start to enjoy the same de facto exemption from the UCMJ that blacks already have.

        • “You’ve obviously never been in the military. ”

          Guess what? I actually have. We’re talking about programming here: PC indoctrination. There are examples of women being raped because they see a black on the street who looks threatening, and they don’t run because that would look “racist.” Women in our sick, sick society are programmed to default to nonwhites. In many cases, foolish whites have lost the ability to say “no.” No is one of the first words to come out of a babies’ mouth. No is one of my favorite words. NO.  (and please see above in my earlier reply, (i.e. stumps/beating with stumps)

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         This problem is well known as far as the function of the crime goes.  Whites have a difficult time accusing non-whites of anything in the military.  Women have the problem of proving intimidation as your post proves.  Anyone who understands ethics knows that in the professions (that includes military discipline) one in a position of power has the advantage over a subordinate in many way, including the power to hurt their careers and even present living standards of comfort (including emotional).  So in the military as in the professions, flirting, dating, or using in any way, your superior position to force the subordinate into situations or to agree to things whether you can speculate that they might otherwise, IS A BREACH OF ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM.  Doctors can face fines or even loose their licenses over such issues, for example.

        That so many people like you don’t understand what ethics and professional discipline means is part of the reason things like this are happening so often now.

        The other reason is the admittance of women into the same service as men.  When the services were separate, such events were rare.  But then, we did not allow blacks into positions of power then, either.  I’d wager that most rapes that are not stranger rapes have occurred due to the arrival of blacks and other non-white groups into increased positions of power.  The same goes for colleges and universities.  As a doctor, almost every young female I had as a patient had been raped when she lost her virginity, and often by a non-white.  Even my own two nieces lost theirs this way.

        Between this and other issues, such as having my private office invaded and ransacked by a Mexican gang, I became a committed white racial realist.  The Moderator and a couple chronic posters here think it is because my daddy served in WW2 and was a bad “Christian.”

  • anmpr1

    When I was in the Army, in the early 70s, at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, many white women trainees couldn’t wait to have sex with minority NCO instructors.   The darker the better, it seemed.  The off base hotels did a good business on Friday and Saturdays.   Maybe it’s different now, and coercion is needed.

    • Whores.

      • Athling


        They get zero sympathy from me.

    • NM156

      I hate to sound like a 15-year-old girl, but EWW.

  • libertarian1234

    “Another 35 trainers have been pulled off regular duty while they are being investigated. Thirty-one women have come forward with accusations and the investigation continues, the Air Force says.”

    With Gay Pride events occurring,  and political correctness so bad a muslim giving clear signals that were ignored he was a jihadist before he killed several people,  and a reduction in mental and physical standards,  the US military is on a severe downward spiral that is irreversible.

    As the failing empire goes, so goes its military. 

  • Lead prosecutor Major Patricia Gruen told the seven-member military panel …. “Here sits before you a predator,” she said.

    That’s raycisss isnt it?

  • Southern__Hoosier

    What is it with Walkers? First there was John Walker of the “Family of Spies” fame. Then there was John Walker Lindh of Taliban fame. Now we have Luis Walker the sexual predator.

  • The yahoo article now doesnt have a pic of him did it have this before or was it gotten from elsewhere?

  • IstvanIN

     The military is not just another office, factory or shop job.

  • IstvanIN

    The military should not be integrated by sex.  The military is not the same as civilian society and should not have the same social experiments thrust upon it.  There should be separate branches for, and jobs in, the military for women. Sorry people, men and women are different.

  • sarah stein

    Every time a white woman is caught with a black man, she always cries rape.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Never go full retard.

      Robert Downey Jr.
      Tropic Thunder

    •  You mean like Ann Dunham?  Or the coalburner in Ireland who had a black baby and was later raped and murdered by yet another ape she brought home?  I personally know a few coalburners.

      No, some white women seek those sexy, sexy apes that white men cringe at in fear of being called names if they look at funny.  Other white women get raped.  And we can’t ignore the ones who seek it out, but get more than they bargained for.

    • toldev

       There might have been some truth to that 40 years ago. At the time, miscegenation was still considered taboo. So, a woman might make a false accusation to avoid the shame But, in todays PC society, coal-burning white women wear their coal-burning ways as a badge of honor.

      • “Sarah Stein” is a Hindu male.

        • The__Bobster

          One of a couple of trolls here today who are making up stories to protect their favorite pets.

        • Are you deludued? Everytime you see a comment that opposes your view, it automatically becomes a “Hindu” post! Whats your obsession with Hindus anyway? And you sound like an Arab male posing as a white? “Kaldian”, now thats a real white name, ehh? Btw, Assalam Aleikum Kaldian!

    • The__Bobster

      I’ve seen a lot of guilt-ridden libtarded females who refuse to report rapes when the rapists are Bantus. They think that somehow they were responsible and don’t want to contribute to the stereotype that all pink heels are rapists.

  • Athling

    Only one?

    You know nothing about Africans.

  • Why is it that women are selective with white men but seem to have little problem with hooking up with any black man who flirts with them?

    Today, women are taught “no means no”. That this started with flirting, hugging, and kissing tells me this young woman naively put herself in a vulnerable position. While I don’t like to blame the victim, foolish actions do have consequences.

    She is now suffering for her actions. Hopefully, Staff Sergeant Luis Walker will suffer for his.

    • sarah stein

      We are selective in choosing a white man because we need and or want their money. We will never date or marry down with a white man. We intend to take your money, the house and the children in the divorce. This is why you’ll see many white women will date black men, yet never marry them.

      • These Hindus impersonating Jews are truly boring.

      • The__Bobster

        Yet they will rut with them, knowing they will never support their resulting orange, corkscrewed-haired offspring? Or that no respectable White man would ever marry such a trollop?

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

           The white man’s taxes will support them.

  • Rocky Bass,

     Go easy on us “knuckle scraping southern whites”, not all of us have “parking” impediments, Okay might park a little fast, but still.

  • NM156

    She agreed to sex with him. In the civilian world, no crime was committed. She wanted that charismatic black meat, but then feared the consequences.

    • “charasmatic black meat”????? More like moldy maggot-ridden meat!

  • Mentious

    They’re afraid to be rastus.

    Be racist. Your life and your people depend upon it.

    Assume that all or most of the women he defiled are White women. Just guessing.

  • About the IR -miscegenation thing, I’d say it varies from country to country.
    Here is what I heard: Yugoslavia, a country I’ve been born in & grew up there, was a Communist country from 1945. to its dissolution in 1991. Yu was one of the leaders in the Non-Aligned movement, which was essentially 3rd world- Africa, Latin America, most of Asia except China etc. Leaders were Egypt’s Nasser, India’s Nehru & Yugoslavia’s Tito.

    Some older acquaintances have told me this: during 1960s and 1970s, many foreign students began to appear in our universities- Arabs, Blacks from Africa and the Caribbean etc.  They say that female students in dormitories virtually besieged these Blacks, spurred by fairy tales about Blacks’ sexual prowess. There was no racial consciousness among women here, no sex restraint  during these days- say, 1965-1975.

    The result was that the students who slept with Blacks told their friends that it was not such a big deal & Black students suddenly came “out of vogue”- hardly any female was interested in them anymore.

    What can be deduced from this story ?

    * Blacks’ sexuality is mostly a myth
    * BUT, white females, especially when not racially conscious and sexually loose- they will “try” anything  just to see  how it looks like.

    • sarah stein

      Koby Bryant would not have been accused of rape had he lasted longer than five minutes. Size doesn’t matter if you can’t go the distance.

  • ” If you believe that such action would actually solve the issue, I believe you are mistaken and have a less than accurate view of how positional authority can be used to abuse others..”

    No, actually I’m Scottish, and when our “superiors” attempt to abuse us, we rip off their arms and beat them to death with their own stumps. I abhor weakness in men or women.  If a man is in a position of power and abuses that authority, be him a superior officer, Prince or King: please see above–i.e. arm..beating with stump..

    • I’d love to down a pot of haggis with you,laddie. (Then I’ll vomit all over your kilt)

  • “I feel sorry for this woman.”

    I don’t.

  • This comment is an apology for female promiscuity. No thanks.

  •  http://news.yahoo.com/air-force-instructor-sentenced-20-years-174953114.html

  • DJ Einsamkeit

     On a 6 month deployment aboard the USS Nimitz after every port of call we had at least a dozen to 30 men and women on restriction for having “relations” while in port. It never failed and it was the main thing we were warned about.
    Personally I avoided women like the plague on ship. Even the ugliest thing had a dozen guys chasing her while at sea. It was disgusting. So how did I take care of my urges then? I chose to take the path of the traditional Sailor and take company with the local Asian women that plied their trade in taking care of these things. Never once did I get in trouble, and I was able to finish my fate on a ship until my EAOS came up and Joined the Marine Corps & worked in a command where there was no women to hold us back or distract but that’s a different story for another day.