Report Finds Black Gay Males in US Worst Hit by HIV-AIDS

Robert MacPherson, Yahoo! News, July 18, 2012

HIV-AIDS is affecting black gay men in the United States on a scale unseen among any other group in the developed world, said a report issued Wednesday ahead of the International AIDS Conference.

So grave is the crisis that in some US cities, one in two black men who have sex with other men are HIV positive, according to the report from the Black AIDS Institute, the only national HIV-AIDS think tank focusing on African Americans.

“AIDS in America is a black disease, no matter how you look at it,” its president and chief executive Phill Wilson, who is himself HIV positive, said ahead of Sunday’s opening of the six-day global conference.

“The best lens through which to figure out what AIDS looks like in America is to look at AIDS in black America,” he said in an interview, adding that it was time to “jump-start a new conversation . . .  and build a robust response” to the crisis.

The 74-page report, “Back of the Line: The State of AIDS Among Black Gay Men in America,” says black gay and bisexual men make up one in 500 Americans overall, but account for one in four new HIV infections in the United States.

HIV prevalence among such men is twice as high than among their white counterparts. {snip}

What’s more, black gay and bisexual men are seven times more likely than non-black counterparts to have undiagnosed HIV.


Citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it [the NAACP] said African Americans represent 13 percent of the total population, yet account for more than half of all new HIV diagnoses.



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  • Afoster477

    Of course, if they used condoms, that would be an insult to their masculinity.

    • Eagle_Eyed

       And having sex with men isn’t?

  • The__Bobster

    Blacks are 7 times more likely than other homosexuals not to know they have HIV.

    And they are probably 7 times more likely to have the disease.

    • Well they do have the lowest racial avg IQ

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The Black AIDS Institute? That alone should be a warning to the rest of America. Blacks are such simple-minded children that they need their own AIDS institute! Whats next?

    The Drive-by Shooting Trama Center
    The Victims of Racism Healing Academy
    The Baby’s Momma Learning Annex

    • Major

      You left out the “Black Illegitimate birthing clinic  and free day care center”!

  • Is it that more black men are gay?  Is it that more black men do not practice safe sex?
    Dare I ask?  Are they just more susceptible to AIDS?

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “iza gottz needs!”

    • JohnT

      I would say that that are far more Gay White men, but Black men on average, tend to be more sexually adventurous and irrepsonsible which leads to AIDS.

      • Woody Woodpecker

        Disagree. This is what the left wing American media would have you believe.

        • would you really want to do research to find out?

      • mikejones91

        False–_Whites are more “adventurous” (while being safe/responsible) Blacks are just irresponsible. FACT^

      • I will have to take your word on this

    • Woody Woodpecker

      Most likely yes on all questions.

      They deny being gay, yet they seem to chomp at the bit to go to prison and practice their deviant behavior.

      • Major

        Yup…where do you thinks the pants around your knees with your dirty boxers showing? While holding up your pants with one hand?

        They ‘re sure easier to catch when the dopes try to run.

  • Over 60 and White and Proud

    In the city where I live  I see a number of young Gay White and Black men meeting in parks. Every now and then I see a Hispnic in the bunch. Make you wonder what these young White guys are thinking.

    • Maybe you should put up a sign in the park warning about blacks and aids, maybe some of them can be salvaged

      • Over 60 White and Proud

        Perhaps, but I doubt it. I think our society has promoted such perverted lifestyles like homosexuality so aggressively, that these younger people are hopelessly indoctrinated.

  • Sissy White

    Had me fooled!

    As someone, who at one time had been forced to live in and work in Washington DC, I would have thought the highest AIDS rate would be the U.S. State Department.

    These others could be tied for a close second, the Supreme Court and their staff, the White House and their staff, and of course the U.S. Congress.

    One recalls “buggergate”, a few years back where Republican Congressman Mark Foley went after adolescent male congressional pages. It came out at the time of the scandal that Republicans had been covering for Foley’s behavior for some time and no less than former drug addict, Rush Limbaugh came to Foley’s defense.

    …this Republican scandal was soon followed by Republican Senator Larry Craig who went after a policeman in the men’s room-and got caught!

    …also when cannot discount all the religious lobbyists (all religions) who just ooze with brotherhood/sisterhood.

    In fact the only place I don’t need a “scorecard” to identify the players is when I am at an American Renaissance Conference or at a Marine Corp reunion!

  • IstvanIN

    The vast majority of white males are heterosexuals.  A small minority are homosexuals.  Because of this the AIDS problem has remained, in the white population, largely a gay male problem.  Black males, I feel, are very different.  A small percentage are heterosexual.  An even smaller percentage are homosexual.  The vast majority are just sexual and will take a male if a female is not available.  This increases the pool of potential partners and risks.  The black male brain, being more primitive than even the female black,  just wants sex.  While the black female will lay down with any old male that comes along, the black male will literally do anything.  This propensity also increases the AIDS rate among black women.  It is as if they are in heat 24/7.  It is all they think about. No wonder black men have never built a civilization, no time!

    • sarah stein

      The vast majority are homos. That’s why it takes three or more to beat up one person.

      • IstvanIN

         You’re stupid.

    • Djinn42

      Actually judging by the physical appearance of black females they can be virtually indistinguishable from black males when they are au naturale with no weaves or the like to set them apart. I can see how it would be easy for black males to make the transition to other men with no problem as well as your spot on assessment of their overall mentality towards sex in general. In the end the conquest of a White male is probably as much of a prize as a White female would be.

    • Anonymouse

      I’ve read (recently) that about 2% of the American population is homosexual. Back in the day, we were told it was 13%, and I’ve since read that *that* wonderful statistic was gleaned from using the prison population as the sample. 

      • The__Bobster

        True, Alfred Kinsey went down to the local prison to obtain his number. That’s not a representative population. Yet the MSM and the poofter activists still use the higher number, knowing it is incorrect.

  • Foley was openly gay.

  • Strider73

     Don’t forget Roy Cohn, Joe McCarthy’s chief counsel and raging (though closeted) fairy. He died of AIDS in 1986.

    BTW, I’m still waiting for the mass die-off from AIDS of homosexuals, Africans and IV drug users that we were assured was imminent 20-25 years ago. Entire nations such as Botswana and Thailand were supposedly going to be  depopulated. It hasn’t even come close to happening. Heck, Magic Johnson is still kicking 20 years after the HIV+ diagnosis that cut short his NBA career.

    • Brendan

      AIDS drugs have made the virus irrelevant when it comes to mass die-offs.

  • LudwigvonDrake

    The sexual attraction to men by other men (aka homosexuality) is a perversion of the human spirit that can be traced back to a formative event or series of events during the gay person’s youth.

    In the case of black men, the overwhelming majority of them are victims of neglect (i.e. abandonment) and other psychological and or physical abuse  by their biological fathers.  This abandonment and other forms of abusive cruelty during their formative years is the violation that results in a warping their spirit. 

    The deep irony of the warped human spirit is that it very often becomes attracted in a perverted way toward its violator.  

    Battered wives demonstrate this phenomenon.  It makes no sense to a normal, healthy person why these wives repeatedly take back their abuser, or often move on to new relationships that result in futher wife battering.  These women are subconsciously attracted to the source of their abuse.  

    Pedophiles are another such example.  Many pedophiles were themselves victims of sexual molestation in their youth.  This variety of youthful violation (sexual in nature) seems to cause the most devastating degree of warping to the human spirit.  These victim grows to become an adult who, if convicted of the crime of pedohilia, is recognized by the criminal justice community to have a recidivism rate of nearly 100%.  

    • Djinn42

      Very sound, a twisted approach to the Stockholm Syndrome if you will.

    • IstvanIN

      Oh please. Gays are born not made. If you hate gays, fine, but to say homosexuals are made or converted is just plain foolishness. Black males, on the other hand, are just sexual. A great deal more of our personalities, abilities, and potentials are inborn than people want to admit.  We are not blank slates.

      • Brett

        Exactly.No one can “cure or pray that Gay away,” despite what some of you may think.

        • Miss Dove

          Sorry, Istvan – Sorry, Brett – but gays are most definitely NOT born gay. Would you care to have me  cite a few of the hundreds of studies conducted worldwide over the past 60 years that confirm … and reconfirm … and reconfirm … ad infinitum … the EXACT SAME etiology of this condition? There is NO DIRECT GENETIC causitive factor . There is, however, a TEMPERAMENTAL predisposition to homosexuality which manifests in certain males (for virtually all studies have focused on male subjects) IN THE PRESENCE OF CERTAIN ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS. Just as there is NO professional basketball player gene, there IS a gene for tallness that is manifest in most pro hoopsters. So, too, there is no gay gene; but there is a prototypical mix of temperament and environmental stressors that is seen again and again and again in the life history of a vast preponderance of gay males. WERE gays “born that way”, then gays who are identical twins – sharing the exact same genetic blueprint – would, of course, both be gay. In fact, this is true in less than 1/3 of all cases.

          So what makes (a male) gay? It is actually rooted in a very normal, very healthy wish to identify as a male amongst other males. Some boys are thwarted in their maculine self-identification process (bullied by peers, rejected by other boys, mocked and/or brutalized for their sensitive  temperaments) until their God-given desire for male bonding becomes twisted into a romanticized idealization of those typically masculine traits which they feel that they themselves lack but want desperately to get close to. It has very little to do with prayer (unless you consider an intrinsically psychological maladaption to be a moral issue) and it is not a condition so much in need of cures as of understanding. Gay men are woefully out of touch with – and in many cases, afraid of – their own inherent masculinity – too many present as cartoonishly feminine – or cartoonishly hyper-butch – or simply harmlessly genderless.  There is something sadly one-dimensional about it all; it’s all role playing. Over time, a quite natural need for male contact and male affirmation grows so desperate and so all-consuming (and, with adolescence, so sexualized) that the male gay never realizes that what he is actually chasing is his own genuinely masculine self. It is incredibly tragic – but it is in no way the “fault” of the gay youth who is hardly a pervert but a victim – and it is NOT genetic. For at the root of the homosexual “issue”, it has very little to do with sexuality and a great deal to do with the recognition of one’s innate masculine identity and the need for masculine affirmation and acceptance.

          For instance: pose this question to a truthful, friendly gay. ” If you were to be stuck on a deserted island for one year with another man, which of these two would you choose? Male A is a stereotypical “femme” gay – skinny, simpering, flamboyant, a peroxide blonde who wears tons of makeup and ballet tights, flits about like a pixie, loves “drama” and fingernail polish, and gossips and gushes like an old maid aunt. With Male A, you could have unlimited lovemaking. Male B, on the other hand, is absolutely straight and the chance of lovemaking is nil. But he is solidly (not cartoonishly) masculine, he is encouraging and supportive and he thinks you’re a terrific human being. You’ll never be lovers with this man, but you’ll be great pals and you’ll have a year-long companion who’ll take a deep interest in YOU, not your sexuality. Male B will be the world’s best buddy and big brother. ……. Which would you choose?”

          When I have asked this question of (countless) gay friends and acquaintances, they have invariably replied “Male B”. When I point out to them that they have just chosen genuine male friendship over a year of gay lovemaking, it draws them up short. But I believe it is an indication of a very natural, very healthy need inside them that goes a lot, lot deeper than sex.

          Let me point out that I have not always felt this way. I, too, had been fed – and fully accepted – the standard media line that one is “born gay” and I set out to prove exactly this by doing two years worth of intense masters research through literally thousands and thousands of case studies, databases, and published reports. In pursuit of a psychology/counseling degree, everything that I absolutely KNEW to be true was, in fact, upended, and I finally had to let go of my own indefensible convictions on the matter in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In the end, the only thing that really matters is truth. It is the thing that sets one free.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Gays engage in a lot of activities that generate a lot of antibodies to a lot of things, Africans often have a condition known as “sticky blood”, making them test positive on many anti-body tests.  Antibodies cross react and EVERY HIV test EVER MADE carries the same disclaimer about how the test should not be used to determine or disprove infection with the HIV virus. More folks are suing doctors now and getting their “diagnosis” reversed.

  • newscomments70

    At first glance I thought you meant that black men often become bartenders. I lost my train of thought for a moment. 

  • Albert

    I saw a similar disgusting situation here about a month ago where I live. It was in  a local, trendy  coffeshop. It was about 10:30pm. An attractive, clean cut White man walked in (he looked to be mid to late 20s I would say) and approached an admittedly handsome looking Black who was obviously about the same age.  They must have known one another becuase he knew his name.  They kissed one another and must have chatted for 30 minutes before they got up and left holding hands!

    Sick! Sick! Sick! 

  • Kyle

    It is interesting thaty you mention this. This past Sunday the New York Times travel section had a story on Providence, Rhode Island and mentioned its “thriving gay scene.” It must be all those radical liberals at Brown University.

  • anonymouse

    I have a family member (early 20s) who just came out as a homosexual. We were very saddened by this proclamation, as it’s a hard life. Plus, he’s never had a girlfriend. How can he really know that he’s a homo? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. 


    Their  penis  runs their life, gay or not

  • Major

    No wonder Obama approves of gay marriage. It’s an antidote to living well. What more can happen to them? And I thought blacks strongly disapproved of the “down low” life?