Wealthy Long Island Residents Upset over Influx of Immigrant Labourers

Daily Mail (London), July 4, 2012

The small town of East Hampton has gained a reputation as the playground for New York’s well-heeled elite, a place to spend the idle summer months in their million-dollar homes.

But some of its wealthy residents are upset at an influx of less well-heeled workers who they say are lowering the quality of life and diminishing the appearance of the quaint Long Island town.

A campaign group is focusing on the Springs area of East Hampton, dubbing itself ‘Unoccupy Springs’ and calling for an end to multiple families of low-wage workers living under one roof.

While the group insists that race, religion, and creed do not factor in, most of the residents are from ethnic minorities – many of them immigrants – and find employment servicing the area’s luxury properties.

Carol Saxe Buda, the creator of group Unoccupy Springs, told the New York Times that regardless of race, crowding in homes is bad for business, adding that multiple families’ children all living under one roof caused an imbalance in taxes.

Ms Buda said in a recent town hall meeting that the people using single-family dwellings for multiple families were not committing ‘victimless crimes.’

The housing code states that up to four unrelated people or one family can occupy a single-family dwelling.

Resident Frank Weinberg, who is also a member of Unoccupy Springs added: ‘Imagine yourselves living next to a house with 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 cars and debris strewn about the property – neglected and blighted.

‘And imagine that your taxes are going up every year, significantly, while your property value is going down,’ the East Hampton Star reported.

Deputy town supervisor Theresa K. Quigley told Times that while Springs does have very high tax rates, the motive behind the Springs HomeOwners Alliance and the Unoccupy Springs movement is more ominous.

She told the newspaper: ‘The people who came to the Town Board insist there is nothing radical intended. They say they’re talking about overcrowding, but they’re talking about Latinos.’

Ms Quigley added that it may be easy to blame minority groups like Latinos for the problems in Springs and East Hampton. ‘Doesn’t that sound a little familiar?’ she asked,’ Like blaming the Jews for troubles in Germany.’

According to the New York Times, the Hispanic population has tripled in the past decade, and the Hamptons’ traditional residents are making waves about their new neighbours.

The Times notes that most immigrants live on the southern part of East Hampton, which is less expensive but also farther away from the ocean.

The area, called Springs, is home to modest houses –some of which, residents said – are over-crowded with multiple families and children.

Unoccupy Springs’ website says the movement was founded by concerned citizens who want to ‘improve our quality of life’ and are ‘concerned about enforcement of single family zoning code provisions’ and ‘very burdensome school taxes.’

The website describes Springs as a ‘dumping ground for the town’s low-end multiple housing.’

The Star reported that there are four full-time officers and one part-time official to patrol the town.

The 2010 census revealed that 37 per cent of residents in East Hampton were Hispanic.

According to Greatschools.org, the cost of living in East Hampton is 390 per cent higher than the national average, with the median home price settling in at a staggering $1.66million.

East Hampton serves as the summer pied-a-terre to celebrities like P. Diddy, Jerry Seinfeld, designer Calvin Klein, Martha Stewart, and celebrity chef Ina Garten, among others.


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  • Biff_Maliboo

    Diversity for thee, but not for me.

    The Hamptons are long overdue for some Sudden Onset Diversity. Place is too boring. Needs the vibrancy that can only be supplied by third-worlders. Enjoy!

  • holyflower

    Long Island, look West.  See your future — in a two decades or so.  Michael Barone, famed expert on political minutiae, writes of the 2010 Census in National Review Online, March 28, 2011: 

    “Coastal California . . . has had a vast inflow of immigrants  . . . Metro Los Angeles and San Francisco increasingly resemble Mexico City and São Paulo, with a large affluent upper class, a vast proletariat, and a huge income gap in between.”

    Diversity, don’t ya know. It’s this wonderful thing, making us stronger and stronger.

    • NM156

      Where exactly do Hispanics live in SF anyway? How could they possibly afford to live anywhere in SF unless they’re piled on top of each other in high-rent apartments? SF has no single-family homes.

      • holyflower

        NM156, good question.  Here’s a partial answer — from the same piece by Barone:

        “High housing costs [in decent areas] . . . have made modest homes unaffordable to middle-class families who don’t want to live in Spanish-speaking neighborhoods or commute 50 miles to work. “So as immigrants pour in, middle class Americans move out.   

  • T_A_C

    Here on Martha’s Vineyard, we have been invaded by a horde of undesirables, mainly from the state of Menas Gerais in Brazil.  They’ve enjoyed quite a bit of success as an illegal labor pool on our little island, and now it seems we’re beginning to see a trickle of Mexicans and Salvadorans on our little Yankee island.  If you want to protect your job and your trade and your community, DO NOT hire illegals.  More will come.

    • newscomments70

      It looks the same on Nantucket…a once pristine island. Some of the invaders are illegals, and some are ghetto thugs living in Section 8 housing. The Kennedy’s and other liberal politicians wanted this to happen. The islands were too white. 

  • anarchyst

    Section 8 housing is the solution for the Hamptons . ..

    • newscomments70

      Not everyone in the Hamptons is  a limousine liberal. There is a conservative middle class there as well. And I’m sure there already is section 8 housing in the Hamptons. The only place that was spared was Malibu…Barbara Streisand lives there. (Malibu does have forced bussing though)

  • MekongDelta69

    While the group insists that race, religion, and creed do not factor in…

    *Gasp* Of COURSE it DOESN’T. How DARE you even insinuate that?

  • So where did all these rich people think this cheap labor they like to exploit was going to live?

  • These are the same liberal elites who support open borders and diversity so long as it’s not in their backyard! Well, now it is in their backyard and they do not like it much either! These are the same liberal elites, who will condemn us as “racists” for our objections to open borders and diversity, while living in their exclusive areas, free of the strife and degradation caused by diversity! I hope they choke on their new found diverse neighbors!

  • Too funny!,  I invite all illegals of all colors to bring theirs tents and their culture and spend the summer idling away the hours in the hamptons.

  • newscomments70

    Private white schools don’t exist anymore. Even they are forced to take in inner city “youths” on “scholarship”. The liberal administrators love the diversity. I don’t believe truly conservative schools exist anymore.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      They way they get around it in California is by opening up culture-based/language-based schools — i.e., for Chinese, Koreans, Armenians, Syrians, Jews, etc. 

      You see, unlike us Whites, who are already a minority in So Cal, all other races/religions/ethnic groups are encouraged to preserve and celebrate their native culture, dress, heritage and language.  White culture, heritage and history don’t exist exist according to these same lefties, except when it comes to blame and vilification, then The White Race certainly exists, but only as something to be stripped of their wealth and homelands and then eradicated like vermin.

      These “heritage” type schools are being opened specifically to keep out undesirable blacks/browns using traditional heritage and language preservation issues — that and only the White race is compelled to open up its private schools to non-Whites, no one else, as part of an ongoing genocide against us Whites who makes up a scant 7% of the world’s population.

      If this were happening to any other group of people on the planet, there would be worldwide recognition and outcry from the UN and elsewhere. But, because it is The White Race, our genocide is to be advocated and celebrated.

      Yes, Stephanie, I am furious beyond words.


      • newscomments70

        If Germans, Scandivians, French or similar had heritage schools, they would still force diversity on the student body, perhaps even more so than usual. That is part of their European culture now…Russians, on the other hand.

        • The__Bobster


          Segregated Charter Schools Evoke Separate But Equal Era in U.S., Bloomberg News, December 22, 2011
          At Dugsi Academy, a public school in St. Paul, Minnesota, girls wearing traditional Muslim headscarves and flowing ankle-length skirts study Arabic and Somali. The charter school educates “East African children in the Twin Cities,” its website says. Every student is black.
          At Twin Cities German Immersion School, another St. Paul charter, children gather under a map of “Deutschland,” study with interns from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and learn to dance the waltz. Ninety percent of its students are white.
          Six decades after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down “separate but equal” schools for blacks and whites, segregation is growing because of charter schools, privately run public schools that educate 1.8 million U.S. children. While charter-school leaders say programs targeting ethnic groups enrich education, they are isolating low-achievers and damaging diversity, said Myron Orfield, a lawyer and demographer.

  • jackryanvb

    Seinfeld was a celebrity Liberal defending the Black uprising, “civil rights” protest that was the LA Rodney King riots. 

    Howard Stern gave gave Jerry Seinfeld a lot of abuse for being an idiot on racial, crime issues.

  • Jupiter7

    For those of you who don’t know…Springs is in East Hampton Long Island. If you are going East on Montauk Highway through  the Town of East Hampton…right before you come to the windmill in the middle of the town…. bear left by the trafffic light down Hands Creek Road and you enter bucolic Springs. Springs is a rurual area…big forest and homes in the forest…several nature reserves…not to far from where the English Settlers made their appearance in North America for the second time after their first appearance in Roanoke birthplace of the English child Virginia Dare.

    Springs has a bucolic feel and look. But the bodegas are popping up all over the place. Pregnant Mexican Women with kids hanging off them and in strollers can be seen all all over the place… pregnant 4′ 3″ Mixtec females with kids hanging all over them and in strollers can be seen all over the place…this the Democratic Party voting block that is-will be voting  for the the race-replacement of millions of Native Born White Americans very soon-pronto.

    And speaking of the Democratic Party….the “spiritual” and moral force behind the Democratic Party…the one and only:rapist and war criminal Bill Clinton spent two weeks in Springs right after the dress of Monica Lewinsky -the one that Bill Clinton creatively decorated in the Oval Office with his “precious” bodily fluids-was shown on national TV during the Ken Starr investigation into Billy’s Oval Office  shenanigans with plump Monica. Bill Clinton’s handlers immediately packed him off for two weeks to the very expensive home of a very wealthy Democratic Party donor in Springs..somewhere the other side of Sandy Town Beach…a little strip of a sandbar surrounded by crystal clear water. Rapist,War Criminal and decorator  of Monica Lewinsky’s dress..Bill Clinton…spent the next two weeks jogging around Springs in deep thought about what his next act of performance “art” should be. It had to be really big to follow up on the  nationally televised photo of plump Monica’s dress…really big!!! Well, Billy didn’t dissappoint his loyal fans. It didn’t take too long to figure out the most obvious thing to do:bomb the Civilian population of a very conservative Christian Orthodox Nation-Serbia-and in the process obliterate the bodies of several hundred Serbian Women and their children and bomb the Chinese Embassy to boot killing over a dozen Chinese Nationals thereby nearly instigating  Nuclear WWW3 and the extinction of the Human Species. ..this is an example of the Clintonite Bliss that I mentioned in my previous post. Sex and death are so deeply blended in the depths of Billy’s rancid soul.

    From what I hear the Rural White Folks of Springs East Hampton have renamed  Three Mile Harbor Drive which leads up to Sandy Town Beach Monica Lewinsky Boulevard.

    This is the over-the-top  morally and spiritually rancid social and cultural cesspool and context of Democratic Party-Clintonite very low wage  labor policy which has brought about the racial and economic dispossession of Native Born White American  Males in the Towns of South-East Hampton,Amagansett-Montauk…the  epicenter of the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class Democratic Party stranglehold on America.   

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Typical that the Brit media (AGAIN) outted a story like this.

    East Hampton is Marxist territory and it’s about time that limousine libs finally suffer from  the same policies they promote and foist on the rest of us.  Sheriff Joe should fill up buses and ship ‘em a few more.

    But some of its wealthy residents are upset at an influx of less well-heeled workers who they say are lowering the quality of life and diminishing the appearance of the quaint Long Island town.

    Boo Freakin’ Hoo!! 

    Call me when I give a damn.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Resident Frank Weinberg, who is also a member of Unoccupy Springs added: ‘Imagine yourselves living next to a house with 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 cars and debris strewn about the property – neglected and blighted.
    Schadenfreude , Mr. Weinberg.Welcome to Los Angeles — ca. 1980!!You sound like a racist, Mr. Weinberg, which is what WE were called when we complained 30 years ago about the exact same thing, our complaints falling on deaf ears as we beleaguered Whites in So Cal were vilified and told we were Nazis — as our schools, neighborhoods, pristine beaches, beautiful parks and wilderness areas were trashed by “diversity” and “multiculturalism” while above-it-all rich folks like you retreated to illegal alien-free areas like, oh, say EAST HAMPTON for instance.

    You’ll find NO sympathy from me.

    Enjoy the multi-culturalism, diversity and “new” improved quality of life that types like you told types like me would improve life for everyone.


  • Global Minority

    Wait until these liberals children are bullied, robbed, raped, murdered in the most barbaric ways by the third worlders.  Their children may attend all white schools during the day, however unless their parents lock them up in their homes rate after school it’s bound to happen. Maybe the liberals will get a clue as to what their stupid policies have forced on us and our children. May they reep what they sow!

  • Those poor Jews are so so so hardworking and so so so intelligent and so so SO superior,why-why-OH WHY?? must their precious and beautiful sweet lives be blighted by the presence of these “minorities”?? Let the minorities live among the white working class,the goyim! Not among the Superior Race,please,not among them. Havent they suffered enough??

  • And i bet they have the cucurachas,no?

  • anarchyst

    The jews WERE responsible for troubles in Germany . . .
    OK, sic the $PLC on me . . .

  • If it were millions of lawyers sneaking into the country instead of construction workers, there would have been a wall built a long time ago, and deportations would be swift. But not to worry, in a generation or two, there will be millions of mexican lawyers practicing at the expense of white lawyers, along with doctors and nurses, accountants, etc. you know, all the jobs americans don’t want.

    • redfeathers

      Or if it were millions of whites sneaking into the country.  Our new fellow Americans will be taking the jobs of white liberal politicians too.  Like in my district.

    •  H-1Bs are flooding the accounting industry.  It’s why I don’t even try getting on with any of The Big Four.  As far as that goes, my current job isn’t even in accounting, and I hope to have it permanently.  (As “permanently” as anything can really be in my given line of work.)

  • Always fun to watch white liberal idealists confronted with reality! they think(know) they are smarter than dumb old white conservative types, but where we could predict the damage mexicans would do to America, they have to actually experience it first hand to understand it. Unlike the Unioncrats, we don’t have to eat dog poop to know it tastes bad

  • Major

    And they all thought it’d be a great white shark that would eat them alive…LMAO.

    Your silly diversity is now fully ensconced inside the perimeter. Not very pretty is it snobs…when you have to rub elbows with it?  Payback is a beach….karma lasts forever.

    You New York elitists,  tofu eaters & silly tree huggers are now learning what Arizona and 25 other states want to stop.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Theresa K. Quigley-


    ‘Real Estate Lawyer, sits on several local Town Boards, studied in Germany and is fluent’.

    Which tells you-

    1.  She may be drumming up some new clients.  Like any good lawyer, invested in both sides of
         a conflict she is potentially beneficiary of.  ‘Just good business’.  Like 10,000 at the bottom of the
         ocean is a good start…
    2.  Has no intention of making herself an enemy of ‘her people’ but is likely setting the stage for an
         inside job for which the fix is in.
    3.  Pulls the Jewish question out of her bonnet because hey, it’s what she knows as a -personal-
          experience, not a legal or practically applicable one.  Bias aforethought.

    Points of fact:  Hispanics are not native to the U.S. as Jews were native to Germany.  Given the state which Hispanics have rendered their home country, they can be thought of as hostile aliens.

    Zoning Laws exist for a reason and if Hispanics/Latinos ‘meet the conditions’ (overcrowding, unequal tax burden, pollution and safety risks) for why the law exists, that’s not racist, it’s criminal.  What is racist is not expecting Hispanics/Latinos to conform to the same laws -everyone else does-.

    It never fails to amaze me how nobody makes the inverse logic argument when ‘race’ is used as an inferior demographic justification for illegal and/or immoral behavior entitlement.

    If the minority does something wrong and insists on getting away with it -because- they are a minority.  It is they, not the majority, who are racist.

    And don’t be too hard on these people folks.  They may be the scum of the earth (I always envision Scrooge McDuck doing high dives into his piles of filthy lucre`) but if they win a degree of separate peace then it may be that their victory can become ours.  While if they don’t, it could easily be that their ‘next step’ struggle, with the legislature, not the courts, is also ours.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble


    I’ve always believed that language is what will help us separate ourselves from others and save our race — the lefties have already attacked our culture and heritage as one of colonialism, slavery, bondage and other such tired, stupid things.

    In Southern California, where I am already a minority, other racial/ethnic/religious groups claim they do not want to lose their native languages, and to a lesser extent heritage and culture, and base any charges of ethnocentrism, separation and non-assimilation on THAT. 

    And no one says a thing. (about supremacism, racism, bigotry, hatred, etc.).

    The public schools encourage and promote this separation and have started offering classes for students in Mandarin and Nahuatl (a native language of Mexico), precisely to keep students from fleeing to so-called “culture” based,  ethno-centric schools.

    What is wrong with us Whites wanting to speak and preserve our native languages such as German, French, Dutch, Afrikaans or languages native to the British Isles?  

    With that said:

    When and what is European Heritage Month?  You can’t imagine how GLAD I am to hear of such a thing!!  

    Please tell us more so we can start promoting the idea of European Heritage too!!


  • sarah stein

    Oh those racist, diversity hating, trailer trash rednecks.  I didn’t realize there were trailer parks in the Hamptons.  Hey Weinberg, your tribe are rounding up blacks and shipping them out of Israel, if you don’t cotton to Hispanics, maybe you should round them up and ship them out of the Hamptons you racist POS.

  • Hirene

    Wait till Obama wins again.  He’s coming after YOUR tax money.  Maybe the rich will have to subdivide their properties in order to pay their taxes.