DOJ Lawsuit: Physical Test for Police Officers Discriminates Against Women

Joel Gehrke, Washington Examiner, July 3, 2012

The Corpus Christi, Tex. Police Department has found itself on the business end of a civil rights lawsuit after the Justice Department concluded that a physical ability test used when considering job applications discriminates against women.

As a condition for employment, new applicants must pass a physical ability test (PAT) involving: pullups, a 300-meter run, a 1.5 mile run, and sit-ups. Only 19 percent of female applicants passed this test between 2005 and 2009, compared to 63 percent of men, the DOJ complaint records.

The Justice Department says that the test discriminates against women because “use of the PAT in the screening and selection of applicants for entry-level police officer jobs is not job-related, for the entry-level police officer position,” according to the complaint.


In 2011, the city police modified the benchmarks for the PAT. Thirty-three percent of women passed the test under the new standards, along with 82 percent of men. DOJ says that these results also indicate discrimination.


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  • Well of course, anytime women and minorities can’t perform, it’s “discrimination” even though some have managed to pass these tests. It’s okay to drum white guys out if they can’t cut the muster but we can’t expect woman and minorities to abide by the same standards.

  • Natassia

    Department of Injustice, more like it.

    Women who can’t pass the same physical tests as the men should not be cops.

    • IstvanIN

      I wouldn’t say that.  There is a need for female police officers in terms of dealing with female offenders and children, certainly to assist male officers with female and child offenders.  Would I put them in the same jobs, no, but in the right job they do serve a purpose. 

      Men and women are different, and what is wrong with that?

      • Ever dealt  with drug crazed negro woman?

      • HenryHolliday

        Well, that’s pretty much how it was about 50 years ago.

      • Dan

        There’s nothing wrong with Women in the work force as long as they can perform the duty assigned. When police are forced to wrestle an aggressive 200+ pound male who is drunk or high on drugs then a female can often place her male partner in  a life and death situation due to her lack of strength. It’s very easy for an adult male to remove a female officers weapon from her and then use it on her partner. Ann Coulter did an in depth write up about this.

        Another aspect to look at is the female who has been convinced by the media she is capable of physically doing anything a man can do. Overconfidence can and will get a cop and/or their partner killed. I know of a few times where a wannabe tough chick got her co-workers in a nasty situation while trying to prove she was just as capable has any male out there.

        Female officers are great at dealing with other females doing pat-downs, searches, sexual assaults etc. But trying to push them into a physically demanding area where strength and size are at a premium does nothing but endanger everyone around them.

        • mikejones91

          You really summed it up. Nice work lol.

    • The__Bobster

      This problem became apparent during Brian Nichols’ March 11, 2005 courtroom breakout, which resulted in the deaths of four people. a one-man race war.

      Nichols’ attack could easily have been prevented by following basic rules. But the Fulton County Jail, under black Sheriff Myron Freeman, was as badly run as other black Atlanta institutions.

      One black supervisor violated rules by entering a jail cell to pray with Nichols. The deputy assigned to escort the buff, 6’1,” 210-pound bodybuilder alone to court, black 5’1” grandmother Cynthia Ann Hall, had maternal feelings for him and refused reinforcements. He returned her kindness by beating her almost to death, leaving her with permanent brain damage, and seizing her weapon.

  • Whiteman

    They’re way behind the times. . back in the 80’s these adminstrators would release a pamphlet saying, ‘different standards are not double standards’. And the women’s groups would be very angry about it. . . I noticed there are different standards for grooming as well.

  • Well I guess holder will have to sue the DoD too. I watch females do PT every morning.

  • JackKrak

    So written tests somehow “discriminate” against minorities and now physical tests are unfair to women.

    Tell me – how comically incompetent and just generally useless does a female minority have to be in this world to get rejected from any government job? 

  • The__Bobster

    And when I think about women handling street crime, I’m reminded of Sgt. Laverne Hooks, who didn’t have a Johnson but did have a little squeaky voice.

  • Kurt Plummer

    I myself find the 1.5 mile run hard to justify.  Pistols typically weigh in the 30-40 ounce range, I doubt if a tonfa or tazer weighs less, then their’s the radio and cuffs and at least 2 backup mags plus the weight of the secure holster and utility belt to carry same, I doubt if it’s less than ten to twelve pounds overall.

    You aren’t going to win a sprint with that much weight bouncing around your hips center of motion.  And if you get into a marathon, you are better off calling for backup and letting the car win.

    Pullups and Pushups are a different story because the tend to reflect upper body strength where men are naturally around 50% stronger than women.

    A lot of fights begin with a leveraged shoving match as display/strength test before the beating starts, simply because it’s easier to start something with your opponent already on the ground.

    Women come into this with a pair of instantaneous disadvantages.  Namely height and fully developed breasts (because it is metabolically cheaper to keep them when not lactating than to regrow them for every pregnancy) and the loss of pectoral muscles that go with.

    Each is a certain visual cue that being female, a woman cop is weaker as the amount of chest muscle displaced causes this to to happen-

    Now the female cop above made a tactical mistake that, had she not, might have saved her.

    Getting the guy out of the car without a warrant check is a dumb idea.  In the car he is blocked by his own vehicle from using a weapon effectively and -delayed- in the process of getting to you, physically, by his own cardoor opening as proof of intent.

    Once his warrant list popped, it was time to use the loudspeaker to make sure he -stayed- in his vehicle and await backup and frankly, though it’s not often said, women cops and all cops in a minority pullover condition are going to get that sergeant-pulls-up backup more than a male officer or white suspect equivalent.

    Again, because there is simply a lowered threshold of “Can I get away with it?  Let’s see…” justified arrogance on the part of criminal males dealing with females whom they know are likely to be weaker. 

    The uniform means nothing to them.

    Now think of this from the standpoint of the guy cop who _needs_ a woman to be built like a wall because he _does not_ want to engage these threats but rather intimidate them into doing nothing.

    Women simply don’t react in an overtly domineering fashion which makes suspects believe they are in serious trouble if they fight back.  Officer Melanie Singer went to her gun to get high-on-something Rodney King on the ground and then tried to walk that gun into a cuffing.  Breaking every rule there is about not giving a suspect the chance to fight for control over the weapon.

    Officer Koon had to call her off at which point Mr. King saw the break in the uniformity of their respone and started rebelling.

    You don’t want to be a liability to your fellow LEOs when push comes to shove and there are not many women that can deal with the adrenaline/testosterone driven magnification of strength that a man simply out-turbos them in a straight up physical fight with (accepting pain, pushing through strikes etc.).

    At which point, you go to the weapon.  The perp becomes a target.  And you get sued.

    Legal and insurance liability is thus the way you enforce equal standards for everyone.

    Unfortunately, it won’t happen until there is a decade or more of really badly beaten cops or multi-cop funerals causing holes in the force structure because someone looked weak and a bunch of women med out with severe injuries or PTSD so that their male partners no longer want to work with them.

    As violent crime continues to rise in supposedly lower overall criminal rates for big cities, you can bet that incidents like that above will become more common.

    • Dan

       You would be surprised who you can catch when their pants are hanging around their knees.

  • ageofknowledge

    It will be interesting to see how the government and citizenry react when the criminals escape in large numbers and armies of women officers are relegated to picking on law abiding citizens to keep up their quotas.

    • HenryHolliday

      That’s been happening for years.

    • Dan

      They solve that by setting up daytime seat belt checks in a predominantly White rural area. The female staff can issue citations and generally not be too concerned about unruly Negro’s or dope fiends. That way you hit your White ticket quota and the female staff make the contact. Many officer of the month awards are done through this type of program.

  • the doctrine of diversity has passed the “beyond parody” event horizon

    it is no longer possible to make diversity sound any more retarded than it already does

  • We need more women as miners, carpenters, bodyguards, lumberjacks, …

    • Dan

      If you watch the DYI channel you would think 50 % of the carpenters in the U.S. are women

  • sarah stein

     Holder is already forcing police departments to lower their entrance exam passing grade to F.  Why not have the physically challenged chase down criminals.