The Death of Johannesburg

YouTube, April 2, 2010

Since majority rule came to South Africa, Johannesburg has been transformed. What was until the 1990s a modern, First-World city is now inhabited and run by Africans. These haunting images show how the city has changed.

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  • Dr Al

    I know this well.  I lived in J’burg for 2 years.  It was 1981-1983 and it was wonderful EVEN FOR THE BLACKS & COLOREDS (they divide themselves according to skin tone).

    I lived in the Hilbrow section in the tallest building there, Ponte Flats.  34th floor.  My wife and I had a wonderful view and we had NO problems going out for diner almost every night.  Never harrassed anytime.

    We spent every weekend driving all over South Africa  and NEVER  had a problem. Looking back they were perhaps the best memories of our lives.

    I “cry” inside when I see the video/pictures above.  It does NOT surprise me in the least.  This is what Africans do. They “de-civilize” a place.  They “de-Industrialize” any nation they get control over.  A huge mass of termites.

    When I lived there I used to debate with South Africans why they didn’t just divide the nation.  The southern part of South Africa was never occupied by Mandela’s tribes. When the Dutch got there there were NO Africans in the area.  The Xosha and Matable and  Zulu tribes moved SOUTH from around Rhodesia well after the whites showed up and were never the rightful owners of the northern part. Had they just drawn a line (giving up J’burg and Pretoria, etc) and moved all the whites south, then the whites would have kept what was THEIRS.

    Pathetic.  Oh.  What you see in that video is what America will be in 50 years or less.  Get your grandchildern OUT OF HERE !!

    •  What you see in that video is already in America right now!  Just go down to LA’s skid row near 6th and Spring, or take a drive through many of the East L.A. barrios. 

      • You can go the east side of Buffalo, New York and do a similar video.

        Black behavior is universal.

        Where Africans are Africa is.

      • tickyul

        Urban Americans have destroyed many cities all across this once great country……..too many to count as a matter of fact.

  • Tim

    I have formulated and verbalized a policy that gets me lots of thumbs up on Yahoo. Even when it doesn`t it gets defenders from others of experience. Here it is, “I no longer travel to countries where the racial, economic and and political disparities are so profound, that I become a visible, lucrative and expedient target…”

  • Dr Al

    I worked on Bree Street.  When I was there it was like walking on 5th ave,  New York.

    We used to eat at a little Italian restaurant called Napoli.  Across the street was a cafe, upstairs, where you could sit all day, indoor or outdoor and play chess.  It is where I taught my wife to play the game.

    This is America,  2075 AD.

  • To be fair, I live in Southern California, and the Mexicans have done something similar to this area.

  • Georgeburg103

    Detroit?  The difference is that is the real Africa. This is the real America. When you bring Africa to America you get Africa.

  • Greg West

    Haiti after the French, Detroit after the whites.
    Once they descend on an area, it reverts to a primal cess pool like all African countries.
    It’s their natural manure.

  • Seek

    Three years ago I saw a new sci-fi film called “District 9,” filmed on location in Johannesburg.  I was struck at the scenes in which middle-class residences looked like fortresses, replete with razor wire and concrete walls.  This wasn’t part of the set design either; this was the real thing.  In a black-run city, white property owners literally become captives.  Affluence in such situations in meaningless.  

    •  District 9 was/is one of the most offensive pieces of Hollywood propaganda I have EVER seen.  The aliens are derisively called “prawns” and are made to live in squalor and shanty towns, while the evil MNU (paramilitary corporation) is staffed at the top by evil white men.  It is decided that the aliens need to be moved to a new camp away from the city.  Basically they are using the aliens as stand ins for the blacks and showing just how evil the white South Africans are by making the aliens suffer in horrible conditions and wanting to move them away (apartheid).  Ironically the director, Neil Blomkamp was born and raised in South Africa, but his family fled in the 90’s due to the massive increase in violence.  So here you have a White South Afrikaner making an anti-white movie, while his family fled from South Africa due to the black violence!  Hollywood hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    • joesolargenius

       I also saw district 9 which was a french film and had excellent stunt work and foot chase scenes.

  • JackKrak

    In my work, I sometimes meet white South Africans & every single one now lives in the U.K. or Canada. You will not meet a nicer, more dependable, more competent, tougher people – ever. It’s an absolute tragedy what’s happened there & continues to happen – they know that they have no future there & look for any way out  they can find.

  • IstvanIN

    This is really unfair.  That video was NOT  Johannesburg, that was Camden, NJ!

    • Ted

      Bullsh*t, I know Cleveland when I see it. I live here!

  • Church_of_Jed

    South Africa’s destruction is a phillipic against the follies of White Humanity.

    “If Whites won’t guard their privilege, they don’t deserve it.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “You’ve reached your moment of decision,” 2009

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    The worst part about that video is that it looks just like parts of the US. One picture looked like Oakland California.


    • Rob

      I visit Oakland a lot.a lot of places there are not safe for whites, but NO whites are being killed there NOW, unlike the 1970s, when they were being killed all the time. Whites now know where not to go. (Peejay)

      • Marcy Fleming

         My boyfriend has lived in Oakland for many years, first as a tenant, and then as co-owner of a house. They haven’t been killed but they have been the victims several times over the years of Black criminals. True that most Blacks kill other Blacks but they do kill Whites and Asians too.
        They are scared to mess with Latins.

    • Detroit_WASP

      MOST of Detroit looks like that.

  • Marcy Fleming

    Just watched it. Incredible ! Jo’Burg was a beautiful city, heavily Jewish and English and one of the most beautiful in the world.  I visited there when I lived in Israel. It also by far the most liberal city in South Africa or really the entire continent since there is nothing remotely liberal about either Black SubSaharan Africa or the Arab North Africa.
    Watch it and spread it around. The musical score is haunting.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “Marcy Fleming wrote: … Jo’Burg was a beautiful city, heavily Jewish
      and English …”

      Also notice the statement: “In the struggle against South African Apartheid, according to one of the commemorative sheets, it was estimated that Jews were overrepresented by 2,500 percent in proportion to the governing white population.”

      I thought it was interesting that jews don’t consider themselves to be white.

      • Lamont Cranston – ‹(•¿•)› –

        Do Africans consider themselves to be ‘black’?

      • Marcy Fleming

         Some do, some don’t. I agree with you that we Jews unfortunately supported the Commie-Mandela crowd. But in South Africa many Jews also opposed the Black movement.
        My Mom, bless her, was and still is a Communist, and I uttered the ‘N’ word only once and got my behind a fearsome spanking.

        • Son of Abraham

          ” I agree with you that we Jews unfortunately supported the Commie-Mandela crowd”

          Which Jews?

          Speak for yourself.

          • Marcy Fleming

            Way too many US Jews supported the Communist MLK AND the South African Commies, NOT me for which I got my bottom tanned for dissenting.
            Are you this dense, NON Son of Abraham ?

          • JustaWhiteMom

            It is great to see pro-white Jews posting at Amren.  The fact is that the Jews control the media and often boast about it.  How do we get them to stop using their media power to instigate pogroms against white people as was done in the Trayvon affair?  This is really the question of our time.  As long as Jews see racially conscious whites as a threat to them, they will thwart our efforts to reach our people.

        • jeffaral

          “Many Jews also opposed the black movement.”    Would you name one?   Thanks!

          • Marcy Fleming

            Myself. Ilana Mercer as mentioned above. None of us were public figures.

          • Sardonicus

            I say a late conversion is better than none at all. Illana probably had to overcome a lifetime of liberal indoctrination, just like most former liberals here in the United States. I recommend her book as a brilliant refutation of the “New South Africa”

        • anarchyst

          During the so-called “civil rights (for some)” movement we had a saying.
          Behind every black, there is a jew.
          It was no secret that jews were behind the “civil rights (for some)” movement in the 1950s and 1960s.  In fact, jews started the NAACP, only to get ousted in later years.
          The best to you,

      • Jews are White around White people. Around non-Whites they are a minority that suffered from all those evil racist White people.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Too many are, I agree.  Such a shame that such a talented, intelligent, and accomplished group of people are mostly working for the dark side.

          • Ashkenazi jews are the most intelligent of all the races but intelligence as we all know does not equate to wisdom.

          • anarchyst

            I respectfully disagree with you on ahskenazi intelligence. 
            It’s not IQ, but cultural and social insularity that makes the ashkenazi jews so successful.  The number one reason for Jewish “success” is that Jews look out for each other. It is much easier to get into any field of study or profession if “your own kind” is already there to “grease the skids” and make it easier for you to excel.  When you know the correct answers to the “test” and impart them to your offspring and social peers, success is just about guaranteed.  Whites would do well to emulate Jewish cohesiveness and cultural insularity. It is a shame that many Jews fight against us whites when we attempt to emulate their cohesiveness and cultural insularity, the reasons for their (and potentially our) success.

          • jeffaral

            Surely you mean  talented and intelligent for wrecking European civilisation???!!!!

          • Sherman_McCoy

            That is exactly what I mean.  Many (if not most) use their great gifts to do evil.  And, as David so aptly put it, intelligence does not necessarily equate to wisdom.  Jews have prospered in the white Christian US like nowhere else in the world.  One would think they would realize that what they are doing is not enhancing their own security.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Responding to Non-Son Of Abraham, see Shlomo Sand’s The Invention Of The Jewish People.
            The people who have disagreed with me never give reasons, only assertions just like you do.
            And what is a ‘consensus’ ? Any view that goes contrary to the conventional unwisdom is never going to be a ‘consensus’ view.
            BTW, that term originated in LBJ’s Great Society.
            Why should I give any credence to someone who rules out of court my life experiences ?
            And coming from someone who belonged to the terrorist JDL ?

          • Marcy Fleming

            Responding to “Son Of Abraham” below.
            So sorry that you find yourself an embarrassment.
            I have to agree that you are quite tiresome.

          • Marcy Fleming

             Responding again to Son Of Abraham below.
            For the last time hopefully.
            Except for “self-flagellating” you have described
            yourself exactly.

        • Good lord, Lucas.  Where do you come up with stuff like that?

  • Gedaliah Braun, The Morality and Abstract Thinking, How Africans May Differ from Westerners.

     Abstract thought is deficient in Africans, maintaining buildings so that they wont fall down is to  do with future events taking place, an abstract thought which blacks can not and never will grasp.

  • 1proactive2

    If blacks were the only ones left on the planet, a hundred years from now, they’d blame the certain decay and predictable carnage among themselves — on whites. 

    • Like Detroit,where they curse the Whites for “abandoning” them!!

      •  The same people who say they believe in racial equality (insert laugh tracks here) are the same people blaming white flight for problems in urban cores, and are lauding mostly liberal and homosexual whites for returning.  Grok the contradiction?

        • Do you have a problem with homosexual whites?  If so, why?  (I’m one of them, by the way.)

        •  In a way, I’m proud of homosexual whites for taking back inner cities for whites.  BTW, are you the Mark Roberts of radiogeek/roadgeek fame?

  • 1proactive2

    I’ve read in the comments section that J’burg looks like, Camden, Oakland, etc.  My vote says it looks like DIEtroit.  They don’t call themselves “African American” for nothing. 

  •  Mexicans do not stagnate in the modern civilizations, they DESTROY them just like the blacks.  The decent into anarchy may not be as swift or violent but it will be just as disastrous. 

  • Lamont Cranston – ‹(•¿•)› –

    We should send some of our African American friends over to re-civilize them.

  • A note here. 
    Mexicans (Mayans) did have pretty advanced cities.”   When asked, even they admit that they DID NOT BUILD THE CITIES. 

    • Woody Woodpecker

      Please post your source for this.
      I have never heard this before and am interested in reading it.

      • Ted

        Read any history of the conquest of Mexico by Cortez, and learn how it was possible for so few Spaniards to do so much. Besides making allies of the Aztecs main enemies, the Tlaxcalans, they were aided by an Aztec belief that in the ancient past, WHITE MEN with beards came from across the sea and taught the elements of civilization to the natives. They were predicted to return in a specifically named year in the Aztec calendar, one of 52, I think. By an incredible coincidence this one-in-52 year is when Cortez and his men came, white men with beards out of the east (from Europe). Moctezuma, the Aztec emperor, believed this was the fulfillment of prophecy and thought that Cortez was the earthly avatar of the Aztec god, Kukulcan. This instilled in him a religious awe that produced a fatal delay in the Aztec response to the conquistadors agenda.

           The interesting part is, who were the ancient white men who the Aztecs themselves believed civilized their ancestor?.

    • Detroit_WASP

      who built them?

    • bullsh-t

  • Woody Woodpecker

    Agreed on the Mayans / Aztecs / Incas, etc..
    They did some pretty advanced and amazing stuff.

  • The problem is that when the white man transfered power to the black man, the white man didn’t share his jujuj.

  • ” Are they still saying that Enoch Powell is wrong ? ”

    Problem was Enoch Powell was a giant surrounded by Lilliputians with intellects to match. 

    Here he is in 1977 making a prophetic statement about what Britain would be like in the year 2000. ” a third of London will become black ,” that has happened.

  • The Worlds  Scapegoat

    There is 50,000 jewish people in Johannesburg, a lot of jews were in the ANC like Joe Slovo and Nadine Gordimer.

    Here is the BBC’s Stephen Sackur, a liberal married to an Arab muslim interviewing ( swooning and gushing ) over this old marxist Nadine Gordimer

    Part 1

    Part 2 Nadine Gordimer wants race mixing between whites and blacks ( sickening ) Stephen Sackur practically has an orgasm in delight.

    The bias is quite embarrassing, no wonder the BBC is called the Bolshevik Brainwashing Commissariat , they and the ANC are singing from the same hymn sheet. When you think of people like Nadine Gordimer the phrase ” no fool like an old fool comes to mind.”

    • jeffaral

      There are videos on Youtube showing the arch communist Joe Slovo singing with Nelson Mandela the ANC top hit “kill the Boer”(kill the White farmer).

  • South Africa is a very important place because that is the blueprint for Europe and America when blacks become the majority in our nations.

    The civilization is destroyed.

    • jeffaral

      Well said, but let’s not forget who are the ones who brought and keep bringing this civilisation wreckers to white lands: the plantation owners, christian churches and anti-White hate filled globalists and equalitarians.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Exactly. Thanks.

  • When the great structures of the white man crumble and rust, the average African won’t for a second stop to contemplate what was lost. 

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

       He can’t. He lacks the mental capacity to comprehend such things.

    • Yes–how absurd to imagine blacks “contemplating” the origins of anything! (Note:In a personal vein,the old neighborhood where I grew up is all black now and scarey& foreboding as hell.You know that feeling of menace you get in a black neighborhood… Anyway the last time i was there many many years ago it struck me that this beautiful place that means so much to me and has so many memories  is just another hood to these clowns. )

  • In the 50’s only banks and jewelry stores had bars on the windows…

  • Marcy Fleming

    I just watched this video with my boyfriend about twenty times or more more over the last hour ! Just incredible and he feels totally guilty about ever criticizing Israel because of their secret alliance with South Africa.
    I’m not into traditional Jewish guilt so I relieved him of his guilt.
    But I am glad to see that a stinky leftist Stalinist, anti-Semite and unfair critic of Israel, Alex Cockburn, kicked the bucket the other day.
    Good riddance !


  • You named all non-Black Africans. The Mayans were a very civilised people. The semites all across North Africa also built civilizations to one degree or another. However the Black African negro has a way of destroying all remnants of civilization regardless of where he dwells.

  • jeffaral

    Ironically lots of Blacks who live in Johanesburg are immigrants from other african countries.  

  • jeffaral

    The Dutch Reformed Church was always busy evangelizing Blacks in SA and neighbouring countries, and never moved a finger to critisize the sky rocketing birth rates of Blacks. 

  • newscomments70

    Even if all of the whites settled in one area of SA, too many would start importing blacks for domestic help and other low paying jobs. The same circle of abuse would happen all over again. I don’t think it’s just the rich. Some middle class and even lower middle class love having a maid, gardner or nanny. It is a boost to the ego sipping a cocktail while someone mows your lawn, etc. This is how California was destroyed.

  • JohnEngelman

    Does anyone have credible information about the way the end of apartheid in 1994 effected the murder rate and the per capita gross domestic product adjusted for inflation in South Africa?

  • Detroit_WASP

    Reminds me of my hometown….Detroit.

  • Detroit_WASP

    quote:  “Btw, the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians may have been “caucasian” but were not ‘white” in the way we are… ”

    I beg to differ.  King Tut was 99.6 white.

    I’m no expert but, did it ever occur to you guys that maybe these Myans and other accient cultures who built great things HAD a smart ruling class, white or otherwise, and through disgenics, dumb people out-breeding smart people, the culture was disroyed?

    I think that is exactly what is happening on a global basis.

  • godzillabloggs

    Many Jews voted with their feet by getting out of South Africa when the black majority took over.  There was a debate in one of the Israeli newspapers about it,  because so many of them  settled in Australia and other English-speaking countries in preference to Israel.

    That reasons given for this was that lack of fluency in Hebrew would prevent them ffrom following their professions in Israel.   Also, there was an intifada taking place.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Not public figures, I agree. But many individual Jews opposed Mandela’s ANC which was a branch of the South African Communist Party.
    Thanks for the info on Sussman’s change of heart.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Are you really this dense ? 90% of us regularly vote Democratic and Leftwing. Those who dissent from the tribal herd like me get labeled ‘self-hating Jews.’
    I have met many white South Africans and former Rhodesians who have sincere anecdotes about the double-faced behavior of some of the Jews (not all) in those two countries when the West was pressuring them to go Black and Communist.

    • Gwynn Ap Nudd

      And the rest are either overt Communists or Neo Con Republicans. Jews will flee the United States too as soon as it is destroyed.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Thanks for your thoughtful historical analysis. Many of us from an Objectivist-Libertarian worldview now feel ashamed that we opposed apartheid.
    Ideology can get in the way of perceiving actual, on the ground reality.

  • Jaundiced1

    It also looked like parts of South London .

  • Being 100% Irish I stand agog in shock that you would imply that the dear British had any part in creating this problem!!

  • Hirene

    It is time to stop buying diamond and gold jewelry.  Most people can’t tell the difference between costume and the real thing, anyway.  It would stick a stake into the heart of our enemies.

  • Marcy Fleming

     Your history is utter nonsense. Fighting with the Allies in WW2 to make the world safe for Communism is nothing to boast about.
    The Afrikaners created legal apartheid in 1948. Many were fundamentalist religious fanatics who undermined the more liberal English and Jews.
    They created the system which produced the Communist backlash which brought Black savages to power.  They let Blacks by the millions come into South Africa.
    The British treatment of the Boers was totally unjustified. We agree there.
    But the way the Afrikaners ran SA from 1948 onwards bears responsibility for the current barbaric horrors. This doesn’t justify what’s happening now but it does give some historical context.

  • Looks like ALL American inner cities,BEEN THERE!!!LOL

  • JustaWhiteMom

    This video moved me profoundly.  I believe it was the final step in my awakening.  When the integrationists won in the United States, the writing was on the wall.  If whites may not have their own white neighborhoods, why should we be able to keep own countries? 

  • SLCain

    “I believe that Mexico’s current problems are cultural and historical
    since the Mexico that the Spaniards encountered was, in many ways, more
    advanced then Europe at the time, this despite being isolated from other
    civilizations, unlike Europe.”

    The meso-americans had spinning wheel toys and were talented gold and silver-smiths.  But it never occurred to them to hitch an animal to a wheeled cart, or put a water-wheel in a stream, and they had no metal tools or other implements that were not purely decorative.

    They did however excel in the obscene and barbarous arts of cruelty.

    Yes, they did – unlike the africans – have a sophisticated civilization.  But it was not one whose passing I would mourn.

  • MBlanc46

    That’s the same reason we’ve got blacks in the US and are now importing Mexicans by the million.

  • drdeeselixir

    Almost every single one of the Cultural Marxists who created the Frankfurt School – which is in the process of destroying Western Civilisation – were Zionist Jews. No ifs or buts and no more lies, please. Genuine White nationalists have had enough.