NYPD Cops Use Pepper Spray to Subdue Brawling Bathers as Fight Shuts Down Williamsburg Hot Spot

Christina Boyle and Helen Kennedy, NY Daily News, July 17, 2012

Cops had to use pepper spray to subdue brawling bathers as yet another fight shut down Williamsburg’s star-crossed McCarren Park Pool on Tuesday.

A YouTube video of the incident shows a chaotic melee, with shouting, swearing youths surging and pushing towards a cluster of cops who have a suspect on the ground.

One officer can be seen dispersing the increasingly aggressive crowd with pepper spray, sending people running and then shaking the can as if to ready another shot of spray.

“Had that cop not used the mace they would have all piled in,” a witness who asked to remain anonymous told the Daily News.

“You could see moms and their children being: ‘Oh my God.’ One lady outside was saying ‘I’m done with this pool, it’s too much. I’m never coming back here.’”

“I was scared for my kids,” said Anna Lora, 33, of Ridgewood, Queens.

Antquan Lomax, 23, of Broooklyn, was charged with pushing an NYPD deputy inspector, while Ronald Crouthers, 24, of Brooklyn, and Jamaar Gordon, 24, of Queens were charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. A fourth person was issued a summons.


The witness said he saw one teen being marched away by cops.

“Then something obviously happened—he tried to resist arrest maybe—and they forced him to the ground,” he said.

“Then a group of people come rushing in and that’s when the cop used mace,” he said, saying two others were taken into custody.


It was the fourth incident at the gleaming 37,950-foot WPA-era pool, which reopened June 28 sporting a $50 million face-lift after being closed for three decades.


Then there was poop-gate on July 9, when the pool was briefly closed for mystery fecal reasons.

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  • Dr Al

    It is getting worse.  Nation wide, it is getting worse.  DO you all feel it like I do?  Something is going to happen, soon, and the nation will cross a line that will change it all.

    We have passed the Event Horizon and we can’t turn back.

    • The__Bobster

      Sooner or later, something big is going to go down. And these urbans won’t like the result when it does.

      • Church_of_Jed

        The urban Diversity will first fall upon itself when the cops disappear.  Once the shooting stops there, then the winners will come looking for us.  But at least will will have had a few moments to prepare, and PREPARED WE WILL BE.

        • Beth

          As a  Southerner, do you know of any instances when blacks attacked white areas in large numbers?

          • Church_of_Jed

            I’m an White albino Yankee in Duluth, Minnesota, who posts voluminous racist rants on hate websites so as to squeeze out that last little bit of UnFair White privilege that I have left before I commit to a life long habit of embracing Diversity and celebrating Differences.

        • In Harrisburg the NAACP protesting cops shooting blacks got a “gimme dat” black mayor tompson in 08 and the cops stoped going there they would shoot black criminals and getting her up in their business. In 2009 the NAACP asked the govenor to declare martial law in the city after 12 black on black shootings in one month

      • Up to my neck in CA

        The question is Bobster, will the “powers that be” support the Whites who rise up and defend ourselves, property and family or will they label us criminals and attack us?

        •  Getting more Tea Party politicians in office is a good 1st step to protecting and advancing our interests.

        • Rocky Bass,

           We will be “Zimmermaned” faster than you can spit.

    • Also, the deterioration seems to be accelerating.  There’s something like this happening every other day now, if not daily.  I feel it, certainly.  I’m on constant alert and doing all I can to make sure my friends and family are prepared, too.

      The trouble is, they’re so plugged into their idiot boxes, tuned into black-worshiping ESPN or MSNBC, and their “news” never shows them this sort of thing.  And when I email links or post them at social networking sites, I’m regarded as “a little off,” paranoid, outright crazy or, most despicably, “just a racist.”  So many of our otherwise good people are so brainwashed into placidity and sloth, they’ll be easy pickings when on the day the it hits the fan.  They cannot even conceive of a day when all the lies they’ve been swallowing for years will make them victims.

      I’m furious and prepared and will be no victim, but watching this country go down the black toilet, knowing how many innocent and oblivious whites will be swept down with the flush, also makes me incredibly sad.

      • Pandemonium

        Don’t be discouraged by your friends and family thinking you’re a little “off”. In time (maybe a short time), you will been seen by those same people as a prophet!!

    • OsRazor

       You’re exactly right.  These things can turn on a dime.  The US is just like Yugoslavia 1989.  All it took was ONE politician to declare an ethnic allegiance in defiance of communist doctrine and the whole lid blew off with butchery and large population movements following for the next 10 years.  Should a Senator or a Representative (even) declare that open season on whites is over, it will all come tumbling down.

      The thing about whites, and why we’re feared above all, is that once we get bloody minded we won’t stop to get drunk and high that very night, chase tail or be otherwise distracted. One we start on that path, it never ends well for the other side.

      I think the rage most white men feel about blacks is palpable.  Remember, this hasn’t been one day, one year, or even one decade.  For almost FIFTY years now we’ve been told to keep still and to let ourselves be humiliated, our people murdered and raped.  If the enemy were Asian or even Hispanic and could reflect and objectively see the injustices of the past fifty years, I might feel sympathy. 

    • dukem1

       $50m do-gooder dollars…pool closed for “mystery fecal reasons”…
      Whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make insane.

    • There’s been a proliferation of personal video equipment like cell phones, smart phones, and cheap cameras so people are now catching blacks in the act, so to speak. There are also surveillance cameras being set up in urban areas.

      Previously, blacks would simply twist a story crime in their favor claiming harassment and brutality. Now we’re seeing blacks as they really are.

      Blacks are also shameless in recording their abhorrent behavior:


      If you’re in an area with blacks, have your cell phone or camera ready to catch the action.  

  • Church_of_Jed

    Dear God,

    Why didn’t you give us the video camera phone and World Star Hip Hop before the Civil Rights “struggle”?  If you had, we could have had an insider’s view of what really went on before, during, and after the marches, protests, and speech, and LBJ would have been impeached for signing his “landmark” legislation that enabled BRA Diversity Rule.  But anyway, thanks for giving it to us now. May we honor your bequest by “doing the right thing” with our new knowledge.

    In the name of White Christ Christian, Amen.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “God helps those who help themselves, unles you are White, and then God want you to help blacks only, even when they are destorying your own civilization. God wants you to help blacks destroy everything you sacrificed (unvoluntarily) to give them. God hates you beacuse you are White and he is using Diversity to redeem your Whiteness by ending your bloodlines upon the altar of your White daughter’s womb that shall bring forth Mongrel Messiah.”

    Source: any typical Sermon in today’s post Christian, anti White privilege mainline denominational “churches”.

  • Great White Observer

    What will it take to wake people up? This will go on and on until somebody is seriously hurt or killed. What is so hard to understand is that there are many other public pools through out the city, many in very lousy neighborhoods and you hardly ever hear of such incidents. Maybe it is so common there it is not even newsworthy. But why the hell don’t they go to the public pool where they live? This pool is in an area that is a combination of a nice old White Ethnic and rapidly yuppifing area. This mayhem is definetly not being done by the people who live in the area. Some hispanics live not too far away but the blacks come from a greater distance and have to travel by public transit. One has to wonder if this is done because they know they are not in their own neighborhood where such behavior is the norm.  They probably do it purposely to aggravate, scare, and tick people off.

    • The__Bobster

      I used to visit a small White town in Florida where tootsie rolls would arrive by church bus almost every day. The locals were “thrilled” to have their nice lake polluted.

      But why were they doing that? Didn’t they have their own swimmimg holes? Or did they think that anything used by YT must be better? Nah, it must have been that they just wanted to be where they weren’t wanted, so they could make YT miserable.

    • MekongDelta69

      What will it take to wake people up?

      For leftists? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This has been going on for 48 years and they are still asleep.

      This will go on and on until somebody is seriously hurt or killed.

      No. It will continue long past that point. How many black on white crimes (including and especially murder) have taken place since 1964? I don’t have a calculator which reaches that many digits. And has it continued? Yes. And has it gotten worse and worse? Yes. And will it continue to get worse and worse? Yes.
      Want to know how it feels to live in Nelson Mandela’s South Africa or post-Rhodesia? Well – you’re living the ‘dream’ right now – with much, much more to come.

    •  Remember that anti-white ideologue who went to Haiti, got raped, and wrote “While I take issue with my brother’s behavior, I’m grateful for the experience… This in hand, I feel comfortable in speaking for Haitian women”.

      Some leftists are really conservatives who haven’t experienced cultural enrichment.  Others will never be woken up, no matter what happens to them.

  • those people who done the fighting should all be in jail

  • Up to my neck in CA

    A $50 Million dollar toilet made into a no-go zone almost overnight.

    • You’re not kidding about “toilet.”  In between wildings and mahogany mobs, that pool had to be closed for one of those “chocolate bars” in the water.  The excuse was a “diaper malfunction,” a la Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.”  But usually, if diapered baby in a big swimming pool goes number two, it would stay in the diaper.  I think it was an older kid, and not an accident.

      • MekongDelta69

        This is not a new phenomenon, although it’s much more common now.
        A long time ago, in another universe, when I’d go to Astoria pool (hey – we got around in those days), once in a blue moon, there would be a ‘deposit’ made.

        And it would always be by… someone from the melanin enhanced group.

      • Rocky Bass,

         House breaking, is becoming less common among these folks, it really is.

  • chuck_2012

    when will we learn that trying to lift these people from their squalor is  pointless as they will never appreciate it or any other gesture. They spent so much money to have this nice pool in their neighborhood and this is how they act. 

  • MekongDelta69

    How ironic there’s a shot of the American flag in the video.

    Antquan and Jamaar (now)= America.

    America (now)= Zimbabwe.

  • For those not versed in NY gentrification history, here’s some background:  South Williamsburg has always been a Hasidic Eruv.  North Williamsburg was until the 1990’s an industrial neighborhood one subway stop from Manhattan.  Then artist (mostly real painters, not students) began taking over lofts and the neighborhood was gradually gentrified into a rather affluent pocket of SWPL-type twenty-thirty-somethings – “hipsters.”  They may not be your sort of people, but they are very peaceful and cause no problems.  I’ve lived there and they are actually very nice, college educated, if naive.  Abutting this to the east and south are government projects (black ghettos), and a Puerto Rican neighborhood which remains, compared to its surroundings, relatively peaceful.  Just north, where this pool is located, is Greenpoint, a heavily Polish working class section – no street crime, lots of pretty girls, big Polish families and churches.  The Poles and Hipsters get on fine but blacks never live in Greenpoint.  This pool was closed for many years.  It is next to a wonderful track and tennis courts (which I still use), in which Poles and SWPL play soccer in the infield.  They used to have alternative music concerts in the pool area; never a problem, lots of skaters.  THEN the pool reopened.  It has been one constant problem after another.  These kids are mostly bused in from bad Brooklyn areas like Bedford-Stuyvesant or Marcy Housing, where Jay-Z is from.  And so a little island of something like whitopia is now under attack.  I cannot over-emphasize how white the north area of Williamsburg and Greenpoint are.  Most people reading would not believe it.  Top shelf restaurants, book stores, cafes…again, liberal but totally safe.  Or so it was.  These experiments always end in tears.

    • MekongDelta69

      Three stops – you forgot Greenpoint Ave. and Nassau Ave. 🙂

      [I grew up for part of my ‘yout’ on Kent St. in ‘Greenpernt’.]

      And to clarify – the hipsters are libs. They’re the ones who can’t afford to live in the City.
      The Polish are verrrrrrrrrry conservative and always have been.

      • I meant the L Train on Bedford, one stop. I would never forget that G Train! But you problably the secret history better than me. Sent from my BlackBerry®

        • MekongDelta69

          Ahh ok! Well then, I’ll meet you at Lorimer and Met.
          And don’t forget your .45

    • AvidReaderSometimePoster

       Census maps from the New York Times shows the racial composition of these areas.  Some parts of Williamsburg are 96% white; same for Greenpoint. 

      For those not familiar with this special census “Project” this is an invaluable resource.  They got the whole US broken down by census tracts by race. 

      See what your area is like:

      • ncpride

        That’s a pretty cool link. Thanks.

      • Thanks for that link, it’s very useful.

  • Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame.  Therefore, everyone thinks their most mundane aspects of life are interesting to everyone else.  Someone tweets:  “I’m in the deodorant aisle in a big box.”  I respond:  “I’m unfollowing you.”

  •  Yes, my posts have cost me a few Facebook contacts as well.  My attitude is, they might not have liked what I had to say, but they’ll never be able to say they weren’t warned. 
    When recently asked why I chose Facebook to share the under-reported news stories as opposed to some of the other networking sites I frequent, I was able to answer honestly:  Because, unlike at the other sites, all my friends and family members are on Facebook as well, and I AM TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIVES.

  • NotThatGuy

     I think that you are smoking to much dope, esse.  13% of the population will never enslave the rest of the country, much less them being low IQ blacks and the rest of the country being human.  Here is how it will play out.

    Blacks will riot, burn down their neighborhood.  Any black cop will join in the melee.  The National Guard and other military members will be called in, once again, the blacks will go AWOL.  Soon their 13% number will drop down to even less (my guess is it will hover around 5%) and any major city will look like Africa (take your pick of city/country, they all suck).  The smart humans will have abandoned their homes in “dark areas” and soon will band together for protection (like in prisons).  Once the blacks finish killing one another over respect, shoes or other stupid crap, they will start looking for humans to attack.  By then a few liberals will probably be sitting around waiting to be a victim, but the smart humans will be gone.  Without humans taking care of them, the blacks will quickly die out in the USA.  I doubt afterwards that any more will be invited back in.

    • ed91

       The blacks (13%) have plenty of help from deviant whites

      • whiteuncleruckus

        they sure do. deviant white are nothing but race tratiors. i think they are actually a greater threat than the blacks themselves.

    • blight14

       Well stated, indeed, esse is delusional….they too will be ‘dealt’ with in due time…..

  • IstvanIN

    Black are only capable of one thing: destruction.  Why do we bother?

    • Pandemonium

      We don’t bother!! It’s being forced on us by the power elite.

    • jackryanvb

      I lived in New York City for 5 years in the late 80s, so I have pretty good street smarts.

      The trouble makers in this video look to be street Ricans, Puerto Ricans, instead of full out Blacks. Lower class New York Ricans have a lot of Black/Negro blood, much more than Mexicans who are Indian blood Mexicans – all bad, but we should learn to identify the various kinds of Orcs.

  • kjh64

    I do admire Mexicans for not putting up with Blacks. I will say that Mexicans don’t allow Blacks to take over their neighborhoods or push them around. I never see a Hispanic with a Black romantically either. Too bad Whites couldn’t start being like this. Of course  Whites have more to fear from the law being called racist and all but still. It’s time for Whites to grow a pair.

    • The__Bobster

      Two words: Jennifer Lopez.

      Okay, another two words: Eva Longoria.

  • ed91

    No debes poder leer la noticia?

     Hubo muchos negros en el delito hispano este verano.

  • Texan1st

    If a Mexican defends himself against a black person, the Mexican first gets labeled as White.  His skin gets lightened in the media while his so-called victim gets darkened.  This is then followed by cries of how racist White people are and how we must do more to make amends for our evil ways.

  • MekongDelta69

    When I was a kid, you had to look far and wide to find a few black people at Brighton or Coney, nevermind 116th at Rockaway.

    Now? Fuggedahboudit

  • ncpride

    What benefits? There will be none without Whites, and that’s a FACT whether you admit it or not. When you Mexicans outnumber us here in the US, it will quickly become like every other 3rd world country south of the border, as it is in every city you dominate now in the US and going broke. Your ‘people’ are not much above blacks as far as schooling goes, and have a drop out rate just as high.

    But I suspect none of that will matter when our economy finally collapses and chaos ensues, as you and yours will run back across the border faster than you came. By then, those cowardly Whites you speak of will not be allowed to make the same mistake as we pick up the pieces, I promise you.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    unfortuately i have to agree with you. im white and ive seen how afraid my fellow whites are of just being called racist, something i dont think hispanics worry about very much. i can only imagine how afraid they would be in a confrontation with blacks. it is vile, evil, wicked, immoral, and backward that our women have sex and kids with their men. you are very lucky to have loyal women. future generations of white people will suffer dire consequences.

    • ncpride

      Of course Mexicans don’t worry about being called racists. They have not been brainwashed for 60 years like our people have. In fact, NO other race has been beat over the head with guilt like we have. It was not always so. Whites were not like this before 1965, when we had a strong racial identity and blacks feared us. As for an all out confrontation with blacks and hispanics, I don’t think for a second Whites will roll over in fear and die. Give your people a little more credit than that.

      • Pandemonium

        I’m not sure at all that Whites “fear” blacks. I think the reluctance to engage is a fear of losing their jobs, etc. 

        Think about the fact that blacks, and minorities in general, are protected classes (note the Trayvon issue). Whites attacking minorities risk losing all.

        Blacks, and other minorities, most of whom have very little to lose, and being protected by the government, feel empowered to attack Whites at will.

  • Rocky Bass,

    It’s all a progression, a few years down the line and the pepper spray will have to be replaced with MP5’s.

  • Djinn42

    Spoken like a true keyboard warrior.

  •  it takes massive balls to post non-progressive stuff on facebook.  most of the time, i’m not up to it.  i have to eat and i have a family to not dishonor

    • The__Bobster

      You need to create a few throwaway FB accounts. And never use your real identity.

  • WhiskeyJunkie

    What really is amazing about incidents like this, is the liberal denial mindset.

    These morons will defend to their own demise, that this unruly behavior is largely due to economic status. I ask these public defenders of scum: If poverty is the biggest factor in criminal acts and general misbehavior- why is it that poor communities of other groups successfully avoid these acts in better proportions to that of these pavement predators? 

    My belief is that some (liberals) people are born unto this world as oblivious naive suicide cases.

  • I don’t see a big explosion. What I see is much of the same. An ongoing  simmering civil war with outbreaks around the country. Blacks and their apologists will blame ongoing racism for driving blacks to act out of frustration. We will be told that white racism is the cause of black violence and white people need to change their attitudes and become more accepting and tolerant. Also, look for calls to spend more money on blacks (like building brand new $100 million pools instead of spending $50 million to renovate an old pool).

    Unless there’s a dramatic paradigm shift (an open admission of immutable racial differences) few people are going to connect the dots.    

  • I’ve noticed that.  Many of the comments on mainstream media stories about our sorts of issues, I would have to reject if they were submitted here.  The political center seems to moving over us.  Before we know it, we’ll be left wingers just by standing still.

  • The__Bobster

    Check out this bio of Ball Pein Hammer Tony. The libtards at Wiki haven’t made it PC yet.


  • The__Bobster

    The MSM got themselves backed into a corner when they demonized Zimmerman, thinking he was White, so naturally he’s now a “White” Hispanic. If he were named Garcia, this story never would’ve seen the light of day.

  • AvidReaderSometimePoster

    13-year-old girl has her nose broken being punched in the face in attack at America’s ‘most violent public swimming pool’
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176750/13-year-old-girl-nose-broken-punched-face-attack-Americas-violent-public-swimming-pool.html#ixzz21F6iChQM

  • Pandemonium

    Did you also experience the “no tipping” phenomenon by those black visitors to the restaurant where you worked??

    • McDonalds very first print advertising aimed at blacks contained the notion that one didn’t have to tip at McDonalds.

  • jackryanvb

    Get to know some Mexicans who can handle, get away with justified violence against criminal/negative Blacks.

    I’m see a lot of older White guy marries, younger, but not way out of line young Mexican wives – their children are basically White with brown eyes. The Mexican mothers do not take any nonsense from Blacks and generally like White Americans, they like becoming part of our White Indo European community.

    Consider this type of marriage as a second marriage after your first White Anglo wife divorces you and goes for bad Left/Lib politics.

  • SLCain

    Quite right.  The so-called Tea Party quickly became co-opted by the Republican party establishment, within one election cycle.   That movement is already dead.

  • SLCain

    What would it take for whites to become racially aware?  Perhaps if a famous and popular black star athlete  just went berserk and murdered a white woman.  Perhaps if an entire city – like Los Angeles or New Orleans – dissolved into an african like orgy of rapine, looting and murder.  Perhaps if some overtly hostile foreign black guy – a guy with a solid-history as a black race-man with one of those strange african names – were elected President.

    Yeah, if any of those things were to happen, white people might start waking up.

    Yeah.  That’s what it’d take.