Muslim Street Cleric Wants to Protect Canadian Women from Sex Assault by Forcing Them to Cover Up

Terry Davidson, Toronto Sun, July 16, 2012

Canadian laws should be changed to require women to “cover themselves” to prevent sexual assaults, says an Islamic street preacher in Toronto.

Al-Haashim Kamena Atangana, a 33-year-old Islamic convert, called for legal change in response to recent sex attacks at York University.

Atangana is connected with a group called Muslim Support Network and is one of a number of street-corner clerics commonly seen at the Yonge and Dundas Sts.

In an e-mail to the Toronto Sun, Atangana said “the reason … these sex attacks are continuously happening is because (of) Canadian laws, which give too much freedom to women” when it comes to how they dress.

“You should take your example from the way Muslim women dress,” he wrote. “Why does (sic) Muslim women who wear long dress and covers her head aren’t targeted for sex attacks?”

The clash between western culture and values and the beliefs of some Muslim adherents has been a source of controversy and conflict across North America.

Atangana, who plans to distribute his views on paper in the coming weeks, went on to state that “the reason … a woman gets raped is because of the way she (dresses),” and suggests that “Toronto (become) the first city in North America to introduce laws that would make it illegal for women to dress provocatively.”

If Toronto did this, Atangana said in an interview, other Canadian cities would follow suit.

“If (women) want to prevent being sexually assaulted, they should cover themselves,” said Atangana, adding that while he doesn’t expect Western women to dress as Muslim women do, they should have a “dress code” and take note of the burka the head scarf and face veil some Muslim females wear.

Atangana says he began planning to distribute his views after a recent spate of sex assaults at York University’s Keele campus, and praised Const. Michael Sanguinetti, a Toronto police officer who ended up in hot water after telling students at a York University safety forum in January 2011 that women should avoid dressing like “sluts” if they didn’t want to be victimized.

The website Atangana provided for his group,, is sparsely populated but contains links to other sites that offer advice on conversion to Islam and Islamic dress, including such advice as this:

“Men must cover their body from the navel to the knees. But when praying he must also cover his shoulder.”

“Women must cover their whole body except the face, hands and feet while inside. But they are also required to cover their whole body including a part of the face while going out, according to the majority of the Madhabs (school of thought).”

Moderate Muslim writer Tarek Fatah says Atangana’s view is a stark example of radical Islamist misogyny. It is an example, Fatah says, of passages taken from the Qur’an, Islam’s holy book, and exaggerated to fit an antiquated, patriarchal ideology such as that of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“This is not about what women wear,” Fatah said. “This is about … some Muslim men believing that any woman whose head is uncovered is fair game because she is lustful…and doesn’t belong to the pious (Islamic) sisterhood.”

Fatah says it is “hogwash” to think a woman wearing traditional Islamic dress will not be sexually assaulted, and points to an on-going problem of sexual harassment in Egypt, where Muslim faith dominates.

According to a 2008 report from the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, 83% of Egyptian women had experienced some form of sexual harassment or assault at some point. And well, over half of those surveyed around 70% wore veils of some kind, particularly head scarves.

“These results disprove the belief that sexual harassment is linked to the way women dress,” the report states. “This confirms that the stereotypical ideas of a patriarchal culture that blames women even if they are victims, is opposite to reality.”

But Alia Hogben of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women sees things differently: Atangana’s opinions are not as much to do with Islam as much as they reflect a general patriarchal desire among some men to control women.

“There is absolutely no connection between how women dress and being sexually assaulted,” Hogben said, adding that other religions from Judaism to Christianity have traditional dress codes of their own. She did agree, however, that “good, pious” Muslim women are sexually harassed, despite wearing modest and traditional clothing.

“If (Atangana) thinks good, pious Muslim women are not sexually assaulted, he’s wrong. If he thinks this is not happening in India or Egypt … it is not true.”

As for Atangana, who converted to Islam in 1998 after finding the Trinity of Christianity the belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit too “confusing,” he remains steadfast in his views.

“Women here should have a dress code,” he says. “That would prevent sexual assault.”

[Editor’s Note: Video coverage is available at the original article link below.]

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  • WmarkW

    Calling all women:  diversity is not your friend.
    Only Western civilization has ever treated you as an equal.
    Get with the program.

  • cecilhenry

    Canada has decency and obscenity laws as all Western nations have had for 1000’s of years.

    We will decide our standards.  Just pointing out this basic fact is considered a leap in thinking.

  • We need feminists to do a slut walk near 3rdworld men to awaken them

    • Oil Can Harry

      Third World men would consider an 80 year old woman in hair curlers and a mumu pushing a walker to be doing a slutwalk.

      “Yo, G! She was askin’ fo’ it fo’ shizzle. Nome sayin’?” 

  • frank pucillo

    I guess Mr. Atagana has not heard of some strange thing that can prevent rape like. Self restraint,civilized behavior.If  I saw a naked women walking down the street not only would I not rape her.I would give her my coat to cover herself up.If she offered to have sex with me whether I was married or not I would decline since I did not know her. I would also bet she might have some nasty disease I would not want to get.I would also not want to get her pregnant and create some poor dysfunctional child.I guess I am like the elephant man. ” I am not an animal I am a human being”

    • Spartan24708

      No Frank- you are a gentleman! And we need more of you.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    If Canadians ever wake up and impose immigration restrictions, it will be because of guys like  this running their mouths.  Great for our cause.

  • “the reason … a woman gets raped is because of the way she (dresses),”

    SO similar to the whole black male outlook on rape, “she wanted it.”  

  • I agree with Mr. Atangana, the 33-year-old Islamic convert, more than I do Gloria Steinem.  It’s not Islam speaking here, it is common sense speaking.  We’ve pushed immodesty way too far.  If you condemn modesty in women’s dress, you are condemning the whole Christian tradition up until about 1965.

    • Spartan24708

      I agree with modesty but this is a little bit of “blame the victim” too.

    • Rape is a crime of power and control over a woman. It does not matter how a woman dresses, she can be raped. If a woman’s dress is a key to her being raped, explain how elderly women and babies are raped?

      • mikejones91

        Exactly. This type of thinking is like a freaking disease. 

      • Boereseun

        Are elderly women and babies raped in anywhere near the same amount as women in say the age range of 18 to 30? Rapes of elderly women and babies are a minority of rape cases. Your point is moot.

        How you dress has an effect on how people perceive you. It’s why a businessmen wears a suit and tie. All the feminist lies aside, can one really believe that dressing provocatively does not attract men? Of course it does, and that’s why women dress like that, to attract men. It just so happens that by attracting different men they also attract rapists.

        You call it blaming the victim, I call it a tale of caution.

        Then again by cautioning them, I will be labeled a chauvinistic male pig, which is why I don’t really care anymore. Dress like you want, do what you want, just please don’t come crying to me or others, that believe like me, when bad things happen.

        • One thing that needs to be considered is that Muslim women who have worn proper Muslim attire have been raped. In India, women who haveworn saris have been raped.

          • Boereseun

            One thing that needs to be considered is that people living in gated communities have also been robbed and killed. In South Africa, people who have spent millions on security and security guards, have still been mugged, robbed and killed.

            I can therefore deduce from this that having security does nothing to stop robbery, assault or murder and that anyone promoting burglar bars, alarm systems or living in a gated community, as a means to lessen the chances or these things happening, is merely blaming the victim and should be told to ‘shut up’. /sarcasm

            You see, we should have the right to live safe lives without the threat of violence. However,  reality reminds us that we don’t so we take precautionary measures to protect ourselves. Advising women not to dress provocatively is not ‘blaming them’, it is cautioning them.

            If they fail to heed the advise, there’s not much more I can do.

            As far as the muslim chaps goes. He doesn’t belong in Canada full stop and should return to the Middle East as soon as possible, as that is where he belongs.

          • And yet the rape of random females is more common in places like Western Europe than in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

        • mikejones91

          While I do appreciate your basic logic—this thinking kind of says (to me anyway) that men shouldn’t be held accountable. That we ( I am a man) can’t control sexual urges and womens clothing should be dictated by this. 

          • Boereseun

            No, this type of thinking says that some men can’t control themselves or have indeed not been taught to control themselves and by women dressing more appropriately well likely lessen the chances of contact with one of these ‘men’. 

            Men most certainly should be held accountable. I have not heard or seen, for that matter, ANYONE saying that these men should not be brought to book, no matter what the woman was wearing or not wearing. 

            The whole point is to lessen the risk of rape, what are you not getting?

          • These feminists and beta males are so wrapped up in moral concepts like blame and what ‘ought’ they can’t see the world pragatically.

      • Most male-on-female rapes aren’t commited against infants or the elderly, but women of childbearing age, especially young females.

  • Major

    A most notorious aspect of the Arab mind, its bellicosity, and he traces this bellicosity to the Arab method of child-raising Arab males. He notes that “a boy is breast fed for two to three years; a girl for one or two”. 

    Demand breast feeding—instant gratification—is common for boys, such that a boy and his mother have an almost marsupial relationship. “A male infant who cries is picked up immediately. 

    This comforting and soothing of the baby boy often takes the form of handling his genitals [in the belief it will ‘help him become a man amongst men’] ….This motherly caressing of the penis may go on at an age from which the boy retains distinct memories throughout this adult life….. [Indeed,] erotic pleasure is something that Arab male infants in general experience and that predisposes them to accept the stereotype of the woman as primarily a sexual object and a creature who cannot resist sexual temptation. 

    The most frequently stated purpose of female circumcision (clitoridectomy) which is practiced in many parts of the Arab world, is to ‘calm down’ the women, that is, to diminish their libido” . But this Islamic practice also induces in male children masculine dominance.

    You decide after viewing the attached image.

    Is that three kids alongside her?

  • Major

    Maybe the Muslims have a point when they look at a woman like this:

    “Sarah Silverman Will Have Sex for Obama Campaign Money.”

    Maybe they have a point when they see the “elites” like Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus at 16 years old well on her way to being a slut? Or a Natilie Portman having kids a outside of marriage or are just sluts?

  • This idiot’s reasoning reminds me of that of members of the Israeli Cabinet. During Golda Meir’s term as prime minister, there had been a large number of late-night rapes committed on the streets of Tel Aviv. When the (mostly male) cabinet addressed the problem, their suggested solution was to require all women to be off the streets by a certain curfew hour. Meir replied, “Men are committing the rapes; why not require all MEN to be off the streets by that time?”

  • Another excuse for Muslim men raping women. They are not taught self control. Remember this is a religion that condones pedophilia.

  • When Muslim women are raped they are ostracized for having seduced the rapist therefore the rapes go unreported. Furthermore what do you call it when a man takes an 11-year old and forces himself on her repeatedly and sodomizes her as well. In the Muslim world this is not called rape…they call it marriage.

    • Claims that demand we believe things ‘go unreported’ cannot be evaluated – or taken seriously. Appeal to non-evidence is a logical fallacy.

  • Diamond_Lil

    These Muslims who lack self-control should be offered two options:  voluntary deportation back to their desert paradise or the forcible removal of their ability to see.  I’m sure they can see the Sharia-esque logic here.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      Removal of their ability to see, OR- their ability to pee standing up. Either way works for me.

  • to all those cool cucumbers on this comment board that think 10 naked women can walk down the street without even registering a thought of rape in their minds, and that women never ask for it: see the earlier discussion here about the psychodynamics of rape:

    • John,
       Why don’t you move to the middle east? Did you know that when muslim discover a homosexual act the one foreced to submit is considered the crimminal, not the homosexual predator.

  • Guest

    The concepts of diversity and equality should both be rejected for the same reason.
    Unless White males learn to stand up to their own women the way Muslims do they will never be able to stand up to the threat imposed by other races. Websites like amren are nothing but “white noise” until they acknowledge this basic fact. Since this isn’t going to happen, I think I’ll go back to my mountaintop and let all the brave keyboarders strut their stuff like a bunch of streetwalkers.
    I have better things to do, and it is not my lot to “shew flies.”

  • mikejones91

    Exactly. Forget Christianity. Let people dress how they want. 

    • It seems some people care about fighting Christianity, and immigration, so much they’ll bash common sense.

  • Boereseun

    One is told not to flash their money around as not to attract attention and get robbed. It is the act of caution that prevents a lot of crime from happening. Why women choose to keep ignoring this little piece of advise is beyond me. 

    Just as someone should be able to wear whatever they want, a person should be free to walk the streets of a ghetto and not fear being shot. It just falls short in one category and that’s reality. 

  • Boereseun

    The amount of money one has on them doesn’t cause mugging, it does, however, increase your chances of being mugged, especially when you flaunt it.

    Could you perhaps make an actual point, rather than insinuate that one’s actions don’t bring with them consequences. 

    • Boereseun

      Please, for the love of God, show me where I said that a woman’s attire gives someone permission to violate her? No one said that, yet you make it out as if anyone who disagrees with you is a rapist or thinks women should be violated.

      You are not reading the argument but instead trying to jump to a conclusion to score empathy points. It ain’t going to work on me.  Argue a point and reason rather than get emotional. My point will not change no matter how many exclamation marks you place at the end of your post.

      The scenario of the person getting robbed, assaulted or even hijacked is the perfect example on which to compare the idea of ‘preventative measures’ with regards to protecting a woman from rape. If you can’t understand that, you’re missing the entire point of history. The idea of learning from mistakes so as not to repeat them. That includes taking preemptive measures to both protect and promote one’s existence.

      Never mind though, I’m sure your next post will have some more exclamation marks to make sure that your point gets through.

      Or perhaps the moderator will delete my post, who knows?

    • mikejones91

      TO think like this is just fundamentally WRONG. In EVERY way. WOMEN can/should dress HOWEVER they please. NO woman deserves to be raped. I don’t care if she walks around naked. Now I will admit a woman walking around naked around men isn’t the best idea as we are sexual beings but either way. I don’t think women are ever going to be walking around naked. It takes away the rush of sexual conquest. Women’s clothing style should NEVER be influenced by the fear of sexual assault. 

    • mikejones91:

      Why do you think there are lots of strip clubs but very few all-nude revues?  Temptation and conquest are as powerful motivations as the “end result,” and I’ll leave it at that.

    • Boereseun

      Well Mikey, where a person lives or decides to go on vacation should never be influenced by the fear of being murdered or assaulted. Then again, go to Detroit, or Hillbrow here in South Africa, and you will probably get shot. Just a reality. Maybe some sort of ‘walk’ should be done about it, perhaps a, ‘don’t shoot me I’m a princess’ walk. Perhaps the criminals will hear us and stop committing crime? Yea… like that’s going to happen.

      You keep missing the point. This is not about telling a woman what to do, it’s about giving them all the information so that they can make their own decisions. Are you interested in actually helping women not to get raped or just interested in getting in their good graces?

      I’ll keep asking because apparently you and jh64 just seem to be keen on spewing the same feminist mantra the ‘slut walks’ were based on. Where have I or anyone else said a woman deserves or is asking to get raped by dressing provocatively? Point it out, you’re just being redundant now if you don’t. I state that it increases their risks, my personal opinion, and that they can take that advise free of charge or discard it in the bin. It’s their choice.

  • Boereseun

    I agree, women can fix these problems. Ever since they got the vote, Western Society has improved and improved and is not on shaky ground with low birth rates, high divorce rates and debt ridden economies that the next generation will have to pay off…

    Perhaps it is indeed a good thing that there won’t be any future generations of white children to slave away for the ‘liberation’ of Western Women…

  • This has nothing to do with “provocation”, but with twisted Islamic views on sex. I remember reading a little green book of Khomeini’s regulations on various aspects of life. When he came to sex, there was a detailed description of ablution & purification after you’d screwed your uncle in the @ss. Imagine that. Rape your uncle & repent.

  • Boereseun

    Refer to my previous comment. No one anywhere as even closely suggested that ‘dressing provocatively’ is a ’cause’ of rape. It certainly does attract attention. Attention a woman might not want. Hence why the advise is one of a cautionary tale, not forced via legislation.

    Take the advise, don’t take the advise, I urge women to take it but whatever they do after that is their choice. They must bear the onus of those choices. That’s not blame, that’s life…

    • Boereseun

      Hm, how do you translate, “It certainly does attract attention. Attention a woman might not want,” into “she’s asking for it…”?

      It’s reality, by attracting male attention she might inevitably attract a possible rapist. I’m not dealing in ‘blame’, that’s just reality.

      But please, be my guest and keep trying to play against reality.

      However, you need to find a quote that says exactly what you say it does, not just some quote that you think or want to mean something that it doesn’t. Find a quote of mine or anyone else’s that says a woman deserves to get raped if she dresses provocatively, instead of a quote that merely says her risks of rape are increased because of it.

      While you’re at it, read this. 

      I’m done.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Here’s a better idea.  Let’s ship all non-whites, non-Christians back to whatever hell-hole they crawled out of. 

  • Boereseun

    Debt ridden economies are most certainly caused by the welfare state most Western Economies have become. The people that draw most welfare happen to be women. Free birth control, free abortion, free child care, free this and that. Someone has to pay for it. It used to be a father that stood by and supported a family, for which he was respected, but then government was turned into a social day-care center and removed the father from his position of husband and protector.

    Western Society’s decline is quite intertwined with women getting more and more privileges. A society that removes the role of the father in a family and replaces it with divorce alimony, child support and welfare will find itself staring down the barrel of a gun as they become immersed in denial by finding new ways and means to blame those no longer interested in supporting a system that spits on them.

    Low birth rates and high divorce rates have everything to do with women getting the vote. It’s no coincidence that these became normal and more prevalent the more politicians pandered to get the women vote.
    How many white babies have been aborted now by the way?

  • Mark

    Many women seem to have the idea that to have Muslims in control is no big deal.
    They will see  what a big deal it is when their men can beat them in the name of a god.
    Muslims also suggest another good way for women to stay safe is Never Leave The House unless your husband permits you to and provides a escort to protect you?

  • Boereseun

    Hm, perhaps you should point to exactly where it is in the article where someone states that a woman asks to be raped by dressing provocatively. Men get raped all the time, no one cares really. 

    I’m sure the guy who couldn’t afford alimony to his ex-wife, who divorced him because he was boring, who found himself in jail and gets sodomised was indeed, according to most women here, there and everywhere, ‘asking for it’. 

  • Boereseun

    Best leave it to you to fix it then. Off you go and show us how it’s done.

  • If he is in prison, yes.

  • jackryanvb

    Come here to the University of Chicago – SS Chicago neighborhood that Barack Obama made his home.

    You will not find lots of sexy (White) women dressing provocatively or young people carrying on wild sex lives – the students dress like asexual Chinese Communists during the worst days of Madam Mao’s rule.

    These Muslim men in Canada and Europe are simply backward, 3rd world barbarians – of course they are going to have screwed up views on sex and everything else.

  • I don’t know what you mean by “give me a break”.  But yes, women love ravishment.  And men with a rapacious sexual hunger for them.  See the discussion in the link I provided, if you will.  And as feminists are wont to point out … 75% of rape victims know their assailants.

  • Boereseun

    You know what, this is tiring. Do whatever you want to do, I’ll be doing everything I can to help my people from the nightmare we face and I truly wish America and the rest of white humanity well. However, I could never in a million years work together with a woman like you. Here’s why. You don’t care about men, you don’t care about children, you don’t really care about white people. You only ‘care’ about them to the point that they can service you. That’s all it is about. You know why I argued this point, even after being scolded by you, Crystal and Mike? It boils down to the simple idea of ‘mitigation of risk’. The ideal that by taking actions, one can protect themselves within reason. Something us  whites in South Africa know all too well. It’s not about ‘blame’, it’s about protection. Even if I’m completely wrong, never once did I actually blame a woman for rape, or blame the victim of violent crime for the crime itself. 

    To you a woman has no moral agency, they must be able to do everything they want to without consequences. A logical fallacy if ever there was one. Men, however, must keep making sacrifices that are expected of them even after all reward for doing so is gone. Men never abandoned being fathers until women used divorce to kick them out. You cannot answer that little conundrum by saying men wanted ‘divorce’ just as much. For almost 70 % of divorces are currently filed by women. It has been like that since ‘no fault’ divorce came into being. Men pay 90 % of alimony and child custody. Huge amounts of assets and money are being paid over by men to women through divorce courts, child payments and welfare. It’s a no brainer. Women are fleecing men in divorce court. And you wonder why men no longer seem willing to commit… 

    There were always outliers of men who neglected their families or indeed walked out on them. But are you really suggesting that men just decided one day to ‘stop being fathers’? Really…? If you do, which I kind of know you do already. Why are you here? Men are useless and not worth anything according to you. They can’t even tie their shoe laces. All the fault lies with them, so why are you here? Be a model feminist and save the world. You don’t need men.

    Let me make one point. Everyday I hear people speaking about these things called ‘rights’. I read you and Mike91whatever writing that women have a ‘right’ not to be raped. A right not to be this, rights this and rights that. Sounds much like the “Civil Rights” era to me. Where does one get these ‘rights’ from, if I may be so bold as to ask? Honestly? Please enlighten me. 

    When all is said and done, you or I or any other human being as no ‘rights’ as such. Just one. The right to survival. That’s it, all other so called ‘rights’ stem from that one principle. The natural right that you have, to use all your might and wits to survive another day. 

    Here’s the truth, in all its glory. The ‘rights’ that you and everyone else fling about with such ease come into being because millions upon millions of men sacrificed so that civilisation could be born and that these lovely ‘rights’ we now enjoy could come to fruition. All the laws created need to be enforced by, you guessed it, men. All these nations need to be protected from violence by, you guessed it, men. It’s not just the security that men provide from physical violence but also the security they provide by keeping the lights on, keeping the streets clean and keeping the backbones of the economies of the world going. Men have to sacrifice their lives day in and day out to allow you to have these ‘rights’. Perhaps they deserve your respect for that? Perhaps the policeman that protects you from vile rapists deserves your respect? Perhaps the firefighters that went into the World Trade Center buildings deserve your respect? They certainly have mine. They have my respect so much so that when a policeman in Toronto says women should heed his warning to not dress provocatively in order to reduce their risks of rape, I, as a man, took his advise and still warn women to this day; because he is the one that sacrifices to protect everyone on the street. Then again, I’m not a feminist and actually detest them with all my might.

    Please go join a ‘slut walk’ and enlighten the rapists about your ‘rights’. I’m sure they will take notes and start ‘respecting’ you…

  • Boereseun

    For the record, you did just state all men are dogs, for if men could get pregnant they would, according to you, abort babies a million times more than women.

    “Please, it would be a million times higher if men got pregnant. I have no doubt about that.”

    You know what’s funny? If we took the number of aborted white babies by white females in America, multiplied it by that million figure of yours. There wouldn’t be enough children in the entire world for the next goodness knows how many years to make up that figure.

    According to you, men would abort 30 trillion babies…

  • “First of all, it’s not up to muslims to decide what is modest in Canada or any other Western nations and to tell the native women  there how to dress.”

    Nope, but people shouldn’t need immigrants telling them common sense either.

    If he wasn’t protected by being eligible to play the race card, he’d be dismissed as a white sexist male.

  • Yes it does, or at least it can be presumed from the fact rapists, on average, target females of optimal reproductive age, demonstrating that sexual attraction to a female is an important factor in rape.

    Once you scrape away the moral statement, “How one dresses doesn’t cause rape” is saying people shouldn’t be responsible for their own safety.

  • In a way, this is true. The feminist movement was aided and abetted by men, to remove patriarchal protection for women who were better off before the industrial revolution. The only women who benefit from feminism are those who treat men like dirt.

  • “The reason why more women are drawing welfare is because the men CHOOSE not to support their families, the govnerment didn’t remove the father, he removed himself. Just because a couple is not together does NOT mean that a man can’t support his kids and raise them.”

    What about if the man was ‘accidentally’ trapped by her skipping the pill without his consent? How do you fee about a man having to pay backpayments to a kid he wasn’t told he had?

    “Please, it would be a million times higher if men got pregnant. I have no doubt about that.”

    Since no one can demonstrate that one way or the other, you’re just demonstrating a hatred of men.