Maine Refugee’s Birth Date to Determine Trial

NECN (Portland, MA), June 29, 2012

A Somali refugee charged with rape says he should be tried as a minor because his birth date is different from the one listed on documents when he arrived in the U.S.

The Jan. 1, 1994, birth date on Mohammed Mukhtar’s documents means he should be tried as an adult. But his mother says he was born on Oct. 25, 1994, which would make him a minor at the time of the incident last month.

Defense lawyer Jonathan Berry says the Jan. 1 birthday is a fiction perpetuated for bureaucratic convenience. {snip}

The date is important. If convicted, an adult would face the possibility of 20 years or more in prison. A juvenile can be incarcerated only until age 21.

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  • JackKrak

    Yes, by all means, let’s stand and listen to the products of a society that can’t even produce birth records give us a lecture on the finer points of the law. Do go on……

  • “The date is important.”

    Not to the victim.

    No matter which day is his birthday, he should be facing the reality of deportation.

    Speaking of Africa, South Sudan celebrates its first anniversary of independence today.  However, even before the country turned one, people are already sneaking out of it and into the United States:

    And Israel:

  • Puggg

    Discrepancies regarding his birth certificate.

    He’ll be President of the United States some day.

  • IstvanIN

    How about this deal: we take his, and his entire family’s DNA and then we deport the whole clan back to Somalia.  No trial, no jail time, no punishment.  The reason for taking the DNA?  If anyone from his family is ever caught in the US ever again they would be subject to capital punishment.  You can change your appearance but not your DNA.

    Of course this won’t happen, a Somilialander’s rights are more important than an the rights of an American woman.

  • Fathercoughlin

    he should have his filthy disease ridden genitals sawed off.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I nominate Father Coughlin to replace Holder as the AG.

  • mobilebay

    The January date hasn’t cause me much trouble. My birthday actually IS Jan. 1. I reserve the right not to include the year.  My only problem is everyone is top tired and too broke after Christmas to remember it.

    •  I feel sorry for people whose birthdays are very close to Christmas.  I surmise that when you were young, one gift was expected to double up as a Christmas and Birthday gift.

      • mobilebay

        You’re right QD. My only bright spot was the fact that I was told the holiday was in my honor – until I was old enough to know better. That’s right up there with finding out I was born in a cabbage patch. My sister wasn’t any better off  since her bd is Dec. 21. Couple of loser, aren’t we?

        •  I wouldn’t blame this on you.  I do blame it on your parents.  They should have picked a different time of  year to get frisky.

  • Ok so he is using lying on a refugee document as defense. Sounds like he needs to be deported after he leaves jail

    • MartelC

      I bet he won’t be and he will commit another crime and there will be feigned outrage like the bangladeshi child molester in upstate NY who was supposed to be deported but ended up murdering a 72 year old woman

  • IstvanIN

    Actually using January 1st as a refugee’s date of birth is the official policy of the government’s refugee resettlement program when the, largely illiterate, refugee is brought to America without documents from their nation of origin.  Burmese refugees are given an 01/01 DOB.  On the other hand Cuban refugees are usually not illiterate, know their date of birth, and frequently have some documentation.

  •  I’m just waiting for the first time a regular Sudanese and a South Sudanese in some white country start committing violence against each other or try to kill each other.

  • MartelC

    They don’t know or refuse to follow our basic standards of decency, yet they know who to milk/manipulate the system.
    Why is this rapist a refugee in the first place? I look forward to the day he’s sent back whence he came ALONG WITH the diversocrats, lawyers, ‘aid societies’ that brought here. 

  • Anan7

     If only you were on the jury…

  • MartelC

    A few years ago the Times of london had a comment from a british diversocrat – that some towns in the UK were ‘dangerously white’ .   That statement sums up the attitude of our globalist friends.  The ski weekend you enjoyed so much, to them, is ‘dangerous’ –   no doubt all those whites enjoying the slopes were just one goose step away from throwing down their skis and donning SS uniforms… and yes that sounds crazy but that’s how our elite think.

    and ask, why are Somalis in Maine… -the answer is obvious – social engineering – there are diversocrats litearlly looking at demographic maps of the US and intentionally sending ‘refugees’ (shock troops really) to the whitest parts of America. Globalists want to ensure that no european majority, in any western country, will ever be able to organize resistance. That is why people from a sub-saharon desert are in an environment and culture they are totally unsuited for.