Flash Rob as 20 Teens Are Caught on Camera Stealing $3,000 in Designer Jeans

Laura Cox, Daily Mail (London), July 30, 2012

Could it be the latest in a worrying trend of ‘flash mob’ thievery?

This video captures the moment a gang of 20 teenagers descended on a Chicago designer clothes store.

They robbed $3,000 worth of designer jeans, the second ‘flash rob’ episode in less than two weeks.

The thieving teens were caught by a surveillance camera as they marched into Mildblend Supply Co in Wicker Park, making straight for a display of expensive denim-wear.

The teens can be seen as they start leafing through piles of $200-a-pair Nudie jeans, stuffing them into backpacks.

Growing wise to the theft, manager Luke Cho locked the front door, and told his staff to dial 911.

‘You see a group a group of teenagers walking in – or marching in – one-by-one.

‘As you can see, it looks like it’s some kind of procession,’ Cho told CBS, after having released the footage.

‘I quickly realised something bad’s about to happen.’

At first stumped by the bolted door the teens started banging on the glass, as others outside the store tried to get in.

Eventually they figured out the lock themselves and made off with their stash.

Police took 30 minutes to show up by which point all 20 had fled the store and, easily blending in among shoppers in the busy street outside.

Cho, who described the teens as a ‘flash mob’, put the video up on YouTube in the hope that it might help catch the thieves and warn other shop owners about their tactics.

‘I think if they zero in on a product they want to steal, they’re going to go anywhere, and basically organize, and plan it to hit what they want.’

The teens’ raid comes less than two weeks after a 300-strong gang stormed a Jacksonville, Florida Walmart in what has been dubbed a ‘smash mob’.

They ran wild, destroyed $1,500 of property, started a food fight and fired gun-shots.

Police confirmed they are investigating Saturday’s robbery but have not made any arrests.

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  • There’s a way for the store to get its jeans back and for the cops to catch the doers, all in one.

    Broadcast the notion that the jeans that were stolen were laced with chemicals that cause male impotence.

    • Biff_Maliboo

      We’ll need a second broadcast explaining the term “impotence.”

      These Trayvons would be the first to tell you how “impotent” they is.

      • APaige

        I bet they would all wear suits…because if they were going be ‘impotent’ they want to look ‘impotent’.

        •  I wasn’t just whistling Dixie.  There was a brand of jeans in the 1980s popular among blacks and only blacks, that went out of style in a hurry because the Bellcurviuses spread around and believed a rumor that the cloth was laced with chemicals that would make black men and only black men impotent.

          • Biff_Maliboo


            “The folk” believe the darndest things.


          •  I remember when I read that for the first time, that a quote from someone really wise that I knew:

            “The dumber an idea is, the more illogical an idea is, the more insane an idea is, the more irrational an idea is, the likelier it is that it will be accepted as common currency in the black community.  It’s a linear relationship.”

  • Church_of_Jed

    Video recordings of Diversity kepp’n in real all up en heeah will soon be deemed as racist.

  • JackKrak

    Any honest mall sales clerk will tell you that this kind of group shoplifting always has been & remains “monochromatic”.

  • IstvanIN

    I suppose the boys were putting the goods in their backpacks but I didn’t notice any violence.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    This just in from respected social commentator Celine Dion:

    “Let dem touch dose tings for once!”

  • JohnEngelman

    When I was a “teen” I did not behave that way. My friends did not either. The reason was not fear of punishment. The reason was that we did not want to. 

  • The greater the mayhem by the savages the better this will all turn out in the end. The Negroes are waking people up by their actions and no race hustling jew like Foxman or Potok or pimp-daddy like Jesse Jackson can hide it or whip whitey into that self-destructive guilt trip any longer.

    I am sorry for the innocents who get caught up as the victims of black violence but many others bring it down upon themselves for embracing suicidal “tolerance” and not avoiding Negroes like the plague.

  • The__Bobster

     A $3000 loss would equate to only 15 pairs of these overpriced jeans. The groidle consisted of 20 secret shoppers.

    Hop Sing needs to get his abacus out and recalulate.

  • In another time in this country, these savages were not allowed to be in our presence. If they had dared perform this trick they would have been shot and rightly so. The police would have been right there, if not in front of the building, nearby watching over our businesses in our downtown. This is what we get for becoming docile and giving away our treasure to savages.

    • Pandemonium

      “In another time in this country, these savages were not allowed to be in our presence.”
      Let’s see, that would have been during segregation, right? Why those mean old Whites didn’t want those nice “equal” blacks riding school buses, eating in the same restaurants, sleeping in the same hotels, and going to the same schools as our precious children. That’s simply EVIL! 

      Now that we have blessed integration, we cannot walk our streets safely, cannot go anywhere in a metropolitan area and feel completely safe. 

      Isn’t equality wonderful?? Count your blessings.

  • ncpride

    No surprise with stories like these anymore. What IS surprising (to me anyway) is that any nutter would pay 200 bucks for a pair of jeans.

    • zimriel

      Yeah, I was thinking that. “Designer jeans” is an oxymoron to my ear. If you’re selling “designer” working-class gear, you’re axin’ to git robbed.

      If they flash-rob Armani Exchange, then I might rouse myself; but I’m not too exercised about a bunch of robbers targeting a swindler.

  • We’ve got to be honest and accurate in our info — there was 1 white guy who acted like he was w/them. He’s easily seen from about 0:25 to 1:30 in the video. Can’t tell if he actually stolen anything….

    As the Bible says, “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

    •  I’m beginning to wonder if that white guy who was with them was a set up. He heads right over to a stack of clothes smack dab in the center of the camera’s field of view, looks clothes over, talks w/the black guys, and then walks away w/o taking anything (that we can see and at that time). I wonder if he’s just a white guy found out about this flash rob and wanted to be there as a spectator, or if the blacks asked him if he’d go along w/them.

      Either way, the video is now a top link at Yahoo

      and, of course, they use a still frame that shows the white guy front and center (look at the pic at the end of the article). I guess until they had a white on camera doing this, the MSM (which includes Yahoo IMO), was going to ignore these stories lest commentators to use it to open whites’ (and Asians) eyes.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    A mob of more than 20 teenagers made off with more than $3,000 worth of jeans.

    Well, it IS the end of the month and the EBT cards haven’t been recharged yet.  And, what else are feral blacks supposed to do with their new, free 0bamaphones?
    Stylin’ and Profilin’ for free is a Civil Right —  they were only taking what is rightfully theirs!!  Who would question that?? 0bama told them he wanted to “share the wealth!”

    Police took 30 minutes to show up

    Who can blame them?  If they’d shown up on time and made arrests, they’d now be accused of brutality and subjected to suspensions if not career loss.  Better to let the merchant take the fall. No arrests were made so no black crime statistics will be added to the Chicago crime data base.  It’s win-win all around (except for the unfortunate Mr. Cho, who if he knows what’s good for him will get outta town — he may not survive the next black shopping spree ).

    But hell, at least the mayor took care of the Chick-Fil-A problem!!

  • Funny how these flash robbers never seem to target book stores……

  • True, but until one of these flash robbers ends up with a little lead poisoning courtesy of the owner or an employee who felt threatened, they won’t change their behavior.  It’s worked just fine too many times.  The only nonviolent solution I can come up with is to rig the ceiling to drop a bunch of job applications when the flash mob starts to steal – they’ll flee in terror.

  • These types of mob action qualify as looting and looters should be shot….

    Too bad that’s not the law anymore. These thugs are not worth spending decades in prison for shooting, and neither is defending the clothing worth that. Best just to “run, white man, run” away from the Negroes.

    White flight vs imprisonment — your call.