Exclusive: George Zimmerman Breaks Silence on ‘Hannity’

Sean Hannity, Hannity, July 18, 2012


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  • The angle the mainline media seems to be playing is G.Z.’s bit about “God’s plan.”  Ignoring everything else.

    • Mentious

      In a country teeming with baby-atheists (because of so  many Marxist-blooded atheists getting a bandwagon and writing books) and Christianity under relentless attack from materialists and perverts — even mentioning God was a  bad move for Zimmerman.

      • I wouldn’t have said that even if I believed it, because it gave the media something to focus on instead of the 99.9% of the interview which was good for his cause.  For some people, public relations is a lost art.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “Now we know that George Zimmerman was bitterly clinging to his guns and religion in a reactionary effort to prevent St. Treyvon from bringing much needed Diversity to the neighborhood.”

      MSM is going out of its way this morning to make sure we know the shooter in Denver who killed 14 was a “White male.” CNN and MSNBC literally said those Bill of Attainder words with notable emphasis compared to the rest of the report, and left us with the impression that they White news anchors relished saying it. We will never hear them say “black male” with the same feeling of victory as they said “White male” this morning. If somebody finds a Bible in his apartment, the hysteria against White males with guns will escalate.

      • Don’t give the nut what he wants, and that is the forever infamy.  Don’t name him in public.  Don’t read his dumb websites and social media.  If he has a manifesto, and I’m sure he does, for this reads like a long planned out event, don’t read it.  If we do any of this, we’re only begging for more events like these, sooner rather than later.

        The nut was/is 24 years old. I think that settles the question on whether today’s young people are more or less mature than yesterday’s, and the answer is less mature. No 24-year old in 1950 would have thought of doing anything like this.

        • Anonymous

          Young people of all races don’t fear authority or respect their elders like they used to. 

          • Can’t blame lack of education for what this nut did.  The nut in question was a Ph.D. candidate in neuroscience, which means he already held a Master’s degree.  Maybe he can diagnose his own mental pathology while he’s on death row, that is, if he has a theory different from mine.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

             The elders treat(ed) their children like crap. The elders have not grown up themselves and want their children to be their parents. This is what happens, and will continue to happen.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          Do you also suggest we don’t read Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and Mao’s Red Book?

          If you don’t know what communism is about, how will you know when someone is trying to convert you.

          • Karl Marx didn’t shoot people at a theater just to make a name for himself. 

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         The guy doesn’t look white.

  • The__Bobster

    The truth just doesn’t matter to the Afrovoodoos. One of theirs called Hannity today and gave him her version of the truth, which did not bear any resemblance to the facts. It’s too bad that Hannity didn’t have the guts to rip her apart. Michael Savage would’ve.

    Now I hear that Hannity will have the lying parents and their dim-witted lawyer on tonight’s show. I don’t expect much from him.

  • Dr Al

    Hannity has no interest to me since he is not pro-white.

    • Woody Woodpecker


      Not only is Hannity not “Pro White” as you say, he is also extremely closed minded to any thoughts on racial realism. I have heard him praise MLK on many occasions. He seems to go out of his way to do that. Anyone who admires a violent, perverted, degenerate like MLK is not  a true conservative and no help to the American people. However, I do agree with Hannity regarding his criticisms of Pres. Hussein. But he should take it further than he does.

      • whiteuncleruckus

        i think he does that to shield himself from liberals who would call him a racist. he has had a long career as a conservative and hasnt been accused of racism. he is very much aware of the fact that being called racist would destroy his career.

        • Liberals find an excuse to call everyone and everything racist.  You can’t say “kitchen,” because that’s racist (think: slavery).  If you engineer your rhetoric to avoid accusations of racism, you’re letting all the liberals in the world be your speechwriter.


          • ncpride

            For heavens sake, and I thought they (MSNBC) could sink no lower after some nutter declared Burger King’s new Bacon Sundae ‘Anti-Semitic’ …..

          • Fear not.  CNN is thinking about moving to the left, to compete for MSNBC’s viewer.

          • Church_of_Jed

            Our responses should be prefaced with:

            “Since we are in Obama’s post racial America, we are now free to speech without fears of being called a racist.  But before I speak truthfully, let’s go ahead and imagine who are the screeching whiners in MSM who will accuse me of racism. Let’s condemn them now in strongest possible terms for their outdated and reactionary extremism that is promoted with divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. We must hold them accountable for their obscenely irresponsible hatred of freedom and Obama.”

          • The__Bobster

            LEOMINSTER, Mass — A Massachusetts police officer was put on paid leave Wednesday after an internal investigation found that he directed a racial slur at Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford.

            Officer John Perrault was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing scheduled for next week at which he could face more severe punishment, and could even be fired, Leominster (LEH’-min-stuhr) Mayor Dean Mazzarella and Police Chief Robert Healey said.

            Perreault engaged in conduct unbecoming an officer, according to the chief and mayor. The officer, who is white, was placed on desk duty after the July 5 incident. He was described as a veteran officer with no prior disciplinary problems. He was off duty and attending a minor league game in Manchester, N.H.

            Witnesses said a heckling fan called Crawford, who is black, a “monday” before a game between the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and Portland Sea Dogs. Crawford said he interpreted the word as a racial slur.

            The word can be used as a derogatory term for blacks, and is often associated with Mondays being one of the least-liked days of the week.

          • DJ Moddy’s Twin Spin.

            Rainy days and “mondays” always get me down.
            It’s just another manic “monday.”



      • Anonymous

        Speaking of Hannity, weren’t people trying to give him grief because he knew Hal Turner a ‘white supremacist’?  Turns out, that Hal was actually an informant and I bet Sean knew that. 

    • The Worlds Scapegoat


      Sham insHanity is anti-pro-white. I heard him one time on the radio ranting about whites only marrying whites. He was against it. He wants forced multicultural marriages.  This seems odd since his wife appears whiteish.

      • Anonymous

        Just like other whites who condemn other whites for speaking ill of blacks or making other whites feel guilt for how ‘bad’ blacks have it, etc.  These same whites live in nice white neighborhoods far away from blacks and they probably don’t give up their own money or free time to blacks either.  With conservatives like Sean, who needs liberals?

        • Major

          Yep…15 million a year keep one a long way from the ghetto section 8 dog…doesn’t it?

  • libertarian1234

    Zimmerman is being railroaded even more so than the Nifonging the Duke La Crosse players got.

    The disgusting prosecutor, unlike Nifong, is trying her best to drum up every imaginable thing she can distort about this guy simply to taint his image and make it appear as if her biased, unscrupulous handling of the case has been warranted.

    And the judge, Nelson, is a well-known political hack and incompetent here in Florida.  Following along with their kangaroo court tactics he entered his incompetent opinion into the fray inanely declaring he thinks Zimmerman was getting ready to flee when he revoked his first bond.  Then, true to form,  after saying that,  he set another bond contradicting himself.  If he REALLY believed the guy was going to jump bail,  would he set another bond?

     Also, stinging from rebukes of her criminally biased handling of the case, especially from Alan Dershowitz,  Angela Nifong is desperate to try to pin something on Zimmerman,  so she’s going over every aspect of his private life with a fine tooth comb, stupidly unaware that it will have no bearing at all on the bogus case she has brought to court.

    It’s REALLY clear now why she wouldn’t allow the case to go before a grand jury.

    And, is it not bad enough that she charged a man who she probably knows is innocent to keep the black mobs from rioting?  Does she now have to do other unscrupulous, underhanded tricks to ruin his life?

    Tawana Brawley, the Jena Six, the Duke LaCross frame, and now Zimmerman.   These political hacks will prostrate themselves to any lowly degree before the black god to keep him from calling on his minions to riot, rob and murder.

    I’ve lost COMPLETE faith in the judicial system.There are more crooks there than in Washington, D.C.

    • Robert Binion

      In fairness to the prosecutor, the Chief Justice of the United States himself was willing to practice affirmative action  in “Sebelius” in order to protect the legacy of an incompetent, black President.

    • Beth

      The fish stinks from the head down, it all comes down from the corruption in Washington and the two parties.

    • tickyul

      She probably got pressure from Big Brother…….”Hey you have to put the boots to this guy or Urban Americans will burn the country down”.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Burn, baby, burn!

    • The Worlds Scapegoat


      The ADL will find evidence that Zimmerman was a Nazi guard at Auschwitz.

    • Major

      “she’s going over every aspect of his private life with a fine tooth comb..”

      Disgusting is all I can say and I’m a very, very PO’d Floridian. And she’s completely unaware that the Federal Bureau of Inquisition / incompetence / intimidation have cleared GZ of….oh say it isn’t so Lord….the man loved Negroes….and didn’t have a Racissss bone in his body…and that he “mentored” the local trash…and please  Ms. Fata$$ biased prosecutor go back to your barnyard and choke someone else’s damn chicken.

      If this man is convicted….then there is no justice in America any longer…..we’ve given it all over to the black scumbags who we know will loot, ravage, destroy and rampage…to their racist hearts content. Gawd…it’s so hard to be….unbiased or “loving”…isn’t it?

  • HenryHolliday

    You mean, he’s not the frothing racist they’ve tried so hard to portray him to be. They know better.  If he truly was evil, and if the actual evidence didn’t support him, they would never have had to  embark upon their libelous disinformation campaign against him.

  • Sloppo

    The short fat hispanic man outran the tall athletic African and then began the physical assault.  First, Zimmerman savagely struck Trayvon’s knuckles with his head several times.  Then Zimmerman smashed his own head on the concrete so his blood would make it slippery.  Poor innocent Trayvon lost his footing on that slippery blood and fell helplessly to the ground.  As Trayvon cowered in fear, Zimmerman calmly stood over him, took aim, and shot Trayvon with his hand gun … a cold blooded murder.

    • Anonymous

      I can’t even picture and equally tall and strong 17-year-old white boy acting like this, especially a poor ‘white trash’ type.  Even the white guys I went to school with maybe fought after school, but there was never blood spilled or anyone ending up in a coma.

      • Major

        Then you’re not up to what “acting black” is….we don’t live it…we just see it’s aftermath continually without any hope of change or redemption…or…God forbid..”acting white” ( mostly socially civilized ).

  • SoCal LoCal

    This story has kept the attention of America’s media for nearly half a year. Ironically, it does not involve anyone the founding fathers would have recognized as white.

  • jay

    About 2 years ago I was listening to Hannity’s radio show.

    He stated that “there was no such thing as race due to the fact that people of different (races) can copulate and produce fertile offspring”

    I’m sure that way too many of his fans did not notice the mistake of confusing species with race.

    You could cross a Timber Wolf with a Toy Poodle, but you will  not want the offspring as a lap dog.

    • Anonymous

      By that logic is there no such thing as gender since two people of the same gender can have sex together?  Funny he says “there is no such thing as race” yet wants to appeal to blacks and bash whites….oh, but “there’s no such thing as race”  God, I really am getting tired of how stupid most whites can be to buy into that nonsense.  Even well educated whites with good jobs and multiple degrees and well past the age of maturity say this.

  • ncpride

    This guy is screwed with a capital S. Now he has ‘witness 9’ accusing him of molesting her when they were children. It seems all the blacks and media are taking her at face value, despite hints from Zimmerman’s lawyer that she has accused others before. The comments about ‘witness 9’ on sites like theGrio are hilarious. One even suggested Zimmerman ran Martin down to rape him. That’s black ‘logic’ for you.

    • I read one that said Zimmerman fired at Trayvon and the gun recoiled back, hit him in the face and knocked him onto the concrete. So there it is, all of Zimmerman’s injuries are from killing St. Skittles.

      • Kevin W. Cornell

        “Saint Skittles” is hilarious because it accurately depicts the way the media portrayed this wanna-be-thug moron. “Saint Skittles” death most certainly had a eugenic effect on the country.

  • MrGJG

    Everything about this guys story rings true. I have no doubt he’s telling the truth and nothing but the truth. The good thing about the truth is it never varies, which will play well in court.
    Too bad a certain segment has no interest in truth, but are just looking for payback for some perceived injustices that have been repaid ad-infinitum.

    • libertarian1234

      It’s rarely ever mentioned by the press, but Zimmerman passed at least one lie detector test.  Hannity last night, if what I heard was correct, said Zimmerman had passed two or three lie detector tests.  I’m not sure.   But he definitely passed one given by the police right after the shooting.

      The guy is a victim of more than just the black thug.  He’s a victim of the lying, manipulating media who altered videos and photos in a shameless display of bias hoping to get an innocent man convicted, because they perceive the issue as a left/right one, and they think getting the guy convicted will bode ill for guns and gun ownership.  If they destroy the life of an innocent man in the pursuit of their perverted agenda, they don’t really care.  Wasn’t that plain enough when they doctored the tapes and the photos and put a picture of Martin up repeatedly of a 12 year old kid?  I’m pretty sure they would have shown him holding a teddy bear if they thought they could get away with it.

      Today’s ABC’s story on a review of the Hannity interview was fraught with lies and exaggerations and claimed Zimmerman was “pursuing”  the black perp.  They also quoted leftist dregs who claimed the interview wasa mistake because now the Nifong prosecutor could impeach him on the stand, but they didn’t explain how the truth could be impeached.

      And, of course, he’s the victim of both the prosecutor and the judge.

      Nifong is beginning to look like a rank amateur compared to the crooked criminals in the judicial system in Florida.

  • I wonder how many blacks and browns have been killed by other blacks and browns since this incident occurred. All it takes these days is a half of a white person to act in self defense and he’s a racist murderer worhty of volumes of condemnation at the hands of the state run propaganda (media).

    • Mentious

       It would be a fair guess that 40-50 Trayvons have shot and killed other  Trayvons on a weekly basis since this event.

    • jay

       We should not forget the incident in Oklahoma shortly St. Treyvon’s passing. The media was howling about ‘evil white racists killing Black people”.

      When the killer turned out to be an American Indian the whole story was dropped like a hot potato.

      Of course, now that they have their crazy white guy in Colorado, they can crank up the smear machine again.

  • mikejones91

    From an atheist perspective I have to wonder—“God” wanted Trayvon dead and NOT alive? The Z man made a fool of himself with that comment. I also love how MSM NEVER shows the ending of the call. Where George says “OK” (and stops) when the dispatcher tells him NOT to follow St. Von.

    • Mentious

      You likely lack any of the better definitions of God. In one definition, and it is found in the ancient Upanishads, God is that which orders all things and regulates natural law and karmic law. It presides over death as well as life. You need to get out a little more.

      • mikejones91

        I get out plenty there pal.

  • mikejones91

    Despite all efforts to paint Zimmerman as an evil man–He actually looks like a pretty nice fellow.

    • tickyul

      Yep, too bad “THEY” are using every trick in the book to deep-six The Z-man. I predict an all Urban American jury that will vote solely along racial lines.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    If Zimmerman’s account is true, then he, as opposed to Trayvon Martin, is genuinely the victim  of a savage assault by a moron followed by an inexcusable media lynch mob. I predict a “Not Guilty” verdict if this farce gets put to a jury. I also predict another irresponsible media sh**-storm replete with the usual demagoguery in the aftermath of an acquittal, and that this will cause property damage and possibly even incite violence against innocent people.

    • HenryHolliday

      The time has come, and is in fact long past, for innocent people to become much more vigilant and physically prepared.

    •  If there are black people on the jury, they _will_ vote guilty.

  • MekongDelta69

    Obama = 1/2 white = The Great Messiah.
    Zimmerman = 1/2 white = The Great Pariah.

    You literally have to be mentally insane to be a leftist.

    • Mentious

       I don’t even think he’s half-White.
      My understanding is that he is a Peruvian who was adopted by a Jewish man.

      • The__Bobster

        No, his Peruvian mother’s side has a small amount of black in it. His father is not jewish.


        Zimmerman is also a registered Democrat, for what that’s worth. And Zimmerman is sometimes a Jewish name, as in the case of his father’s namesake “Robert Zimmerman” a.k.a. Bob Dylan, but a post over on Tablet Mag (which describes itself as a “daily online magazine of Jewish news, ideas, and culture.”) reassures the readers that “Zimmerman, Trayvon Martins Killer is not Jewish” [By Marc Tracy, March 21, 2012]. Apparently, George Zimmerman was raised Catholic, even serving as an altar boy.

    • Anonymous

      Nonwhites are liberal because they are emotional, not good long-term planners, quick tempered and want others to take care of them.  If you are white and liberal, you have some screws loose.

  • Otto

    It’s been said a man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client. This case might just be the exception where the man representing himself might be better off than having a fool for a lawyer. Due to the not-well-though-out Florida SYG law, the Zman was sure to walk. Allowing him, pre-trial, to make a complete fool of himself with an apology that only inflames and bringing God into the discussion moves the eventual outcome of any trial from a sure thing to who knows?

    • Anonymous

      Being your own counsel is like trying to perform surgery on yourself.

      • tickyul

        Z is screwed anyways, THEY will pack the jury with hateful Urban Americans.

  • John Bonham

    I don’t know, it’s funny but, I have and been telling the same  exact story to a T that Zimmerman just told.. I listened to what happened through the media ( as all did) listened to some here and some there
    and came up with the same story, while others have been telling a completely different story of lies ..
    I can’t tell you how many arguments that I’ve been in on line and off about this case and I tell that same story..
    Either I’m a genius or I’m a master of actions of the different races that walk among us…

    • You’re not a genius.  You just pay attention.

      But these days, that’s genius.  Or it’s courageous, because we’re not supposed to pay attention.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Was it George Carlin who said if you aren’t pissed off, you aren’t paying attention?

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Zimmerman will either be financially demolished in the civil suit which will follow the “not guilty” criminal verdict or he will be dealt with on the streets in a not-so-random “incident.”

    The Beast (see Raspail’s “Camp Of The Saints”) must have its pound of flesh.

  • tickyul


    The jury that let Oj get away with the slaughter of two innocents. The jury that ignored factual DNA evidence in the form of OJ’s blood at the crime scene and Nicole’s blood on Oj’s socks.

    I see the same racial politics playing out in Zimmerman’s trial. 

    • Miiclow


  • tickyul

    Makes me want to barf the way Beck sucks up to MLK. Laura Ingraham does the same thing…..kissing up to black singers all the time….playing black music.

    • Mentious

       They are corrupt.

    • Church_of_Jed

      The coming race riots will have Beck and Ingraham worshipping MLK all the more.

    • Anonymous

      Why do neocons keep kissing up to blacks?  Blacks, as a general rule, vote against whites, hate white, hate conservatives, etc.  Quit pandering to them.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         There is no difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. They are the same party: The destroy white party.

        Communism and Capitalism are the same thing: Both seek to take money and property away from the people.

  • HenryHolliday

    I don’t use the term “racist” because of its pejorative connotations, and because it doesn’t describe my own values, in the way that it’s commonly perceived. I prefer the term ‘race realist”, and that’s how I describe myself.

    • Anonymous

      I tell people that all racial groups think and act racially, but it’s only us whites who get called racists.

  • HenryHolliday

    He’s lighter than black, and then there’s the whole issue of the non-minority population arming and preparing to defend themselves. The socialists are eager to nip that in the bud, if they can.

    • Actually, some Whites are as dark as him- say, Arnold Schwarzenegger (symbolic surname). Zimmerman is what I call dark White; doesn’t have negroid or typical Native American features, but is visually somehow…different. Actually, he looks now more “White” than in his youth, when he was unmistakably Indian looking.

      Strange how looks change from childhood to maturity for mixed people. Who knows how these babies will look like in 20-30 yrs ?

      • Vil

         I am waiting for some braindead and soulless liberal or black to sue Arnie because of his surname, which could be translated to “black negroes”.
        Familiy names must also be “politically correct”.

        Some of those kids look even normal, more or less. Still, what is there to be proud about having mulattos and the like?

        • Gubernator’s ancestors may have been black Moors.
          As for kids- I’d say that their parents, especially White, somehow try to convey the message: “Hey, I’m not to be dumped out of White race, see my kids, they look white-or almost white.”.

          On the other hand- many non- White parents wish to have White babies. That’s why videos like this one:

          • Vil

             Wow, there´s countless videos like that on youtube.
            And all of them are so proud of their interracial offspring. There is about a child of every possible human race mixture. Probably even one Indian and Aboriginee…
            I am waiting for vegans who love animals so much to find a way to have “interspecies children” with them.

          • The__Bobster

            Such nonsense.

            BTW, Arnold’s brother is a blue-eyed blonde and was considered the golden boy of the family.


            The origin of the surname SCHWARZENEGGER is from a place or topographic name Schwarzenegg. Egg means “mountain ridge,” schwarz means “black, dark.”

      • The__Bobster

        I don’t know anyone who would mistake him for White.  His brother is another story. He seems to be the one who received the White genes.

      • HenryHolliday

        Yep that’s all true. You’d never guess some people from their baby/childhood photos.

        In a message dated 7/20/2012 6:37:57 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:


        Bardon Kaldian wrote, in response to HenryHolliday:
        Actually, some Whites are as dark as him- say, Arnold Schwarzenegger (symbolic surname). Zimmerman is what I call dark White; doesn’t have negroid or typical Native American features, but is visually somehow…different. Actually, he looks now more “White” than in his youth, when he was unmistakably Indian looking.

        Strange how looks change from childhood to maturity for mixed people. Who knows how these babies will look like in 20-30 yrs ? http://ethnibabies.com/baby-anjali

        _User’s website_ (http://www.facebook.com/people/Bardon-Kaldian/100003542251801)
        _Link to comment_ (http://redirect.disqus.com/url?url=http://www.amren.com/news/2012/07/exclusive-george-zimmerman-breaks-silence-on-hannity/#comment-5 93122014:eBMdWbtuv2pYZYuLlCHzdk4V9Tw&imp=2d1985e8-1751-40c 0-9294-76d03ad47af0&zone=notifications.clicks&forum=americanrenaissance&thread=772435352)

  •  White backlash?  No such thing.

    We can only hope for a not guilty verdict or a mistrial.  The media is going to have a harder time spinning the riots than in 1992.

    • Anonymous

      Whites will take at least another generation or two to be even half the white people our ancestors were. 

  •  I don’t understand why Zim tried to use this “theological defense”. OK, various groups (Stoics, Calvinism in Christianity) are fatalists, one way or another. Events are preordained. But- what this has to do with secular criminal case ?

    And- it’s truly a shame that the climate is such that his “apology” is needed, like it’s of any importance. This is soap, schmaltzy sentimentality polluting mental & moral atmosphere. Man killed in self-defense, no sorry.

    I just wonder if he was smart of courageous enough to protest publicly about lynching atmosphere, media witch hunt, Spike Lee & Black pansies…would it harm him or help him ? I mean- show the outrage of a hunted animal, to hell with niceties.

  • Looks like I was right. Something like White backlash, in the brutal & lunatic form, is here:  http://gma.yahoo.com/mass-shooting-colo-movie-theater-14-people-dead-085940786–abc-news-topstories.html

  • Tom

    Having watched the interview, GZ did say his mother is Hispanic and that English was his second language growing up. He is still being portrayed as the aggresor rather than the one who was punced in the face to start with.

  • Anonymous

    If he gets set free, the blacks will riot.  If he gets convicted, blacks will riot and whites will think, “Well, guess we better not defend ourselves.  Might go to jail.”

    • tickyul

      I know this will make me sound like a tin-foil-hatter, but I believe it 100%.

      Urban Americans are Demorats/Liberals personal army/stormtroopers. Scumlibs get very angry when one of their stormtroopers get hurt or killed.

  • Anonymous

    How can he do that with his passports being revoked?

  • Anonymous

    It’s not like the Mestizos or Asians are going to join our side.  They hate us and work against us as much as the blacks do. 

  • Costasgravas

    Wow.  Mestizo with black ancestry is the new white man. Pitiful.

  • anarchyst

    “Saint” Trayvon was a thug that got what he deserved . . .
    It is clear that Zimmerman was protecting his neighborhood when he asked Trayvon what business he had in that neighborhood. 
    The “average” person would have replied that he was visiting relatives–that would have been the end of the conversation and he would have been on his way. 
    One must understand the warped psychological pathology that exists in today’s blacks and “gangsta thugs”. 
    You see, Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his presence in that neighborhood.  The only way for him to get his “respect” back was to jump, pummel (and possibly murder) Zimmerman. 
    Zimmerman did the only thing that he could . . .
    The “stand your ground” statute was not applicable because Trayvon was ON TOP of Zimmerman, beating his brains out.  Zimmerman could not have “retreated” in this case.
    This prosecutor that has brought charges on Zimmerman is pandering to racist, black pressure and is illegal on its face.
    If and when Zimmerman is acquitted, I would like to see him go after the prosecutor for “prosecutorial malpractice”.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    I guess the coming black riots when he’s acquitted are also part of God’s Plan.

    • tickyul

      THEY will make sure Zimmerman goes away for a very long time.

  • Andrew Jackson was right in his purge of Indians (feathers, not dot).  If we didn’t purge them and boss them around, we would have been living under a perpetual infatada, and the United States would never have developed the power and prosperity it did.

  • tickyul

    He is in jail for a different conviction.

    He robbed, at gunpoint, a sport memorabilia dealer who had items that OJ felt were his.

  • Dave4088

    I was admiring his Nordic features during the interview.  Zimmerman is a dead ringer for a viking or an SS officer, or at least that’s what the MSM sees.  Zimmy, however,  doesn’t identify with white people even though his father is white.  

  • tickyul

    Don’t you see the overall principle at play here?????

    “Defend yourself against a savage Urban American and you will be crucified”. Think about it, if a white had done the same thing………..well, the situation would be all that much worse.

     The outcome of this situation will have implications for a very long time.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Yeah.  Hoping that everyone will see it as an act of God isn’t going to help him much, that is for sure!