Cathy Areu, a contributing editor for the Washington Post Magazine, said Monday, “It’s a tough time to be a white man in America where the minorities are really taking over.”

This oddly surfaced on Fox News’s O’Reilly Factor during a discussion about New York Times columnist Charles Blow comparing Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich to the kids that bullied a grandmother on a school bus last week (video follows with transcript and commentary):


I’m not sure what this had to do with Blow, Limbaugh, that grandmother, or those kids; neither did substitute host Laura Ingraham.

It was nevertheless an interesting observation about the direction of our country, especially from the daughter of Cuban immigrants that is the founder of Catalina magazine which caters to Hispanic women.



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  • She’s smiling from ear-to-ear.  Definitely gloating.

    As bad as Jim Crow got, I don’t remember a white newspaper editor in the South ever gloating editorially over the subjugation and humiliation of the black race. 
    Why is this woman not drummed out from her post for her “racist” views as a White would be?

    • zimriel

       In the deep South, no, there was no such gloating that I’ve read. Mainly what I’ve seen quoted in Dunning-School histories and at “Those Who Can See” blogs deal with black-on-black criminality. Toward that, the newspapers at the time had a “SMH” [smacking-my-head] attitude. (You can see that *exact* attitude in black womens’ tweets quoted at the Unamusement Park blog, by the way.)

      The humiliation of the black race, as of the 1910s and 20s, went on more at the popular-culture level. I’m sure you’ve seen the caricatures and the cartoons. The people editing the newspapers in the South felt that this was vulgar.

  • Can’t keep the smug smirk off her face.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Nothing brings out the race realist, fierce nationalist in a white woman than all the arrogant, thinly-veiled threats by non-whites against her son and daughters.

  • Ronn Ciulo

    She just had to add a little “Sazon” flavoring to the word Latino. How could she smile, I mean just what have we done to these people that they wanna see us all die?

    •  i don’t understand how/why mexicans can attach themselves to the word latin, it’s as far fetched a concept as me walking around referring to myself as a zulu, or a samurai 

      • Diamond_Lil

        Tell them that they speak the language of their European conquerors not their native ancestors.  Witness their heads explode.

      • Kurt Plummer

        It’s the mark of their own absurdity.  They envy whites as much as they hate us.

        Latin (i.e. Romanized) whiteness harkens their heritage back to European roots rather than the commonness of Central American Indians.

        Ask a Hispanic or Latino if he comes from Mexico and assuming they aren’t dark as the old boot leather, they will _always_ tell you: “Oh no, I come from a region of old Spain or the French Pyrennes or or or…”

        Sure you do Senor.  All of 1/10th of 1 percent after 10 generations or more back.

        The funny thing is, from the Color Continuum to the Casta` system,

        These people are as racist as any white ever dreamed of being and will marry white and even change their name to get beyond the taint of a mestizo root.

        And yet our leftist libiots always focus on WHITE racist attitudes.

    • Diamond_Lil

      What have we done?  It’s a Salieri, Harrison Bergeron, Sirens of Titan complex they share.  

    • Fxppro

      I don’t understand it either. Why all the hate? All we wanted to do was preserve our way of life.

      • Then we should have closed our borders and enforced our laws regarding illegal immigration against these invaders. They see kindness as a weakness and have done everything in their power to seize upon that weakness.

  • Nothing untrue about what she’s saying. Our anger is growing. Soon they will experience the white man’s wrath. They will soon see how little protection they can get from political correctness. Let them come and meet us in true battle – enough of this cowardly occupation.

  • Why is this woman trying to look as white as possible ? Why the hair stuff ?
    I have vulgar sexist thoughts on my mind, but will keep them for myself ….

  • IstvanIN

    Typical Cuban. Rather than be grateful we let them come here after they lost their own country and become real Americans, instead they act like conquering heroes. Celebrating the take over of America from the stupid Gringos who opened their doors and hearts to these smug little tarts. We have been stupid. We should act just like the Cubans, and Mexicans, and all the other Latin Americans: vicious to outsiders with a strict racial hierarchy. Quite frankly I would rather leave the US a ruined cinder than leave it to them.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    right, but they would give ANYTHING  just to BE  white that’s why they try to wear makeup and hairstyles to look white. can’t blame them. my Grandmother told me,
    “just thank GOD every day that you were not born  black or hispanic” and that’s exactly what i do.

    • IstvanIN

      I love the dirt colored “latinas” with their blondish died hair.  Looks so stupid.

  • If it is a tough time for whites, it’s only because we are the ones who are bearing the burden of blacks and mexicans. If we decided to stop paying taxes, things would look much different here. I encourage everyone to consider this strategy.

    • Look at the government’s balance sheet. Even if we pay more taxes the system is still screwed. I wish I could get a picture of every minority’s face when they swipe their EBT card and nothing happens. 

    • Magnum Force

      Then get a good Tax Lawyer if this is your strategy. By the way, the Supreme Court upheld the Healthcare Law, so we are really screwed now. So much for those Conservatives on the Court.

      Now, do you think Romney will change this? Be honest.

  • She is clearly an advocate for “reconquistsa”, la raza and mecha

    • Diamond_Lil

      Considering the huge illegal Mexican population, she is going after ratings.  Otherwise, Cubans really can’t stand Mexicans.  Actually, neither can Guatemalans, El Salvadorans, Venezuelans, etc.  

      • IstvanIN

        They don’t like us either.  They want us out of the way so they can lord over the lesser Hispanics just like they do in Latin America.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Oh, they dislike us most of all.   They can’t compete.

  • Non-whites are beside themselves with glee that whites are becoming a minority in the country they created and built. Listen to any black radio talk show and someone will bring it up followed by a smug ‘he he he’.

     Blacks and other non-whites know what’s going on. Most whites are clueless.

    • KingKenton

      Non-whites are beside themselves with glee that whites are becoming a minority in the country they created and built.

      There isn’t any shortage of Whites that are filled with glee either.

    • Idiotnoir

      Most whites are idealists, they think that blacks and Mexicans will treat them as well as we treated them as minorities, and they also think everything is wonderful in South Africa.  Being idealists, they don’t read the papers, they rely on their dreams for their news. By the time they encounter reality, it is too late.

  • bubo

    I’ve never seen a Cuban who ever thought of himself as anything other than white.   That’ s not to say that there aren’t those among them that might express some Hispanic pride, but they certainly don’t identify much with American born Chicano’s.  

    • IstvanIN

      Never met a black Cuban, did you?  I have.  And the Marco Rubio, Havana Bob Menendez types hate us with a passion and want us out of the way.

    • When Castro first took over most of the middle and upper class fled to the US. Most of them were White-Spaniards.

    • The__Bobster

      I grew up in West New York, NJ, a town that was flooded with cane-cutters in the 60s. I never met one who considered himself White (except the ones sired by American sailors)….or American. As Castro once said, “If you think you’re White, look at your relatives.”

      The square mile town of West New York is located along the Palisades in Hudson County, New Jersey across from mid-town Manhattan. Since its incorporation until the 1960’sthe town was predominately occupied by first Germans, then Irish and Italians.

      The 1960’s opened the town to an influx of Puerto Ricans and Cubans. Today,Cubans are very influential in government but the population has shifted to Central and South American people and the town of roughly 40,000 is more than95% Latino, according to 2000 United States Census data.

  • IKantunderstand

    Senorita Cathy, actually, the really tough times will begin when Whites are the minority. Not just in this country, but worldwide. It’s going to be a tough time for everybody on this planet when Whites become so marginalized they don’t give a you know what. Who’s going to repair all the machines of every type? Who’s going to invent new ones? Your fabulous Nobel prize winning Cubans? Iranians? Kenyans? Haitians? Kuwaitis?Peruvians?Mexicans?Indonesians?Pakistanis?Who????Yeah, good luck keeping the world going.

  • mikejones91


  • ViktorNN

    See, this is why the conciliatory, pro-diverstiy “JohnEngelman” types are so misguided, and so stupid, frankly.

    Minorities don’t want to share power, they want to rule over us, for their own benefit. There’s no love for whites. It all comes out in the unguarded moments, or moments like these where they think they can get away with it.

    • MissBonnie123

      I’ve been saying for a long time that if minorities take control of the systems within America, they will not give a care about the rights of White people. They will violate them with impunity.

      The White man will be told something ridiculous like “Now you see what it is like to be an oppressed minority” as if this White man had anything to do with “oppressing” nonwhites.

      The real cause of nonwhite animosity towards Whites is their anti-white racism.

      The nasty look of that woman in the video says it all.

  • MissBonnie123

    “WaPo Mag Editor: ‘Tough Time to Be a White Man in America Where the Minorities Are Really Taking Over”

    She should have said “‘Tough Time to Be a White Man in America Which the Minorities Will Turn Into a Third World Country.”

    There. That is more accurate.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Two obvious things:

    1.  She can’t talk to the subject of an _old woman_ being harrassed by ethnic youth because to admit sympathy would be to create shear force against the general tide of the anti-white antipathy that is now very close to a sense of triumph over us.  Gotta stay with the team play, even if it is disgusting in it’s revealed truths.

    2.  So rather than say something suitably ‘sympathetic’ in a fuzzy-logic fashion that means nothing the way a white would, she uses a non sequitur which nominally has nothing to do with the harrassment itself but which _every_ latino and hispanic understands:  You dumb past it weakling whites.  You can’t even protect your women.  And you want us to follow you?!

    It’s the machismo reflex mugging for the camera.  Because there was a time when white men would have said the equivalent of “Maul me all you like, but not granny!”  And it means (to their eyes) that they are operating well within the loop of innermost knight complex of white psychologies by which Terror of the Anglo Saxon Folkway once gave us sway over the world.

    And now the white man doesn’t really fell the certainty of his root identity to continue to do.

    • I’ve seen a few videos & pics of this woman. Evidently, she’s undergone plastic surgeries to look younger & more Caucasian.
      How typical …

  • Kurt Plummer


    Whites want to be liked.  Long to be liked.  But do not give up our quest for perfection as the perfect laborers to do it.  Do not denigrate true intelligence in the quest for social intelligence as manipulative insight to the flaws of human nature.

    And so by continually flogging us with the concept of how racist we are, other ethnies get the double edged benefit of driving us to accept them without consideration for their own racial agendas (including a mindless desire to replace us without the IQ to do without us).  At the same time they force us to work -even harder- to sustain a society which accomodates their negative (social welfare as: education, medical, housing etc.) impacts upon our culture.

    Whites have a blindspot in our hearts that other races simply don’t and never will.

    Some might say it’s because we have a soul.

  • Vik

    It´s a tough time being a White man anywhere in the world. 
    Remember the good old times when being a tall, White man meant you could accomplish about everything you want, at least in a White country? Those times are (almost) over. Unless the White race finally does something against all this “poltical correctness”, “white guilt” and “multiculturalism” nonsense, we are pretty much doomed. Sadly, that´s cold, hard reality and can not be disputed.

  • Willowville

    “Taking over” in the windmills of their minds.   The neighborhoods they live in turn to crime infested favellas, their kids don’t do well in school, and they can’t find work.  What happens when the dollar plunges further and even they can’t stretch the food stamps. 

  • They have brought us their “worst,” 30 million of them!


    I hope all those white males band together and begin to do something.

    • Zorro

      Do you mean forming their own Businesses for Whites only? I have been saying this for how long?

  • Zorro

    Why do you think that we had a War Between the States, and two World Wars?

  • Red

    I like the idea, but history isn’t encouraging. More likely we’ll wind up like South Africa, where the whites that can afford it will just go back to Europe. Unfortunately whites seem to be more inclined to sneak away with their tails between their legs than put up a fight.