Official Seeks Review of Oakland School with Panhandling Students

CBS San Francisco, June 7, 2012

A member of the Oakland School Board is taking action, following a joint CBS 5 and California Watch investigation into a school that sends children out to panhandle.

Students from Saint Andrew Missionary Baptist Church Private School have been seen at BART stations, seeking donations.

Yet court documents reveal the school has inflated class size to collect tens of thousands in federal education dollars. For the past 12 years, the school has been reporting at least 195 students a year, when in reality fewer than 20 children attend.



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  • A private church school gets Federal dollars?  And they lied about enrollment?

    Where are:

    1.  The U.S. Attorneys?

    2.  The ACLU?

    •  Also, why/how does a “private” school have oversight from the Oakland School Board?  The numbers are just not adding up.

      • Detroit_WASP

        I think it is a charter type school that gets federal money and is overseen by the school board.  Not certain how it works in CA but in MI, they call these schools academies, they are not public but get public money and are generally affiliated with a black church but are overseen by a local teaching university.  And they are all terrible. Exactly what you might expect to see in Detroit Public schools.  

  • At least they are teaching them a job that they can get without affirmative action.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hey, one of the purposes of high school is to prepare teens for the future.

      Why not teach black “youfs” to panhandle since most of them will be doing that as adults?  

  • Rocky Bass,

    This is just the “Black Management Style” we should all know and love by now. How else are these little future doctors, lawyers and scientists going to get the rest of YT’s money (that they by virtue of existence are entitled to) that the HNIC has not given them already? 

  • Francis Galton

    Okay, homeboys and homegirls, it’s time for your ghetto math quiz!  You have 5 class periods and some helpful “hints” to help you pass; good luck!

    Question 1:  if your welfare check arrives every two weeks, then how many checks will you get in a year?

    a) 22, becuz the mailmans be rayciss!
    b) 26, this is the correct answer
    c) 104, becuz Obama gonna be winnin’ tha ulekshun!
    d) 0, cuz Romney gonna win and he rayciss!

    Question 2: you went out and committed robbery 10 times last year.  Each robbery netted you an average of $30; how much money did you make?

    a) $300; this is the correct answer
    b) $500; cuz i be goin’ hard, fo’ sho’; kill ’em cracka babies!
    c) $0; because you made the mistake of holding up a biker bar on your first robbery
    d) $0; because you tried to rob an off-duty cop posing as a prostitute

    Extra Credit Question (you will receive your high school dumbploma, college dumbgree, and a chaired professorship in African Voodoo Magic at Morehouse College if you answer this question correctly):

    The amount of time you have to panhandle before you receive your first donation is a random variable; what probability distribution does this random variable follow?

    a) Hypergeometric distribution
    b) Binomial distribution
    c) Weibull distribution
    d) Exponential distribution; THIS IS THE CORRECT ANSWER!  CHOOSE THIS ONE!

    And now you understand the genesis of the black middle class….

  • This is exactly why schools fight to keep illegal invading Mexicans in the classrooms, even though it is destroying the educational system in this country. Federal tax dollars.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    there is a video on youtube of the 36 year old white guy who got attacked in a knockout king attack on saturday in chicagos tourist district by mob of  blacks its disturbing and it shows him getting bandaged up  if you want to get REALLY MAD and i mean REALLY F…..G MAD!!! i urge you to look at it !! STRAP UP WHITE PEOPLE

  • Guest

    Yeah, right Seth.  Whites put him in office.  You’re trying to tell us that every White that didn’t vote for 0bama is a racist yet 97% of blacks voting for 0bama is not racist. Thankfully,  those Whites who voted for 0bama see their country being torn apart, the economy in tatters and the overt racism against Whites coming from this administration and have changed their minds.

    0bama’s election campaign was kicked off with the railroading of Zimmerman, this is another manufactured story about racist Whites and there will be many more to come as 0bama gets more desperate.

    Comment from the article:

    Google hyphenated + idiot and you get:

    Seth Stephens-Davidowitz


  • Gibs me dat….

  • Shawn_thefemale

    And how much of that illegally obtained money is going to directly into the pocket of the righteous, upstanding, ethical twit who ordered this extortion plot? Jail time, and closing of the ‘school’ (term used loosely) are in order.

     Sorry, I cracked myself up on that last line….

  • anonymous_amren

    “The amount of time you have to panhandle before you receive your first
    donation is a random variable; what probability distribution does this
    random variable follow?”

    My first thought was a poisson distribution. Which is stupid because that’s for the chance of a certain number of occurances, not the amount of time for one. It’s been too long since I studied that aspect of maths.

  • Kurt Plummer

    It’s the middle of the day and nobody is questioning why these kids are off campus under conditions of truancy…

    And none of the parents are asking why little Joachim Jamaile hasn’t had serious (4-6 hours) of homework since the schoolyear began (Working on Chapter 5 of a mathematics textbook for -months-)?

    And nobody is looking to match Social Security Numbers to names on a schoolyear registration list?

    And nobody has sent an observer or a evaluator out to rate attendance, honesty of exam taking or safety conditions of this -licensed- private school?  What about teacher certificate ratings for the instructors?  Verification of curriculum standards?

    How big is the hole in white souls that this has been allowed to progress?

    And then you see the one missing piece of the puzzle and it suddenly all clicks.

    In the person of one ‘Troy Flint’.

    A black mid-level bureaucrud, who acts as a clearing house for the money to the Pastor and his wife and their son.  To the tune of 280,000 dollars a year ($100/hr and $40/hr X 2,000 hours) for the two teacher trainer and ‘struggling youth’ instructors, who are not even -seen in class- during most of the day!

    That’s the direct consequences of A/A as an enablement for blacks seeking upper middle class employment in our society.  Corruption through and through.

    Yet if you compare it to whites, you will _never_ see such brazen allowance of criminal fraud.  Because the whites all know that the parents will be told and they will come looking for blood.  Starting at the top.

    Indeed, the only parent that spoke up, a white woman of a mixed child, did so solely to get her daughter out of that environment.

    Suggesting that, even to the blacks themselves, this is little more than a warehousing environment for their unwanted kids.  Kids who are created solely in pursuit of their own paycheck.

    This is why we must separate and distance ourselves from what is happening.  We cannot fix it.  We cannot trust blacks to fix it.  But we -can-conserve our resources for our own.

    If there is something to be said about all this, it lies in the concept of the school itself.  20 kids, ranked by and GPA, in a small, quiet, and _high tech_ environment, could EXCEL beyond all measure of our public school system while forming bonds of friendship and trust that would last a lifetime.

    If they were white.