North Is 40 Years Behind Rest of Country in Terms of Racism, Claims Study

Sara Malm, Daily Mail (London), June 13, 2012

The North-East of England is 40 years behind the rest of the country in terms of attitude to race, a damning report claims.

A study made by academics at three prominent universities in the area says racism is experienced across the entire region and that it has an alarming rate of racist attacks and abuse with the police force being singled out as the worst culprits.

The report includes claims of women wearing traditional clothing being spat at, verbally abused and having their hair scarves pulled off in a shopping centre, and a mosque being racially targeted as public agencies in the region fail to take diversity issues seriously.

Professor Gary Craig, of Durham University, was research director for the Race, Crime and Justice in the North-East Region report.
He said: ‘In the North-East, we are still not used to a multicultural society and issues such as racism are still very serious, particularly in rural areas where the minority population is relatively small and isolated.

‘We are witnessing the same difficulties with racism that you would have found in other regions 30 or 40 years ago.

‘Sometimes it feels like being in a time warp.’

The report says racism remains a ‘major issue’ in the North-East, with black and minority ethnic (BME) people still experiencing racism at individual and institutional levels across public and private sectors, and in particularly in the criminal justice system.

The study, which took eight months to complete, claims the discriminatory behaviour is not restricted to multicultural areas but is spreading right across the region, regardless the percentage of white British people in any particular place studied.

Mr Craig, professor of community development and social justice at Durham University, said: ‘The picture is uneven across the region and across difference police forces, but the general picture is alarming, one of racist abuse and attacks. We should all be concerned about this.

‘Since the death of Stephen Lawrence, which was supposed to have confronted us all with the reality of racist violence, nearly 100 people have died in the UK as a result of racialised violence. This is an issue we all have responsibility actively to address.’

An African member of the Regional Refugee Forum North East said to some extent people were racist and criticised the media for portraying asylum seekers, refugees and migrants negatively.

However, community groups, churches and organisations were bringing people together, she added.

Sultan Alam, a former Cleveland Police officer who was awarded £800,000 compensation by the force after being wrongfully jailed over a malicious prosecution brought by colleagues, said he had encountered racism but it was mostly confined to within the police.

He said: ‘Most people expect a certain attitude from some people, but, generally speaking, my personal experience has been not too much of concern.’

The report, by Durham, Teesside and Northumbria university staff was funded by the Ministry of Justice with the aim to put a stop to racism in the region.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘The Government expects the criminal justice system to promote equality and not discriminate against anyone because of their race.

‘The Ministry hosts a cross-Government Hate Crime Programme that brings together community groups, Government departments and criminal justice agencies.

‘This will enable any lessons learned by partners in this region to be shared with other parts of the country.’

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  • I prefer to look at this glass as half empty:  The rest of England is 40 years ahead of the Northeast in terms of racial dispossession.

    • Orion_Blue

      Another way to see it would be to say that the North East is 40 years ahead in terms of a renaissance in White racial consciousness. Perhaps the blighted areas in the North East have helped trigger this re-awakening?

      This is at least one area in which the indolent and spoiled South East really needs to catch up – if they can stop supporting Man U and hiding away in their Surrey Villages.

  • Church_of_Jed

    The North-East of England is 40 years behind the rest of the country in terms of attitude to race, a damning report claims.

    The North-East of England is 40 years behind the rest of the country in terms of attitude to race, an encouraging report claims.

    •  I would say that the North East is 40 years AHEAD of the rest of the country!

  • MekongDelta69

    Now, now folks. Settle down. I’m *sure* he meant African / Muslim / Arab ‘racism’.


  • I prefer to think of them as 40 years ahead of the rest of Britainistan.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    “Professor of Community Development and Social Justice”
    What a stupid job title. Nice to see my tax £s at work (sic)!

    Anyway, I live in a provincial northern city, and I’m happy to report that “racism” is alive and kicking.

    40 years behind? No, mate. We’re 40 years in front!

    • Oil Can Harry

      According to this report, Londonistan- site of last years black riots as well as Muslim terror attacks like “7/7”- is 40 years more advanced than the low-crime, mostly-white North of England.

      And oh yeah, the police are villians and illegal aliens from the Third World are the good guys.   

  • The__Bobster

    The report includes claims of women wearing traditional clothing being spat at…

    “Traditional” for whom? Surely not the native women.

  • alastairabbacle

    Most published “studies” and books by the academic press in “social studies” since the 1970’s can be reduced to one of three titles:

    “The Magical Brown People”

    “The Noble Savage”

    “Anyone Who Disagrees with me is a Nazi”

  • The demographic tipping point is coming and I prefer to believe  the north is 80 years ahead in their attitudes.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     ….black  mobs are attacking white teens in oregon….

  • mikejones91

    Why is it ONLY white people CARE about “racism”. Do you think this type of thing/studies go on ANYWHERE else but white countries? I’m almost embarrassed 

  • LudwigvonDrake

    The Daily Mail is actually The Daily Metrosexual News. I can just see these journalists sipping their lattes as the express genuine horror at the untoward nature of these natural brute beasts living in the hinterlands.

    I just received Geert Wilders’ Marked For Death via UPS today. Although I agree that European men are generally from Venus, and American men are generally from Mars, I am heartened by the courage of a Geert Wilders to lead what remains of the character of our ancestral forebears to spoil for the fight on the other side of the pond. I say, let’s bring back body paint and really show ’em something to write about. It sounds like some of the boys in NE England are paying attention. If so, I have one word of encouragement for them. FREEDOM!

  • mikejones91

    To me, this says ONE thing. The North is 40 years AHEAD of the rest of the country.

  • Carney3

    “Women wearing traditional clothing”?  You mean, a nice dress, sheer hose, white gloves, a hat, and pretty but not excessive heels?  On the way to the local Anglican church on Sunday, or perhaps a traditional English picnic?

  • Every white person that I know of that has truly experienced “diversity” is racist. I went to inner city public schools, I was racist by 1st grade.

    • MekongDelta69

      You didn’t become ‘racist’. You became a race realist.

      • MK69,

        I became a race realist in the Military.  Luckily, I was in mostly combat arms units… the Diversities and Uruks stayed in Supply, the chow hall, truck drivers, etc… anything except putting themselves in harm’s way..

        From what I understand from a close friend of mine (now a Lieutenant… he went Green to Gold), it’s still the same way…

  • William_JD

    Geordie Power! God bless ’em!

  • Jerrybear

     I hope my generation is more racially aware than the decadent boomers.  Supposedly we don’t buy into the white guilt garbage as much but many people around my age would rather just not talk about it. Though get some drinks behind my male friends and the truth comes out.  I have yet to meet a woman in my generation that is racially aware.  I also live in one of the bastions of liberalism.  Luckily, my father is a hardcore conservative who always taught my brothers and I to be proud of being white. We grew up at the ground zero of diversity, Los Angeles.  What a transformation that place has gone through in the last 30 years.  Needless to say, I got the hell out. 

    • Orion_Blue

      I hope my generation is more racially aware than the decadent boomers. 

      I am just on the cusp of transition from Boomer to Gen X (I identify more with Gen X than Boomer),  I consider them to be the Lost Generation, as many of them  threw it all away for selfish, short-term gain.

      And no, I don’t buy into the White Guilt garbage, either.

      . Though get some drinks behind my male friends and the truth comes out.

      Perhaps alcohol can qualify as a personality-amplifier substance, which in this particular instance, can only be a good thing. 

      You are also right on the button in noticing that too few White women are racially aware. They are aware in some ways, but it is more like an itch that they feel incapable of not scratching.  In many instances, White women seem to be a Filth Column when it comes to racial solidarity – that’s Feminism for you, I suppose.

      Nice to be able to make an escape from Ground Zero!

  • Kurt Plummer

    The genes make the culture squire.

    If you dare them to ‘fix’ diversity (as Angela Merkel has dared to admit ‘has failed’ because the new arrivals aren’t adopting native customs), they will.

    But if you look at them and pray your daughter or son -has a choice- in someone else with whom to have children, then no amount of wardrobe malfunction or fashion repair is going to make it better.

    This is the innate truth of whiteness.  We are what we are, to ourselves: a beautiful people, wise and humble and yet proud of our simple -existence-.

    The proof of our quality is that other people are envious of that existence.  Or at least the trappings that go with.  Yet they are so primitive.  So backward in their vision of population control and the basics freedoms of press/speech/assembly/vote that they have -no concept- of how those elements of OUR lives are to the kind of people that could build the society they so badly want to live in.

    But that is again, just genetics speaking.

    The real traitors the true source of the problem, are our elites and the British ones especially who have been publically -caught-, in private documents, admitting that the purpose of this is social engineering, not economics.

    These fools are the ones who want this in spite of the fact that every secret study they have commissioned must be pointed directly at the extinction of our culture as their assurance of power base.

    And yet despite sharing our hated as envied skin color as ‘privilege’ _they do not care_ that they are making it impossible for -their- children to have an assured place in a dark skinnned, Mohammedan, English society.

    This is beyond stupidity.  It is pure evil.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    I WAS GETTING GAS AND A CARLOAD OF BLACK PULLED up and without exaggeration they were 10 feet from me and i did not understand ONEword of the ebonics they were speaking. i tried but it was total gibberish. i do not believe it. it sounded like pig latin or sone africal mumbo jumbo. i still cant get over it that  these were americans

  • Johnny English

    I know Northumberland and it is as you describe it – a very rural, beautiful county. Geographically it is incontestably in the North-East of England, but I would suggest that the term is generally applied only to the conurbation around Newcastle. 

    Since Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Somalis, Roma, Kosovo Albanians and the like seem to prefer easy access to the Social Security office, the mosque and the polling station I do not expect to see large concentrations of them in Kielder Forest or on Lindisfarne in the immediate future.

  • Liberals “loathe” other whites?  Some of you around here are just nuts.

  • Orion_Blue

    A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: ‘The Government expects the criminal justice system to promote equality and not discriminate against anyone because of their race.

    Does this mean that we will have a British government that does not actively discriminate against Whites by ensuring that all immigrants (who are deemed to be ‘vulnerable’ because of their immigrant status), are offered massively subsidised housing at the head of the queue, thereby beating Whites who may be on the list? I very much doubt it.

    For the British government ‘equality’ means giving their fairly-recently imported ethnic pets unfair advantage over the native Whites, whom they wish to destroy due to our refusal to be marginally useful, disposable cogs in a Tractor Factory.

    One thing I find worrying about the whole governmental apparatus is their presumption that they can or should proscribe what people think and feel and to think they have a right to alter this to their liking.

    Why is it that these ‘universities’ (often times just shabby, third-rate institutions), are able to act on tacit government policy and dress it up as academic research?

    The report includes claims of women wearing traditional clothing being spat at, verbally abused and having their hair scarves pulled off in a shopping centre, and a mosque being racially targeted as public agencies in the region fail to take diversity issues seriously.

    If this is the extent of the ‘racial aggression’ being reported, then it seems that it is nothing compared to the wholesale civil mayhem caused last August.

    Another point of willful discrimination against Whites is the deliberate and concerted effort to cover up ethnic against White crime. Our entire media empire is geared up to colluding with the government in it’s deliberate suppression of our dissent.  

     That is before we  mention the wilfully suppressed crimes against whites by the New Revolutionary Vanguard, which occasionally slips out in local newspapers, though alas, never quite seems to make it to the pages of the national dailies.

    I often have to endure the pushy, aggressive rudeness of the New Revolutionary Vanguard, which frequently includes being spat at in my general direction (TB is a fairly recent re-introduction to the UK, as part of the wonderfully enriching bio-diversity being imposed from the top down). Some of this behaviour could be down to the effects of personality-amplifying substances (assorted illicit drugs up to and including the notorious crack), though that is no real  excuse.

    For all the other claims of ‘racism’, we never hear about the no-go areas in the north of England that are dominated by hostile and insular Asians, or the inner-city areas dominated by what amounts to a black criminal underclass.

    Most public sector employment favours (usually incompetent) ethnics, with the lower-grade work being given to blacks (who are often unable to perform satisfactorily), whilst the sharp-elbowed push-in Asians are given more technical and senior positions.

    Whites (especially normal, red-blooded male ones), trying to register with government-run recruitment agencies have to jump through more hurdles and face more obstacles than recently-arrived Nigerians or other immigrants into the country. We are now required to produce passports to work in our own country, not to mention produce an extensive work history and face criminal checks. This is so far, so good, until it is remembered that new arrivals cannot possibly face such stringent selection criteria, due in no small part, to where they come from.

    When the economic reversals started to kick in, cabinet members were on television and radio, informing the public sector employers to ensure that blacks and other ethnics were not suffering from ‘disparate impact’ when it came to laying off public sector workers. This means that excuses had to be made to fire Whites in order to ensure that Blacks, who had been employed via ‘affirmative’ (read:anti-White) action will keep their jobs and avoid redundancy, whilst White are thrown onto the dole queue.

  • Orion_Blue

    I went to look at the original article.

    I was heartened by those posts that received the most thumbs up and the points being made by the most popular.

    You see, we are not as alone as you thought we were…