More Chicago Mayhem: 35 Hurt, 7 Killed in Shootings

MSNBC, June 18, 2012

President Barack Obama’s visit to Chicago didn’t stop another violent weekend.

At least seven people were killed and 35 were injured since Friday night. The youngest victim was a 16-year-old girl who died after she was shot three times in the chest Saturday evening in the Englewood neighborhood.


The shootings mark the third weekend in a row with gunfire injuries totaling well into the double digits. Last weekend, 46 people were hurt and eight killed across Chicago. The previous weekend, 29 were injured and three were killed in shootings.


President Obama and his family arrived in Chicago Friday evening. They attended the wedding of senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, and the president spent Father’s Day golfing with friends.

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  • JohnEngelman

    The racial makeup of [Chicago] in 2010 was 45.0% white, 32.9%black, 28.9% Hispanic of any race.     
    The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic. 
    – Jared Taylor, from “The Color of Crime”    

    • Careful!  Wikipedia and other non-Census sources  often mix White and Hispanic numbers deliberately for reasons that we all know.  Here are the real 2010 numbers for Chicago:

      White, non-Hispanic: 31.7%
      Black: 32.9%
      Hispanic: 28.9%
      Asians: 5.5%

      Chicago is already in the demographic danger zone.


    These high rates of violence are very similar to those observed throughout Africa, and in fact, anywhere Africans congregate, such as Sau Paulo, Haiti, the “diverse” sections of London or Paris, etc.

    Everywhere on the planet, where there are Africans, there is violence and social pathology — EVERYWHERE!

    It’s not racism.  It’s not environment — it’s genes.


    Isn’t this the same Chicago where Obama devoted 20 years of his life “community organizing” to help raise-up Africans? 

    Same for Jessie Jackson, Reverend Wright, and Louis Farahakan!   Among just these 4 Black leaders, we have 80 yrs of effort (and several Billions of Dollars from White taxpayers and White organizations spent).  

    The result?  

    The result of  yrs of community organizing and billions of Dollars spent?  Complete failure!   Africans cannot be saved.  Africans cannot be turned into Europeans, and it is time we stopped trying.

     It is time we set Africians free to live they way they were made to live and want to live, away from us in their own homelands.

  • chuck_2011

    Keepin’ it real in Chicongo….not enough police to arrest everyone.

    • Rocky Bass,

       No doubt, any trip into the deepest darkest Chicongo areas, should include lots of Kevlar, Ceramic plates and extra magazines!

    • NM156

      Chicongo…I like it! Here in Chicago’s Bungalow Belt however, that violence may as well be in another city. Hooray for de facto segregation!

  • Church_of_Jed

    Sounds like the Whites in Chicago have finally learned to just stand back an let nature take its course.

    But how many White clergy are wringing their hands and saying that we need to do more to undo our White privilege so that the blacks won’t feel so frustrated at their marginalization that  they they “lash out at each other in inapropropiate ways”?


    •  How much more can we do, seriously?  I know you are being sarcastic here, but we have done as much as we can do.  We give them houses in the best neighborhoods, hell we give them the best neighborhoods and they turn them into the ghetto.  We spend billions of dollars on a single school with underwater labs!, robotics classes, etc. (Kansas City Im looking at you) and it goes to hell within 5 years.  We can do no more for this race.

    • So far Jed, only Michael Pfleger is. You’ll note Francis Cardinal George has been silent.

      Pfleger is another in a line of Catholic priests who become political activists – there was Robert Drinan of MA, who was anti-Vietnam War. There was James Groppi of Milwaukee, who espoused open housing. There were the Berrigans, Daniel and Phillip, who were also anti-war, and as liberal as a San Francisco politician on social issues. Pfleger’s pet project of course, is guns. He thinks they’re the sole reason for the carnage.

      Jed, that’s like a Jew blaming ovens and showers for the Holocaust.

      • TeutonicKnight67

         Father Pfleger is a disgusting apostate and should be defrocked as quickly as possible! As a Catholic I am deeply offended that his wretched, almost comical racial huckster act is allowed to continue even in the sanctuary! Let him be a missionary to Africa if he loves these people so much. He is almost as bad as the pedophiles, prancing and preening with his beloved coloreds and doing tribal dances during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. When white musicians imitate blues , jazz or even rap music they are accused of “stealing black culture”. Why is there not one note of protest over this charlatan’s blackface act??


  • When Africans are “free” no one else is.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Can I get a rip-roaring foot stompin AMEN!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    does anybody know the point spread for next weekend? my guess: 14 killed 44 shot and 4 mob beatings.

    • I’ll say 42 shot, six killed, for the coming weekend. I won’t speculate as to how many Bantu Uruk flash mob attacks.

      42 shot total,
      6 dead

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i predicted 37 shot so i was 2 off on the shootings and i was 5 over on the killings, still pretty close huh i might go to the race track

    • Rocky Bass,

       If we did get a “death pool”, going we need to agree on how many days from the weekend any left on life-support have to die to still be counted in that weekends score. Could cause some confusion.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    the latest figures are 8 killed 37 shot the exact number i picked 37 i was 4 off so far on number dead

  • More Killed in Chicago this Year than Afghanistan

    As many as 200 Chicago police officers were assigned to provide extra security for
    the wedding of White House adviser Valerie Jarrett’s daughter, despite the fact
    that this year Windy City residents have been slain in greater numbers than
    U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

    The Daily reports:

    While 144 Americans have died in Afghanistan in 2012, a whopping 228 Chicago
    residents have been killed, and the murder rate is up a staggering 35 percent
    from last year. That’s a rash of homicides quadruple the rate of New York
    City’s, and police and crime experts fear it may only get worse.

    Meanwhile, between 100 and 200 cops will provide protection at the wedding of Obama adviser Jarrett’s daughter:

    In the midst of a recent homicide spike and prediction of a weekend weather
    scorcher, Sneed is told somewhere between 100 to 200 police officers will be
    dispatched to help “secure the perimeter” of a high-profile wedding in Kenwood.

    The federal government did not pay for the police presence; the cost of the extra security will be borne by the Chicago Police Department.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Lies!! There are no guns in Chicago, it is a gun-free city.  No guns allowed!!  0bama made sure Chicago was completely organized before he left, so all of this violence is impossible.

    Chicago is a quagmire, a tar pit — time to pull out. 0bama and Romney better come up with an exit strategy.

    And, someone is making a fortune in War Profits selling crime scene tape in Chicago.


  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    thank you for confirming what I already knew without even seeing any
    video. I think the time has come to seriously look at getting rid of the
    MAX line altogether. All it does is allow these ghetto blacks the
    opportunity to go from North Portland to Gresham, scoping out easy
    targets all along the way. How many white people have to get beat up on
    the trains, or white neighborhoods get flash-mobbed before something is
    done? I’ve spoken to various law enforcement people who know that if the
    MAX were taken away, crime would be cut by 30-40%. If they want North
    Portland to be a ghetto, let ’em have it, but keep them away from other
    ares. Stupid monkeys.

    •  Reading the comments, it’s clear there are people who know what the problem is.


    Guys,  It’s going to be HOT weather this weekend in Chicago.   I’m betting 48 shootings and 7 dead!

  • brew730

    Wait, I thought that Chicago outlawed guns?  How are these people being killed by guns??


    Obama was so successful the first time he “fixed” Chicago (20 yrs as a community organizer), I’m sure that he will be equally successful this next time.

  • Kurt Plummer

    I dislike it when my people allow themselves to be sucked into baiting games based on the prediction of deaths among other races.  Yes, it is predictable and gameable as a function of statistics.

    But it is not honorable unless it has purpose beyond simple enjoyment of another groups’ pain and primitivism.

    That said, it is also certain that none of the MSM will ever give a real feeling as to how ugly and animalistic this type of activity is, so whether you are trying to shame blacks into berating their own as they -never- would allow us to do, or simply gathering evidence for the moment when it seems likely that a major rewrite of the Constitution or even breakaway Secession ‘might succeed but for a little more justification’; the real way to approach this problem is like this-

    Gathering from police reports, on-ground recce or simple common sense the necessary localizations (like lions to a watering hole and zebras to the lions, there will be times of day and places that meet the ‘Four Stupids’ conditions of high criminality risk), it should be possible to remotely witness a series of these attacks.

    See the meetup and you have the evidence of planning.

    See the stalk and you have the evidence of intent as more than momentary exploitation of weakness.

    See the actual attack and the coordinated viciousness by which tap-bounce (tap the left shoulder, jump from the right etc.) makes a _deliberate_ act of intentionally maximized violence as surprise and no hope for an equals fight.

    See the beatdown.  As the victim is hit on the ground, often stomped on his neck, face or skull.  See the shuddering, siezure like, inability of the body to do more than take the hits as the brain suffers concussion.

    See the aftermath.  As the glee and excitement over ‘new toys’ and racial triumph in the face of a beat-whitey _understanding_ that yes, this is racial.  And it has always been that way.  Not because the white deserved it (how can the individual deserve the labels attributed to a group, isn’t that the very nature of bigotry as prejudice?), but because whites are easy and trusting and kind.

    THE KEYS to making this work are threefold:

    1.  Make it quiet and standoff and longterm.
    Which is to say low exposure risk to the involved personnel in providing permanent documentation of not just one record of one incident with one group.  But multiple incidents documenting the persistent intent multiple packs of these predators.

    2.  Make it clear and undeniable that the cops are ‘in on it’.
    As a function of showing how these attacks are un or under reported, even classified as something else.

    3.  Show the enablement as ‘equal opportunity’ by which it happens.  Ideally, you want to see the blacks get on a bus or call a cab (with the victim’s money or CC) and go home.  See them get off their bus and walk into their S8, 25 dollar a month, apartment building.  And then be there again to watch them come back out, the next night.  Ready to do it.

    All.  Over.  Again.

    Of course $9,500.00 isn’t cheap.  And if you multiply that by three plus spares to cover several areas of interest and provide for hangar rash or operational damage to the flight vehicle, it will be even less so. 

    Multiply this by at least five cities (Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, East St. Louis and Memphis for instance) to show that the genes are coming through in unrelated (untaught) local populations and you are talking the better part of a quarter of a million dollars, just to get started.

    But IMO, it would be worth it.

    Because it is in going outside of the box in defining how you make use of intelligence as ‘product’ that you define whether or not the gathering and statistical analysis of that raw data is worth it.

    It will obviously humiliate the local police departments who refuse to acknowledge that _CRIME RATES ARE NOT DECREASING_.  Only honest crime reporting is.  So we would need to be careful because I’m sure that sales of these systems are monitored at some level.

    Yet it is through these systems that the way forward into accepting some uncomfortable cultural truths for whites lies.  Before we are inundated and destroyed by the idiocracies willing collusion with evil.

    Anything (fantasy football) else is the equivalent to Nero fiddling while Rome burns.  And we are better than that.