Dallas NAACP Wants Texas Lottery Shut Down

CBS Local (Dallas), June 27, 2012

The Dallas chapter of the NAACP wants to stop seeing low income Texans pumping money into the state lottery by putting it out of business.

In poorer communities, though, the lottery seems to offer the chance at a life otherwise out of reach.

A study paid for by the Texas Lottery Commission says the people most likely to play Pick 3 are those making $20,000 a year or less——below the poverty line.  And people who are unemployed are more likely to buy scratch-off tickets than those who have jobs or retirees, the study found.


“They have this delusion that they’re going to win,” said chapter president Dr. Juanita Wallace. “I want them to shut it down,” she said. “Our people are spending their little money, their life savings away in hopes of winning.” The group voted recently to urge state officials to do away with the lottery.

Just compare the North Dallas Lottery District to the South Dallas Lottery District, where there are a greater percentage of minorities and low income homes.

Not only are people in south Dallas more likely to play the lottery, they spend almost three times as much when they do.


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  • Oil Can Harry

    For decades blacks have played “the numbers”, an illegal lottery.

    The bottom line is that some people are going to gamble anyway whether it’s legal or not; may as well legalize it and tax it.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    Lottery is a tax on people that are too stupid to understand math.

    • Oil Can Harry

      My definition of Lottery: When welfare recipients voluntarily give back some some of the $ they took from us taxpayers.

    • chuck_2011

      yes i agree with your statement..those too stupid to understand the odds will play the lottery.

    • MikeofAges

      Lotteries are largely just a waste of time. What the cash odds are is irrelevant. The real point is twofold. One, the utility of having, say, $5 million at one time is more that 5 million times the utility of having one dollar. Numerically, from that point of view, the lottery is a reasonably good deal. The problem is, you are still very unlikely to win to say the least, which means that the issue is more one of the time spent ruminating about what to do with money you never will have.

      In literature class, we read a play called “Waiting for Godot”. According to our instructors, this was a story about the meaninglessness of life, or at least the issue of creating meaning in the face of an indifferent universe. I saw something different in it, having actually been around street people and down-and-out types. What I saw was the issue of how an excessive preoccupation with value clarification leads to mental paralysis. Isn’t that what street people and down and outers spend all their time on, clarifying values? Isn’t that what happens when you buy a lottery ticket? You start thinking and talking about what you will do with all that money?

      Not that any of this stops me. I still buy tickets. And I do have some advice in the unlikely event you ever win. Start with buying a car that runs on regular gas. Keeping you sanity probably is the biggest challenge you will face.

  • Nobody knows blacks better than other blacks.

    I’ve said it here in the past, and in my own blog numerous times, so I guess I’ll say it again, because this story demonstrates it:

    Blacks who have political authority over other blacks will salami slice their way back to the system known as segregation, Jim Crow and/or apartheid.  I think black opposition to segregation et al. was never out of principle, only out of practicality.  Mulattoes just didn’t like white people ruling over blue-gums, they wanted to rule over blue-gums.  Meet the new boss, same as but slightly tanner than the old boss.

    And why do people of any race who govern blacks wind up implementing a segregationist system?  Because people get the government they deserve.  Blacks prove by their actions that they deserve segregation or JC or apartheid.

  • Yet oddly no complaints about the fact that 1/6th of the population has 1/2 the abortions?  Isn’t that a disparate impact too?

    • ed91

      you won’t hear me complaining………….  abort away!

  • Church_of_Jed

    Why doesn’t the NAACP just deem the machines that dispense the tickets as “racist” and win a victory right now?

    •  Because then you would have to get rid of all “racist machines” including vending machines and airplanes because vending machines make blacks fat and airplanes discriminate against the blacks inability to pilot them.

      • Church_of_Jed

        Yep, thass right!

        Whatever inconveniences blacks is racist. I’m trying to do my part.

    • chuck_2011

       dat beez rayciss and sheet!

  • Is this a good time to point out that the lotto is a tax on those that are bad at math?

  • Occidentus

    He’s got a point.  It really isn’t right for the government to take advantage of dumb people like that.

    •  You mean like taking a significant part of our paychecks each month to pay for black and brown babies to displace us?

  • Alexandra1973

    I’m tired of lottery hounds holding up the line at the gas station, myself. 

  • Puggg

    If there is a store in an area where there are any appreciable number of blacks nearby, and the store has a lottery vending machine, it will be almost nothing but blacks that use it.

    They had to get rid of cigarette vending machines because they are unable to do age ID controls.  Neither can lottery vending machines.

    The NAACP is today using the same arguments that the religious right did in the 1980s when they opposed the spread of lotteries.

  • dd

    I love the lottery.  It’s the best way to get poor people to pay their fair share of the taxes.

  • If the NAACP tries to stop blacks from playing the lottery, it will be the end of the NAACP.

  • “They have this delusion that they’re going to win,” said chapter president Dr. Juanita Wallace. “I want them to shut it down,” she said. “Our people are spending their little money, their life savings away in hopes of winning.” The group voted recently to urge state officials to do away with the lottery.’

     “Our people?” I wonder what that means given the fact that it’s coming from the NAACP. I guess membership in the NAACP allows you to be a racist and not get called out on it.

  • JackKrak

    Sorry, but I stopped reading right after “Dallas NAACP wants”

  • WhitesRdumb

     That quote is by Revilo P Oliver.

    • The__Bobster


      Here is the original quote:
      “Education, sir, is the development of that which _is_. Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa–rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet. Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light. His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use. He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud. With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail! He lived as his fathers lived–stole his food, worked his wife, sold his children, ate his brother, content to drink, sing, dance, and sport as the ape!
       “And this creature, half child, half animal, the sport of impulse, whim, and conceit, ‘pleased with a rattle, tickled with a straw,’ a being who, left to his will, roams at night and sleeps in the day, whose speech knows no word of love, whose passions, once aroused, are as the fury of the tiger–they have set this thing to rule over the Southern people—-”

      These words came from the book “The Clansman: An Historical Romance of the Ku Klux Klan” written in 1905 by Thomas F. Dixon Jr. It was the second book in a trilogy, preceded by “The Leopard’s Spots”  in 1902 and followed by “The Traitor” in 1907. “The Clansman” served as inspiration for the 1915 silent movie which glamorized the Ku Klux Klan, “The Birth of a Nation”, directed by David Llewelyn Wark “D. W.” Griffith.

  • But wait. How can the State use something so dumb and dishonest to fund Education

    We’re the same society that funds health care programs with cigarette taxes.

  • “White” repair guys? Here in CA, the majority of repair guys are mestizos.

  • 1proactive2

    I seems like those people on the “hate the rich” bandwagon stand in a lottery line most often —
    to get rich.

  • mikejones91

    They prefer blunts (as in cigars). I have NEVER met a black who preferred papers. That’s a white thing. 

  • Kurt Plummer

    It would help if I really believed that the lotto/lottery system was doing what it originally was stated to be intended to: supporting parks and roads and schools here in Colorado.


    But Colorado Lottery proceeds have dipped in the past two years. Powerball
    opponents estimate that those declines in revenue will be filled with Powerball
    money until GOCO’s annual cap is reached. That means those rural schools
    wouldn’t be seeing construction money for a while, said Jerry Kopel, a former
    state legislator who has spent almost 20 years battling gambling and the
    Colorado Lottery.

    “All that money will basically go toward GOCO,” Kopel said. “To claim it’s
    going toward school construction is a fraud.”


    What instead seems to happen is that the newness wears off with the certainty of lower payouts and the intakes drop until you are investing as much in the system as you are getting back out of it.

    I have to instead look at it as an exchange system of virtual for real.

    Virtual gain because all money is only worth what you spend it on and nothing is more certain proof of this than buying a chance to win something dictated by random bouncing of balls or whatever other numerical percentage system is used.  This is what you are -literally- ‘buying’.

    Real loss because, in a world where the value of the USD is sustained by the trade of real goods and services on an astronomical scale (food and water and electricity and rent being among these), every non-exchange driven expenditure only drives the quantitative overeasement vs. qualitative value of the currency itself downwards.

    •  When the lottery started in Missouri in 1986, its proponents promised that the proceeds would go to education.

      From that, you would walk away with the notion that they promised that all lottery proceeds would go to education.  And legal language in the legislation that established the lottery did say that.

      But monkey time.

      The Missouri Constitution requires that the state spend at least 25% of its revenues on elementary and secondary education.  What eventually happened is that for every dollar the lottery contributed to education, the state backed out 75 cents from education spending from other sources.

      That might ordinarily be bad news, but you know where education money is disproportionately dumped and wasted.

      • Marcy Fleming

         Who cares ? Get rid of government education.

    • Marcy Fleming

       Utter nonsense. Read Economic Controversies by Murray Rothbard and learn basic Austrian school economics.
      Betting is irrational but should be totally decriminalized and not dominated by the state.
      I think it’s great if those monies are not to government reducation brainwashing factories.
      It’s not the job of government to protect people from their follies.

  • Marcy Fleming

     A wit you are not. Keep your regular job.

  • chuck_2011

     whatever happened to hard work and a desire to improves oneself? There are so many with low IQ’s but whats stopping them from mowing lawns, landscaping pr pther related work. Its true not everyone can be a brain surgeon but so what. 

  • chuck_2011

     yes it is all racist…in fact the color white is racist so its being eliminated and will be replaced by a very light beige.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Blacks get terrible grades in school – More money needed for the school
    Blacks cause mayhem, destruction,  rob and rape –  Curfews needed
    Blacks shoot people and commit murder – Draconian Gun Laws needed
    Blacks can’t control their spending on the Lottery – Ban the lottery.

    Everyone is punished because blacks can’t control themselves,  is there one thing and I mean ONE THING they do not ruin?

  • Tobacco taxes are taxes on stupidity. What else do you call paying for poison to put into your body?

    • Marcy Fleming

       It’s a person’s right to smoke. They take the tradeoff of an average of three years less for the pleasure they get from smoking.
      None of your business or the government’s.

  • SLCain

    Good for Mrs. Wallace.  She is quite right.  She is looking out for her people, as well she should.  Many posters have written here – and they are right – that a lottery is a tax on stupid people. Perhaps she thinks the government should not be in the business of taking advantage of those who are less bright.  I wish a few white politicians would subscribe to this old-fashioned paternalistic notion – that it is the duty of those of a higher station to look out, at least a little, for those of a lower station.

    Government should not be running numbers rackets.

  • I want to have the government shutdown the Racist NAACP group. American’s are really sick of this group racist movements and should be addressed by the Government to cease and desist on the racist group.