Zimmerman Medical Report Shows Broken Nose, Lacerations After Trayvon Martin Shooting

Matt Gutman, ABC News, May 15, 2012

A medical report compiled by the family physician of Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman and obtained exclusively by ABC News found that Zimmerman was diagnosed with a “closed fracture” of his nose, a pair of black eyes, two lacerations to the back of his head and a minor back injury the day after he fatally shot Martin during an alleged altercation.

{snip} Zimmerman has claimed self defense in what he described as a life and death struggle that Martin initiated by accosting him, punching him in the face, then repeatedly bashing his head into the pavement.

Also today, a trove of documents are being examined by lawyers for both the defense and prosecution as part of discovery in Zimmerman’s trial—including 67 CDs worth of documents, video of Martin on the night of the shooting, his autopsy report and videos of Zimmerman’s questioning by police.


The morning after the shooting, on Feb. 27, Zimmerman sought treatment at the offices of a general physician at a family practice near Sanford, Fla. The doctor notes Zimmerman sought an appointment to get legal clearance to return to work.

The record shows that Zimmerman also suffered bruising in the upper lip and cheek and lower back pain. The two lacerations on the back of his head, one of them nearly an inch long, the other about a quarter-inch long, were first revealed in photos obtained exclusively by ABC News last month.


In addition to his physical injuries, Zimmerman complained of stress and “occasional nausea when thinking about the violence.” But he was not diagnosed with a concussion. The doctor noted that it was “imperative” that Zimmerman “be seen with [sic] his psychologist for evaluation.”


Moments after the shooting Zimmerman told eyewitnesses he shot Martin in self defense. He later told officers his head was being pounded into the pavement and that he feared for his life, but that it was only when Martin seemed to reach for the gun wedges in his waistband that Zimmerman drew his weapon and fired directly into Martin’s chest—killing him.



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  • Michael C. Scott

    So this wasn’t the unprovoked shooting we’ve been told it was?  Imagine my suprise!  It doesn’t matter, though, because the Usual Suspects are going to riot in the end anyway.

    • blight14

       That’s fine, let them erupt in the usual fashion…..

  • guest

    Pretty straight forward to me.  But, a black youth is involved, whom we all know was a little angle who loved skittles.  

    • mikejones91

      Yeah notice how the ALWAYS mention skittles, almost emphasizing on it. They are trying to mold perceptions of youth/innocence via everyone’s favorite rainbow candy. Subliminal diversity message? Hmm

      • That’s why I mock Martin and bait his supporters by referring to him as “Saint Skittles”.  (That’s not an AH original…I stole it from a post here)

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Here’s are better messages emphasizing Skittles:

  • Dan

    No surprise here. The media painted Trayvon Martin as a toddler while Zimmerman was portrayed as an evil white racist and absolutely none of it was true. The Obongo administration will get it’s pound of flesh out of Zimmerman though-one way or another.

  • Canadian White Guy

    It’s kind of ironic that as I read this article “Cities on Flame” by Blue Oyster Cult happens to be playing on my computer. Will real evidence be enough to stop the railroad though? 

  • Gereng

    I think the state will have a hard time proving this was a a hate crime without any evidence that Zimmerman made racist remarks to Trayvon or did anything of a race hate nature except asking the guy what he was doing or where he was going. That is what neighborhhod watchmen do.

    Perhaps they should indict the neighborhood watch system as a whole.  Since it is based on a genuine fear of persons who look suspicious, or as if they do not belong in the neighborhood.  As police departments are everywhere  reducing staff and patrols and refusing point blank in many instances to respond to petty crime or to episodes involving neighborhood watchmen Zimmerman’s behavior was not illogical. The law enforcement system these days suffers fron funding cut backs.  Just when black attacks on whites are becoming more common and random and neighborhoods everwhere are looking to protect their residents.  

    • NM156

      Trevon wasn’t walking down a residential street in a neighborhood; he was walking through a private, gated community as an unknown, after an outbreak of burglaries.

      • Zorro

        Facts that are easily ignored by the Controlled Media. Just like the injuries that Zimmerman suffered. To hear the Media tell it, as it has, George Zimmerman went out that night to shoot Martin. Zimmerman should sue every News Media outlet and their empty headed Newscasters for taking it this far.

  • Look for claims by the race hustlers and self-hating White liberals that Zimmerman’s doctor falsified the medical report just to help his case. I noticed that even the Fox News spokesman, when reporting the medical findings a while ago,  went out of his way to make sure we all understood that it was “Zimmerman’s family doctor”, and not an ER MD, who issued the report. That will become a frail reed for the state to lean on in this increasingly pointless prosecution.

    • The__Bobster

      The low-IQ Treebon fambly lawyer is already saying that.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Yes, you’re right.

      I also picked up on this from the ABC report (oh, how it must have PAINED them to report this!!).

      the day after he fatally shot Martin… The morning after the shooting….Zimmerman sought treatment.

      The long time lapse before Zim sought treatment will be highlighted by the prosecution to “prove” that Zim’s wounds were self-inflicted, he beat himself up and obviously broke his own nose.   They’ll also say the doctor is in on the cover-up, a racist and falsified the medical report.

      Reminds me of the OJ trial when everything turned on Mark Furman’s use of the dreaded “N” word, not whether or not OJ had butchered two Whites.


    • Zorro

      Yes, the Doctor will let his Medical license ride on lying for a patient of his. More idiocy on the Media’s part. Besides, the Cops, and I am sure a Paramedic which responded, would have seen his injuries, too.

    • I thought that too.  Then I remembered all those doctors handing out false sick excuses to the teachers protesting in the Wisconsin state capital. The media all snickered at that, it was funny how the unions beat the system. Not much has been said about those doctors handing out false excuses. Funny how on one hand those are good to break the law but on the other we must impeach the honor of Zimmerman’s doctor.

      • Zorro

        When Liberals do it, it is beyond reproach.

  • sgmpalm

    Martial Arts expert Mitt Lenix was murdered 2 days ago in Atlanta at a drive-in movie theater after asking a Black male for an auto jump-start and the Black shot him. No national media attention. Or how about Beverly Melton. She was forced off the road by a Black male, Nickolas Miller, on Dec 26 2011 in South Carolina. After raping her, he beat her to death with a baseball bat. No national media coverage or outcry. I can go on and on for days about Black on White murders, rape, and violence, yet all we hear about is Trayvon Martin and evil ‘hate crime’ Zimmerman. Makes me sick.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Thank you for sharing sgmpalm, no mention of this story out here in CA.

      Police said that man was Quentric Williams, who pulled out a gun, shot the Taekwondo master and then took off
      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2145126/Mitt-Lenix-dead-Taekwondo-world-champion-killed-drive-cinema-shooting.html#ixzz1v4lpQ9GD

      • xxxtonygunsxxx

         “Quentric”……..tells me all i need to know

    • Hirschibold

      I can tell you the pat liberal response to your statement. They would say, “Well, but those crimes were prosecuted. This is about how white people (or “white Hispanics”) can get away with murdering an innocent black youth.

      And then, if you were to mention to them the gross cases of black jury/black defendant/white victim cases where blacks were acquitted time after time by their racist peers, despite the overwhelming evidence, said liberal would find some way to obfuscate, deny, or change the subject. And then you would be back to square one.

    • IstvanIN

      No one cares about some white guy who was murdered for threateningly approaching a black citizen.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      thanks. link


    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      buy a scanner or  listen online to a police scanner in your area and hear the other 99 percent of crimes blacks are committing that will be covered up and never make any news

      • Zorro

        News Reporters have Police scanners, and have instant access to these crimes in progress. This goes to show that the profession that prided itself on its independence and eagerness to get the whole story, has been destroyed. In its place we have what is supposed to pass for News coverage.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      First Rule of Self Defense:  Be Prepared!!  Practice preventive medicine and be aware of your surroundings!!

      Keep your car well maintained and gassed up at ALL TIMES so you don’t have to stop.  

      Keep your cell phone handy and charged, 911 on speed dial.

      Learn and practice defensive driving so you’re not run off the road, if someone is following, or signals you to pull over NEVER EVER pull over along a deserted/little traveled/unlighted road.

      I just heard a warning report yesterday about a rapist/attacker posing as a cop and pulling women over for assault — the advice?  Even if it’s a cop, find a gas station/ 7-11/open well-lighted business and then pull over, even if the cop has his lights flashing and he’s yelling through his car bull horn for you to stop.

      I live outside of LA and am surrounded by millions of hostile, seething non-Whites whose areas I am forced to travel through for work — there is high unemployment here and I see groups of Mexican and Central American men hanging out on corners everywhere during the day.

      I know LA is a sanctuary city and that they have more rights than I do — and the LAPD is now something like 40+% non-White so I can’t count on them,  that plus their response time is dismal — they are minutes away when seconds count.

      John Derbyshire may have gotten fired for his advice but woe be to any White who doesn’t heed it!!   Remember, many Whites have been de-racinated and believe the government’s line that we Whites are the violent ones, “homegrown terrorists”,  not blacks.

      Geez, tell everyone you care about, even if they fight you and call you a racist Nazi, at least you’re putting it out there.


      • Magnum Force

        The phone number *677 is the direct link to State Police Dispatch. Use it when there is doubt that the Unmarked Car behind you is a real Police Officer.

    • Me, too. But bide your time a little longer. Whites are buying guns and ammo like it’s going out of style. Bill O’Reilly has ripped the curtain of secrecy off some of these shameful incidents, and White comments on blogs concerning them are becoming ever-more outraged. There is a day of reckoning coming; rest assured of it.

  • anarchyst

    One has to understand the defective pathology of the black man . . . in order to understand the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman “situation”.
    Young Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his “business” while he was “casing” houses for possible burglary. In order for Trayvon to regain his “honor” and “respect”, his defective black pathology REQUIRED him to attack Zimmerman in the only way blacks know how . . . attacking him from behind as Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle.
    Zimmerman is INNOCENT and should be released without further delay . . . true justice demands this (despite blacks and white traitors cry for punishment) . . .

    • It’s not just blacks.

      I actually had a  White leftist recently tell me that the fact that Zimmerman “racially profiled” Martin was justification for the attack. 

      I’m sorry, even IF Zimmerman was jumping up and down in front of Martin shouting the dreaded “N-word”, that would not have justified assault under the law.   It’s pretty sick thinking when to your mind “profiling” someone (which I believe was not the case anyway) is justification to launch a potentially deadly assault.

  • TomIron361

    This is all just meaningless baloney. The die is cast and we’ll just have to do the hard work of sending the blacks and hispanics out of here. Of course, they won’t go quietly, but that’s the way it’s going to be. They’re going and that’s all there is to it.

    • JohnEngelman

      How do you intend to get  them out? 

      • TomIron361

        It’s going to come down to whatever it takes. If they go willingly, fine. If not, whatever force is necessary will be applied. It’s up to the blacks and hispanics whice scenario is used.

      • Diamond_Lil

        For the mexicans, how about a trebuchet?

  • Hirschibold

     Evidence means nothing in a witch-hunt. You think if during the Salem witch trials that if one of the accused women could eloquently have defended herself from irrational charges, that the mob still wouldn’t have dunked her under water before setting her on fire.

    With Zimmerman, the MSM mob and their black lapdogs have already lit the torches. They will either see Zimmerman hanged, or they will set the village on fire. Just keep your powder dry, and drink plenty of water, because it is going to be a long, hot summer.

    • Exactly put. It’s the reverse OJ endrun.

      OJ’s “innocent” because of his race.
      And so it Trayvon.

  • Yes, the medical report pretty much bears out Zimmerman’s story of Martin’s attack.  Is anyone really suprised?

    The thing that people are not really mentioning is the condition of Zimmerman’s pistol at the time of the police investigation.  He was carrying a 9mm Kel-Tec semi-auto pistol.  (thatwould not have been my first choice, but not a bad gun for it’s low price.  I recognize that not everyone can afford high end service pistols.  But I digress…)  The police found that he had fired a single shot and that the spent shell casing from that shot was still in the chamber of the gun.

    Now that’s very important.  For those readers who are not familiar with how most semi-auto pistols work, when a shot is fired, the entire upper receiver (known as the “slide”) reciprocates back a couple of inches and in the process both ejects the spent shell casing from the chamber and loads the next bullet from the magzine.   Now assuming the gun was in working order, the only way the the spent casing would still be in the gun was if something prevented the slide from moving.

    The two most likely scenarios that could have  prevented the slide on Zimmerman’s pistol from moving are:
    -Martin was holding on to the top of the pistol when it fired.  Yes, it is possible to prevent a pistol from operating correctly by holding on to the slide. 
    -The pistol was wedged between the two men’s bodies whe it fired. 
    The second is the more likely in my mind, although I could certainly see Martin grabbing at the gun in an attempt to disarm Zimmerman.

    Either scenario also lends credibility to Zimmerman’s story of being attacked by Saint Skittles and having shot him while the thug was on top of him.

    • Major

      Very good…and true. A keen observation. Thanks.

    • Yes. When suspects in custody, or being placed into custody, suddenly attack an officer, the first thing they do is try to grab his weapon, putting the officer at a disadvantage in a fight. It put George Zimmerman at a disadvantage, too, as he didn’t have the training a full-time professional police officer would have had. They’re now saying that the fatal shot was fired from “intermediate range,” defined as from one to 18 inches away. That corresponds perfectly with a physical struggle, with the two men’s bodies close together — not with a “White racist” standing back and deliberately shooting an “unarmed black child” dead.

  • Johnny Reb

    Blacks thought this was going to be an easy case to use against whites.

    That’s what you get for having a gibbsme mentality.   In typical black fashion, they saw what looked like low hanging fruit and grabbed it.  And in typical black fashion, they took a big juicy bite without seeing the scorpion on the outside.

    This case will sting blacks right in their big fat moufs.  Of course, rabble-rousers like Reverend Al will be long gone when the dust settle and a jury finds Zimmerman acted in self-defense.  He’ll have moved on to the next raciss incident.  And the injustice of having persecuted what is clearly a victim of an assault by a 17-year old animal will be lost on blacks and libs busy with saving Obama.

    Zimmerman will just be another footnote in that long, long list of black crimes against humanity.  Hopefully, he’ll have the gumption to sue the dreadlocks off the Black Panthers . . . but I doubt it.  Despite having made one good, he’s got that Reginald Denny look to him when it comes to forgiving negroes.  He’ll probably end up doing a Phil Donahue special where he hugs Skittle Boy’s mother and sperm donor.

  • Detroit_WASP

    “fired directly into Martin’s chest—killing him.”

    That’s a great ending to a voilent assault.  The right person was killed that night.   Zimmerman will walk and cities will burn.

    • Major

      I believe it too friend. But the LSM will never tell the objective truth as it is and as the evidence confirms. It’s way too late for them to do a “180” and take GZ’s side, They’re all totally against defense…totally against 2A and especially “Stand Your Ground” laws.

      They are determined to make this thug a saint..a martyr…a cause celebre…a racist rallying point and figure like a new Malcom X or another “MLK”. We’ve lost the war of truth vs “feelings” and  truth….long ago. It’s our own fault for putting up with it for far too long.

      The “race war” has started in earnest. However it’s whites who are running for cover. Unfortunately again. GZ…will be convicted and sent to prison. The corrupt, cowardly system demands it. And Gov. Scott of Florida…will aid and abet it along with his special prosecutor.

      • Maybe I’m naive, but I thin he walks…riots ensue.  I guess it depends on the Jury.  No way reasonable whites…which I believe most still are, call me naive again if you like, convict him.  The aftermath is what worries me.  Not the riots, I live in a white community and self segregate, so I’m not worried about my families safety.  I worry about him becoming a martyr and “Justice for Trayvon” becoming a battle cry for more unwarranted attacks. For the reasoning to change laws that make it more difficult for our people to defend ourselves when these attacks happen.  I do hope is found not guilty.  In our hearts, regardless if he is white, black, hispanic or the honorary title of white-hispanic he did the right thing.  

      • I think you’re wrong about Zimmerman being convicted of anything. All the evidence that has come out in the last day or two has supported his version of what happened. Unless they pick an all-black jury, he walks. But if there’s one black on that jury, it will wind up deadlocked. Then the prosecutor will face a REAL quandary.

        • Detroit_WASP

          I go back on forth on the Zimmerman being convicted issue.  He may walk but remember OJ walked and he was guilty as hell.  I will not be surprised if an innocent man goes to jail. 

          It all comes down to the make-up of the jury.  If 3-4 white males on on the jury, Z will walk.   If just 2-3 white women (no white men) are on the jury, he is convicted.   White women will cave to PC pressures.

  • libertarian1234

    The media is STILL trying to interject whatever anti-Zimmerman bias they can from time to time in small ways.  They’ve made reference to medication Z may have been prescribed and very eager it seems to point out it can cause mood swings in 10% of people who take it.

    But they never report the whole story objectively,  like the fact that the 911 tapes reveal a description of someone wearing a hood at about 2 a.m. in the morning,  in the rain,  messing about the club house and other premises in the area, all highly suspicious activity.  Nor do they project about evidence  regarding Martin in the same manner they theorize about Zimmerman’s motives and actions.  For example, the incident where school officials found a burglar tool and women’s jewelry in the perp’s back pack is just as vital…if not more so…. to contributing to  all the facts in the story as the press’s  inquiries regarding Z’s racial motives and the medication he might have been taking. But it is never mentioned.

    Also, wouldn’t it be valid to point out that the 911 tapes describe the perp as “acting strange,”  as if he were on drugs, then mentioning that school officials also found marijuana residue in a pouch, raising the legitimate possibility that he was on drugs at the time when he was first observed and when he assaulted Z?  Isn’t raising that possibility as legitimate as pointing out that Z was prescribed medication?

    And, while they’re so quick to minutely examine every aspect of Zimmerman’s life, desperate to find a clue of a racial nature, they completely ignore the anti-white racist posts of this  “nolimitnigga” as he called himself. 

    And, the reason they do as they do,  is because they’re pro-black and anti-white to the point of absurdity,  foolishly indicating how much they hate themselves for being white.

    But the worst of all of this is the railroading by the Florida prosecutor,  Angela Corey, who is as corrupt as a politician can get.  Like Nifong, she obviously has no trouble sleeping at night knowing she has persecuted what is more likely than not an innocent man, and I’m guessing that she’s going to redouble her efforts to try to get a conviction by hook or crook,  thinking that a conviction will salvage her corrupt, crooked image.

    However, if she’s unsuccessful in manipulating the case in her kangaroo court,  Zimmerman is going to be a very rich man, and there will be a lot of media payouts that will probably be settled before they go to court for liable.  The Black Panthers and others could well be bankrupted also.

    Thankfully, Rush is now pointing out the injustice’s in this entire matter, as well as a growing number of other high profile people.

    My dream would be to see this Florida prosecutor run out of town and jailed just as Nifong was,  never to practice law again.

    • Major

      I with you on 90% of your well thought out dissection of the events…except for this:

      “the fact that the 911 tapes reveal a description of someone wearing a hood at about 2 a.m. in the morning”

      I don’t recall any time line or 911 tapes indicating it was at that time. My understanding was that it was much earlier in the evening…say around 1900? ( ummm…7PM?)

      I don’t think GZ worked 24 hours a day. No matter how dedicated he might have been to his fellow neighbors.

      • libertarian1234

        “I don’t recall any time line or 911 tapes indicating it was at that time. My understanding was that it was much earlier in the evening…say around 1900? ( ummm…7PM?)”

        You’re right.  

        I went back and checked the tapes and the 2:00 probably referred to the tape footage.

        In any event the incident occurred between 7 and 8. 

        That does reduce Martin’s suspiciousness somewhat, but I reread the tape transcripts and I can see where anybody who was on the lookout to prevent any more break ins in the neighborhood had plenty to be leery of just by observing Martin’s actions.

        Here’s a site that indicates Martin doubled back and gives a transcript of the 911 tape with drawings.  http://tinyurl.com/74hjpjf

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       Angela Corey is agressivly  prosecuting zimmer because she feels shame and self-hatred regarding her overt negroid features

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     elderly white jogger killed for sport by two blacks

    •  Notice that happened at 7:20 AM on a Sunday morning.  You’re not even safe in the morning hours when  you would expect the hoods and thugs to be asleep.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     baltimore delegate urges NO TRAVEL ZONE  in baltimore INNER harbor due to  VIOLENT ROVING BLACK YOUTH MOBS


  • Or afterwards a “Justice for Trayvon” bill is passed to scare of evil whites from hunting down and killing (defending their life against) innocent black children that are skipping through the neighborhood looking for new friends to share their skittles with.

  • Baah.  Revolvers are obsolete technology. 😉

    I carry either a compact 9mm or 10mm.  (A Glock 19 and EAA Witness compact respectively)   I’ve done enough reading to understand that one’s shooting skills go to hell in real world defence shootings and that quick follow up shots are often required.  Semi-autos are a bit better in that respect and modern well designed auto-loaders are almost as relaible as a revolver.

    But it all comes down to personal preference in the end as both get the job done.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       with your semi auto it ejects the shells giving the police yet another  way to match you to the shooting whereas a revolver does not. unless you feel like hanging around searching for the shells. also revolvers dont jam

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The media, 0bama, Eric the Holder and assorted race hustlers are in no way ready to give up the Travon Martin Trail of Tears.

    0bama jumped in with both feet before the facts were in, escalated the issue and then turned it over to the race baiters to give it more traction. No one has reigned in  $hapton or Jack$son  or publicly denounced their numerous inflammatory statements about the Skittles (that’s SKILLETS to $harpton) mess — that includes Democrats AND Republicans.

    Jackson pontificated before Martin’s family:

    There is power in blood!..We must turn this moment into a movement!

    Sharpton ranted:

    Blacks are under attack!  Targeting, arresting, convicting black and ultimately killing us is big business!!

    What does Eric the Holder do???  Praise $harpton!!

    CNS reported on April 11th:  Attorney General Eric Holder praised left-wing activist  Rev. Al Sharpton:  ‘for your partnership, your friendship, and your tireless efforts to speak out for voiceless, to stand up for the powerless, and to shine a light on the problems we must solve, and the promises we must fulfill!’

    Official, sanctioned government-approved and encouraged pandering to racist thugs thrown in with massive unemployment, Zim being acquitted and the real possibility of an 0bama loss?

    Yes, Mr. Scott, riots will likely happen — fomented by the likes of holder and 0bama, egged on by sharpton and jackson.


  •  Yes, return blacks to a state of true black government IE the weather controlling their population numbers. They need to be isolated from civil populations and given ALL their freedom. Truly free, free from evil whitey’s tax dollars and EBT, electricity, water, non-collapsible shelter and and and. Given all that I am sure they will flourish.
    Andreas Breivik is right damn it, when were white majority countries ever given a vote on becoming minorities in their own lands?

  • IstvanIN

    It will be a tad uglier than that I am afraid.  Alamo ugly.  War Between the States ugly.  And when it is all over we will still need a General Pershing to keep things safe.

  • IstvanIN

    Trayvon Skittles and George Zimmerman, as presented by the press:

  • tickyul

    They are in quite a spot now.

    I guess the best Big Brother can hope for is an all black jury that will ignore all of the evidence that exonerates Zimmerman.

    • Zorro

      You mean that Zimmerman’s Attorney doesn’t have a say in who sits on the Jury?

      •  Obviously he does.  What’s more, because this is a criminal case, and GZ is Hispanic, Angela Corey won’t be able to do preemptory challenges against potential Hispanic jurors.  On the other hand, GZ’s lawyers can do preemptory challenges against potential black jurors.

      • ha! When O’Mara or his associates try to reject too mnay black jurors you will hear that woman screech like a raped ape!!

  • Texan1st

    “If his nose got hit and his head got split — you must acquit.”

  • “Angela Corey was chosen as a special prosecutor solely to prevent riots.” — Alan Dershowitz, on the Laura Ingraham show

    Dershowitz doesn’t realize the gravity of his opinion.

  • slobotnavich

    By the standards of the prosecutors in this case, shooting an assailant armed with a knife would be outside the bounds of legitimate self-defense. 

  • Zorro

    Maybe he did steal them. What Store did he get them from? Is there a video of the youth in that Store paying the Clerk for his purchase? Why hasn’t that been put on the News or Internet?

    • Hoodies are often used to hide stolen items from a store. I used to manage a combined store and gas station. They would distract the clerk while another would hide items in the hoodie. The older ones would drive off w/o paying for the gas, that was back in the day when you didn’t buy your gas first- another thing they have ruined for the rest of us.

      • Zorro

        Yes, but the point is that no matter how Martin got his drink and Skittles, if he was in the Store, there would be a Security video of him paying for those items, or stealing them. Then, have the video enhanced to see if he is carrying any kind of tools, or if his hands were bruised.

  • Zorro

    Separate but Equal Prisons.

  • Gereng

    Zimmerman’s own racial make-up includes, according to family members- black as well as Hispanic ancestors and relatives.  That fact is going to make it tough for the prosecution to prove the shooting was a hate crime unless some psychologist can demonstrate that Zimmerman has a past history of self hate. Needed are episodes of self mutilation, botched suicide attempts complete with Bye-bye notes in which he asserts that his bit of black DNA is driving him to suicide in order to kill the black inside.  Unless the state can dig up such “proof” of racial hatred,  they have a non starter for a hate crime.     

  • You’re right. One hundred years ago, even 75 years ago, such behavior as these blacks have exhibited would have resulted in mobs of hundreds of White men and boys attacking and burning black neighborhoods and killing any black they could reach. Is that admirable? No; but it kept the blacks a lot more respectful.