Evidence: Trayvon Had Bruised Knuckles, Zimmerman Broken Nose

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart, May 15, 2012


Meanwhile, the Trayvon Martin autopsy shows that other than his gunshot wound, the only injury on Martin was that the skin on his knuckles was broken. Combined with the evidence from Zimmerman’s medical report, the logical conclusion is that Martin was beating up Zimmerman severely before Zimmerman shot him.


ABC News, of course, is the same outlet that originally released poorly pixelated photos of Zimmerman the night of the incident from the police station with the headline, “Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman.” MSNBC followed suit with an article headlined, “Police video of Zimmerman shows no sign of scuffle.”



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  • guest

    Avoiding a law suit, obviously, now that the actual FACTS are in the pubic eye.  I say Zimmerman should sue the snot out of NBC and ABC and more than recoup his legal costs.

  • anarchyst

    One has to understand the defective pathology of the black man . . . in order to understand the Trayvon vs. Zimmerman “situation”.
    Young Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his “business” while he was “casing” houses for possible burglary.  In order for Trayvon to regain his “honor” and “respect”, his defective black pathology REQUIRED him to attack Zimmerman in the only way blacks know how . . . attacking him from behind as Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle.
    Zimmerman is INNOCENT and should be released without further delay . . . true justice demands this (despite blacks and white traitors cry for punishment) . . .

  • Johnny Reb

    OK . . . the evidence clearly shows that Zimmerman beat Skittle Boy’s fists with his face.  Then he threw himself on his back and pounded his own head against the pavement before pulling a weapon and shooting Skittle Boy dead, dead, dead.

    Reaching any other conclusion from this evidence is clearly racist.

    • The__Bobster

      Treebon’s parents’ low-IQ liar, errrr lawyer, says da ebby dents smells fishy, nome sane?

      • Lawyer Crump (Did Tom Wolfe hire this guy?) is a moron. HE is not pursuing the case against Zimmerman, obviously. That s the job of the DA,to lie and cheat and try to get a false conviction. But it isn’t Crump’s problem. Crump is there to gin up the black folk,and their useful idiot “friends”. There is most likely one or more other lawyers, probably orchestrating the endorsements & product sales,the TV shows and what not.

  • The__Bobster

    Remember when the racist black rabble rousers said they had proof that Treebon did not have bruises on his knuckles? Of course the MSM ran with that story.

    • And that video that showed the back of  Zimmermans skull to be as pristine and clear as a newborn baby’s butt!! Das proof mayne!!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     elderly white jogger 60 killed for fun by two blacks


  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    baltimore delegate urges NO TRAVEL ZONE  in baltimore harbor due to  VIOLENT ROVING BLACK YOUTH MOBS

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    the only injury on Martin was that the skin on his knuckles was broken. 

    This also contradicts the black funeral director’s claim that there was no indication on Trayvon’s body that he’d been hitting Zim.

    Richard Kurtz says there were no notable marks on Martin’s hands, face or body other than the gunshot wound that killed him. Kurtz says he expected to see some marks if Martin had been in a fight.



    • Oil Can Harry

      What?!? You mean the black funeral director on the Martin family’s payroll told them exactly what they wanted to hear?

      Why, I fully expected him to tell the truth and back Zimmerman’s account, thereby causing a black boycott- if not arson attack- against his business.

  • roger the rabbi

    The 17 year old was almost a full blown thug and headed for obvious trouble with taxpayers in the end footing maybe millions depending on whether he would be shot dead by gang violence or go to jail for 30 yrs for murder himself.

    Isnt it odd how Obama tries to end normal internet traffic privacy but say nothing at all about Twitter?  If Twitter is the website of choice for most blacks and their gangs shouldn’t the NSA be looking into this activity and leave whites alone on normal sites? Does the SPLC or NAACP or ADL monitor these obvious gang sites? 

    Besides it being a great place for new black panthers like Obama and Holder to vacation off taxpayers in Mexico why not send these young or old thugs and gang members  there to live just over the border where all the action is and they can live out their fantasies for real? With 50 headless corpses coming daily in the gang drug wars wouldnt thugs be a perfect fit?  
    Are they scared? They sure as hell love terrorizing whites with assault rape murder armed robbery or breakins don’t they?  Blacks know full well Mexican drug dealers and gangs are not the easy go light walk softly US white authorities but will not screw around with them like in America where not only do they get their way but they have the yackoff racists like midget Sharpton to protect them even if they are criminal thugs.

  • NBC & MSNBC are reporting :
    ” Florida teenager Trayvon Martin died from a single gunshot wound to the chest fired from “intermediate range,” according to an autopsy report reviewed Wednesday by NBC News.

    The official report, prepared by the medical examiner in Volusia County, Fla., also found that the 17-year-old Martin had one other fresh injury – a small abrasion, no more than a quarter-inch in size – on his left ring finger below the knuckle. ”


    No mention of skinned knuckles.

  • Anonymous

    Have there been any finding released on bullet trajectory through body. My feeling is that if the bullet tracked upward, it was irrefutable evidence that Z was on back on ground, shooting upwards from the supine.  If it was a through-and-through, front to rear, then clearly Z was upright when he fired, consistent with “execution” scenario.

  • Dudes,(and lady dudes) I heard a commentary on the radio,(sorryI  have no ide of who it was,it was a short segment on radio network news,heard on WBBM-AM in Chicago,a CBS outlet) when this first came out. I think it broke Tuesday A.M. Anyway the reporter said,whoa! this could show that Zimmerman was telling the truth(pause)…OTOH,it COULD say to a POTENTIAL JUROR,that Trayvon (quoting now) “was in the fight of his life”!!!!!!! The fight of his life! Poor Tray was just defending himself against the brutal unforgiving white hispanik. The media establishment is scum through and through,utter utter scum. And theyre not giving up on Zimmerman. they want his head.

  • ABC reporting that Sir Skittles had THC in his system.

    Are they trying to pull the ole dihydrogen monoxide wool over our eyes?

    THC = weed.

  • I also remember that some DWL news station interviewed St. Trayvon’s funeral director, who I believe was also a close friend of the family.  He swore on a stack that other than the gunshot wound, he didn’t see ANY other injuries on No Limit N***a’s body, particularly the hands.  In addition to the fact that Zimmerman is being railroaded by the legal system, the behavior of Trayvon’s family is disgusting.  They are going around the country being received like dignitaries, for essentially raising a thug who died at the hands of somebody he was attacking.  They know it but they don’t care, because hey, getting the royal treatment is better than sitting at home.  Look, I’m sorry they lost their son, but decent people would be ashamed to have raised a kid that (based on info that came out) used drugs, burglarized houses, and liked assaulting people.  Too bad it wasn’t another black that killed Trayvon – then we wouldn’t have to hear about any of this bs.  To blacks, their lives only have value if taken by a “white” person.