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  • Church_of_Jed

    This segment could be a watershed, if we open the hoses.

    Millions of members of the White community now have explicit permission from media heavy weights to start talking in terms of MSM protecting blacks and hurting Whites. That’s the new “narrative,” and it works to bring more over to our side.

    The blacks will help us more than we can help ourselves, because they will act black, and that means more violence against Whites, more stories, more censorship, and more opportunities for SOMEBODY with imagination and money to start putting pressure on advertisers to pull out from shows that knowingly endanger White Humanity by covering up the race crimes committed by Diversity.

    “I’m a racist, and under the circumstances, it feels extremely right.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Is racism justified? Just ask Channon Christian, Eve Carson, and Brittny Watts”, 2011

    • The__Bobster

      How can we embarrass people who have no shame?

      • Church_of_Jed

        Shame is a White feeling and doesn’t apply to blacks.

        • IstvanIN

          Blacks have no shame because they have no souls.

          • Church_of_Jed

            Time for a reminder:

            Charles Carroll, The Negro a Beast
            Hinton Rowan Helper, Nojoque and Negroes in Negroland
            Jean Raspial, Camp of the Saints
            Anthony Jacob, White Man, Think Again!
            Cambria Will Not Yield,

    • sbuffalonative

      The real shame is squarely in the hands of the newspaper and the MSM.

      They are the ones who need to be shames and embarrassed for their lack of objective, unbiased, and timely reporting of NEWS.

      • Church_of_Jed

        “And here I wish to be distinctly understood as believing and saying, as I have believed and said for the last seventeen years, that the having of negroes, or the having of any other totally distinct and inferior race of mankind, intermingled with whites in a white community, is in itself a social evil of the worst possible type, and that from this unnatural an ddegrading relation, other social evils are constantly evolved and intensified.”

        -Hinton Rowan Helper, Noonday Exigencies in America, 1871

  • That Denis Finley is either evil or delusional.  He deserves a little taste of black vibrancy himself.

  • WmarkW

    “Don’t want to empower the bigots.”

    This has been the watchword of media for decades.  The doctrine of “put all the information out there to let people decide” has a major exception for anything that doesn’t promote the diversity agenda.  In that case, the people can’t be trusted to draw the preferred conclusion.

    • sbuffalonative

      Yes, they need to protect blacks for US. WE are the great danger. WE are the ones causing the problems. WE are the ones who go off half-cocked and lynch blacks at the drop of a hat just for sport.

  • No

    I don’t know what’s gotten into Mr Bill lately but he’s really on this story and hammering away at the other networks and “media” for not covering it. 

    Of course, it wouldn’t be O’Reilly without max spin in the no-spin zone.  Last night, he and Bernie jointly concluded that the media wasn’t covering the story because “they didn’t want to give ammunition to the bigots.”

    Naturally, being convinced of their own brilliance, neither took it one step farther to speculate about the irony of the the media (them) proving that twe “bigots” were right all along.

    In other words, Bill & Bernie are willing to admit that the TRUTH is simply too unbearable to modern America.

    So keep it up, my fellow racialists . . . they’re scared of you and you got ’em on the run.

    • libertarian1234

      O’Reilly has to be given credit for being on this story, but never before in all the other vicious, obviously racial attacks has he said a word about them, and I truly think he was on this story, because it’s an incident that he himself could be caught up in.  There’s nothing that will motivate the Beltway isolationists and news guys more so than seeing the very real possibility of themselves being caught up in similar incidents.

      I wrote O’Reilly an email, which I hope he reads, and gave a link to the many black on white mob attacks that occurred just the last several months.

      Too, saying the Pilot owner Finley is afraid of giving ammunition to “the bigots,” I think is way off the mark.

      I sincerely believe radical leftists like this newspaper owner believe  their multiracial utopia is just around the corner and all will be peace and harmony when it finally materializes.  Until then, he probably feels as if his job is to keep a lid on black crime and violence so the white population doesn’t rise up in anger.

      And the authorities play down these attacks so whites will not respondwith violence of their own.  They want to get their twenty years in without any riots, then get the hell out in order to double dip in another job while collecting their pensions.  Like all whites within the power structure they feel no loyalty toward their own people.

      We have NOBODY within the power structure speaking for us….NOBODY.

  • patriotdad76

    But what if the ‘bigots’ are right?

    50 to 1 blacks attack whites.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “I’m a dedicated racist, because under the circumstances, it just feels like the right thing to do.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why I’ll be more of a racist tomorrow than I am today,” 2012

  • Who cares what the MSM thinks. They become more irrelevant everyday. This story is getting huge play all over the blogosphere, which is becoming more and more influential by the day. Pointing out the MSM’s double standards does nothing. Destroying egalitarianism by explaining the inherent differences amongst races and ethnicities that have been brought about by evolution should be the rights main goal. But most “conservatives” in the MSM are creationists, or at least pander to them, so that’s not gonna happen. It’s up to conservatives online to obliterate the egalitarian dogma by spreading the word via blogs and comment sections. 

    • sbuffalonative

      We need to care what the MSM thinks and does because it’s still the major source of news for most people.

      We need to collect these increasing common stories of blatant media bias and manipulation,  use them to shame and embarrase the media, and pass them around so people connect the dots. 

    • Zorro

      Don’t forget to print out those stories, and hand them out to family, friends, and Neighbors.

    • Zorro

      Don’t forget to print out those stories, and hand them out to family, friends, and Neighbors.

  • joewest666

    The liberal mindset in action.. the editor mincing the facts is pathetic.

    I hope his family is raped and murdered by such a “mob” attack.

    That might get his attention..

  • geraldmartin

    When Bernie Goldberg says, “We detest the bigots,” he means you, me, and almost everyone who reads American Renaissance. (He also means most of the people who watch Fox News, but he can’t be too obvious – they’re the reason he has a high six-figure income.)

    Bernie Goldberg and those like him are far more dangerous than a pack of ghetto blacks on the prowl for white victims.

    Most people here already know that…others will learn over time. 

    • Well said Gerald.

      Goldberg has no problem espousing the “evils of bigotry” from his ivory tower while average working Whites are hung out to dry.

      I would like to see Billy O, and Goldie set up shop in Detroit and
      share their Utopian tales of diversity. Lets send in Hannity and Dick
      Morris for sport 😉

      Whites will wake up or be victimized.

      • sbuffalonative

        “Whites will wake up or be victimized. “

        The third and even more troubling and increasingly common response is for white victims to blame themselves.

    • Major

      With Bernie…you have to read between his lines. I get that he’s pointing his comments towards the negroes more than you give him credit for. As a matter of fact, I think he knows dang well who the savages are as well. The discussion was….you don’t see white mobs like this do you? Give him credit….there’s restraints placed on all white commentators on FOX …unfortunately. But they all know what happened to Pat Buchanan, don’t they?

      • geraldmartin

        Major: you say, “Finally…someone on National TV has called out the real frauds, racists, bigots and haters of whites… This can only get bigger for us and better.”

        Maybe. But I don’t think so. Fox News has been playing white people, co-opting their concerns about the demographic transformation of the country with the usual “homo economicus” blather about the grave “threats” of high tax rates and socialism…and underwear bombers. It’s the old sand in our eyes routine, diverting whites’ attention from the true existential threats.

        But FOX knows – to keep us rubes from rattling our cage too hard (lest we start to break out) – they have to throw us a bone once in awhile.  That’s what this story is…a little red meat for us to chew on, while FOX marches on in its campaign to make us accept Marco Rubio’s DREAM Act (partial amnesty), the inevitability of “comprehensive immigration reform” (total amnesty and open borders, etc.) and other nice little “conservative” ideas like homosexual marriage. (BTW, has anyone else noticed the large increase in obviously gay men FOX has telling us what to think on their panel shows, like “The 5”? 

        Time will tell whether the small amount of race realism this story represents will get “bigger for us and better.”  But unless Bernie Goldberg (or O’reilly or Hannity) has a Bernie Goetz type of experience…don’t bet on it. 

        • Major

          “That’s what this story is…a little red meat for us to chew on..”

          I hear you friend…but stay focused on one thing at a time. We’re not ever going to accept a “Dream Act”…we didn’t back when Bush proposed it…and we will never accept it. That’s the achilles heel of a dupe like Rubio. And we’re all aware of his traitorous and tribal goals.

          Rubio is toast for defining what his real aims and goals are. He’s finished.

          Right now…we finally have a network that won’t shy away from the black racism. One thing at a time. I believe it’s just the beginning. If FOX succeeds in being a driving force in this issue….they’ve opened the door wide to exposing black racism and black violence against al things white.

          They have also have given us an enormous opportunity to expose the black hypocrisy, liberal ( Colmes style ) white hypocrisy and slavish mentality to all things…black and wrong.

          Be patient….lets see how this evolves. I think Fox realizes they’re onto something and have waited patiently for the door to open to attack the black thugs. O’Reilly….for what it’s worth….comes from Irish stock…that were treated worse than blacks at one time…I think he wants to level the playing field and get back at the race whores.

        • I can’t stand “The 5” and refuse to watch that tripe.

          I like your posts though… maybe I’m onto something here 😉

          • geraldmartin

            Hey thanks.  I saw “The 5” once and realized something was queer about it…I have a friend who watches Fox regularly who clued me in about what’s been happening: more gays, more “diversities,” and ever more soft-hearted blondes who practically break down and cry whenever there is a story about  the millions of high school valedictorians who turn out to be illegal aliens.

    •  In the interview, Goldberg clearly defined “bigot” as somebody who believes ALL blacks are like that. I, for one, do not believe this nor do I know anybody who does. As long as you admit there’s at least one good black, you’re not a “bigot”.

    • No

      I agree with that 100%.

      No one at any national-level media outlet thinks in racialist terms.  It is so foreign to them to think of negros as a sub-human, criminal class that if you even brought up the subject they’d look at you like you had horns sticking out of your head.

      History Channel and National Neographic are two other examples of the same principle.  They run the same, tired old shows about the “history of the KKK” or the “aryan nation” or the “skinheads” or the “militias.”  

      From just the sheer volume of shows, you’d think there was a real pro-white racialist movement going on in America.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    heres another

  • That girl is not White, she’s Iranian and the boy is just another white boy who probably thinks he’s “cool” because he dates non-whites.

    • NM156

      She appears to be Persian, not Arab. Therefore, she’s white.

      • She calls herself Iranian and I believe she knows what she is.

        As for Persia, Persia is not in Europe and it’s not White. 

  • I cherry pick my sources of information and Fox News is usually left on the tree.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     cleveland fair and events CANCELLED DUE TO NEGRO MOBS (plan for next year!!! sure…..)

  • Major

    Two contrary view points from the ghetto.

  • Athling

    When Whites on a large scale become aware of what is happening to them, what is being done to them, then things will begin to change. Those who control information believe it is in their interest to conceal the truth. Perhaps it is but in the end they will be rightly seen as accomplices.

    Pressure should be continuously applied to the media to tell the truth. Expose their hypocrisy at every opportunity.

  • sbuffalonative

    I particularly liked the second editorial where the editor explain that the reason they didn’t report in depth on the attack was because they didn’t have all the facts and ‘just didn’t know what happened’.

    Isn’t it the role of the press to find out what happened and report the objective, unbiased facts in a timely manner?

    The Virgian-Pilot deserves to be shamed, embarrassed, ridiculed, and called-out for their gross dereliction of duty. A NEWSpaper that can’t or won’t report relevant information in a timely manner is irrelevant.

    • Major

      “Isn’t it the role of the press to find out what happened and report the objective, unbiased facts in a timely manner?”

      No…for the last 20 years the LSM has been a pack of cowing, lying, despicable, useless loons and AA slaves. CBS, ABC, CNN, NYT, Vanity Fair, New Yorker,, Mother Jones and above all else…MSNBC are hypocrites, racists, hate American and especially whites….and all stacked against us and the truth.

  • libertarian1234

    O’Reilly had on Jesse Jackson’s daughter as a paid Fox contributor tonight,  asking her about what she thought about the mob attack on the two white people.

    The “no spin zone” erupted into blatant unrestrained spin as she attempted to turn the question into a  propaganda spewn litany of what whites needed to do to alleviate the problems in black neighborhoods.

    It was an “honest conversation on race,” we needed she said at one point.

    O’Reilly in his unsuccessful attempts to get her to answer the question he asked said the two people being beaten by blacks was like the Trayvon Martin case, because both involved “injustices.”  Of course he meant an injustice against the black thug and not the true victim, Zimmerman.

    But it was notable that he finally came out and admitted he thinks the perp didn’t deserve to be shot, after statements prior to that for days claiming he wouldn’t take a side, but would wait to get the facts as the trial developed.

    His statement of support for Martin will only stir up the blacks even more if Zimmerman is freed as he should be.

    He also said that he thought it would be a good idea if Jesse  and Al would go to the neighborhood of the attack on the two whites and condemn the action to improve race relations, Jackson’s daughter wasn’t too keen on that idea.

    Obviously, O’Reilly isn’t aware that Jesse, Al and the entire black leadership use their black minions as pawns, threatening to set them loose if they don’t get what they want.  They must have rolled on the floor in laughter when they heard him suggest they do something to rein in the black mobs.

    • Major

      “Jackson’s daughter wasn’t too keen on that idea.”

      Of course not…she’s been trained well by the greatest racist hustler POS since Al Charlatan beat Messy Jesse as the premier negro toad. Gotta keep “daddy’s” ( is she sure he is since we know he’s spread his seed around rather liberally and is a proven fact? )

      She’s another in a long line of racist blacks after 4 generations to keep the lie alive.

    • Major

      “O’Reilly had on Jesse Jackson’s daughter as a paid Fox contributor tonight…”

      Look friend…FOX was blackmailed into having this lying hag on the payroll for obvious reasons. Supposedly to be impartial and hear the other side? We all know that she and her brother are riding high on the old mans coat tails. As scummy and as dirty as they are. But…money is money, right? Those two have been on the teet of AA before they sucked their first breath.

  • sarah stein

     People are finding out that the “bigots” were right all along.  We don’t need msm to find out what is going on, we have the internet.  And thank God for that, or more people would be driving through Norfolk and other cities where these flash mob attacks occur, getting beaten or killed. People need to keep a list of these cities and avoid them like the plague, cut them loose, let them go the way of Detroit. 

    • Mahound

      That’s exactly right. They’re afraid of taking this to its logical conclusion. What if those horrible bigots were correct all along?

  • ageofknowledge

    This was a racist attack plain and simple and the corporate conglomerate that owns this modern liberal media organ is censuring the story deliberately to accomplish political objectives rather than reporting the news properly like they are supposed to do.

  • s shadow

    The forces of evil must be powerful indeed to make all these white officials such total race traitors.  What amazing intimidation!!!  A few nights ago O’R. said that this Pilot newspaper was very critical of him on a previous issue.  That is probably why he is running with this.   Maybe his ratings will go up enough that he will do more similar stories.  He has certainly ignored them in the past.  He didn’t exactly take the bate on “hating and detesting bigots” put out by Goldberg.  I’m surprised that their lawyers are letting them do this. 

  • Rebelcelt

    If this would of happened to my wife and I, these same two reporters would have treated us exactly how they were treated. The South Dakota boy maybe learned a little wisdom. This is a good thing , I think we may have gotten 2 people starting to have an epiphay. I am sure they are still in the (its’ not all blacks) stage.
    But, a layer of the onion has been removed in racial consciousness. Maybe the kid will grow a pair. After all, the bravery involved here is the recognition that blacks are not whites with dark skin.That is what takes bravery and goes against the social mantra.Once one admits that Blacks are not Whites in dark skin, the rest of our agenda comes naturally and quickly.

  • Anan7

    I wish I could count how many times Goldberg said “bigot”.  If being a “bigot” means I don’t have my head up my own rectum like Bernie Goldberg does about race, then so be it.  He can go live with the blacks and experience the diversity for himself and then prove he’s not a bigot.

    As others (namely Jared Taylor) have said, crying “racist” is the most ungracious way of admitting you lost the argument.

    Peaceful ethnic separation is the only answer!

  • Blacks need to be controlled – not given more media lessons on how to counteract this latest string of “exposes.”

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    list of recent flashmobs

  • 20670

    Thing is…why is Bill O’Really(?) asking *why*?  Is he really so stupid he doesn’t *know* why? Why doesn’t he reveal the philosophy of the *movement* that is in power now?

    He can’t…he would be fired…no one can so far, however the lawyers around the country planning massive lawsuits aimed at city governments across this country charging (you guess what some of the charges will be!) premeditated criminal neglect against a *portion* of its citizens affecting ALL its citizens by not only local governments but the Federal Government as well as the media, local and national, for covering-up and hiding these types of events that will continue to harm innocent citizens will bring a city to its knees.  More than one city. 

    America still has its Constitution and it will not be null and void *before* these massive numbers of lawsuits for damages are filed on behalf of victims of these kinds of acts.

    Only then will the so-called *average American* get an idea of the changes in government and how through the Department of Justice one race can be encouraged to carry out violence against another race by its very own court system.

    Governments responsibility is to protect its citizens from each other as well as itself.  And when the government fails to protect its citizens, their are a number of effective ways to deal with that foolishness.

    The American Constitution insists upon it! 

    Attacks like these across the country are quite wonderful, really.

    Think about it… 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     black mob beats father and son  other whites unconscious after chilly peppers concert newark nj

  • Jackellisdd

    Some racial reality truths filter up to O’Reilly/Fox. In particular, I appreciate Bernard Goldberg – an honest Jewish liberal.

    But, we still must train our people not to get their news and popular culture from American television, including FOX. We need to continue to improve, grow our alternative (pro White) media. 

  • Jackellisdd

    Some racial reality truths filter up to O’Reilly/Fox. In particular, I appreciate Bernard Goldberg – an honest Jewish liberal.

    But, we still must train our people not to get their news and popular culture from American television, including FOX. We need to continue to improve, grow our alternative (pro White) media. 

  • Zorro

    World Net Daily ran a story about gangs of blacks attacking White people across the country. 

    First, the News has to be in front of the majority of White people, before you can get them to demand better from their City and State governments.

  • Zorro

    World Net Daily ran a story about gangs of blacks attacking White people across the country. 

    First, the News has to be in front of the majority of White people, before you can get them to demand better from their City and State governments.

  • Zorro

    Why do you think that they want to control the Internet? Too much real news is getting out, and you can see videos that validate the news stories.

    I suggest that you look into getting a HAM radio. You may need it for news and communications sometime in the future.

  • Zorro

    Why do you think that they want to control the Internet? Too much real news is getting out, and you can see videos that validate the news stories.

    I suggest that you look into getting a HAM radio. You may need it for news and communications sometime in the future.

  • Zorro

    Maybe they can speak on the College circuit? No, they would be screamed down as “Racists”, even though they were the ones that suffered the Hate Crime.

  • Zorro

    Maybe they can speak on the College circuit? No, they would be screamed down as “Racists”, even though they were the ones that suffered the Hate Crime.

  • Zorro

    How about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Sheriff Mack?

  • Zorro

    How about Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and Sheriff Mack?

  • anarchyst

    The only reason O’Reilly broached the subject of racial strife against whites is that they were part of his “profession” (journalists) . . .

  • anarchyst

    Wasp spray works good, can be sprayed at up to 20 feet and is not considered a “weapon” in most localities . . .

    • Zorro

      Cold Steel makes a pepper spray called Inferno.

  • “I would take the beating myself if I knew it would get this much attention.”

     Well said. People should always remember the bravery and sacrifice of White people for the greater good of all.

     I have to say that Whites should be in the process of bettering and hardening themselves effective immediately.

     1. Improve your health. Walk, stretch, run, lift weights, eat healthy, stop smoking etc.

    2. Learn some basic, savage forms of personal defense. Think putting a pen in someones throat.

    3. Buy a firearm and become familiar with using it and carrying it.

    4. Start a little “fight club” and get used to giving and taking shots (use boxing or mma gloves)

    5. You’re never too old to show some backbone!! Look people directly in the eye.

    6. Share an understanding of the gifts that Whites have blessed the
    world with. I always tell people to look at the community they live in
    and ask themselves, who envisioned, designed, and created this. Who
    envisioned, designed, and created the government buildings, power grid,
    sewer systems, bridges, canals, all public works projects, sports
    arenas, malls, hospitals, amusement parks, and on and on and on? Whites
    of course.

    7. Take pride in being White, it’s CONTAGIOUS.

    8. People love winners, so be one 😉

  • Not too long ago, inept people like you would not have been allowed in America.

    You will have to PROVE via DNA, you know what you’re talking about.  Always and forever, people like you LOVE to talk but NEVER provide proof.

    Until you provide DNA PROOF, you’re nothing but a jealous little inept nothing that can’t handle the fact you’re not White.

    This is how inept you are:  you’ve never seen me, know nothing about my Blood Line, don’t know my last name, don’t know my marital status, don’t know where I live, don’t know how much money I have, don’t know what my skills are, etc. but you KNOW what I am.  You’re worthless.

    This is Galonska, the husband. Here is a bit of my family history:

    My grandfather was a bearer of the gold party pin, having joined the NSDAP before 1923 and being one of the original 100,000 and operated a Dienststelle NSDAP out of the estate, which is now in Russian hands.
    My mother was in the Hitler Youth and loved it.
    My father, the Galonska, was an engineer in the jet fighter program. One of the premier jet fighter squadrons was the Jagtgeschwader Nowotny. There was a general by the name of Blaskowitz. I could go on, but what’s the point.
    It is really amusing to see the know-nothings here spout what is mostly ad hominem attacks when they really have nothing constructive to say.

  • conrad

    “They attack whites (which these two aren’t anyway) because they are an easy mark.”

    I’ve been saying – they are not attacking you because you are white, they are attacking you because you are yellow.  Is anyone catching on to this yet?

  • Dan

    It ‘s amazing how these news organizations are so frightened of simply telling the truth.

  • Just because certain patriotic Americans in the past opposed mass immigration from Poland and other places in Europe it does not follow that the reason they opposed it was because they believed these immigrants not to be “white” i.e of European descent. Under the law none of the people you mention were ever regarded as anything but “white” throughout the United States.

    There are many reasons to oppose immigration besides racialism some of which are sub-racialism, economics, culture cohesion etc. Also there is nothing inherently evil in trying to preserve the population of the United States as predominantly Northwestern European as the 1924 immigration act did.

    If a predominately Northwestern European Protestant country grounded in its Anglo-Saxon colonial heritage was good enough for people’s ancestors to immigrate to then it should be good enough for it to stay that way. Unless people of non Northwestern European descent felt they were living under a reign of terror from 1924 to 1965.

    As to whether Iranians are white or not I find somewhat irrelevant to this situation. They come from outside the bounds of Europe. There is no doubt some genetic overlap with people who live in Europe. However sub-racially and culturally they are different from the people of America therefore there is no justification whatsoever to import vast numbers of them into our territory.

    However on the other hand I think we can be sure the black mob that perpetrated this crime did not take the time to make a careful scientific and historic investigation into whether or not Iranians are white before bricks and fists started to fly. They saw people who weren’t black with pale skin and attacked. This would still be a racially motivated attack even if both occupants of the vehicle had been Iranians because the victims are not black.

    • I’m not from Poland and neither is my Husband.  Certain people here cannot debate me so they do what most non-whites do, they start talking about something that has nothing to do with the subject at hand.

      As for Poland, I have nothing against Poland or Polocks and quite frankly, I don’t know what the hate for them is about.

      • I have no idea where you are from but I’m sure Poland is what the previous commenter had in mind.

        As far as “hate” being directed at immigrants almost 90 years ago now I think you should be able to see how ridiculously simplistic it is to employ that word in the immigration restriction debate especially after all we have been through with the attempts to restore immigration sanity over the last 50 years since the repeal of the Johnson–Reed Act. People employ the word “hate” to stop serious discussion of the issues at hand. It was just as ridiculous to say people “hated” all the immigrants 150 and 90 years ago as it is today.

        If you had been alive 100 years and had a massive amount people from Europe who were in many cases quite poor, didn’t speak English and had a culture that differed from yours reduce you to a minority in your city or neighborhood I think then you might understand these people’s “hate.”

        Would Poland, Italy, or even England for that matter want massive numbers of Americans moving to their cities and becoming the majority population? I think the answer is obviously no.

        America in its traditional form is a nation just as much as any place in Europe. America had a right to defend itself by setting its own immigration policies 90 years ago just as much as it does today.

        • No offense Sir but I barely care anymore.  It seems to me that instead of white people being for each other and coming together, all they want to do is argue with each other.
          This is not to say debate is bad, it’s just, the window has been slammed shut and instead of paying attention to that, they’re concerned about stuff that matters none.

          Illegal Aliens are receiving billions in tax refunds and popping out “americans” by the millions and there’s the asian birthing tours and the asian white house initiative and immact and muslims constantly trying to blow us up and our Right to be Free from Illegal Search and Seizure is totally ignored and sixty three billion in medicare fraud every year and a sixteen trillion dollar debt and pandering to this group and that group while white people are being completely ignored and bugs from the east constantly causing destruction from everything from eating our trees to destroying entire crops of food and God and Crosses being removed literally everywhere and our schoolbooks are full of lies, distortions and outright hatred for America and Americans and over a hundred thousand immigrants pour in every single month even though we have no jobs and “american” companies are allowed to discriminate against us on a daily basis and stab us in the face with their outsourcing and our traditions and values are being quashed because it’s “offensive” to the newcomers and we’re being forced to pay taxes for people’s personal irresponsibility (ten different baby and baby daddy’s) and immigrant seniors and their SSI and healthcare and…..

          I just can’t do this anymore.  “We” are literally being bled slowly to death in all areas.  Financially, resources, space, breeding (mixed-race) and being outnumbered via immigration.

      • You are entirely correct in everything you‘ve said in your last comment.

        Keep up the fight and surely don’t take anything I have posted as an attack on yourself.

        My first comment was primarily directed at Fabius anyway.

        Besides correcting Fabius’ errors the only point is that the narrative that the media feeds us that opposing immigration is “hate” and “bigoted” is a very old one and we need to change the way that the history of immigration is talked about in this country to derail this silly idea that has held such strong sway in this country for so long.

        God Bless : )

  • My Entire Blood Line is from Alabama and I’ve never even heard the word “Slav” ever in my Life.  I don’t even know what a Slav is.

    Please, Please, Leave Alabama Alone.

    As for Russia, last time I looked, the women were beautiful and the men weren’t bad lookin’ neither.

    What’s a Slav?  Where are they from?  What Country?