Edward Townsend Charged with Hitting Man in Central West End

Brandie Piper, KSDK (St. Louis), May 7, 2012

A 17-year-old has been charged with third-degree assault after authorities say he hit a man in the head.


Police say the victim was walking when Edward Townsend punched him in the head.

Townsend was with a group of five other juvenile males, and they ran from the scene after the attack.

The victim was knocked to the ground, but he was able to get up and yell for help.



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  • Poor white sheeple got caught (1) unarmed and (2) wearing flipflops.

    Notice the typical black M.O.: 6 black BGs vs 1 white guy and they still sucker punch him. They didn’t want a fight, they just wanted to beat up a white guy….

    Note well: even if he was wearing running shoes, what are the odds this 30 y.o. white guy could have out run a half dozen teenage black guys after being sucker punched? Even if he knew martial arts, what are the odds he could have fought off a half dozen teenage black guys after being sucker punched? NEVER BE UNARMED IN PUBLIC! ! ! Pepper spray is better than nothing….

    This is a good story for my weekly posting of a link to free “Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice”:

    Yes, it already had in it to always wear shoes suitable for “fight or flight” (men). Women, even if you’re armed, try not to walk alone after dark. Since another gal won’t be much help, best to walk w/a non-sheeple guy.

    • The__Bobster

      And women, while you may think downtown areas are “vibrant”, remember that you can’t run very fast in stilettos

  • Up to my neck in CA

    White eyes are opening, with one black fist at a time.

    “The victim was knocked to the ground, but he was able to get up and yell for help.”
    Time to toughen up Whitey, by “yell” I hope it was “bang bang!”

  • I have had it in the back of my mind that the CWE has been primed for an outbreak of Knockout Martin Luther King.  Well to do whites, disproportionately homosexual, Jewish and liberal Irish, on one side of Delmar, but just on the other side is a hundred thousand Trayvons.

    BBC can tell you more:


    • Bob

      “on one side of Delmar”

      I lived in St. Louis for a long time and will never go back. Delmar is the dividing line, and the Central West End, nice as it is, is far too close to Delmar.

      The old rich in those mansions right north of Forest Park used to tell me horror stories. They finally got an armed guard at the entrance.

  • Church_of_Jed

    How much Affirmative Action did it take to make anchor Art Holloway, a very afrovooodoo negroidity Diversity, sound articulate, dress like a White, and wear those thick black glasses?

    Is it just me, or does anyone else break out in howls of laughter when these “outstanding leaders of the community of color” come on TV?

    How many Whites were frozen in place so he could advance up the systemic ladder of black privilege? How many of us were forced to sacrifice our White privilege so he could live better than nature would provide in the ghetto or Africa?

    Having these strong, dignified, serious, articulate blacks give us our news is part of the MSM trick to make us believe that not all blacks are dangerous. Wouldn’t you love to hear how his parents talk in their own home? I mean his mom. Nobody knows who his dad is, much less him. It’s a Diversity thing- we can’t understand.

    • The__Bobster

      I’d just like to hear how he speaks in his own home. After all, I’ve seen how Whiner Gumbel behaves around his homies.

  • Funny how when blacks do this they call it “the knockout game”, now if white people started doing this it would be called a hate crime and NO ONE would dare call it “a game”.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      You’re exactly right John. Using the word “game” implies yoofs being yoofs. As if a bunch of kids were horseplaying and it got a little out of hand.

    • I always thought a “game” took willing participants.   My guess is that the victims did not want to play…

    • libertarian1234

      “Knockout game?”

      Here’s the press and the authorities AGAIN trying to play down the fact that blacks attack whites out of hatred.  They want whites to believe this “knockout game”  has nothing to do with the fact that these miscreants always attack whites out of pure hatred.

      Are we to believe the entire black leadership and their reps in Congress, who constantly preach hatred of whites, blaming them for black inability to achieve,  isn’t the reason for the out-of-control hate within every black community throughout the nation?

      Does anybody in the real world not a brainwashed, mentally conditioned radical really believe these blacks would have attacked this guy if he were black?

      Rev. Jesse Peterson says blacks are in a constant rage against whites, because of the non-stop anti-white propaganda that is common,  blaming whites for all black ills.

      He should know.  He was one of the anti-white haters before he wised up.

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s so very true! If a group of Whites did this to a Black man and it only happened once, the MSM would be all over it. Blacks would have marches and demonstrations (with all the usual suspects in attendance – Sharpton, Jackson, et al.), and Eric Holder would open an official investigation. Strangely, numerous Whites have been victimized by Blacks engaging in the ‘knockout game’ for the past year (or longer), yet there has been no official investigation by the Attorney General. Where are the marches and demonstrations on behalf of the  White victims to protest violent Black conduct? Where are the ‘investigative reports’ of ’60 Minutes’ or ‘Nightline’ on this issue? We all know the answer to this.

  • No

    Don’t waste your time . . . big surprise . . . 1:45 into the video, they finally disclose the assailant in black.

    Seven tips for my fellow white maless in St Louis:

    1)  There is no “safe part of town” if blacks live within 50 miles.  They have cars too.

    2)  When you see a group of blacks coming towards you, it’s not “strange”  . . . it’s potentially life-threatening.  Pretend it’s a pack of hyenas . . . no wait, not right to disparage the hyena . . . a pack of rabid dogs (on steroids). 

    3)  Ditch the flip-flops and dress like a man.  Invest in a pair of Doc Martens or any heavy work boot.  Steel toe preferred.

    4)  Wake up.  Your civics teacher, social studies teacher, biology teacher, history teacher and sociology teacher ALL lied to you.    Diversity is dangerous to humans.

    5)  At 30-something, you’re probably too fat or out of shape for martial arts training to do any immediate good.  Take a concealed carry class and then decide on how much you can afford to spend on a decent shooting iron . . . then double it and go get one.  It’s your life.  Cut back on the pizzas and beer but don’t cheat yourself on the quality of the iron your life will depend on.

    6)  Practice.

    7)  Go practice some more.

    •  Being from St.Louis myself I agree 100%. You should run for mayor.

    • Herman

      They really didn’t disclose they were black.

      They just showed a picture so they wouldn’t have to disclose it.

  • A large group of black males walking down the sidewalk toward him was the first clue.  He should have immediately taken off running in the other direction, circled around to his residence, and stayed inside the rest of the evening looking at Internet porn. 

    Oh yea, flip flops are for the beach or the communal shower at the Y.

    • IstvanIN

      Got what he deserved.  Scum whites wear flip-flops in public.  I see flip-flops in the market, in the Post Office, at the rail station, just about every where.  Flip flops out side of the beach are THIRD WORLD FOOT WEAR.  Dress like a third worlder, get beat up like a third worlder.  It is bad enough our treasonous government has flooded our nation with third world scum from Asia, Africa and latin America but why do white people have to emulate them?  Men should wear closed shoes or sneakers.  Women at the very LEAST should always have a shoe with a back strap.

      It is time we acted civilized because they can’t!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    the biggest heroes and role models in the black “community” are: michael jackson , a pedophile, rodney king a drug addict criminal, and tar von mau-in a drug dealer cat burglar….what does that tell you about their community?

  • ageofknowledge

    I remember my Uncles in Southgate, CA talking about gangs of whites (spook hunters, etc…) going into black neighborhoods and doing exactly this back in the 1950’s. Sixty years later, it’s come full circle.

    • ed91

       bull squeeze!!

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    how come i cannot find any other source or news of this attack anywhere on google searches or even other search engines??

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     The victim had minor injuries and refused medical assistance.
    if this happens to you: dont refuse medical’ do sue the city, state and police force etc for failing to protect you.

    •  It has long been established in case law that law enforcement does NOT have a duty to protect any particular individual, but only the public at large (exception: person in LE custody).

  • Detroit_WASP

    The should call it the BLACKout game.

    No mention of race….again.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     Edward L. Townsend, 17, of the 4900 block of Evans Avenue, was charged with one count of third-degree misdemeanor assault.Read more: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/st-louis-teen-charged-in-central-west-end-knockout-attack/article_c28f22c8-985b-11e1-a168-0019bb30f31a.html#ixzz1uKNlBVMY

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

        third-degree misdemeanor….hmmmmmm

    •  Which means at most 30 days in the city can, and probably no time.  What I don’t get is why the five juveniles that accompanied him are facing no charges, (even though I really do know the answer, remember Matthew Quain). 

      • Confusing media language.  “Third degree misdemeanor assault” means third degree assault which is a Class A (most serious) misdemeanor, which could mean up to a year in the city can.

        However, what Townsend is alleged to have done reads far more like second degree assault in Missouri, which is a felony:


        To wit:

        Attempts to kill or knowingly causes or attempts to cause serious
        physical injury to another person under the influence of sudden passion
        arising out of adequate cause

        “Adequate cause” would be the Knockout Martin Luther King.

  • sarah stein

    The cops have “Bait Car”, how about starting a “Bait Cracka” sting.  That’s a shame, the cops will try to stop car thieves, but not racist attackers.

  • splitsing

    The “flash mob” chicanery of last summer is certain to spill over when the heat is on this year.  I can’t wait!  The more violence the better, no matter the result!  Either disingenuous white liberal buffoons get their just desserts (and hopefully some teeth knocked out) or more innocent white victims open up more white and bright eyes.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    nice link here

  • Carney3

    I highly recommend these 3 principles of self-defense:


    1. Avoid dangerous people and places
    2. Do not defend your property
    3. Respond immediately and escape

  • TruthHammer

    Yeah, what’s with the flip-flop hate?  I wear them because they’re comfortable and easy.  I also carry concealed whenever possible.  I’m prepared to protect myself in order to keep these criminal elements from dictating how I live my life.

  • Herman

    The “juveniles” were released to their “parents”?

    The parents are probably just older versions of the juveniles.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Most likey Parent, as in singular.

  • Holin

    I have never read a comment on AmRen concerning blacks that suggested violence.
    I have read many that speak of the actual truth concerning blacks and society.

    But I can tell you this:
    Most websites will ban you from posting IF you make even the most slightly derogatory comment regarding ANY black individual.
    NO matter how minor no matter how truthful and verifiable, negative comments of any kind concerning blacks are NOT ALLOWED.

    Outright hateful lies regarding WHITES no problem type away.

  • I don’t know if St. Louis has concealed carry laws

    Yes.  Amazingly, the permitting authority (the Sheriff) is following the letter of the law in issuing permits, and not arbitrarily jerking around, even though he doesn’t know Amendment the Second exists.

  • Southernguy7122

    Ahhh, another long, hot Summer filled with racial attacks from blacks. Meanwhile, Eric Holder and his legion of Federal agents, most who whore around on our tax dollars are rounding up and arresting white separatists (the AF group in Florida).  But the Feds need to know this: The average, ordinary YT is on to the game. Even my pacifist next door Pastor knows that black racism is out of control and treated with kid gloves by Federal statutes and the MSM.  

  • whiteuncleruckus

    not a word about the race of anybody. its the knockout whitey game.

  •  The best one-liner I’ve read on AR in a long time.  I’m using it as my own blog’s tagline, at least for awhile.

  • IstvanIN

    Look at India and Cambodia, or Indians and Pakistanis in this country.  Men should wear closed shoes, at least the civilized.  Flip flops are lazy and third world.  I stand by my statement.  One didn’t see flip flops in suburban supermakets in the 60s, 70s or 80s.  But once we were flooded with 3rd worlders, YT had to join in the downward spiral.