UNC Players Made Up 39 Percent of Suspect Classes

Dan Kane, News Observer, May 8, 2012

Football and basketball players accounted for nearly four of every 10 students enrolled in 54 classes at the heart of an academic fraud investigation at UNC-Chapel Hill, according to figures released Monday.

The classes were all within UNC’s Department of African and Afro-American studies. An internal probe released Friday produced evidence of unauthorized grade changes and little or no instruction by professors. Forty-five of the classes listed the department’s chairman, Julius Nyang’oro, as the professor. Investigators could not determine instructors for the remaining nine.

University officials say they found no evidence that the suspect classes were part of a plan between Nyang’oro and the athletic department to create classes that student-athletes could pass so they could maintain their eligibility. They said student-athletes were treated no differently in the classes than students who were not athletes.

But the high percentages of student-athletes in the classes suggest to some that academic advisers, tutors and others in the athletic department may have guided them to the classes.


There were 686 enrollments for the 54 suspect classes. Of those, football players accounted for 246 of the enrollments, or 36 percent, while basketball players accounted for 23 enrollments, or three percent, according to UNC. Together, football and basketball players accounted for 39 percent of the enrollments.

Football and basketball players account for less than one percent of the total undergraduate enrollment—about 120 of the more than 18,500 undergraduate students on campus. On the other hand, many of the suspect classes were held in the summer, a time when many football players are on campus.


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  • University officials say they found no evidence that the suspect classes
    were part of a plan between Nyang’oro and the athletic department to
    create classes that student-athletes could pass so they could maintain
    their eligibility.

    Of course there is not evidence, and there won’t be any evidence.  Do you honestly think that the football and basketball coaching staffs and their allies in the AD are going to create a paper or voice trail that would mean the NCAA strips away football and basketball wins and championships?

    • splitsing

      The NCAA just reamed UNC… they are the same administration that thought Butch Davis would survive the John Blake (black coach) and player extra benefits cheating scandal.  I can’t wait to see the investigators swarming Chapel Hill.  It will be grand.

  • I am shocked, shocked there is gambling going on here

  • Church_of_Jed

    They need these easy classes so they’ll have time to attend the Justice for Eve Carson rallies, candle light vigils, and protest marches.

    “Who told you that racism is a sin? Sin against whom? Yourself? Or  God, who made you, loves you, and wants you to survive and thrive? Or Jesus, who never went on a mission trip to New Orleans, Haiti, or the Congo? Racism saves Whites lives. Does the God of Justice and his Son of Mercy condemn you for wanting to live free of misery, voodoo, and Diversity?”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Deconstructing the myth of Equality,” 2010

  • ed91

    disgusting……  and oh so inevitable…………..  how tired am I of living with needful fools?

    very tired………..    I think that is why I love the orient so much, they just don’t put  up with all that minority foolishness……..  it’s a waste of time and energy and sanity……… 

    it’s hellish!

  • frmore

    Julius Nyang’oro also brought sport agents in to teach classes in Negro Studies. That’s the academic scholar below. Take a gander.

    • Oil Can Harry

      No doubt named after Julius Nyerere.

      Then again, maybe Julius Erving.

  • WmarkW

    “In today’s lesson, we learn how a large respected university denies an education to its minority students, by giving them non-classes that don’t teach anything to keep them eligible to play.”

  • holyflower

    Force the NBA and NFL to create their own farm teams.  Do this by ending “scholarships” for non-scholars (athletic non-students).  And thus end demand for fake courses, sham professors, double standards.   

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, end the charade that these “stoodints” are actually receiving an ejumucation and boot them out. It’ll do wonders for reducing the number of rapes and robberies on college campi, too.

    • I W

      But that would be…wait for it…now in a shrill tone screech “racist” and flap your hands in the air trying to look mortified.
      Oddly, I cannot find ‘african America’ on any maps or charts, so I can only presume that these studies involve neither  geography or (legitimate) history.
      Besides, they cannot do that for several reasons;
      First off, academic scholarships -due to disparate impact- are inherently deemed ‘racist’ if they are even remotely merit based.
      But second (and more importantly) college sports are BIG money. I mean money big enough that I am unsure why they bother charging tuition… oh yeah, because these indoctrination/daycare centers are Big business. Probably bigger than medicine (“1/6th” of the economy according to some) when you factor in all of the angles; from textbook/propaganda publishing and writing, to merchandising, and even to the tuition itself -not to mention the loans and grants industry that flourishes with it.
      I mean, when colleges and universities sue high schools over Mascot and copyright/trademark issues, (Notre Damned?) you have to realize that this is some pretty substantial money here, and that all that matters is promoting that product; to hell with the academics, student safety, and actual Standards.
      The joke used to be ‘underwater basket-weaving’ and I think we all have known that ‘african American studies’ has always been and cannot be anything but a similar joke.
      Expect them to do some hand wringing and come up with the idea that it is somehow ‘racism’ at fault (and it is; only it is Black racism and that is not only okay but unmentionable) so they will come up with an office of ‘diversity and inclusion oversight’ to massage those grades in line with the rest of the school (which can be then trumpeted as closing the achievement gap -while ignoring the ‘nonexistant’ but measurable IQ gap.)

      Ha! Kept it all down to one ‘page’ this time!
      -True Blue

      • Carney3

        Turn the tables on the schools by calling them exploiters of unpaid black labor – i.e., slavemasters, and making it a crusade to destroy big-time college sports and to create a true minor league system for basketball and baseball, much like British soccer, in which you can earn a comfortable or at least working class living many layers down from the top league.

  • No

    (Mostly) black “student” afletes . . . african studies . . . a department chairman named Julius Nyang’oro . . . the summer term when most administrators take vacation . . .

    What could possibly go wrong with academic integrity at our little university?

  • …so is the athletics program a feature of the university? ….or is the university just an afterthought for the football team…

  • I’m making that face like the kid in “Home Alone”. This is very shocking. Who would’ve guessed?

  • Strider73

    This newspaper is based in Raleigh. I find myself wondering how much effort they put into investigating the exact same athletic corruption at NC State.

    Probably about as much as the Durham paper would put into the same situation at Duke.

  • They even have to cheat at basket weaving, history of hip hop, and math for footballers?

  • JackKrak

    Something tells me that if this were the ice hockey team at Minnesota instead of the football & basketball teams at UNC, I would have heard a lot about this alreay instead of finding out about it on AmRen.

  • anmpr1

    There is too much money to be made by the university for this to substantially change.  White alumni whose weekend life revolves around black games, the NFL, shoe and drink contracts.  Not to mention the liberal idea that blacks are equal, and deserving of an education.  So what is a “university” to do?  This entire sordid episode simply underscores how the “system” is rotten to the core, and it is another example of how too many whites love their Black Run America, and are willing to look the other way when it is inconvenient not to.

  • slobotnavich

    Boy, is this ever a shocker!  Who woulda thunk it?  This is almost as puzzling as the peculiar fact that the great majority of former NBA players are broke derelicts five years after retiring, despite having “earned” tens of millions during their careers.

  • Strider73

    You’re right about football, but at some colleges the women’s basketball program is as popular as the men’s, if not more so. (Think Baylor, UConn, Notre Dame and Tennessee, just for starters.) If black players on those teams aren’t already in those “suspect classes” to stay eligible, they soon will be.

  • Sincerely Concerned

    I am also from Georgia and I get what you’re saying.  But, the only way to make these universities shape up is to not watch the games on television nor in person.  I know that’s a tall order but I put my money where my mouth is.  Just wish millions of other would do the same.