The Cost of Illegal Immigration to Marylanders (2012)

FAIR, May 2012

Maryland’s policy towards illegal aliens has resulted in a fast growing illegal alien population and a rapidly increasing fiscal burden on the state’s taxpayers. Unsatisfied with the accommodations already in place for illegal aliens, the state legislature adopted a measure in 2011 (SB 167) that allows illegal aliens to extend their taxpayer-funded education beyond public elementary and secondary schooling to higher education. The state’s voters will have the opportunity to decide in the November 2012 election whether they want to reverse this policy.

This updated study on what illegal immigration costs Maryland taxpayers includes the following findings:

  • The state’s taxpayers currently pay nearly $1.9 billion in taxes because of the presence of an estimated 295,000 illegal aliens plus nearly 68,000 children born in the United States to illegal aliens.
  • In-state tuition for illegal aliens in post-secondary schools will cost the state’s taxpayers more than $28 million annually under the 2011 legislation if approved by the voters. This cost to taxpayers will increase as more illegals aliens move to Maryland.
  • The average Maryland household headed by an American or legal resident shares an annual burden of about $910 to cover the costs of the state’s illegal alien population.
  • Because more than two-thirds of the cost of illegal immigration in Maryland is for education (see chart), and much of that cost is funded locally, the fiscal cost burden is heavier where the illegal alien population is greatest. Montgomery and Prince George’s county taxpayers have a greater than average annual burden ($1,420 and $1,025 respectively).
  • Illegal aliens pay relatively little in taxes, mainly because of their low earnings. We estimate that the state receives approximately $119 million in tax collections from illegal aliens — only a fraction the costs of illegal immigration borne by the taxpayers.

Read the full report in pdf format.



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  • Remember, about 30% of Maryland’s population is black.  Any comparison between illegal aliens and citizens is skewed from so many of its citizens being black.

  • WmarkW

    I live in Maryland.
    As much as possible, I try to avoid businesses with many illegal alien employees.
    You can’ tell 100%, of course;  but if anyone with public contact doesn’t understand English, tell the manager that you won’t patronize them if you can’t communicate with staff.

    • I do not need confirmation they are illegal to avoid any business who chooses to fill their staff  with a majority Hispanics. I simply will not spend my money there, illegal or not.

    By ANY means necessary
    then, deport the black.

    • JohnEngelman


      • mikejones91

        Exactly. What is an actual/realistic/humane solution for this “problem”? Non-violent solution.

        • We’re being invaded! What does being “humane ” have to do with it?

          • mikejones91

            I’m mostly talking about blacks. Mexicans on the other hand, I would suggest country wide deportations, obviously. For the “majority” to get behind any idea regard “relocation”, it HAS to be humane.

        • Fine employers, the fine would pay snitches.

        • The only thing that could defuse this crisis is honest and productive discussion on race. That will never happen because honest discussion on race is “racist” and therefore not allowed.
          Just imagine 1 thing. The government goes bankrupt and cannot send blacks and mexicans their welfare checks. How can that situation be peaceful?

        • Kurt Plummer


          Exactly. What is an actual/realistic/humane solution for this “problem”? Non-violent solution.

          Isolation within our -fully owned- communities.  Where the law of what amounts to a socialist assault upon our civilization cannot reach without being in violation of their own ‘privilege’.

          If there are 50 homes in a subdivision and each one has 1.5 working spouses with an average income of just 40,000 a year, you are talking THREE MILLION A YEAR in earned income.  Halve that with taxes and you -still- have enough to begin paying off houses at the rate of 10 per year.

          Buy up homes of non whites, gays or elderly people (giving them a lifelong housing option) and hold them for other whites.  Whom you carefully select from recent graduates of law, dental, medical and trades based schools as well as teaching.   Pay off -their- loans and give them housing ala ‘Northern Exposure’.

          Buy up adjacent land for a community only strip mall and services center.  Install a parking garage with electric vehicles and a solar panel/wind turbine roof system to charge them and give every working person FREE, chaffeur driven, driving service to their place of work.

          Add similar electrical generation capabilities and a transformer pad to every house, reducing the monthly electric load by 50%.  Add other elements (triple pane windows, new insulation, finished garages etc.) to render these homes as energy efficient as possible.

          Provide residential (in)home schooling with courses that are linked to college campuses -as soon as possible- so that children go to school all year round and yet are only required to do 2-3 classes per day with fortnight minivacations based on family schedules and personal progress within an all-electronic learning environment.

          Keep _all_ services within the community.  Be it baby sitting for working mothers or lawn mowing for XBox money or delivering groceries or kids to soccer practice.  Inculcate in the children of the community the certainty that they WILL be taken care of, if they just play along.

          Buy up more land and get young people into their first apartment/condo complex living arrangements by 16-18.  So that they are not just -dumped- into the world.  But have a lifeplan plotted out ahead of them.  Do _not_ waste 100-200 grande on top end college education which only plays into The System of robbing the middle class of it’s best and brightest and teaching them to defraud their parents’ generation.

          Make sure it’s all legal.  High good, high skill, corporate lawyers and use as many tax shelters and shell companies as it takes to hide the reality of a race normed social environment from the likes of The Feds.  In particular, have inheritances locked down tight with the understanding that mortgage insurance and a healthy group life policy will be provided to those who are simply willing to live within the system of protecting our bloodlines as future genetic bookmarks.  The sweeter it is to stay have a guaranteed house or a large inheritance, the easier it is to look past the quacks who scream racism.

          Where someone wants to leave the community, ease their way as painlessly as possible but _insist_ that the community get first dibs on buying up the home and property on the basis of keeping us racially exclusive.

          Rinse and Repeat.  So that, across those key agro and tech states which can make use of White Skills, you have linked communities which can move young people around to keep the genetics fresh and the opportunities interesting.

          If the girl gets the house as a dowry and the boy gets the money as a vestible ‘pick me!’ incentive to starting a family and providing for the future (medical care coverage under group copay as well), then you have created a system of _private ownership_ of majority white enclaves which cannot be shattered by external laws imposed by Federal A/A insanity.

          At least not without demanding that the same be applied to the wealthy neighborhoods which, right now, operate _exactly the same way_.

          You asked… 😉

      • TomIron361

        JohnEngleman, The use of unbridled violence. There is no other way. Everrything’s going to come down to that one way or another. Better sooner than later.

        mikejones91, I’m talking realistically. There is no other way Sir. We’re humans Sir, violence is and has always been the answer to “problems” over many centuries. Don’t agonize over this. Just get yourself and your family ready to do what they have to. 

        • JohnEngelman

          TomIron361, You are advocating criminal behavior. That advocacy does not benefit the American Renaissance website. 
          Besides, it will never happen. This is why:
          “The kind of thoughtful and intelligent young people that [National Review] would like to have as readers understand that there are problems and absurdities connected with race in our public life, and are happy to hear arguments pro and con about racial profiling, affirmative action, and so on… They are, however, determined to make the multiracial society work, they believe it can be made to work…and they are unwilling to read, say, or think anything that could be construed as unkind towards people of other races. The pessimism and cynicism on this topic that you rather commonly find among conservatives – including NRreaders – born in 1930, or even 1950, are profoundly unappetizing to these younger conservatives.” 
          – John Derbyshire 
          Since 1980 the crime rate has declined. Since 1991 the rate of violent crime has declined.
          As long as this continues, TomIron361, you represent the opinions of a declining percentage of whites in the United States. 
          The change in racial attitudes can be seen in the growing support for interracial marriage.

          • I thought the violent crime rate fell at the same rate as the lowering cost of crack cocaine. A crackhead only has to steal once a month for as much money as he had to steal a day to feed his habit

          • TomIron361

            JohnEnglemen, Sir, you’re not looking at what’s happening correctly, nor are you reading it correctly. First off, criminal or not, this is all going to be thrust on us. This isn’t going to be an intellectual discussion. It makes no difference what all these people “think.” At some point, when the hispanics and blacks finally get it through their heads that no matter the illusion of power they may have, they are powerless and can never enter this society. I assure you sir, they will go stark raving mad. It’ll be interesting seeing all those Whites who’ve thrown in their lot with the minorities being murdered wholesale even as they proclaim their total love for the minorities. I will say this though. I do wish you were right, but I know from the top of my head down to the bottom of my feet, you’re totally wrong. Too bad things had to turn out this way.

          • TomIron361

            dd, Yes, that’s true. But we’ll have plenty of support within those organizations. Just like the Taliban are getting plenty of support from within the quisling Afghan govt.

          • Thank Roe vs. Wade, abortion is the only thing keeping the black population from growing. Violent crime hasn’t really been falling, they have been redefining “violent crime” so that simple assaults and domestic disturbances no longer count.
            The support for interracial marriages is 100% media brainwashing. Black-white marriages have an incredibly high divorce rate and death rate. You are MUCH more likely to be killed by your spouse if your spouse is black, man or woman. A lot of white women regret having interracial babies. Its hard to have a child that looks so different from you. They want a child with their eyes or their mother’s nose, but what they get is a child that looks almost nothing like them, almost alien.
            White society only works for white people. Our ancestors all experienced the same genetic pressures. Every plague, every famine, and every environmental factor left its mark on the European genome. Our society is designed to work with our DNA. It took 1 generation for any European immigrant to assimilate into white America. No need for affirmative action or any government assistance.

          • JohnEngelman

            Lucas Evans,
            You refuse to believe facts you do not want to believe. When Gallup tells me that support for interracial marriage is increasing, I am confident it is increasing. When the FBI tells me that the crime rate is declining, I am confident it is declining. 

      • Picture a world, in which you absolutely knew The Brown Problem threatened the very existence of your children. Robbery, Rape – Murder. Depleted treasuries spent for their luxurious breeding at the expense of your roads, bridges – and Children.

        You saw it grow beyond any human reasoning, and know beyond a doubt the end of your country is coming. Your response is the answer.

        • JohnEngelman

          The crime rate is not growing. It is declining. 
          I am not in favor of unlimited immigration to the United States, but I think nothing is gained by exaggerating problems that are declining in severity. 

          • What has the “crime rate declining” have to do with it; you presume statistics culled from a leftist government stuffed with Affirmative Action bureaucrats has even a shred of credibility remaining.

            Shall you wait around until it “rises” again?

            I care not for such “statistics” – even if the crime rate was zero. You do NOT feed a cancer when it’s in remission. You know a snake when you pick it up.

          • JohnEngelman

            There’s not going to be a race war. Things are getting better. Calm down. 

          • The condition is worsening.
            Technically, you may be correct, for there’s only one side committing warfare and killing the other side.

            The proper term for that is atrocity or massacre; black flashgangs have slaughtered hundreds already.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who access this website frequently may get an exaggerated idea about crime rates because a crime anywhere in the United States may be reported here.  

          • THAT balances the msm bias of not reporting ANY black on white crimes. Especially HATE Crime.

    • TomIron361

      Firepower, Sir, deportation isn’t the answer. My idea is to throw them out of the country, but not back down below the Rio Grande. They’d only turn around and come back. The answer is to send them to a place such as Angola or any of the other places in sub-saharan africa and send them ashore while its being filmed by a news crew and have it on the evening news. Once word got out that they were being sent to such places, you’d have to get out of their way or you’d get run over as they ran back to mexico. Northern Greenland wouldn’t be a bad place for them either.

      • Even the French had
        Devil’s Island

        • TomIron361

          Firepower, Sir, unhappily, this is just the way it’s going to have to be. Too bad.

          • We must change that factor, or be consumed.

      • JohnEngelman

        Because the crime rate is declining there is declining support for what you advocate. 
        Slavery is America’s original sin. The United States would be a much better country if the slave trade had never existed. Unfortunately, Southern whites were too lazy to grow their own cotton, so we have to live with the consequence. 

        • TomIron361

          Mr. Engleman, Sir, you pick and choose what to respond to. As I said and you chose to ignore, there’ll be no coice for White people. when this all gets started, it’ll come down to conquer or die. You can say and feel exactly as you like Sir, but in no way will you convince me that I’m wrong. Nor do I think your argumentation will go far on Amren. Stick around though.
          Slavery is just a bunch of malarkey used to keep the blacks agitated. No one cares anything about slavery.

        • The__Bobster

          Maybe the crime rate is declining or maybe the decline is due to creative bookkeeping.

          • JohnEngelman

            There is no reason to suppose that crime rates are measured less accurately than they were in the past. If anything, more modern methods are leading to more accurate measurements. 

        •  Why do you keep blaming slavery on White Americans?  Slavery is as old as time.  BTW Dutch JEWS were responsible for the vast majority of black slaves ending up in the Americas

  • crystal evans

    I am not surprised. Illegal aliens and their offspring drain resources from public schools and hospitals. Most illegals are not insured and do not pay their medical bills. Their US born offspring drain public assistance programs. They are their offspring should be deported back to their country of origin.  I still do not see the reasoning of educating illegal alien students who cannot legally work once they graduate. Why should we given them rights that belong to US citizens and legal residents such as in state tuition and financial aid? Mexico does not charge tuition for Mexican citizens to attend their universities. I read once where Mexican universities were offering on line classes to their citizens for free. Why don’t more of these illegals take advantage of these programs instead of demanding things that they are not entitled to?

    • Because it has nothing to do with “education” and everything to do with reconquista. “Getting an education” is the perfect swathe in which to further this agenda.

  • mikejones91

    They don’t care because they have been told there is NOTHING to worry about. I am 21, so until recently, I basically accepted this nonsense as inevitable. That and I just didn’t think about it.

  • We sorely need Operation Wetback 2!  (Seriously there was an Operation Wetback 1 and it succeeded in deporting over 50,000 illegals)

    • The__Bobster

      There was one in the 30’s, too. It seems that the country needs a good enema every couple of decades.

      • IstvanIN

        Wasn’t there a revolt by Meixcan-Americans back in the 1930s?

        • Mexicans are always revolting over something. Too bad they cannot do it in their own country!

  • The__Bobster

    Learn some Spanish. You won’t like what they’re saying about you when they think you don’t understand them.

  • Natassia

    That’s why my father, a long-time resident of Rockville, MD, calls the state “The People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland.”

  • IstvanIN
  • Why does anyone think that an employer who uses illegal aliens is going to pay the taxes on them. I wouldn’t, I would tell Jose that the deductions are for taxes and then stick the cash in my pocket, if he bitches then I will report him and say he was trying to steal.

    • JohnEngelman

      The Republican Party is the party for employers. White blue collar workers who think the GOP represents their economic interests are delusional. 

  • MissBonnie123

    JohnEngleman said:”There’s not going to be a race war. Things are getting better. Calm down.”

    I respectfully disagree with you. The New Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are trying to provoke White people into a race war. If you read J. Christian Adams book “Injustice,” you will see that these are NOT just fringe groups, but groups that have a strong following and sympathizers within the Department of Justice.

    America is now an empire. It is no longer a nation. ALL empires collapse eventually. Multiculturalism/multiracialism will contribute to the collapse of the United States.

    • Kurt Plummer

      What bothers me with the references to Empire is that NONE of the extant Imperial regimes of history deliberately tried to remake themselves as a multicult state.

      Did the British invite the peoples of India to Britain to challenge their ethnic dominance of their own lands?  Did Charlemagne import huge numbers of population -replacing- Gallic peoples to the Holy Roman Empire?

      The closest you have is the Roman situation with Valens allowing the Goths to flee the Huns across the Danube and -even he- at least died trying to evict them.

      What is so very wrong here is that:

      1.  Some peoples -are- lesser in genetic stature (conformity, industriousness, creativity) than others.  We divide these differences by skin color but the skin color is directly associable to regions and there relative lack of advanced society.

      2.  We now have _proof_, out of England no less, that this is indeed an attempt at social engineering as a means to enable artificial change within the environment as a benefit to (dead) political concepts (labor = liberal) rather than -living- peoples.

      3.  By birth rates alone, it is _very clear_ that whites are the better bet to run with.  Because we don’t create Malthusian Deficits as more people than resources able to sustain a given level of social advancement with.  Whites are ONLY 16% of the planet’s population, right now.  Mexicans alone create more trash than all of the USA does.  Between pollution and resource depletion we are endorsing the ‘wrong kind of people’ for a 21st century world.

      And thus it is that White Americans, quite legitimately, see themselves as not only living a separate level of assured existence from those of the rich elites who ‘don’t worry about such racist things’ but that we are actively being sabotaged by these same elites who apparently either don’t know what it’s really like to be surrounded by people you find repugnant.

      Or do know and don’t care so long as The Consequences don’t apply to them.

  • You know this article reminds me of when people say “Nobody ever tries to do anything.”  Well in 1994 the people of CA decided to save the state from the mexican nightmare and passed Proposition 187. 
    California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State (SOS) initiative) was a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit illegal aliens from using health care, public education, and other social services in the U.S. State of California.
    Voters passed the proposed law as a referendum in November 1994; it was
    the first time that a state had passed legislation related to immigration, customarily an issue for federal policies and programs.[1] The law was challenged in a legal suit and found unconstitutional by a federal court. In 1999, Governor Gray Davis halted state appeals against the ruling.

    Passage of Proposition 187 reflected state residents’ concerns about
    illegal immigration into the United States and the large Hispanic
    population in California. Opponents believed the law was discriminatory
    against immigrants of Hispanic or Asian origin; supporters generally
    insisted that their concerns were economic: that the state could not
    afford to provide social services for so many illegal residents