More Gun Violence Shakes a Worried City

Sara Green et al., The Seattle Times, May 27, 2012

A man waiting to cross the street near Seattle Center was shot in the leg Saturday night, the second bystander in three days—and the third in recent weeks—to be caught in gunfire, continuing a troubling increase in the number of shootings in Seattle since the start of the year.

More violence erupted early Sunday: In four drive-by shootings in South Seattle, gunmen fired more than 60 rounds, riddling four houses and several cars with bullets. Miraculously, no one was hit; a teenage girl dived to her bedroom floor to avoid being shot.

While gang detectives are involved in several of the investigations, and police say at least one suspect is an admitted gang member, detectives do not know what role gang tensions may have played in the violence.

City Council President Sally Clark said the rash of gun violence was both senseless and “beyond irresponsible.”

“The city and community will figure out how to stop this,” Clark said, though she added: “I find myself in a hard spot being able to tell people with a straight face, ‘Hey, don’t worry.’ “

After Thursday’s Central Area killing of Justin Ferrari, a 43-year-old father of two, Seattle police dispatched additional patrol officers, along with teams of officers drawn from the department’s SWAT and Anti-Crime teams, to patrol high-crime areas in the East, West and South precincts, Assistant Police Chief Paul McDonagh said Sunday. {snip}


Nicole Westbrook, a 21-year-old culinary student who had just moved to Seattle, was fatally shot April 22 while walking home with her boyfriend in Pioneer Square.


Mayor Mike McGinn on Sunday denounced the recent violence, which also included a fatal shooting during a suspected home-invasion in North Seattle just before 2 a.m. Sunday.


In the South End, police said, more than 60 bullets were fired at four houses, beginning about 1 a.m. The police gang unit is investigating at least two of those shootings.



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  • The URL has gone stale, but this same paper had a report last week about gangs of hostile blacks preventing Seattle cops and firefighters from responding to the scene of a crime or a medical emergency.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     City Council President Sally Clark can use the script beilfeld uses in baltimore if she needs it when these things happen: “its not racial, no hate crime, these are isolated incidents, there is no connection between these incidents, mostly minor injuries, crime is down by 11 percent this year, its a diverse vibrant safe city, we are focused on guns, we take this seriously, and on and on and on….”
    feel free to use this script Council President Sally Clark you can thank commish. beilfeld from baltimore.

    • The__Bobster

      Libtard, pointing and sputtering: But…but…but it’s not a racial thing. Whites commit these crimes, too.

  • ncpride

    Looks like this kind of violence is escalating all over. Charlotte, NC has had double the homicides this year than last…. watching the local news this morning, all the suspects wanted for murder or already arrested for murder were black faces, including 3 that gunned down and murdered a White teenager a few days ago.

    I can’t help but wonder if the DNC are beginning to think that Charlotte was a terrible choice for them.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Blaming guns for murder is like blaming your pencil when you misspell a word.
    People need to be held accountable for THEIR actions.

  • Let the black
    kill the blacks

    Who CARES if rats cannibalize the other?
    Seattle is home to the WORST of white liberals like frisco.

    If they fall, they DESERVE it.
    Not like you’ll convince Bill Mahers or Rachel Maddows
    to “vote Romney”

    • alastairabbacle

      Yes, let the Liberals convert through brutal experience, it will be the best teacher. 

      In the meantime,
      Wear a Romney T-shirt at least. want to start “Operation Wear a Romney T-shirt”.   I know you are in the belly of the Liberal beast like me, on campus.

      If we both do this, beginning immediately at the beginning of the year, it creates a ripple effect.I like you shaming of Liberals, we need to reverse the shame tide.  We need to chase the Communists out of office, otherwise all of the goody-two shoes will rule over us.  We need to stand strong for freedom.   Yes, “Operation Wear Romney Shirts” will help make Conservatism cool again.

      • Be sure to wear your Romney Tee where it causes the most anger among liberals.

        • alastairabbacle

          Oh hell yeah.

          You better believe that Romney shirt is going on. Especially in the liberal bars and eateries. All the time. With self defense on hand, because left-wing punks get vicious.

  • Francis Galton

     Although it’s not quite the same thing, I suppose some hardcore biker groups (outlaw motorcycle clubs) could meet the definition of a gang.  Of course, they seem to keep their violence “in the family,” so to speak.

  • mikejones91

    Mafia. That’s organized though. The mafia worked towards legitimate enterprises instead of continuing to sell drugs/steal cars/ect, like black gangs do.

  • I wanted to move to Seattle after graduating from college but after all the reports of violence there I’m starting to rethink my decision.  I’ll probably either go live in the suburbs and commute or I’ll go live in Spokane or in Boise, Idaho.  I’ve already had enough of this crap in Florida.

    • tickyul

      I live in Spokaneadelphia…………………….it has LOTS of crime……..a much higher rate than Seattle. Tweaked out zombies stabbin and stealin…..pretty pathetic. Seattle is becoming just like any other big city………expensive, crowded, crime ridden and soon to have much more DIEversity.

    • alastairabbacle

      Soon, we will have White Flight from ENTIRE STATES.

      • Mutant_Swarm

         Where to? We’re going to have to stand and fight somewhere.

        • alastairabbacle

          Regrouping can be a good idea. At some point, Blacks will move more south, and whites more north. The Upper Midwest, once we repatriate the Somalis, will be a haven for Whites who need to escape the bullshit of the South.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Even the weather sucks in Seattle. The Pacific Northwest has the highest rate in the U.S. of  antidepressants prescribed. Eastern Washington is better than Seattle, and Montana and Idaho are better still.

  • vladdy1

    Lived in Seattle 2003-6. No racial problems, but Somalians and Sudanese starting to move in and the schools were forcing us into constant “diversity training.” They wanted “courageous conversations about race.” Guess they’re going to have some now, tho’ I’m not sure how courageous they’ll be. 

    Seattle, Minneapolis, and Portland are 3 “white” cities that I am now hearing about more and more. And now I read how Wichita is joining Portland in these cities’ “smart growth” or “sustainable development” movement, relying on subsidized and high-density housing (no more permits for one family houses in Wichita) and public transport. 

    The movement to push us all into that lifestyle, with wilderness between and passes required used to sound like a distopian sci-fi novel to me. Now it sounds like the future. With everything speeding up exponentially, the need to get obama and company out starts to seem ever more urgent. He and Holder have helped create a sense of black hubris that is growing more intense by the month. (And I know, posters will say it’s too late and tha such a change will not be enough. It may at least slow it down.) 

    • alastairabbacle

      The goddamn Somalis.   They are everywhere, walking dollar signs for the Refugee Industry.

      Time To Cap The Refugee Industry

      “The town around the United Nations’ Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya—staging ground for the current controversial importation of Somali Bantu into Middle America—grew from 5,000 in 1990 to 40,000 in 2000. Kenyans from other parts of the country moved in to take advantage of social services, jobs and trading opportunities that sprang up around the U.N. camp.”

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    War has been declared on whites for some time now.  Soon, even liberal loons like these pathetic Seattle politicians will be forced to figure it out.  But I think they will try Chicago style gun bans first, because they are so conceited up there that they think they can do it better.

  • tickyul

    I lived in Seattle for over 30 years, it is not as nice as people think.

     Lots of areas are crapholes that resemble any other places that has been run down by Urban Americans. And yes, the White Liberals kiss the asses of Urban Americans EXTRA hard seeing as Urban Americans are a small part of the population.

    Kris Kime was slaughtered by Urban Americans while the Seattle Police stood back and did nothing.

    • alastairabbacle

      Imagine an entire country populated only by Anglo-Saxons and Germans.  Imagine what a world power it would be.

      • The Germans almost pulled of a military victory over the allies. Even when losing, no one that faught the Germans discounted their skill and courage. These are tough guys or were, desended from hard living folk.

        • alastairabbacle

          It is worrisome that we killed the toughest of the Germans though.  As a consequence, we have seen Europe ruled by men who have consented to the settlement of foreign tribes in their midst.

          How weak of a man do you have to be, to allow a foreign tribe to settle in your territory?  To let men settle in your land, to whom you would not consent to marry your daughters?   

          We slaughtered the harvest of Europe’s brightest minds and toughest spirits.  Most of the German soldiers were fighting Communism, and for their homeland.    

          As you can see though, Germany is still the toughest European land.  They successfully reunited between a capitalist and communist slit enforced by outside powers.  They went on to dominate the whole continent economically.  The part that was communist, East Germany was the best run communist country in the whole world.

          And today, Germany still does not accept citizenship for non-blood Germans.  Unlike the English, they will have no problem repatriating their “guests” when need be.   
          Germans are smart, but not always very strategic.  They blunder too much.  This is the problem.

  • Detroit_WASP

    No, they’re watching keeping up with the Kardashians to see what black dude kim is bedding this week. 

  • El_Magyar

    I would go into the neighborhoods the gangs live in and raze them. Every baggy-panted, tattooed savage would be eliminated and the property destroyed. Those that escpaped would be rounded up and also eliminated. End of story. Dust to dust.

  • ncpride

    Yes, they are excellent at fairy tales, huh? It’s much like the latest Royal wedding in Britain. As the world watched Kate and William marry and the huge White crowds that gathered, one would never guess that Muslims are taking over the country. But make no mistake about it, Charlotte is a black run city, with a majority black population and they have destroyed many once wonderful neighborhoods and areas, much like Detroit.

  • ncpride

    True. But since choosing Charlotte , many things have went down hill for them. Not only has the homicide rate doubled this year, our Democratic Governor announced she will not seek re -election because she doesn’t stand a chance anyway, and Obama came out in ‘support’ of gay marriage shortly after NC overwhelmingly passed Amendment One (banning gay marraige) and the liberal gay community was howling and demanding they boycott Charlotte and move the DNC, which they said wasn’t going to happen. In other words, they have managed to anger a whole lot of people here. He won’t win NC this election.

    AmRen’s subtitle states “Those guns must be going off by themselves.”That goes a long way towards summing up the moonbat understanding of the gun-control crowd. In their view, a firearm is not a dead piece of wood and steel* but is in fact a living thing infused with a demonic force. It has a possessive power able to drive perfectly normal people to bloodlust. In this, the modern white liberal shares something in common with the animistic tribal peoples of central Africa, who likewise believe that material objects like rivers and rocks have living spirits in their own right. Retorting that “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people” is not enough. We are talking about people subscribing to a profoundly unreasonable belief. *(or whatever other modern materials popular now)

  • Eagle_Eyed

     Flann O’Brien couldn’t have done better.

  • “…unfortunately, there are certain people who will kill given a gun or a knife or their teeth.

    What I have a hard time understanding is how so many felons and low-lifes get their hands on guns. Where is the crack down on that??? ”

    I have mulled this over for a long time, trying to come up with an answer that would enable free men of good character unlimited access to the tools they are Constitutionally guaranteed to posess, yet keep criminals, lowlifes and the “Uruk Hai” from obtaining them.

    The answer:  You cannot.

    Short of cutting the hands off of a criminal, or executing him/her, they will ALWAYS obtain a weapon of some sort, even if they have to resort to making them themselves..

    It is the hard heart which kills, not the weapon.

    All you can do to combat the violence is arm every man of quality and let them carry freely and openly, everywhere in society, as it used to be.  That way, when an Uruk Hai raises his ugly head and tries to commit some atrocity, he can be put down quickly.

    I remember reading about some foreign dignitary (some other Amrenner might remember whom it was) who visited America in the late 1800’s:  he observed that almost everyone was armed, but that our society was remarkably orderly and polite.

    I’m pretty sure that if everyone were armed, all the time, folks would rediscover their manners very quickly.

    •  The only kind of people who truly believe that you can totally disarm criminals is the kind of oblivious dingbat who thinks we can live a world free of nuclear weapons.  I used to be that kind of dingbat:  I once called for a nuke-free world.  As a matter of fact, my argument was so convincing that ALL of my fifth grade classmates agreed with me.

      The use for the myriad of gun laws on our books is for plea bargaining and snitch fodder when dealing with habitual black and sometimes Hispanic criminals.

    •  The loss of hands, sounds an interesting approach to criminal “dis-amament” 3rd strike is with a hatchet!

  • Very sad,a young girl moves to Seattle thinking her life is going to be so much fun and she runs straight into negro America.In Seattle.

  • Kurt Plummer

    In Japan, handgun ownership is illegal and all swords and hunting weapons have to be registered with careful allotments of ammunition.

    In truth, you are not going to beat a black ambush on your own, and carrying a gun only makes it the most likely weapon to be used in killing you.  They work in packs, they attack the blindspot and they never attack groups escorted by multiple males, only those who are alone.

    Similarly, in a home invasion, if you have a LOUD alarm and a callin to a security dispatch service, coupled to a serious set of home video (i.e. a thousand dollar installation plus a couple hundred a year for the service, vs. 600-800 for a decent handgun) you are going to be a _lot safer_ behind a safe-room type door than you are confronting multiple opponents as they come in your room and you reach, blindly, for the nightstand drawer.

    Okay, so maybe we need this Amendment to push the government into realizing that only the bond of trust keeps us submissive to their wills under the premise that ‘if we wanted to’ we could stage another Revolution.


    If we -also- made it a 25 year penalty to be caught with a handgun in public or in your car, black gang violence would go away.  Because that is the choke point where you can legiitimately destroy a person’s life for simply having a weapon in an environment where there was no Castle Doctrine legtimate reason to.

    In this, I do not see purpose in a return to the 1800s and the mythical belief that ‘everyone was polite because everyone carried’.  Because the reality is that:

    1.  Everyone is factionalizing by tribes which means non-whites will collectively stomp and/or blame
         you, even if you survive an encounter on their turf.
    2.  Everyone is on the way to being very poor.  Which means that they have no reason to fear losing
          everything.  Zero minus 10 is still zero.  And again, non-white starts off lower on the poverty scale.
    3.  In the multicult especially, saturated with violence outside of Hollyweird and with an average IQ
         lower than 90, there may simply not -be- the kind of cause:effect driven understanding that others
         don’t deserve to be the victims of a personal rage.

    Of course, it works both ways.

    With many city police forces no longer even investigating non-violent crime; the attitude rapidly becomes one of the lower classes losing the inhibitory understanding that they cannot do X which means that if they get caught doing X, out of simple frustration at what isn’t a prosecuted crime, they may escalate to Y without knowing that they have crossed a magical threshold where, suddenly, ‘the act matters’.

    As blood spilt.

    Take away the assumptions of easy living: food stamps, rent assistance and SSI for everything from mental defect to a glut of children and we may find that vigilante militias employeeing guns to patrol the streets is the only way to let the poor die off without taking the moderately wealthy middle class with them.

    The problem is that, at that point, Americans have lost anyway.  Because troops will be nationalized and we will descend to a police state long before Americans are allowed to ‘handle things’ on our own.

    And no quantity of personal weapons can defeat the sensor technology and standoff systems of the professional military.  No matter what kind of Constitutional Understanding the Second Amendment provides us.  The practical reality is that, if America took on the U.S. Armed Forces, which live by a separate set of laws (UCMJ and Hague) to protect the Constitution, not the people, we would never be able to assemble enough people to mob them.

    •  If we -also- made it a 25 year penalty to be caught with a handgun in public or in your car, black gang violence would go away.

      What do you think “felon in possession” is all about?  If not that, then at least you can dangle the sword of Damocles of referring the case to the U.S. Attorneys in exchange for snitching.

  • Orders of magnitude safer I am sure. Remember the St Valentine’s day massacre? That’s hardly even a good normal week night’s worth of carnage these days.
    Blacks make Mogadishu wherever they go.

  • Uhmm, Houston maybe? hehehe. Better yet, Beijing.

  •  This is the same city in the same county (King) that recently changed its namesake from Vice-President William R. King to Martin Luther King.  Of course they won’t admit the obvious, because they made the obvious out of bounds.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    If I recall, the white victim was at a drive in theater off  Moreland Avenue in Atlanta. He had no business whatsoever being there. Race realist whites try not to go around there period, while even safety conscious blacks don’t go there much after dark. Parked in a drive-in theater in Atlanta? Seriously?? Poor Quentric the Felon tried to escape by jumping out a hotel window the next day when he was located by police. They should have just  shot him dead.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    It looks like the Long Hot Summer has already come to Sattle.

    New hunting grounds for the Bantu’s, those liberal counter-culture type Whites make easy targets.

  • The__Bobster
  • alastairabbacle

    So if Whites are not fighting darkies and sandpeople, we will fight eachother?

    I actually consider that plausible.

    There is no question, that you are poking in the most tender, weak argument of all of “White Nationalism”. As the entrance of the others onto the world stage actually reduced the intrinsic violence against each other of whites?
    Has the moral looseness of the 1960’s and the importation of African influenced culture reduced the hostile, rigid aggression of Whites?

    Srdennis, you raise good questions.

    However, the only reason that both Dresden and Seattle are options is because White people live there.

  • A lot of blacks in prison are there because of a plea deal.  Without plea bargains, black juries would set a majority of black defendants free.

  •  I don’t see much of a parallel between intoxicants and weaponry, because they have totally different purposes. I do support the decriminalization of most drugs, though still with hefty penalties (criminal and social) for their irresponsible use. It would also be more reasonable to propose such a decriminalization in a homogenous white society…