10 Killed in Chicago over Hot Holiday Weekend

WSET (Chicago), May 29, 2012

The sweltering Memorial Day weekend was a violent one in the city of Chicago with more than 40 shootings and 10 homicides reported over the four-day span.

Among those killed is a man who was shot near a holiday party in the South Shore neighborhood late Monday.


Last year, four people were killed in Chicago during the Memorial Day weekend, but bad storms that year forced many people to stay at home. This year the city experienced record temperatures that peaked in the mid-90s.



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  • mikejones91

    12 year old shot in OWN neighborhood.—-A 12 year old got sunburn in MY neighborhood. Different world we live in.

  • ed91

    global swarming?

    • sbuffalonative

      Funny but now I’ll be waiting for someone to use this as another reason to combat made-made global warming.

  • MekongDelta69

    Every time it reaches 90+ degrees, I’ve always had this sudden urge to walk down Main Street and eat the faces off random passerbys.

    It’s strange – I don’t know if it’s the bath salts I regularly snort, or the fact that I must have an IQ hovering around 80, or it’s my gangsta culture, or I had twelve ‘dads’, or the fact that I didn’t get my complete order at Mickey D’s or KFC, or someone walked in front of me (http://www.myrtlebeachonline.com/2012/05/28/2853722/myrtle-beach-police-charge-nc.html ), or a million other meaningless things which set me off for absolutely no reason at all.

    Gosh Wally – I wish I wasn’t black…

  • WmarkW

    Last year, they closed North Avenue Beach for high heat (88F).
    More like, they were enjoying The Heat’s insufficient presence.


    • NM156

      Beaches and Michigan Ave. have been mysteriously quiet this year. Whatever Rahm did to put down flash mobs and beach violence was politically sensitive (i.e. unsuitable for reportage in culturally sensitive local and national media outlets) and taken care of behind closed doors. No complaints from police unions or black alderman. Bizarre. We can guess that they all know what they had to do to prevent billions in revenue and hundreds of millions in taxes from evaporating had the savages taken over and therefore to save their own livelihoods. The damage would have been catastrophic.

  • Hirschibold

    I was under the impression that young black males only died at the hands of white Hispanics. 

  • Francis Galton

    Here’s what “progressive” anti-gunners never acknowledge: there are really two different gun cultures in America (I know, a little obvious, but bear with me): 

    One gun culture is almost all White, wealthier than average, more educated than average, leans right-wing, and promotes virtues like self-reliance and personal responsibility.  They make communities safer from both private thugs and governmental ones.  They take great pains to comply with labyrinthine gun laws designed to abolish the Second Amendment piecemeal.  This is a Swiss- or Finnish-style gun culture.   

    The other gun culture (really a cultural VACUUM) is almost all black and brown, poor, ignorant, violent, and promotes cowardice such as blowing out the brains of people who look at you the wrong way.  They couldn’t care less what the gun laws are, and they couldn’t care less if new-born infants or the elderly get caught in the cross-fire between rival drug dealers Quantavious Washington and La’D’crunk’tae Jackson.  This is a Jamaican- or Somalian-style gun culture.

    Naturally, the progressives, given their apparent want for sanity, have great hatred for the first group and pity for the second group.  It is intolerable that Whites should want to defend themselves and protect their interests (even if said interests are not explicitly pro-White; there goes that dog-whistling again).  And, of course, those poor minorities are just acting out their frustrations and righteous anger at having to live in such a RAYCISS country with RAYCISS Po-Po that target J-Crew-clad black business executives who play Beethoven in their Prius while heading to the local Sierra Club meeting–Driving While Black, I believe it’s called.   

    It is therefore also lost on progressives that perhaps o.5% of White gun owners end up using their guns to commit felonies, whereas something like 50% of black gun owners end up doing the same (I might have to study that question out of curiosity).

    Guns don’t kill people, people with too much skin pigmentation do!       

    • Shawn_thefemale

       As an interesting aside to your comment about guns…as a White Southerner, and living in the country, my house is a virtual firearms museum. As a responsible White Southerner,  I am very proficient with all our weapons, and a much better shot than dear hubby. I have a (licensed and registered) gun with me most of the time, though others rarely know it.

      While re-registering at my doctor’s office several weeks ago because of the newly required electronic medical records, I was asked what is now a standard question: Do you have a gun in the home?  I had been told to expect it, but it was kind of a shock that the rumors were actually true. I was livid. I lied and said no, got very angry and said that it was none of their business anyway, and I resented being asked something that had absolutely nothing to do with my physical or mental condition.

      Another  Big Brother data collection tool.

    • Johnny Reb

      You are obviously still suffering from the delusion that any observable dysfunction among coloreds will be treated objectively and result in CHANGE. 

      Ha-ha-ha.  Joke’s on you.  Libs assume a priori that “the legacy of slavery and white racism” caused it all.

      Black eats a man’s face?  It’s because his ancestors were slaves and white racism has tilted the field against him.  I mean, he was homeless, right?  Well, there you go.  Proof.

      Fifty negroes shoot each other in Chicago over the weekend?  Wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t been deprived of economic opportunity by the white man.  The shootings were in the black ghetto right?  There you go.

      Blacks rape and kill a young white couple?  The blacks are angry over the legacy of slavery and the daily racism they encounter.  Of course they would act out.  Wouldn’t you?

      And so it goes . . .

      The only way to win this debate is not to engage in it.  The answer doesn’t lie in REASON.  It lies in giant transport aircraft, long trains and big ships:  Send the coloreds off to a land far, far away.

  • El_Magyar

    We should just throw them all in the Superdome (or whatever it is called now), turn the heat up to 90F, provide all the guns, ammo, booze and porn that one bonobo could possibly want in 100 years and just lock the doors. Every so often, throw more of everything in.

  • LET the black
    KILL the black.
    No concern of mine.

    My fortress and ALL its treasure are MIGHTILY protected.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “Wherever blacks are left to their own inclinations without White supervision, mentoring, or massive investment, afrovoodoo junglism rules, and chaos and ruin are the undeniable results.  Not only their character traits in general, but the speed at which they revert to type is the Diversity’s most notable characteristic and index to his overall capacity and feral tendency.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What I said that got me tossed out of the dinner party,” 2001

  • Church_of_Jed

    Ten new George Zimmerman Community Service Awards. Yes, I’m full of hate, and I’m ignorant, too. Too inbred and Bible thumping to believe that all men are created equal… or that Diversity is our greatest strength…

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    there is hope!!

  • The__Bobster

    Philly had a similarly hot weekend….with similar results:


    • LOL only 4 on a weekend, that is almost normal

      • The__Bobster

        That wasn’t the final total. It always increases as more bodies are found and the ones in critical condition become good.

    • mikejones91


  • I believe that people act badly when the temp gets above their IQ.
    Since the lands black evolved in are tropical this sort of thing shows them as they are.

  • APaige

    The weather (always high temps) is consistently used as a corollary for violence. The true cause is black males being outside. Until senior citizens in Florida or Arizona start ‘popping caps into each others asses’-stop with the temperaturism ( the belief that one temp causes more violence than the other temps).

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     im listening to sharpton blacks are saying these shootings are white peoples fault because we are keeping blacks poor………strange that 11 people arent getting killed and 44 shot in two days in poor white communities. blacks are hopeless only answer is to get away from them.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    If only these guns would stop shooting on their own, but Thank God for Chicago’s strict gun laws, otherwise Chicago would be an unsafe city!!  

    After all, strict gun laws have ended murder, mayhem and violence in cities such as Washington D.C., Oakland, Philadelphia.

    Now Chicago has 10 fewer 0bama voters… oh, wait…the chances of their voting — multiple times — has just been increased.

    To end this mindless violence caused by guns, we must pray to St. Skillets for an answer…


  • Johnny Reb

    I think that’s 10 dead out of over 50 shot.   Not a good ratio for close quarter combat.  Someone hasn’t been practicing.

    Seeing as how taxpayers pick up the tab for the ambulances, emergency room, intensive care and rehab . . . Chicago should take its gangsters to the range and teach them to shoot properly.  It would save money in the long run by saving on the medical costs.

    • The__Bobster

      Actually, that ratio is pretty typical for Bantus who hold their guns sideways.

  •  You can have a lot of things or a multi-cultural society, but not both. The liberals still choose multi-cultural even with everything it means sacrificing. That’s commitment.

  • Mahound

    But … but … I thought Illinois had restrictive gum laws?

  • KenelmDigby

    It’s an interesting statistical artifact.
    Basically murder opportunities (amongt those inclined to murder) are a function of the number of possible personal interactions, the social millieu, if you will. In inclement weather, the malicious minded are largely ‘boxed-in’ in their apartments, avoiding the cold and thus murderous interactions.
      Thus murder in ‘enriched’ neighborhoods is directly proportional to ambient temperature – an interesting little sociological gem, rather like the way that temperature can be gauged accurately by measuring the ‘chirps’ of crickets.

  • jack ryan

    All the news here in Chicago isn’t bad.

    The Black public housing underclass has been basically socially/ethniclaly cleansed from the entire Lakefront, from downtown and North sides of Chicago.

    Chicago lost 200,000 Black African American residents from the years 2000 to 2010.

    Middle and upper class Black African American residents have joined the rest of us to do whatever is necessary to drive away the criminal Black underclass. It’s like Beirut politics, but alliances can be made and conditions improved.

    Don’t give up and fall down in to End Times “RAPTURE” ways of thinking, living.

    And you owe it to ** Liberals/Libertarians/Country Club conservatives to push the Black criminal underclass down on them and away from you and yours.

    God bless all the good folks who write and read Amren.com

    •  Speaking of which, if you use the red envelope company’s streaming service, they recently put up “The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.”  Even though they spew the egalitarian line, they make it as plain as punch to read between the lines.

      One of my up-in-age uncles who now lives in rural Missouri was on the SLFD during the “heyday” of the Pruitt-Igoes.  He was often deployed there.  And yes, he has some war stories.  He says he deserves purple hearts from his deployments to the PIs, and I agree.

  • Kurt Plummer

    And it’s just another generalization until there is a proofed counterpoint.

    In 1990 the police identified over 2.2 million Penal Code violations. Two types of violations—larceny (65.1 percent of total violation) and negligible homicide or injury as a result of accidents (26.2%)—accounted for over 90 percent of criminal offenses in Japan[3]. In 1989 Japan experienced 1.3 robberies per 100,000 population, compared with 48.6 for West Germany, 65.8 for Great Britain, and 233.0 for the United States; and it experienced 1.1 murder per 100,000 population, compared with 3.9 for West Germany, 1.03 for England and Wales, and 8.7 for the United States that same year[4]. Japanese authorities also solve a high percentage of robbery cases (75.9%, compared with 43.8% for West Germany, 26.5% for Britain, and 26.0% for the United States) and homicide cases (95.9% , compared with 94.4% for Germany, 78.0% for U.K., and 68.3% for the United States)[5]. This is connected to the fact that prosecutions are less likely to be successfully challenged compared to the above mentioned countries, a fact that has caused human rights concerns and has led to a change in the law which took effect in 2009[citation needed].


    Blacks and Whites together = high crime has become the defacto -expectation- of our society, such that no one breaks down the reality of what and who is causing it all.

    No one has the guts.

    And it is this sense of normalization that has driven us to not care about what happens to our country.  And the refusal to stand up for what is ours and not 13% of the population’s is what is allowing the slow fragmentative breakdown of the United States to occur.

    _IF_ we had a separate, all-white, nation we could point to where people had once again gone back to leaving their doors unlocked and sleeping on the porch when it got hot in the summer, there would be no denial of the reality of Black (7-8X the white crime rate, 4X the likelihood of weapon use) and Hispanic (4X the white crime rate, would be higher if so many hispanics were not classified as white).

    That is why I believe that the only hope we have, as a race and a nation is to -quickly- come up with means to either isolate within (community exclusions) or create breakaway republics outside the U.S. nation.  Since that is the penicilin cure for the common social disesase that is black and hispanic overrun of the rest of the nation.