Model Axed from South African FHM After Sparking Outrage with Racist Tweet About ‘Disrespectful Kaffir’

Emma Reynolds, Daily Mail (London), May 4, 2012

A popular model was today axed from the South African edition of lads’ mag FHM after she was accused of making racist comments on Twitter.

The publication confirmed Jessica Leandra Dos Santos, 20, would no longer appear in its photoshoots after she caused outrage by using a taboo term for black people in a tweet.

The attractive model, known as Jessica Leandra, was widely condemned after she yesterday tweeted details of a confrontation with a black man in her local supermarket.

She wrote: ‘Just, well took on an arrogant and disrespectful kaffir [an offensive term for a black person in Afrikaans] inside Spar. Should have punched him, should have.’

The tweet immediately sparked outrage across South Africa, where race relations remain a key issue just 18 years after the end of apartheid.

FHM editor Brendan Cooper today condemned Leandra’s use of the ‘k-word’, which is still considered one of the country’s most racially-charged terms.

He added that she had been stripped with immediate effect of her title as winner of one of the magazine’s model competitions.

In a statement he said: ‘FHM was appalled by Jessica Leandra Dos Santos’ racist tweets and would like to formally announce that she has been stripped of her title as winner of the FHM Modelbook 2011 competition with immediate effect.

‘It’s important to us that it is noted that she in no way represents the magazine; she was merely the winner of an online poll we ran, and that we totally distance ourselves from her blatantly racist comments. 

‘We have removed all pictures of her from our website and will have nothing to do with her in future. FHM is a proudly South African magazine and say “No” to racism.’

Leandra’s axing from FHM came months after the aspiring glamour model found stardom as the winner of one of the magazine’s talent-spotting competitions.

She beat a string of would-be models to win the competition last year and has since appeared several times on the pages and website of the magazine alongside other work in advertising campaigns and fashion shoots.

However Leandra’s career today appeared to have crashed and burned after her remarks sparked outrage across South Africa.

The model has deleted her offensive tweet amid the controversy alongside another angry posting in which she wrote: ‘Highlight of my weekend? Almost punching an #Engen petrol assistant. No tolerance for rude African monkeys whatsoever!’

The former cover girl today faced furious attacks on the social networking site, where she was the top trending topic in South Africa.

Thousands of furious members of the public posted comments condemning the model, who also reportedly faces an investigation by South Africa’s Human Rights Council.

Meanwhile one Leandra’s main sponsors also confirmed on Twitter it had stripped her of a contract.

Weightloss firm Quick Trim tweeted: ‘Due to the severity of the remarks by #JessicaLeandra #QuickTrimSA herewith ends our sponsorship to her with immediate effect!’

Leandra today apologised for her outburst and claimed she had posted her tweet only after being sexually harassed.

The model, who describes herself on her website as ‘a woman of clear visions’, admitted her comment had been irresponsible.

She wrote: ‘I tweeted rather irresponsibly about an incident I encountered last night, using a harsh and unkind word about the gentleman who had confronted me with sexual remarks and sounds.

‘Many of you don’t necessarily know the details of the incident, and I also don’t intend on going into them but I do wish you knew where my anger originally boiled from.

‘I strongly believe that no lady should brush off any kind of sexual harassment or arrogance from anyone be it a man or woman of any colour.

‘It is no surprise that my comment has offended many people and for this I am apologetic.

‘There is no excuse to act out loudly over my social networking accounts and I do apologise to those that have taken offence to my language.

‘Whilst most of you would enjoy the opportunity to throw a few vicious words at me, please do understand that I was acting in pure anger and frustration at the time and although we know this is no excuse, it is a lesson learned and again, I am sincerely apologetic.’

The ‘K-word’ remains one of the most explosive and offensive terms in South Africa.

Derived from the Islamic term ‘kafir’, meaning non-believer or liar, it entered common usage as a derogatory term for blacks.

The word was used widely during the apartheid period but is now considered taboo.

The use of racist language has been illegal in South Africa since the country’s new constitution was enacted following the advent of democracy.

Jessica Dos Santos



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  • loyalwhitebriton

    If a woman is being sexually harrassed they should be allowed to say whatever the hell they damn please!.
    Also, what if a black lady had been sexually harrassed by a white man (you’ll just have to use your imagination here), and the black lady had used a racially derogatory term to describe her tormentor, would the reaction have been the same?
    Dont think so.

    • Boereseun
      Let’s see if they practice what they preach. 

      White girl uses a derogatory name for a black man who sexually harassed her, she loses her title, her modelling career is destroyed and she may have to defend herself against the SAHRC as she has been reported for the use of the ‘K’ word. 

      A black lady wishes the death of all the whites of South Africa in response to the ‘K’ word being used by the white lady. Hmmmm…still waiting for action to be taken…. 

      Going to be waiting awhile it seems.

      It also seems miss Jessica doesn’t understand the social victim hierarchy. A hint to any white women. You’re below blacks, they have more credit on their victim card than you.

      In recapping. Social victim hierarchy in South Africa.

      1. Disabled people of colour;
      2. Black women;
      3. Black men;
      4. Gays and Lesbians;
      5. Other minority women, including coloureds, Indians and Asians;
      6. Other minority men, including coloureds, Indians and Asians;
      7. Disabled whites;
      8. DWLs;
      9. Rhinos;
      10. Cheetahs and other endangered species;
      11. Tim Wise, should be at level 8 but he uses his DWLness to make money so…;
      12. Ants;
      13. Bacteria;
      14. Chewing gum caught on the bottom of your shoe;
      15. And finally, Conservative whites.

      Now that you know Jessica, please don’t think that ‘equal rights’ apply to you. They don’t.

  • ageofknowledge

    “The use of racist language has been illegal in South Africa since the country’s new constitution was enacted following the advent of democracy.”

    So much for freedom of speech in South Africa then. It’s dead and all because South African negros don’t want anyone to point out the obvious.

  • Boereseun

    Just another day in paradise.

  • Variant_530035

    I consider Kafir to be a good term. A Kafir is one who does not believe in Islam. I proudly wear my Kafir tee shirt to let all who know the word that I refuse to be tolerant of Islam.

  • Church_of_Jed

    I met a South African woman who told me that “kaffir” was an extremely dangerous insult.  I kept using it in our converstation, and she got very nervous.

    How much of our automatic thinking is now trained to worry about the feelings of blacks instead of what blacks do to illicit such hatred from Whites?

    These girls should be national heroines for telling the truth.

  • Meanwhile absolutely nothing about how white south africans have to live in gated fortresses patrolled by armed guards, yet still get disproportionately victimized by blacks.

    Oh boo hoo, she called the blacks a bad word?  Yeah, can’t seem to bring myself to care whatsoever.

  • If this skin rag is so appalled at racism, I wonder how many black african models they have had on it’s pages?

  • splitsing

    I wonder if the bumbling idiots feigning outrage realize that all Arabs call all Westerners by this very same term.  She is technically as much a kaffir/kafir as he–I’m a very proud kafir/goy. Are they all racists for using the “racially charged” term?  Of course, none of the disingenuous white liberal idiots that are falling over themselves with disgust over this episode probably know who Jacob Zuma is or what the ANC is nor what they say/do/think about whites. 

    Bernie Goldberg, whom I detest, made some great points on Bill O’Reilly’s idiotic show tonight regarding white liberal paterialism.  I urge anyone who can to see it. 

    Maybe Jared will share this link tomorrow:

  • Danimalius

    I wonder if the same South African whites who “said ‘no’ to racism” today will have that same option to decline it one day when racism comes to them, in a deadlier design.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Yes, honey!  You SHOULD have punched him.

  • Natassia

    She shouldn’t have deleted them. She should have kept them up there and said “SO WHAT? Kiss my beautiful white ***!”

  • Anon12

    Never never apologize!  That was her only mistake. Whites are being hunted down daily for any truthful comment they make about “people of color”.  If we do not stand together and DEMAND these “hate” crime charges against us be dropped off the map or of being called “racist” then we can all go down together. It is only going to get worse for us if we do not stop it NOW!  No jobs, thrown in prison, banned from any career we worked for, and the list goes on. This was all PLANNED to strip Whites all over the world of their true heritage, their nations and their incomes.  Blacks/browns can call for our DEATH every day, murder/assault and rape us, take our money,  and we sit and allow this to happen to any White person?


  • Rebelcelt

    She has more testes than her male employers. Imagine being maligned for calling your sexual harraser a bad name. It used to be the white men would have hunted down her harraser and handeled the problem. FHM editors are a bunch of white Sissies.  

  • I’m sure she’ll be raped and murdered by a Mandela Tire Squad
    and Alex Pareene will cheer on MSNBC

  • As Boerseun noted below, a black “model” (I thought models were supposed to be good-looking, btw) immediately responded by wishing for an anti-white genocide.  I quote from her Tweet:

    “Tshidi Thamana (@tshiditee) tweeted on Friday: “Dear Mr Peter Mokaba… I
    wish All White People were killed when you sang ‘KIll The Boer’ we
    wouldn’t be experiencing @JessicaLeandra’s racism right now.” ”

    So here are the facts of the case for your consideration, ladies and gentlemen of the jury:

    1. A black sexually harassed the white model who gave vent to her outrage by referring to him as an infidel in a Twitter post.

    2. A black columnist promptly went insane with politically-correct rage, and reported the white model for hate speech at the Human Rights Commission. In addition, the white model lost her sponsors, contracts etc.

    3. A black “model” in response expressed a wish for a Final Solution for South Africa’s whites; in other words she explicitly called for an anti-white genocide, extermination a-la Rwanda, as recommended by a dead black radical politician (who deservedly died of AIDS), called Peter Mokaba.

    4. Nothing happened to the black model. No termination of sponsorships, no charge of hate speech, nada.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the Left and the PC loonies view as “justice.” It is built on the absurd premise that a defenceless white woman may not use the Arabic word for infidel to describe a black who makes a sex pest of himself. A black “model”, on the other hand, may call for the black Einsatzgruppen to exterminate whites, with no fear of any consequences.

  • The__Bobster
  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    That kaffir tweet saved her a lifetime of cocaine, anorexia,
    and being masturbation fodder for muds. Maybe now she can pursue a meaningful
    life of high-investment parenting, learning technical skills, and not giving a damn about what kaffirs say.

  • Orthodoxirish1989

    To Merriwather:

    Good for you man, I stared out at 5’10” only 120 pounds, I hated it, but went to a 50/50 school (half white, half “others”) the coaches and the Admin. favored the darkies and turned the other way when they jumped or bullied us in the gym/weight room. I couldn’t out lift a JV cheerleader. so when I turned 16 I got a job (landscaping) took my scrawny behind to a VERY small kickboxing/weight traing gym (only 12 of us, 10 of whom were adults only me and one other (white)”kid” and he was from my school as well). Well when the other kid told the people at school what we were doing they started making fun of us “karate kid” insults and it was so bad they made him stop training at the gym with us. Fast forward through two years of letting insults go and walking away from confrontation, I was a senior and 35lbs heavier (still only 5’10” but now a lean 155) and with that little bit of confidence under my belt I was trying to talk to a junior girl (soooo sexy) and she talked me into going to a HS football game, something I hated, but I went anyway, and guess what……..She me up and when I got there a group of people were waiting to start trouble with me, and they were egging on DJ Jones, this HUGE black guy (don’t know why he wasn’t on the FB team) well once the crowd surrounded me so I couldn’t runaway, DJ charged at me, now even with 2 years of lifting and kickboxing under my belt I was still scared, but my training and the muscle memory I had at that point kicked in, and the next thing I know I “Mirko Cro Cop”ed (look the dude up, Russian beast) DJ right across his left jaw-line with my right foot, I mean I fed it to him hard. He goes crashing down to the ground, smacks his head on the concrete, and goes into convulsions! (One ambulance ride and Two days in the hospital) For a split second you could here a pin drop, then people started going crazy, I mean it even stopped the football game. Needless to say even though I was defending myself I was suspended for 10 days, couldn’t walk in graduation or even go to the prom…but it was worth it. If you want dude we can swap e-mail addresses, or just keep up on Amren, but you really should look at martial arts Esp. RUSSIAN martial arts (SYSTEMA), or a CQC system from the Army Ranger or SEALs, thats the hard-man stuff there. Good luck to ya dude!

    To Rebelcelt:

    Trust me old timer there are a lot of my generation out there pumped up on UFC, Heavy Metal, and War. I feel as tho the most disrespected group of people in this country are white men 16-30, and we are sick of it. We don’t have white guilt we don’t like beta-whites who coward down to a PC “evil whitey” white guilt, semi-homo lifestyle like they should never have to experience hardship. If they want to call us “white devils” we’ll wear it with pride, they want devil we’ll show’em devil. I’ve seen youtube fight videos get flagged for “racism” because a white man wins. The “elites” are scared of us (and they should be) my generation has just fought two 10 year wars, we are not about to back down from ANYTHING. Hell worst they can do is kill us, then what? Heaven/Valhalla for us and our white ancestors. Who cares what happens to them. All we’re waiting for is BRA (Black Run America) to collapse under it’s own dead weight. Sure it’ll be hard for a few years, but imagine the other side, with strong self-sufficient whites creating their own Manifest Destiny once again. Keep your head up, whites have faced down worse than this in our history.

    • Merriweather

       Appreciate your reply man. Means a lot. Haven’t really met many other young people with the same views as myself. I started out similar with a job in a beer warehouse stocking cases and kegs, which definitely helped with my strength. When I started, I was 14 years old, about 5″4 and 120 pounds. Now I’m about 5″11 and about 175 pounds. I did some research and have found some places that offer self-defense and western martial arts. Thanks for the tips.

    • Merriweather

       Appreciate your reply man. Means a lot. Haven’t really met many other young people with the same views as myself. I started out similar with a job in a beer warehouse stocking cases and kegs, which definitely helped with my strength. When I started, I was 14 years old, about 5″4 and 120 pounds. Now I’m about 5″11 and about 175 pounds. I did some research and have found some places that offer self-defense and western martial arts. Thanks for the tips.

  • Laager

    From an Islamic perspective both Blacks and Whites of any nationality who are not Muslims are Caffres / Kaffirs.
    Ethnicity, Race and Colour are not the issue.
    It is your choice of faith, or lack of it, that defines your status and this epithet  in their eyes.  

  • NEVER APOLOGIZE TO SCUM!  A woman that stands up for herself against a disrespectful arrogant black can call him whateer the hell she wants.  It’s her right and freedom of speech.  This black should be in jail for harassment.  Fucker… stand up for yoruself and defemd your freedom of speech NEVER APOLOGIZES to the real racists whos rap garbage calls women sluts, hoes and whores… mother #$%^&$#@%^ DON’T BUY RAP DESPICE IT!!!