Twenty-year-old Donte Johnson has been sentenced to life in prison plus 40-80 years for the 2010 rape and murder of Philadelphia waitress Sabina O’Donnell.

Sabina O'Donnell

Although the jury took under four hours to find Johnson guilty of dragging Miss O’Donnell from her bike, raping her and then strangling her to death with her own bra, the defendant defiantly maintained his innocence throughout.

As the sentence was passed he addressed Judge Glenn Bronson, saying: ‘I understand how the family feel about their loss, but how can you clearly say I did anything?

‘I didn’t do nothing. I understand where they coming from, but I didn’t have nobody die the way they said. I didn’t have no interaction with her.’

Donte Johnson

Judge Bronson replied that he had ‘not one scintilla of doubt’ that Johnson had committed the crimes, saying he had never felt more certain of a defendant’s guilt in 31 years as a lawyer and a judge.

He told Johnson his refusal to accept responsibility was ‘in keeping with your history of a lack of remorse.’

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the defendant shook his head and looked down at the table as the verdict was read, while his family burst into tears and one of his siblings fled the courtroom.

Around 30 of Miss O’Donnell’s relatives and friends were present, and her family gave victim impact statements to the court before the sentencing.

The victim’s tearful mother Rachel O’Donnell urged the judge to award the longest possible prison term.

She said of her daughter: ‘She was as good as a person could possibly be. Every minute that he sits there breathing oxygen is a chance she’ll never get…I don’t want anybody to ever have to run into him again.’

Miss O’Donnell’s aunt Heidi O’Donnell added: ‘He [Johnson] has no idea what he did to all of us. He should never ever be able to walk on the same ground that Sabina did. He should never be able to look at trees and walk on the beach.’

CBS Philly reported that Johnson had previously admitted the attack on Miss O’Donnell, saying he had only meant to steal her bicycle. He allegedly said he killed her because she screamed when he tried to take the bike.

He later retracted the confession, which his lawyers claim he made only because he is mentally challenged.

The prosecution in the case relied on DNA evidence and video surveillance to prove that Johnson dragged his victim to within yards of her apartment building before raping and strangling her.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said in a statement: ‘My heart continues to go out to Sabina’s family and friends. I hope this verdict will give them some sense of justice.’

Standing outside the courtroom for the final time, Miss O’Donnell’s stepfather Mark Rounds tearfully hugged his wife and the jurors.

‘I’m just glad the police did their job as well as they did it and the Assistant District Attorneys did their jobs as well and as thoroughly as they did,’ he said.

According to the Philly Metro, Mr Rounds said he is not a supporter of the death penalty, and that he was satisfied with the sentence.

‘I hope the rest of society is satisfied as well,’ he said.

While they have now received the verdict they had yearned for, the O’Donnell family have waited almost two years to watch their daughter’s killer get life.

A dog walker found the young woman’s body, which was naked apart from a pair of beige socks, on 2 June 2010.

During the first two days of Johnson’s trial, the jury heard how he grabbed his 5’3, 100lb victim when she was riding her pink and grey bike home from a night out.

He grabbed her at the front of her apartment building, before dragging her 120ft to the rear of her home, where he raped and then killed her.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Sax told the court that O’Donnell was: ‘Tiny, small, petite but so vulnerable. Perfect prey.’

He said Johnson’s stalking of her on a bicycle, which was captured on CCTV to be played later on in the trial, happened because: ‘He knew he could dominate, overwhelm and control her.’

He claimed Johnson left his DNA ‘all over her, inside of her’ and said ‘he destroyed her’ during the attack.

Defence attorney Lee Mandell rejected the claims, arguing that even DNA experts were capable of making mistakes.

A forensic psychologist, Gerald Cooke, then testified that Johnson had an IQ of just 73, and had most likely been born with brain damage.

He said he acted like an 11 or 12-year-old and had smoked marijuana and drunk alcohol for many years.

Dog walker Christina Sirochman said the victim was clad only in her socks when she found her dumped body on June 2, 2010.

Ms Sirochman told a jury the victim had a swarm of flies around her mouth, but that she touched her to see if she was alive.

‘It was just like touching a piece of glass,’ she said. ‘That was somebody’s child and I didn’t want her to be alone.’

Other witnesses said they found a man’s dirty t-shirt and Miss O’Donnell’s purse in the hours after the murder.

Assistant Medical Examiner Edwin Lieberman, who performed the autopsy, said the ligature which ended Miss O’Donnell’s life was ‘one of the tightest’ he had seen.

He added that it would have taken 30 seconds for the victim to fall unconscious, and another three to five minutes of ‘continuous pressure to the neck’ to kill her.


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  • Up to my neck in CA

    “Mr Rounds said he is not a supporter of the death penalty, and that he was satisfied with the sentence. ‘I hope the rest of society is satisfied as well,’ he said.

    I’m not, this thug lives like a king in jail at our expense while this young woman is dead. He is still breathing so no, this member of society is NOT satisfied!

    •  Blacks are very comfortable in prison, it suits their mental capacity. Prison is not a deterent for most Blacks

      • All the se x he will ever need. Weaker more feminie inmates are force fed estrogen to make them more “fun”.

  • Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said in a statement: ‘My
    heart continues to go out to Sabina’s family and friends. I hope this
    verdict will give them some sense of justice.’

    He’s lying.  Proof:

    • Oil Can Harry

      Good catch. If this DA knew the meaning of the word justice he would not be a cheerleader for the legal lynching of George Zimmerman.

  • If you are looking for remorse from a Black, good luck!!!!! 

  • Don’t we read the other stories on AR?  I just found out today that the only reason Donte Johnson murdered Miss O’Donnell is because racist whites expected him to commit murder.  (Also, he fell in with the wrong crowd, walked past abandoned buildings every day, his great-great-great-great-great grandfather was a slave, etc.)

    And also, free Mumia.  Or something like that.

    • Oil Can Harry

      You mentioned Mumia Abu-Jamal who, like Donte Johnson, is from Philadelphia. That means these two innocent brothas can commiserate in prison about how they were both framed.

      It used to be that white cops would plant evidence on blacks like drugs or the murder weapon. Or a bloody glove as in the case of the innocent O.J. Simpson.

      But the Philly police reached a new low in 1981 when they planted a dead cop at the feet of Mumia. And just to make the set-up more believable the cop had five bullets from Mumia’s gun inside him! Damn those racist cops!

  •  “Let them think about what they did for all those years he’s in prison.”

    Linguistic linguini.

    Any criminal who is honest with himself can tell you why he did what he did in five seconds.  The Catholic Church calls them the seven deadlies, and it’s almost always one or more of those. 

    Besides, do you honestly think this Donte Johnson will actually honestly think about what he did?  Remember, he didn’t do it, racist cops, racist justice system, bad lawyer.  His own lawyers provided him with a smorgasbord of excuses which he will lean on mentally for the rest of his life, all of which will be music to the ears of the Nation of Islam buddies he makes in prison.

  • Funny how the media refuses to report the racial aspect of crime, or mention anything that would make a bantu look stupid or violent. Yet when the “jig” is up in court, these sleazy shysters waste no time bringing up the retard level I.Q….amazing. Frankly, a shot to the back of the head would be too merciful to this feral ‘groid.

  • IstvanIN

    There is no remorse because there is no soul.  Sorry, but trying to compare blacks and whites is like trying to compare dogs and cats.  You may occassionaly be able to train a cat to do a few dog-like tricks but for the most part you will fail.  Cats are not dogs and will never be dogs.  We have got to stop expecting blacks to have white people emotions.  Do you think Al Sharpton has ever felt any remorse for all the terrible things he has done?  They are not us. Period.

    • ljot2

      The difference is so pronounced that it sometimes seems biological.  But I always am forced to acknowledge Clarence Thomas, Elizabeth Wright, Thomas Sowell, and many who aren’t prominent. If the shocking differences are biological, then, the variation in that biological substrate is extreme.

  • WhitesRdumb
  • WhitesRdumb

    ‘I didn’t do nothing. I understand where they coming from, but I didn’t have nobody die the way they said. I didn’t have no interaction with her.’


    All those double negatives makes his statement a confession of guilt.

    He didn’t do nothing is right. He did something. He raped and murdered that girl

    P.S. Notice the pitiful expression on his face. I think they practice that expression. It is another confession of guilt. Many psychopaths make that pitiful face. Some of the really big psychopaths tilt their head to the side while making that expression to make themselves look even more pitiful.

  • ViktorNN

    Infuriating. It’s one individual story amongst tens of thousands that happen every year of black males raping white women – with simply no comparable numbers of black women being raped by white men.

    If this story and the larger context of epidemic black on white rape in this country were told on a national level, things would change. 

    Or at least I very much want to believe they would, because the alternative is to realize that whites will remain passive even with evidence of mass rape of their own daughters staring them in the face.

    • The__Bobster

      Are you aware that Sabina was a quadroon?

  • Jim

    So isn’t your comment just affirming what Ms. O’Donnell said?

  • The perfect ending for this tragic event is for this primate to be be hung from the neck until dead….. I bet he was smart enough to remember the words to rap music …..

  • IQ 73? There are blacks in top rated colleges on full “scholaship” with that IQ. This again suggest that the quote of ’85’ as the average black IQ is wrong. I dont believe it for a minute!! Its much lowe than that.

  • He was accused RIGHTLY. But for one of his “faith” theres many a slip between accused and convicted!I am glad he got justice. SO VERY GLAD at lkeast some of them get justice!

  • IstvanIN

    She looks white to me.

  • Rebelcelt

    # things:
    1) Miss Rounds, he does understand what he did to your family and he and his family are content with the eternal hurt he imparted you.
    2) You do not tey to steal a bike then say hhhmmm, while I am silencing her I might as well have sex.
    3) Mr. Rounds your step daughter was brutally raped and murdered and you are against the death penalty! People like you do not have the will to survive in a hostile world. You act like you live in Vermont or some white world without brown and blacks competing for your world.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    blacks dont feel remorse or have a conscience. like when a lion kills and eats a rabbit. the lion doesnt feel sorry for the rabbit. thats black people.

  • Notice how they said this Bantu perp has an I.Q. of  73? I thought that I.Q. was a meaningless number, thrown out there, by “racists trying to hold the Bantu down”. But when it comes to excusing Bantu criminal behavior, leftists always trot out the I.Q. factor.

    Funny how they never, ever bring up I.Q. as an explanation for poor academic achievement by Bantus, whether in school districts in Biloxi MS, San Francisco or Washington D.C.

    If this guy was drinking alcohol regularly, since 11 years old, it begs the question: who plied him with beer and drugs? I don’t think it was the other boys on his block. I bet it was his family itself, which did it, and just didn’t care all these years.

    Until it came to this. 

    • Major

      “only because he is mentally challenged…”

      I think it’s a common birth defect among them. All you have to do is listen to one for 5 minutes to be convinced of it.

  • The__Bobster

    Her mother is a mulatto.

  • Jailed for LIFE?

    DON”T FOOL YOURSELF: He’ll be out in 35+ years.

    AND living on SSI.
    In a Section 8 “Homeland” House.

  • Anon12

    Oh, get real and quit asking idiotic questions of “what would you do”..that is the favorite pastime of the  lefties.  Let me ask YOU, what would you have done?  My guess is nothing. I would have at least called 911 because I am old White woman and am not strong enough to fend off some young black man!  I am not going to die defending a nonwhite YOUNG woman who would be alot stronger than I am at my age.  I don’t go out at night riding a bike home.  From work ar anywhere else. She should have at the least carried mace/pepper spray!  I sure do and that is during the daytime in my car and home!

    But,  I will willingly die defending my family, White friends or another White person at the hands of a black (even if I die) but not for any nonwhite. You go ahead and do it for me, since I am so “evil” in your eyes.

    As for nonwhites NOT knowing about Whites being attacked and murdered, you are nuts!  YES, they know.  Maybe she has at one time attacked a White girl. How do you know she hasn’t? Or some of her nonwhite friends attacked Whites?

    Whites are too damn afraid to protest their own demise. They have become afraid of blacks, etc. and of our stupid laws  used against us. They are afraid of being called a racist. Nonwhites are not because our laws PROTECT them from being “racists”. They can get away with almost anything. We cannot.

  • IstvanIN

    For all the people obsessed over if this girl is white.  Regardless of whether or not she is all white she looks white and he raped and murdered her because he assumed she was white.  Therefore this IS our problem.  The day they only attack people who do not appear white is the day we can sort of relax.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I agree.  Blacks are attacking whites because of the Zimmerman/Martin case are assigning white identities to people who are Hispanic or mixed.  It’s our problem.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Jail is definitely not a deterrent and when they finally do get executed it has become very costly and the get a last meal and the skies the limit.

  • John Derbyshire is right.

  • ageofknowledge

    China has lethal injection execution vans that drive to the court and dispatch the guilty murderers onsite. I’m not saying nor even inferring that we should seek to be like China. Perish the thought. A rope will do.


  • bexxx

    Could anyone tell me what prison Johnson was sent to?