In Texas, 7 in 10 Children Under Age 1 Are Minorities

Christian McDonald and Juan Castillo, Hispanic Business, May 18, 2012

For the first time, as of 2011, more than half of the children under age 1 in the U.S. were minorities, the newest benchmark illustrating the widening age gap between mostly white, older Americans and fast-growing, younger minority populations, particularly Hispanics.


In Texas, nearly 7 in 10 people under age 1 were minorities as of July 2011, a slight increase from 2010, according to new census estimates out today. The data, covering the period from April 2010 to July 2011, are the first set of population estimates by race, Hispanic origin, age and sex since the decennial census. The Census Bureau said it defines a minority as anyone who is not single-race white.

Demographers have said for some time now that they expect racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by midcentury. Texas became a majority-minority state in 2004, and in 2010, Hispanics accounted for 65 percent of the state’s growth since 2000.

According to today’s census data, Hispanics remained the nation’s largest minority group in 2011, at 52 million. They also were the fastest growing; their numbers increased 3.1 percent since 2010, and Hispanics now constitute 16.7 percent of the U.S. population.


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  • If I were in charge of Texas’ financial planning, I would be forward-thinking enough to start shutting off the street lights now, instead of waiting until I had to.

  • Detroit_WASP

    As adults, how in the world are the 3 white kids going to support 7 minorities with their tax dollars?  That math won’t work.

    • Fakeemail

       Simple.  The whites are taxed 90% or more.

      If they’re lucky, these white kids won’t live too long to endure their servitude in 3rd world America.

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  • Anon12

    And all we hear is the White flight from CA heading to Texas???  WHY?  Texas is no better as far as demographics go.  The only difference is the lower tax rate and are business friendly compared to CA.. But I sure would not pull up stakes to go where the State is full of Mexicans!

    • kjh64

      I live in Texas and yes, we are being overrun with Mexicans. It’s no wonder we are calling this state Texico.

      • Anon12

        On the lines of Mexifornia….

  • IstvanIN

    They don’t take welfare, we market it to them.  In NJ we have ads in Spaish advising them of SNAP (Food Stamps), FamilyCare (Medicaid) and civil rights.

    • IstvanIN

      I would love to know why you edited this post and locked it down. 

  • DEPORT ALL Illegals – deport ALL MEXICANS

  • IKantunderstand

    I’m sick of this bullshit “majority minority crap”. WTF??????????? If they are the majority, then they are no longer the minority, they are the majority. White people then become the minority. Oh, wait, are we then the “minority majority”???? Are these people f#@$ing crazy? Don’t let me get started on the “non-hispanic white”  Arab much? Calling George Orwell.

  • NM156

    Illegals are only half of the immigration problem; the other half is the 1.2-1.5 million immigrants from Third World countries that the US awards permanent residency visas to each year. America has no future. It will all end in tears.

  • I live in Texas and yes its true millions of white Californians are moving here, it is true I live in central Texas and Austin along with San Antonio seem to be there two hot beds.  The hispanic business is a left wing lie out of Austin. The more we believe these lies the more we will give up, all we do is think of the worst but yet we dont do anything to fix it. The left is losing you gotta go through the bad to get to the good. Also they count public school enrollment not private school. Read between the lines and look past the PC bs they are pushing, I will not lose my home to Mexico

  • eonsmadcat

    I think we have pretty much lost the country at least our government. I have recently begun to rethink where I stand on politics in general and am becoming more comfortable with a firm support of local politics as a defense against the  harsher effects of a growing Hispanic and third world population and here is why.

    I have lived in Texas all my life.  I have watched and even  been displaced by these demographic changes.  Much of the political clout, especially in Texas, where whites are rapidly being displaced is becoming concentrated in rural communities and small towns. It is the conservative political values that are promoted in these communities and the superiority of the small schools in these areas that can ameliorate the political changes that take place on a national level.

    One barometer I use for this is the current growth in traditional white conservative organizations like the Masonic lodge. Those lodges affiliated with a state Grand Lodge and not to be confused with the Black Prince John lodges. Whites are beginning to return to the institutions that traditionally supported core Constitutional and western cultural values and are resisting the radical PC changes that leadership tried to promote years ago. Most of those attempts were total disasters. Lodges that haven’t hosted Demolay chapters in years are reorganizing them. I recently had the opportunity to work with some of these young men and I can tell you that they are our future. And I don’t want to leave out groups like FFA and 4H. Although the national orgs of these groups have become more and more PC local chapters are still very much conservative and traditional.

    I would like to urge AmRenn readers to support those organizations just mentioned. A well organized and committed lodge is an island paradise in a sea of of political corruption and deceit.   

  • Greg West

    I’m 49 so, I only have about 15 years to watch the end of civilization.

    It’s game over man! Game over!

    • eonsmadcat

       As far it goes I think an analogy from Texas history would be in order here. Lets say that W B Travis had of taken Sam Houston’s advice and abandoned the mission known as the Alamo at San Antonio de Bexar there probably would not be a Texas as we know it. Instead  by taking a stand instead of declaring ‘Game Over’ when Santa Anna showed up that sacrifice changed history. Santa Anna split up his army to plunder and terrorize Texians allowing Sam Houston to stumble into a victory  over an overconfident and weakened Santa Anna.

      I think we would do well to draw some conclusions from this episode instead of throwing up our arms in the air and giving up entirely. But our battles will be fought in the political arena and not on the field of battle.

      • IstvanIN

        Did Sam Houston also have the US government against him.  This isn’t just like Texans vs. Santa Ana Army.  This is a concerted effort by the whites in the Federal Government to replace us.

        •  No its not exactly like that. But I don’t think eonsmadcat meant it to sound like it was. He did say it was an analogy and I think you can draw some conclusions from that.

          As far as the concerted effort you have to ask yourself why they are doing it? I was mystified for a long time over the why untill I read it somewhere and then heard Keith Alexander discuss it one night on Thepoliticalcesspool. Cultural Marxists have been frustrated for years at not being able to draw a majority of whites into their way of thinking. The only way they can proceed with moving this country towards marxism and socialism is to create a new majority that will be more receptive to these social changes. These new immigrants have no clue what freedom and liberty really means to the traditional American majority. As long as the handouts keep coming they’ll support any cause as long as it favors them.

          • IstvanIN

            But the majority of our politicians are white, with white children, who will suffer under a black/brown system?  It makes no sense.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    I left Texas last year after 40 years. But Texas left me first. I moved to the Midwest. The local elementary school in my Cincinnati suburb is 98% white. Hispanics in Texas act much the same (in terms of education, welfare usage, unemployment, crime, etc) as they do in California. But whites in Texas think everything will be okay because Texas is a “conservative” state.

    • eonsmadcat

       I don’t entertain any illusions that every thing will be okay. Texas is more neo-con than truly conservative. But even in Ohio I wouldn’t get too over confident. I lived in Nashville in the early eighties and there was only one Mexican Restaurant there and the food wasn’t very good. Now parts of Nashville look a lot like parts of Texas.

      If the current trends continue it won’t be long before you begin to see Mexican flags flying in used car lots in Ohio. No state or large metro area is going to be immune.

      I can’t see leaving Texas, after all my family has had a presence here since June of 1836 when my 2nd Great Grand Father came here at the age of fifteen with an Alabama infantry regiment to fight in the Texas revolution because one of his cousins was among the defenders of the Alamo.

      Mexican culture has always been part and parcel of the Texas experience just as the presence of blacks  is part and parcel of the southern experience. In Texas you get both. Hell I knew what a tamale was before I ever tasted a pizza.  The Tex mexis that were here then were much different than the mestizos that are replacing them now and were resentful of the wet backs that were flooding in across the border back in the 70s and 80s.

      The thing is you learn to live with it and how to fight it to protect your own rights and home place.  Constantly retreating in a white flight mode is not the answer because the disease is going to follow you wherever you go.

      My advice in addition to my comment above is begin aggressively exercising the rights you have left especially 1st and 2nd amendment rights. One reason I stay in Texas is because of its Conservative firearms laws and I can get a damn fine plate of enchiladas when I’m hungry for them. The enchiladas will always be there but the conservative firearms laws can’t hold forever so I’m clinging while I still can.   

  • Robert11110

    The Dallas News says that 16 percent of births in the state are to illegal immgrants.  That would mean that really only 54 percent of births are to nonwhites.

  • Most of my fellow whites in Texas are more than willing to admit that it’s a massive problem.

    However almost none of them even consider contemplating doing something about it.  I’m moving far up north as soon as I get my degree.

  • Athling

    Would the founding fathers approve of this? They were taxed with the burden of creating a nation for white people and ensuring their survival. Laws were written expressly with that in mind including immigration laws.

    Corporate greed is the rule today. Get all you can at whatever cost for today you live and tomorrow you perish. Who cares what happens to the country, you will be dead by then so live it up while you can.

    May a special place in the infernal regions be prepared for those who have brought this upon us.

  • better_times

    Any thoughts as to why, under these circumstances, Glen Beck moved to Texas?

    •  Because he shot his wad in New York City with his fake philo-Semitic act, that New York City’s Jewish population absolutely despised him.  He couldn’t go anywhere in public within what the Census Bureau terms the New York metropolitan area without getting booed and jeered. 

      He moved to Texas because his act has a more friendly reception there, because the fundagelical Christians there haven’t yet realized that Jews are none too appreciative of gentiles loving them too much.  It doesn’t matter if you love them too much or hate them too much, what offends most Jews is the inordinate level of attention.

  • bluffcreek1967

    In the area I live, I’ve noticed that the public school buses are mostly filled with Mexican children. Since I first started noticing this about 4 years ago, I go out of my way now to count as many of the White children I can inside of them. Sadly, I see very few White kids. Many of the buses are completely filled with Mexican kids. Mexico has truly invaded and taken over California. Who did this to us?? We did.

    • eunometic

      Most people live in a constructed virtual reality created by Hollywood, movies, TV and we know they have an pro-immigration anti-White agenda. 

      Even if someone decides to research for themselves there will be an equal layer of illusion in the book stores and libraries;  essentially politically correct materials.  Someone who digs deeper because they have developed critical reasoning abilities is rather rarer and if they are anything like me were probably duped for many years.  I am overtly pro-White now but I certainly was duped.  It starts very young, for instance when we are forced to read “To Kill a Mockingbird” when young and at school.

      We lost control over our own media, our own formation of culture, evaluation of history and interpretation of truth.  Hollywood downloads their poisonous filth to the brains of our children.  The lessons they are taught are that they should be ashamed of their past and but also not proud of their ancestors achievements..  We let them, we pay them. 

      No race can survive this loss of cultural control.

      We have to win that back.  The only way I can see that happening is if we are prepared to donate hundreds of millions for the production of our own media.

      • newscomments70

        I remember that “To kill a Mockingbird” was required reading in the 9th grade, as well as Maya Angelou’s “I know why a caged bird sings”. This was a private school, and the teacher was white (a wasp actually). He was militantly left wing and anti-white. You would receive an “F” if you even slightly disagreed with him. Our parents paid for this to keep us out of public schools. Today, this same school cost about $40,o00 per year in tuition. I recently visited their webiste. They were adverstising “diversity” with non-white faces in every photo. They even had foreign study programs in South Africa, specifically on the “ravages of apartheid”. There were photos of Robbins island, etc. 

        Are these institutions insane? Parents pay $40,000 per year for their children to escape the “ravages” of diversity. Why in God’s name would they want diversity indoctrination programs shoved down their children’s throats? For some reason, “diversity” used to sell. Even I was brainwashed to think it was wonderful. Unfortunately we have been raped and murdered several hundred thousand times in the past few years. WE DON’T WANT DIVERSITY. WE ARE NOT RACIST, WE SIMPLY DON’T LIKE BEING RAPED. 

      • newscomments70

        “We have to win that back.  The only way I can see that happening is if we are prepared to donate hundreds of millions for the production of our own media.”
        The liberal, anti-white media is dying out. MSNBC and CNN keeps shrinking. The print news is close to bankruptcy. The liberal, neo-con Foxnews has a following because they throw us a few crumbs occasionally.  Steven Spielberg recently stated that he wants to give up movies. He believes that they are too expensive and yield too low of a return. It’s too bad that George Lucas did not listen to that advice when he made the flop, “Red Tails”. 

        We do have a media outlet, the internet. It is not yet organized and funded like the Hollywood media, but it keeps increasing. There are thousands of videos and articles that report black on white crime and nationalist causes. Youtube has several videos, and there are many organizations that produce videos.  You will not see much on cable TV dedicated to our cause, but that will change.  We do not have a traditional media outlet, but the internet has blown away the former stranglehold of the liberal media. 

        There are some great film classes you can take at your local liberal arts universities. You can learn how to make short films at a relatively low cost, and then submit them to youtube and similar. That is not comparable to Steven Spielberg, etc, but it is a good start. You may even attract more followers, because most people are so sick of the liberal media. Perhaps, one day, a media mogul will have a strong dose of racial reality…perhaps a loved one will be raped or murdered…then we might have a channel of our own. (I still don’t wish that on anyone, even our enemies.)

  •  Hagee.  That’s practically a cuss word to me.

    The Jews think they are using the Christian Zionists for Israel. The Fundies think they will inherit the Holy Land after the Rapture.

    The latter is true.  I don’t think the former is really true.

    Most American Jewish voters don’t have very strong opinions one way or another about Israel.  Of those that do, there are more anti-Israel/anti-Zionist than pro.  The only reason it doesn’t seem that way is that the pro side makes a lot of noise, and their opinions are amplified by the Hagee type fundies.  Obviously the pro-I vocal minority of American Jewish voters love Hagee and his ilk.  But honestly, if you took an opinion poll, Hagee’s approval rating among American Jews probably isn’t much higher than David Duke’s.  Because (A) Hagee pays too much attention to Jews, which as I said above, is the offending element, and (B) Most American Jewish voters are liberal on domestic social issues and he’s conservative.  Not any more complicated than that.

    As far as actual Israelis, it is my observation that while they’re usually appreciative of the support of American Christian fundies, they’re nervous and anxious about that support.  You see, our fundies have an apocalyptic worldview, and the problem you always have with anyone like that, religious or not, is that while most just wait and wait and wait and drift away from millenarianism when the “stuff” doesn’t start for paradise to materialize, there is always a minority of hotheads who get tired of waiting on God/fate/circumstance/whatever, so they try to stir “stuff” up on their own.  Most American Christians, fundies or not, who visit Israel, are there just for the history of it all, take pictures, hit the tourist traps, cya.  But then there are the hotheads…trying to start Revelation on their own.

    I hear a lot of people talking about Likkud this and Netanyahu that, sometimes laudatory, sometimes pejoratively, depending on the person.  But they’re both farther to the right of the center of the Israeli body politic than Republicans are to the American center.  The only reason Likkud and Bibi have any political success at all is because of the antics of the lumpenproletariat on the other side of those walls.  Most Israelis want to live in peaceful cohabitation with the Pallies, as a sop to their own universalism, but the Pallies’ bus bombings kinda make that hard.  If there comes a point in the near future where the peace process has a credible breakthrough, Likkud will go extinct overnight, Bibi just becomes another old Jew, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Israel puts a total travel ban on American Christians, fundie or not, just to make sure our hothead fundies don’t louse up the peace process.  If not a total ban on Christians, then they’ll be so closely monitored that they’re bounced out of the country upon the first provocative word out of their mouths.  

    And that would be fine by me.  Oh yeah, the Hagee types would cry all day and night, but maybe this will be what it will take to get our people away from fundagelical Christianity, and back to interpreting Revelation the way most educated Christians have through a majority of the history of Christianity, as a spiritual exercise not to be taken literally.

    As an aside, did Glenn Beck’s visit to Israel sicken you as much as it did me?  I’m sure that Israel just loved some dippy old scatterbrained ex-drug addict lecturing them on “restoring courage.”  The height of arrogance and conceit, IMHO.  I would have blocked him at the airport if I were in the Israeli foreign ministry.

  • BEST



    When the movies first came out, before I had seen them, I was worried that the Books would not get the honorable treatment they deserved.

    Boy, was I suprised!  Not only are they the most Pro-Western movies I have ever seen, but they portray Western Man in the most magnificent light possible.

    So long as there remains White Men of stalwart hearts and clear minds, America will continue, even though she be diminished.  America, This Republic, is more than just a landmass… she is an idea.  So long as one of us still draws breath, America will not die.

    The Orcs and Trolls and Balrogs cannot sustain themselves without us, so when we are diminished, we must be content with what we have for the moment.  Continue to advance our race, trading quantity for quality.

    When the time is right, we shall reclaim what is rightfully ours.

  • William_JD

    In Texas, nearly 7 in 10 people under age 1 were minorities as of July 2011, a slight increase from 2010….

    Hey, you freakin’ retard, in July 2011 100% of all people in Texas were minorities, same as in 2009 … and 2008 … and 2007 … and 2006 … and 2005 … and so on ….