Before Trayvon Martin Shooting, George Zimmerman Blasted Cops over Beating of Black Man

Tracy Connor, NY Daily News, May 24, 2012

The gunman in the racially charged Trayvon Martin killing once criticized local Florida cops for allegedly covering up the beating of a black homeless man.

George Zimmerman‘s comments at a public forum came a year before he shot the black teen at close range—but his supporters will seize on them as evidence he is not racist.

He spoke out in January 2011 after a video of a white cop’s son beating the black victim went viral—without an arrest being made.

“I would just like to state that the law is written in black and white,” Zimmerman said during the meeting. “It should not and cannot be enforced in the gray for those who are in the thin blue line.”

He demanded that Sanford repeal the pension of then-police chief Brian Tooley for what Zimmerman called “his illegal coverup in corruption,” according to a tape obtained by The Associated Press.



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  • Church_of_Jed

    When to we find out if he ever “thought the n-word” in an unguarded moment?

    • The__Bobster

      If he didn’t in the past, he certainly is now.

  • Fakeemail

    I wonder how this story would have played out if he was correctly named Jorge Zapada.

  • Johnny Reb

    I think this Zimmerman kid is a bit of a nut-case.  Supposedly, he rode along with a Stanford cop then turned right around and blasted him for being lazy, sleeping on the job and goofing off.   But THEN, he was still still interested in joining the Sanford PD.

    (A cop goofing off and sleeping on the job?  Tell me it isn’t so . . . )

    I’m getting the feeling that if daddy had not been a judge, the PD would not have put up with Zimmerman’s nonsense for as long as they did.  Cops don’t like a rat, they don’t like busy-bodies . . . and they sure don’t like rabble-rousers.  Zimmerman appears to be all three with a crunchy coating of almonds and peanuts . . .

    • Sheila Dinehart

      so true…the cops should have beat his ass a long time ago instead of waiting for a teenager to do it…he brought a gun to a fist-fight…that kitty-faced (I am thinking of your senitivities, monitor!)non-white idiot has brought enoughof  some kind of damned serious trouble and dumped it onto the door of the Authentic Whites who have and will continue to pay for his ignorance.

  • B

    The prosecutor in this case is the one who belongs in jail for malicious prosecution.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       zimmer looks like a negroid and so does corey

  • Guest

    No good deed goes unpunished. Help a black man get justice at your own time and expense? Not good enough. Volunteer for neighborhood watch? Not good enough. Nothing can wash you clean if you are called a racist and nothing can soil you if you are racist in deed and word but of a protected class.

  • Oil Can Harry

    It could also be he was a pro-black liberal until this last year when he became neighborhood watch and noticed the “youfs” responsible for his town’s recent crime spree were all the same color.

    I don’t want to mention what color that was but let’s just say if our president had sons they would look like them.   

  • GM (Australia)

    With all this talk about Zimmerman, has anyone remembered a previous Zimmerman. He was a German who in WW1 who tried to get Mexico on the side of the Axis powers and in return Germany would help Mexico retake most of your southern states.

    But back to the present Z man, perhaps the most important lesson for all of us is just to let the cops do their own business, like most of us we don’t like outsiders trying to tell us how to do our jobs. Also, whenever I do see major US crime events on our TV news it is encouraging to see that most police officers are still white. (And despite diversity training and up-front appearances of PC most cops do know who the real criminals are likely to be.)

    •  I take the Zimmerman Telegram as a false flag.  We only “know” about it because of British intelligence.  They had a direct incentive to get the United States into WWI on their side.

      • IstvanIN

        The US has always been willing to lie to get into war, even going so far as to kill their own.  Spain blew up the USS Maine. The Lusitania didn’t have munitions illegally in it, did it now?  Roosevelt didn’t know the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor, did he?  9/11 wasn’t an inside job, was it (I’ll probably be dead before the truth of that comes out)?

        Our leaders, from Lincoln on, are an ugly lot

  • radical7

    George Zimmerman could have 200 Black friends, attended a Black church, married a Black woman, lived in a Black neighborhood, been a member of the NAACP  etc… this still does not absolve him of racism. Many people of all races may have a few friends of different ethnic groups, yet still harbor racist behavior or murder.

    The “because I have one or two Black friends or did something nice at one time for a Black person, therefore I am not racist”  defense is a false fallacy. 

    • MrGJG

       You’re an idiot.

    • Anyone who is a racist against blacks would have not take a public stand defending a black homeless man against the son of a white cop nor pass out flyers calling for justice for the black victim as Zimmerman did. Nor would he volunteer to mentor and tutor young black children.

      While these actions are irrelevant to whether he shot Martin in self defense, they are a valid defense to the charge that he is a racist against blacks.

      The racists in this debate are the blacks and their guilt tripping white liberal allies, who side with martin solely because he is black despite the overwhelming evidence that Zimmerman shot him in self defense.

    • haroldcrews

      Then there is absolutely no point in seeking any ‘absolution’ for ‘racism’.  It is an impossible task.  Accusations of ‘racism’ cannot be refuted and simultaneously serve as judgments.  There is no proving a negative.  A debt that can never be repaid will not be repaid.  And it is foolish to even try.  How much longer will guilt make whites fools?

      Also what in the heck is a ‘false fallacy’?  Is that is in distinction to a true fallacy?  That appears to be a double negative which grammatically works as an affirmation.

    • The__Bobster

      When did you stop beating your wife, Jamal?

    • Unperson

       A “false fallacy”, you say? Tell me, is that anything like a “redundant redundancy”?

      This forum’s resident postracial progressivist from under the toll-bridge also needs to learn how to use the verb “to harbor,” which he/she seems to think is synonymous with “condone”; when in fact it means “to give shelter to” or “to provide a home for.” You know: the way a harbor shelters and provides a home for boats? A person may therefore harbor feelings but obviously can NOT “harbor murder.”

      I used to think radical7 was white, but I’ve come to agree with those posters who peg him/her as black. Blacks with intellectual pretensions, no matter how highly “educated”, have their own special way of mangling and misusing big words that you just don’t get from your paler sorts of pseudo-intellectuals. Just as Ebonics is the ghetto’s corruption of Standard English, the superficially impressive but actually nonsensical speech used by radical7 — as well as virtually ALL black politicians and community organizers except for our white-raised (and mostly teleprompted) president — is a corruption of Academic English. We could really use a name for this particular Africanized brand of subliteracy.

      Until then, “By their syntax shall ye know them.”

    • mikejones91

      I understand that but to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY for another race is NOT the action of a racist. Get it through your head negro, you’ve been played like ALL the other sheep.

    • MissBonnie123

      Mr. Zimmerman killed Mr. Martin in self-defense, not because Mr. Zimmerman was a racist.

      You wrote  “because I have one or two Black friends or did something nice at one time for a Black person, therefore I am not racist” defense is a false fallacy.” If a White person is truly racist in the sense of the word as most people understand it, they would NEVER do anything nice for a Black person or especially have Black friends.

      Racism to most people means that you hate another group so much that you would promote violence towards that group or act violently towards that group.

      To a liberal every White person is racist (except for that liberal). Liberals judge White people by the color of their skin!

    • MissBonnie123

      What in your view WOULD absolve a White person of racism? I am very curious.

      • haroldcrews

        I’m guessing a suicide note expressing immense guilt for being white after a mass murder of whites followed by suicide.  Perhaps Radical7 would be satisfied with that.

    • IanJMacDonald

      Radical7 is technically correct.  Let me explain why.

      Since the words “racist” and “racism” have no fixed meaning, they can be applied to anything. They are like the words “assault weapon” and “gateway drug.”  They merely trigger words are used not to advance thought but to stifle it. It’s like calling someone a “witch” or a “heretic” in the Middle Ages.

  • Zim is the PERFECT SYMBOL for us.

    A liberal we can USE for a CHANGE – and whose fate, means nothing.
    He is a liberal – one of THEM – let him swing after WE get in our kicks.

  • KingKenton

     It has become clear to me that as Whites we desperately need a national legal defense fund. I realize that Zimmerman isn’t White, but there are lots of Whites in Zimmerman’s shoes right now who need help. Unfortunately, there is no organization to help them. Corey Rose is one such person. His story was covered by Amren (see link below). The incident took place less than two weeks after the Zimmerman incident. Does anyone really believe that in the aftermath and fallout of the Zimmerman case that Mr. Rose, or any White man who acts in self defense in Sanford, Florida is going to be treated justly? You will be guilty until proven innocent. I believe we are approaching (or have) a period in which it will not be possible for a White person to receive to receive justice without aggressive legal, and public relations support. I don’t have any idea as to how a national or even state level organization to defend White people could be set up, but if anyone else does, please share your ideas. I think we are under attack and the time has come defend ourselves.

    • eunometic

      We should be raising hundress of millions in the USA alone for legal defense funds and more:  it is likely we will need billions.

      Are Whites so Stingy we won’t even donate 0.5% of income to white causes?
      Are Whites only donating to the insipid race traitors of the Republican party?
      Why must a genius like jarod Taylor still have to work.

  • ageofknowledge

    This is why we have due process. It provides an opportunity for the facts to surface.

  • The__Bobster

    True, that was the reason for the false flag operations. Our “leaders” wanted those wars, not the people.

    Remember this one?

  • anarchyst

    I’ll probably get “flagged” again for speaking the TRUTH, but here goes. . .
    It is a loosely guarded “secret” that many influential policy-makers in OUR federal government hold dual-nationality citizenship, primarily as dual-nationality Israelis . . . there are many “policy wonks” with dual-nationality citizenship guiding the “decision makers” in MY country . . .
    Natural-born American citizens have every right to question the loyalty of those dual-nationality “citizens” when they are permitted to “serve” in MY government.
    I used to chuckle when hearing so-called white supremacists (actually nationalists) talk of our federal goverment being  controlled by those with foreign ties . . . to wit, a Zionist Occupation Government.   But you know . . . with the number of dual-nationality Israelis “serving” in MY government, it gives one “food for thought” . . .
    Please don’t take my word for it . . . check these things out for yourselves . . . you may not like what you find.

  • radical7

    SaltLakeCity 1 commented:
    Who in their right mind would attack or even fight an armed man if the were unarmed? That’s the million dollar question never answered. Zimmerman was handicapped because he had to keep one hand on his gun to keep it fom being stolen and killed himself like many cops have been shot and lay dead in thir graves today. Did Trayvon’s parents and black leaders not tell them to never fight another man who was armed or else they might die? What decent 17 year old would to even attempt to scuffle in a violent manner with any large man who was clearly protecting innocents properties unless he was up to no good and had a death wish plus hopped up on THC? Why don’t blacks give their youth the proper advice and tell to run run run from a gun gun gun? Wouldn’t it be better to be a live chicken than a dead hero? How about not shooting and murdering people based on their race? This would make more sense.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    That fool  is too stupid to be a racist.  He is certainly anything but WHITE…why should a white person really care what happens to him…considering the danger the fool has brought upon the authentic White American…this is not a question.

  • IstvanIN
  • IstvanIN

    Sorry, I guess you couldn’t read my last sentence.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx


  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    I’ll analyze it:

    It must be the Afrocentric version of Aristotelian logic.

    You know, the kind that doesn’t make sense.

  • BJDeller

     We saw the “apology· on TV here in Europe and to me it was not a personal apology.  He said that he was sorry for their loss, not sorry that he did it.  It could be called a “political” apology.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  • radical7

    MissBonnie commented

    “What in your view WOULD absolve a White person of racism? I am very curious.”

    Anyone who treats all human beings equally, does not prejudge them based on their skin pigmentation or other factors that are beyond that person’s control is a decent and fair-minded person regardless of their race.  The fact is that Racism is vile. Period.

    • Mentious

      Race isn’t just “skin pigmentation.”

      And most whites despise blacks because of their character, not their skin color.

      And putting your own people at risk so that you can pose as virtuous by ignoring reality — is a far viler thing than being racially conscious.

    • MissBonnie123

      Radical 7 said “Anyone who treats all human beings equally, does not prejudge them based on their skin pigmentation or other factors that are beyond that person’s control is a decent and fair-minded person regardless of their race. The fact is that Racism is vile. Period.

      If this is the case then most Blacks and other nonwhites are racist because they judge the whole White race. They judge us based on the color of our skin. When they make claims such as “There is rampant racism in America” or “The Black man can’t get ahead in America,” these are broad based racist swipes at the White race. They are accusing the entire White race of practicing racism towards them.

      You said “Anyone who treats all human beings equally, …” How can we treat each other “equally” when we are all so different? This term “equal” is so subjective that it has many definitions. If I treat a Black man the same as I treat a White man, for example, he might see racism when I disagree with him on an issue even though I would be able to comfortably disagree with a White man on the same issue. So even if White people are “equally” respectful towards a Black, the Black could still see “evil” racism within a situation.

  • Joshua50

     This discovery seems over the top even for me. It’s is an obvious plant for the gullible. It’s whole purpose is to destroy any credibility serious web sleuths may have.

     I sincerely hope no one takes the bait without first getting  incontrovertible proof that this is Trayvon Martin’s account.