Why I No Longer Feel Safe on Metro

Kurtis Hiatt, Washington Post, April 13, 2012

The man’s yells reverberated through the Metrorail car, breaking the quiet typical of an early-morning ride. I turned down the music on my iPhone. What was that? “[Expletive] the white man!” he screamed again. {snip} I couldn’t see the man, but I did note that I seemed to be one of very few white men in the car. Still, I brushed it off. It’s not unusual to encounter crazy behavior while riding Metro. Rarely do things turn serious. As the train arrived at L’Enfant Plaza, I briefly considered switching cars. I didn’t.

I should have.

What happened next is a blur. I remember hearing “Look me in the eyes!” Now the voice was close—too close. I turned. The man had squared up directly in front of me, his face level with mine. I met his rage-filled eyes the moment before he head-butted me. Then his right fist came around in a hook, connecting just above my cheek.

“What are you doing?” was all I could yell, rather lamely, as I shoved him away. He turned his punches toward another victim as other passengers came to our aid. One of them pulled the man’s jacket over his head in a hockey-like maneuver. A woman was pushing the emergency call button. Feeling stunned, I remember wondering: Why isn’t the conductor responding?


We arrived at the Smithsonian station. The doors opened, and I ran to the conductor. Did he know what was going on? I didn’t get an answer—or any acknowledgment at all, in fact—but he appeared to be talking to someone on his radio. I ran to the escalator to get the station manager, knowing I’d have to pass the car where the assailant had been. Was he still there? What if he had a gun? As I headed up, the train began pulling away as if nothing had happened. How could the conductor possibly know whether the offender had gotten off the train? The answer: He couldn’t.

Luckily, the man wasn’t still on board. As I reached the manager’s kiosk, the assailant jumped the exit gates. Other passengers and I pointed him out and yelled. Was the station manager calling the police? Was he doing anything? It was impossible to tell. So I ran to the outside escalator to get cellphone reception to call 911 myself. The dispatcher said I had to be transferred to Metro Transit Police. Seriously? Fine, I thought, as long as it means a cop will show up.

Fortunately, one did show up. Unfortunately, it was a full 15 minutes later.

In the meantime, my frustration with the Metro dispatcher grew as two other riders and I followed the assailant for blocks. In one minute, I had given her an exact location, the offender’s description and a full account of what had happened. But then five minutes passed. Then 10. {snip}

{snip} Later, after the man was finally arrested, I learned that the responding officer had to travel from Alexandria to our location near the Smithsonian stop; apparently no Metro police were in the area that Saturday morning. {snip}


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  • Periapsis

    I’m beginning to wonder if whites should even bother reporting attacks like these to police. It’s beginning to appear they should instead fatally shoot, stab or otherwise simply kill or cripple attackers like this one and simply walk away, leaving them for the police to find.

    • Brian

      If you do you will be caught, and you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s called anarcho-tyranny for a reason. 

      • Periapsis

        I was not advocating playing Bataman, but it looks to me that whites who defend thesmelves from harm better not stick around for Trayon’s re-inforcements to arrive. Anarcho-tryanny Brian? That is what we have now, and we had it for decades. Nay, we are on course for Soviet style tyranny, and you have no idea what that means, I do because my relatives surivived it. The LA Riots, the Simpson murders and now the Trayvon affair prove it. I already have been there, done that. In the future, whites are going to be forced to do this, law be damned because the law is against the white man now. What will it be in the future? Call 911 and die? The law is being used to destroy us one way or the other, and soon whites will not have an economic life, family stability or even sanity without the government and non-whites working non-stop to destroy all three. I’m saying it’s getting to the point where whites are going to realize the criminals and the government are both teamed up against them. You will be prosecuted no matter what you do.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      No. Having to deal with the criminal justice system will seriously damage your economic life, your family stability, and your sanity. Fighting in defense of one’s life or one’s family is one thing, playing Batman is quite another. 

    • Ingsoc

      Amen and pass the ammo.

  • je suis paganisme

    Wonderful! Reality is a hard teacher, but the best one.

  • IstvanIN

     I am assuming the conductor, police and other employees were black and could, quite frankly, not care one itoa if you lived or died.  Welcome to the US were YOU are the outsider, YT!

    • Rocky Bass

       I will say it again, MAGNUM JUSTICE is all we whites have left.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        That’s raciss! Everyone knows that if all the Whites would disappear, that the Diversity would build upon our ruins the most glittering, accomplished, and advanced Civilization known in the history of Earth.

        They could start building that wondrous and splendiferous Civilization right now if White Humanity would just stop being cowards about race and “do more” by “beginning the long process of racial reconciliation and healing by making the necessary systemic and institutional sacrifices, and by atoning for the sins of slavery and segregation by holding deysefs accountable to the beloved community of color for deys unearned and racist White privileges.”

        • You are absolutely right.  This is exactly what blacks build in the nation of Haiti, a paradise.   Most black nations drove out whites and after all the whites were gone were able to build Black Paradises.   Detroit and DC have started construction of their Paradises too.  

          • James

            You’re correct! Montego Bay, Jamaica is another marvel to behold!! I strongly urge all  multiculturalists to visit that amazing haven of astounding black achievement for at least a couple of weeks, if for nothing else than to gloat at the unending wonders that will unceasingly unfold around them!!

          • Jay1

            It gets even better!  Ethiopia was never colonized.  It even has a 2000 year history of Christianity in place.  Look at the advanced civilization they built there!  An example for all people everywhere!

          • Mainstreaming_Diversity

            You may see articulate, professional looking Affirmative Action blacks who dress just like their White “peers,” but if you could see inside their minds and imaginations, if you could see their highest aspirations and happiest thoughts, you’d see Black Paradise:


            Which brings to mind the Ten Words of Whiteness, an amendment to the Stand Your Ground law:


            “Anything the blacks have that is better than a bone through the nose, a dirty loincloth, a mud hut, and a hideous, disgusting village full of starving pickaninnies is because of White charity. They owe us an unpayable debt, and all they give us are Zebra Killings, Wichita Massacres, Knoxville Horrors, and eternal apprehension for the future. As bad as lynching was, Diversity is worse.” -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “Looking Ahead by Looking Back,” 2008

        • Pelayo1492

          Let’s focus on seeing that your opening sentence doesn’t come to pass but hypothetically speaking without us they’ll be starving within 50 years or less because the parasite can’t live without the host. More than likely the Chinese would already have taken posession of the former US and they’ll carry out a “final solution” that will make Heinrich Himler look like a novice.

          •  You neglect to explain that the “live without the host” part means WHITES ARE ALL DEAD by then.

          • Pelayo1492

            I trust that everone inferred that. And I also confident that the White sleeping giant will awaken and make Admiral Yamamoto’s prediction a reality for a second time.

        • We just have to keep giving blacks MORE. Kepp giving and giving and giving and giving and ,like priming a pump,once we have given enough,the blacks will magically spring to life,cut their EBT cards in two,throw away their Obama phones,and build a New World of pyramids and flying ships!

      • Pelayo1492

        I went to a South Florida shooting range today. I was surprised by the number of women who were there for basic handgun lessons. Most of them were placing thier shots quite well.

        • Rocky Bass

           Low time shooters, particularly women tend to start off instinctively with a point and shoot technique that does work quite well. It is encouraging given the ~40K black on white rapes each year, that more are learning not to leave their women vulnerable to the savages.

        • Denise

          I live in a predominately white neighborhood and feel fairly safe. However, it’s starting to fray at the edges. Last week one of my co-workers, who lives about five minutes from me, woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find a complete stranger in her bedroom doorway. She grabbed her gun from the nightstand and yelled “Get the hell out of my house!” The guy flew out of the house. Fortunately, she didn’t have to use it, but what if she didn’t have it?

      • Rocky Bass

        Heard something I really liked the other day. Someone asked this guy “why he carries a Freaking .45!”? To which he replied “Because they don’t make a .46!”


      Whites should carry long screw drivers to use as weapons.  If a black or white cop asks you just say your on your way home to repair the lock on your door.  

      Do not yell for help yell FIRE, FIRE, FIRE.  Everyone will come running towards you to see the fire.  If you find yourself on a car with blacks get off at the next station and stand over by the fire alarm with your hand near the lever until the next train arrives.  No white cop will help you either because they do not want to loose their job arresting any black attacker.  

    • Did you ever watch the Bronson film DEATH WISH?  Death Wish should be required viewing of any white person who lives in DC.

      • Pelayo1492

        Or Philly, New York, Chicago, Buffalo, KC, St. Louis, Camden, Minneapolis, Oakland, Miami, Baltimore, Detroit, Chester Pa., and all the other formerly nice pre-“post racial

      • Rocky Bass

         Yeah but the bad guys were mostly white in the Death Wish series. TOTAL PHANTASY.

        • Kevin m

          In Death Wish I think the first guy he stands up to is a White, most likey PR, remember he smashes him across the face with a Sock filled with coins. The first guy he actually shoots is a White Junkie, all the rest are Black and or Puerto Rican, remember there is a scene at a Cocktale party where one guest say he only kills Blacks, implieing a racist angle, where as a women says, well that because Blacks are out there commiting the most crimes.

          • Rocky Bass

            I stand corrected. I no doubt swapped the bad guy “gang” from one or more of the later movies.
            Lets all go re-watch the original. I  will pull it down from somewhere and do so.

    • Ronald


      According to the article, the writer:

      “… followed the assailant for blocks.”

      Apparently he learned nothing from the George Zimmerman incident.  What White woman or man cannot feel sorry for what happened to this fellow? I hope he is not among those of the trendy crowd who have been “celebrating diversity” with the duplicitous ruling political class.  Those of we ordinary folks whose peaceful neighborhoods and cities have been destroyed as a result of Government economic and social policy causing an influx of “Blacks”  have a more realistic outlook. We  learned what diversity is really all about long ago. Few of us would consider what the writer went through to be anything out of the ordinary, in fact he should feel lucky that he wasn’t killed or maimed.


  • Welcome to the new South Africa (BRA)

    • Pelayo1492

      That’s entirely up to us. Vote the Progressive gang out in November and hold the electee’s feet to the fire regarding OUR rights to L,L and POH.
      !Blancos, DefiEndanse por cualquier medio que sea necesario!

      • ed91

         Lo hare’

        • Pelayo1492

          Ojala que sea asi.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      D.C. has been this way for a while, but is slowly gentrifying.  Most of the US, however, is not anything like S. Africa.  Quit being so defeatist.

      •  You do realize, that “gentrification”
        means “spreading the poison to outlying areas”
        While Limousine Liberals Live in Lofts.

        There is NO reduction in their population.

        • StivD

          It’s true that from D.C. they move out into Prince Georges county. But, that’s not so bad, because they have been there for decades now, and they have grouped pretty densely into the border between D.C. and P.G. Much of northern P.G. is pretty pleasant, for the most part.

          I think blacks moving out of Baltimore for the same reason is more of a problem. They seem to spread out more.

  • donsecor

    We innocent people are a great herd of expendables that can be thinned out without a noticed loss of tax revenue . NO mention of the criminals civil rights though . The only worry is were his his rights violated. In the future carry asprin 

  • neanderthalDNA

    If your hackles are rising because there are crazy blacks near – don’t dismiss it.  Assume you are about to die and prepare to go down fighting.  That chases away the fear and gives you an evil edge that even rabid dogs can read.  Prepare to fight for your life, cold and calulating.  Consider vital spots, like knees, groin.  Swift kick to the outside of the knee of a heavy man can put him in the hospital with seriously blown knee.  Grab keys and ball them in your fist so one or two stick out and go for eyes.

    Whether you do this stuff or not, you must get the attitude.  Any time anybody hits you in the head they can kill you.  Get coldly furious, stay alert. 

    Sometimes there’s nothing you can do – bad things happen – but often the right attitude can prevent an ugly situation.  The willingness to get ugly often prevents just such from happening.

  • pbl

    Blacks are perhaps 12% of the US population. The shoe is on the wrong foot.

  • melanie1010

    George Zimmerman and Bernard Goetz would feel safe

    • StivD

      Yeah, they would only have to worry about the overzealous authorities charging them with saving their own lives. In their examples, using an equalizer against a much larger dangerous, violent person(s) isn’t allowed unless it’s another white man, I guess. 

      If there isn’t really an effective way to retreat white people should always take a beating in light of the unfortunate history between whites and blacks. 

      “He didn’t have a weapon? He was only bashing your skull in, c’mon.”

  • StivD

    They actually published this in the Post? Maybe this is one step toward plain common sense for them. Report things as is, no excuses.

    I keep glancing at the source making sure it’s the Post.

    • AJ Sims

      I can’t believe this was in the Washington Post either. They seem to be one of the most diversity obsessed, minority-centric publications in the country. Isn’t this the same newspaper that employs illegal alien Antonio Vargas? 

      As a side note, it would be nice if the Neo-cons over at National review have a similar experince.
      They fired Derbyshire, maybe a dose of their own medicine with scary, violent blacks would wake them up.

    • Anon

       Well glance at the comments section and you’ll remember which paper it is fast.  Lots of bashing Republicans and the Tea Party, like they have anything to do with this.  Liberals are terrified that the exposure of anti-white hate crimes will bring down their House of Diversity, so they distract immediately with the same old nonsense.

    • Vitodanelli

      I was also surprised that this article was printed in the Washington Post. Now maybe, just maybe, the appearance of such an article is to appease the complaining White people who write Letters to the Editor about incidents like this. I’m sure many people know about these “journalistic” groups that are in newsrooms like the National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, an Asian one, a Native American one, Gay and Lesbian one, and who know what else. An article about Black On White crime in a national paper like the Washington Post is definitely a rarity

    • Pelayo1492

      That really is quite a surprise. Someone at the post is going to get canned.

      • curri

        No, DC is too important to the ruling elites. They’re going to clean it up like they did with Manhattan.  Meanwhile, whites in the South, Midwest and West will continue to be sacrifices to the diversity god. 

        • Look at how the You Know Who’s have kicked the blacketty-blacks OUT of Manhattan. Even Harlem is going “gentry”.

      • StivD

        Nah, they cleared this with a much higher up before running it. This is too much of a special case can’t take too many chances with it.

    • PC Must Go! swf/ sjf

       HI, I HAVE BEEN NOTICING A STRONG TURN IN THE MSM/CNN etc, towards more realistic reporting on race, mainly due to the Trayvon Martin backlash…

      1. For example, that female newscaster on CNN who got angry with and grilled that clownish looking black Florida female politician who “couldn’t remember” the name of  the white female murder victim she claimed to pity just as much as Trayvon.

      2. Piers Morgan letting “Tourre”, the rabid black racist commentator/mediate (he married an arab woman, btw… the most racist o them never marry their own) have it in a 15 minute televised verbal beat down…he called him a “fatuous” jerk.

      3. Don Lemon, the black gay CNN reporter, of all people, playing the viral video of the white guy beaten down by blacks on st. patricks day in Baltimore… he said something like “And a viral video of a white man being beaten down by a group of blacks in Baltimore, in what appears to be a HATE crime, where is the outrage”… lol, that sounds like something a white race realist would say.

      4. forgot this one, will add later.

      So it seems this whole Trayvon thing (and the Obama election) IS sparking a national dialogue on race that is *beginning, in baby steps, to sound more 2 way street.

      I was frankly amazed that this wave of race realism was on CNN just in the past 2 weeks alone! So different from their usual fare.

      I know it’s too little, too late, but I think the Democrats are realizing if they keep going with the one-way-street-on-race/”only whites can be racist” narrative they will lose all their white voters and all their white viewers… They know FOX gets more viewers and has higher ratings FOR A REASON… because, YES, FOX *DOES address reverse racism and cultural conflict issues MUCH more than them… maybe not enough for your standards, but they do… almost every show on FOX brings up anti-white racism.


      There is a growing Right-Wing and “in defense of whites” movement in America- it’s undeniable. PC is so 90’s anyways. People are fed up and tired of it.

      44%, half of “white america”, believes racism against whites is just as serious and bad as racism against’ blacks/non-whites.

      The mainstream media can only wake up and respond to this. If they don’t, they will just keep going the way of the dinosaur.

      Yahoo.com has also become more right-wing and posts articles that openly pose the question of reverse racism being serious.


      Also, more whites are moving to cities, and out of suburbs, because high gas prices increasingly make suburbs (driving everywhere /mcmansions) unfeasable. Plus it’s “trendy”. Whites will increasingly encounter hostile non-whites/illegal aliens in their cities, and be pushed into realism this way. REALISM REQUIRES CONTACT… and a lot of it.

      • StivD

        This is mostly subjective, I know, but I feel a little bit of a shift. Those examples you’ve provided wouldn’t have happened without their researchers, producers noticing attitudes taking a turn. I don’t think that every little change people may see in their reporting is trickery on their part. I don’t give them quite that much credit.

        Hell,  most people in MSM don’t have souls, so to speak, they may pander to us too if they think it will get them more influence and ratings. In order to do that they may actually have to tell the whole truth.

      • white_privilege_stigmata

        “The most distinguishing characteristic of the egalitarian White Abolitionists was how their fervor for the oppressed and suffering slaves was in direct proportion to how few negroes they knew personally. White Southern Abolitionists had a much more realistic view of the situation. To them, Abolition didn’t just mean the abolition of slavery, but the abolition of the negroes from America. That’s the kind of Abolitionism we can support, with fanaticism.”

        -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “How Hinton Rowan Helper taught the White South to embrace Abolition,” 1984

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  • ed91

    you big pussy, don’t you know how to fight back?

    you white boys better learn……..  I learned at the age of 5 or 6, can’t remember it has been so long ago……….. but your mommies wouldn’t allow it?   sux to be you.

    • Memphomaniac

      No ed91…..we are not interested in learning to “fight back” nor are we interested in a fair fight. But once we are convinced that a persistent threat exists, you will find a wonderful level of organization (our real secret weapon) that will eliminate the threat for good. Peace is when you run out of enemies, not when you humble your enemies with black eyes and split lips. Stick around and watch.

      • ed91

         I’m watching………  and all I see is a bunch of white mommie’s boys.

        • Memphomaniac

          Ed91…..one of the basic differences between us is the fact black boys were raised by their mammie, with no adult male in the house other than older siblings or mom’s boyfriend. Compare that to your white counterparts, who were taught how to hunt and shoot by their father, who was often a combat veteran and avid sportsman. Keep watching.

        • StivD

          Yeah, but I’m kinda a momma’s boy with a good punch. 

          • ed91

             if that’s a threat, you’d do better saving it for blacks………. but I’ve never backed down from a fight and I won’t now.
            bring it

      • Mutant_Swarm

        “Peace is when you run out of enemies.” You should trademark that!

    • IstvanIN

      Perhaps he wasn’t expecting it. When I took the train to work I would have either been reading the paper, napping or just watching the scenery go by. Wouldn’t be looking for a fight. Also, not everyone is cut out to be a street fighter, nor, in a civilized society should we have to be. In a white society this sort of thing would be incredibly rare. And if it did happen the conductor, transit police and other passengers would rush to the victims aid. The perp would get a beat down and no one would get in trouble, the perp would just be led off by the police. Now, from your point of view, we have to live by the law of the jungle? No we shouldn’t, we need to separate from the lesser races.

      • 1proactive2

        If your attacker makes dinner out of you, at least get a sandwich out of him.  If you can make a soup drinker out of them, even though you get the worst of it, your attacker will think twice before going after a white man. 
        Never take a beating.  Never.  A hero dies once, but a coward dies a thousand times.

      • ed91

         he should know better than to ever let your guard down around  blacks.

    • 1proactive2

      You’re so right.  I’m a white man, and twice lived in black ghettos out of necessity.  After being “tried out” by the bruthas, they left me alone.  This guy has to grow a pair one day. 

      • Anonymous

        But why should you have to live like that? 

    • MovedFromDC

      You really think a typical middle-aged person can fight someone on drugs who spends six hours a day in the gym and who fights daily?

    • A business suite is a bad outfit to get into a fight in. Especially if you are wearing a real tie.It sounds like he wasnt expecting it. Its unusually for a black to attack one on one without a sucker punch.

      • The__Bobster

        Even government employees who have to interface with the public while looking professional wear clip-on ties.

        • haroldcrews

          Bowties are the way to go.

    • Whites should fight back by steamrolling those parts of the gov’t and establishment that have been trampling our rights for the better part of a century now:

      Segregation: gov’t trampling our rights in the name of White interests; those who wanted to integrate were oppressed.

      Integration: gov’t trampling our rights in the name of Black interests; those who don’t want to integrate are oppressed.

      See the pattern yet?  The same vampires living off of the blood of their betters, the same power-grab, different excuses.

      It’s time we fought back, by steamrolling this vampire leviathan.

      • Periapsis

        More like drive a stake through it’s heart, then decapitate it is what whites must do.

    • Anon

       The victim was a very small, thin white man.  Young and probably gay from the video interview I saw.  He couldn’t fight off Rosie O’Donnell. 

    • Anon12

       What do you mean, “you white boys better learn”?  Sounds like you just might be a braggart and probably was never in that position.  Quit calling any White… a boy…got it?  Blacks don’t tolerate it so now we are suppose to?

    • Angry White Woman

      Some of us aren’t “White boys”. Some of us are small, senior citizen white women. And no, we don’t really fight back very well, never before having had to learn how to hold our ground against feral aggressors in a physical fight. The victim in this case was a white man, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that just because you’re a woman it won’t happen to you. The animals don’t care if you’re male or female, old or young. All they see is your white skin and the fact that you seem vulnerable. DON’T BE A VICTIM! Get a handgun and a CCW. Learn to use it, and then if need arises, DO USE IT. Also try not to do dangerous things (like ride public transport in broad daylight…) There are perfectly legal, formerly safe things we can’t do and places we can’t go in our own homeland simply because of the danger from our great and wise leader’s DIEversity.

  • In related news, one of the scant few rural Democrats left in the Missouri legislature is introducing a bill allowing CCW on public transit.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Sad the US has gotten to this point.  We have to wait on the biggest idiots in the world (Congress) to tell us if we can carry something the Constitution specifically says we have a God-given right to.  But, hopefully it passes.

  • Old Soldier

    Another white man learns the old saw:

    “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away!”

  • JohnEngelman

    How safe does Kurtis Hiatt feel in rush hour traffic? My guess is that Metro is safer than driving a car in Washington.

    •  John Engelman, social Luddite.

      • anon

        lol….thank you. He sure is and much much more…..

      • John Engleman, apologist for the Bantu race.

        • The__Bobster

          John Engleman, worshiper of the yellow race.

    • The__Bobster

      I bought my first car to avoid taking public transportation in a minority-infested area.

      • Ted

        In the United States the large black population, like the high rate of immigration, interfers with what liberals would like to achieve. Liberals perfer the public sphere to the private sphere. Because blacks make the public sphere dangerous, whites retreat to the private sphere.

  • Whiteman

    This reads like the expose’ printed in AmRen a while back, ‘my year as a white metro employee’.

    • Anon12

      Yes, I remember reading that here at Amren.  All amreners need to look that up and READ it. 

  • sarah stein

    So what you’re saying is one has 15 minutes to leave the area after jamming a knife into the neck of a racist attacker. 

    • Honeybadgerdontcare

       And what’s wrong with tear gas? Tear gas could have solved the following-for-fifteen-minutes problem.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    These stories will become so routine, they won’t even garner attention from the victims. Simply going outside in public will mean expected harassment and victimization. Whites rarely travel in groups, but they will. Sadly, they will encounter even larger groups of roaming Diversity Sons of Obama.

    Transgress and transcend Diversity, manifest and embrace Whiteness, beware and prepare, because you really do know what’s coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, your inner racist tells you all you need to know, and you are extremely right…

    “Why shouldn’t I be a racist? I didn’t invent the blacks, and I know what I saw!”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “My encounter with the NAACP,” 1993

  • donsecor

    Don’t forget to have him checked for aids , hepatitis etc.  Getting punched can be the gift that keeps on giving


    As our nation rapidly switches from efficient European opperation to inefficient Multicultural opperation, this sort of thing will become common.

    Nothing will work, no one will answer the phone, no one will pay bills or taxes (except the few remaining White and Asian people), and no one will care 0r respond, unless bribed.  

    This is how it is in much of Africa and places in America where Africans have gained control (i.e., Detroit, East St. Louis, etc.).

    This is the world your White children will inherit.  

    • IstvanIN

      Asians pay taxes?  On what, their government salaries or their “declared” income.  The rest is hidden.  Big help they are.  Go away, asiaphiles.

      • Anon12

        You hit the nail on the head. Too many here think Asians are the perfect minority.  To h…they are!  They are good at frauding us taxpayers and bilking the system as much as the other nonwhite races. Especially their doctors and medical supply companies that bill medicare with bogus charges.

  • Tim

    “I turned down the music on my iphone…” Well, that was a mistake!!  Wearing one to begin with. Never seem distracted, always be standing if they are too…Look THEM  in eye to let them know it`s a bad idea to mess with you.
     That being said, I had a similar experience that has always bothered me on how I handled it.. A crazy guy, jazzed up on something, started shouting threats and  profanities right next to my ear. So I pushed against him to gain some distance and asked, “Are you talking to me?!?!  Is that meant for me?!?  He was rather surprised that someone would call him out on calling them out… He told me, ” NO! it wasn`t meant for you, it was meant for the  old Hispanic lady sitting next to you.”  So I warned him in best best authority tone, “Well, If you don`t want your butt kicked, yell it in HER  ear not mine!!!”  I then got off the bus and walked the rest of the way. As I did, I realized that the main focus of my protection should have been the elderly lady and not myself. I had given him a way out which was good, but let him indicate he was verbally assaulting a senior citizen without challenge, which was bad….   Live and Learn, I guess. One thing I brought out of it was that a car offers more than conveinence, it offers insulation and protection. So I got mine fixd pronto.

  • If I win the lottery tonight I will buy private buses and other means of public transportation for white people in big cities. What would a bullet proof bus cost? There is a website called Vanguard News Network that has a video called {Race War} with an email link. I sent that video to the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and a few other places. All the readers on this site should send that video to as many people as possible, including your local paper. Welcome to Thunderdome!!

  • Jane

    Hiatt is a young liberal in good standing.  You can see from his linked-in entry.  It’s shocking that the Post allowed him to write this.  Maybe they feel pressured by their white readers to address the subject of Metro after the Washington Times wrote about how badly run Metro is.  It was a shocking and devastating article from a few weeks ago.  I’m sure it was featured here on Amren.  

    I wish someone would confront young DWL Hiatt:  “Why did you feel compelled to bring race into it in detailing your article?  Was it necessary to mention the exact expletive and that you were one of the few whites in the rail car?  Racist!” 

  • Sincerely Concerned

    As a stay-at-home girlfriend (for now—trying to start my own business), I watch my boyfriend walk to work each day in our out-of-necessity ghetto neighborhood.  He moves quickly, avoiding eye contact or even verbal contact with anyone.  He walks back home at night anywhere between 9pm and 4am and I am afraid for him very often.  Woe be on to them, though, that might try an unarmed (non-gun) attack on him.  He has years of martial arts training and he would lay more than one guy flat.  I just have to keep hoping it never comes to that.  It’s sad that I even have to think of this…

  • There is absolutely no way in HELL that the USA is a first world country, no way in HELL!

    • IstvanIN

      Not even second world.  Brazil wouldn’t tolerat black crime as readily as DC would.

      • Hell, no, they wouldn’t. The police in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo make regular trips into the favelas (black slums), shoot thugs down and take names. That’s what our police should be doing.

        • Anonymous

          I wish the white man would grow a pair soon!

  • “Prime Credit USA – This is Peggy”

    USA – “Help our public transportation has been overtaken by feral animals”

    Peggy “Hold please………………………………………………………………………………………….”

    • anmpr1

      Before USA gets to “hold please,” USA first has to “press one” for English…

  • Woody Peckerwood

    It’s just BRA, brah.

  • This story is precisely what Team Trayvon are supporting.  Make no mistake, that’s what they want to do – they want to make Whites to fear policing their own neighborhoods.  They want Whites to rely on gov’t – the police, who are only minutes away, when seconds count.  They definitely don’t want the Kurtis Hiatts of the world defending themselves with mace/tasers/guns.

    The establishment wants the exclusive power to (fail to) police the border.

    The establishment wants the exclusive power to (fail to) police our neighborhoods.

    In short, they want anarcho-tyranny.

    • So true. However, more and more Americans are buying more and more guns, Svigor. May we live in interesting times.

    • anmpr1

      Correct.  The true meaning of the Trayvonator has nothing to do with Trayvonius.  It is simply a means to an end–an end of removing whites of their legitimate means of self defense.  And also of legitimizing black mob influence over government for their own benefit.  It is as simple as that.

  • In one minute, I had given her an exact location, the offender’s
    description and a full account of what had happened. But then five
    minutes passed.

    I sincerely hope that description didn’t include his race.  Giving the race of a Black perp is a hatecrime, and adds no information of value.  Just ask any journalist.

  • Portlandrealist

    I operate a city bus in Portland OR.  After 5 years I can make an educated guess as to how often a minor assault (black on white) occurs daily: I would say at least 10 system wide.  I say this from what I have seen, and from what I’ve overheard.  Blacks like to brag about the assaults they commit on whites, and lord knows they are loud enough to be overheard.

    BTW this couldn’t have happened to a better person, a reporter from right inside the belly of the beast.  Did he mention the attackers race?  Well then he deserves more beatings. 

    • StivD

      At least he did mention that he was one of the very few whites on the train.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        So began a series of critical failures by Metro to protect its passengers.

        This guy blames The System that didn’t protect him, not the black violent attacker that commaded “look me in the eyes!” before the head butt . I understand that Metro employees are 99% black and have no interest in helping Whites.

        This violent attacker would have been stopped in his tracks if someone had either punched him or shot him.

        The author, Kurtis Hiatt is 23 years old.  Photo attached.

        • Bon, the guy looks like he is probably pro gun-control, and a flaming liberal. He blames Metro for not protecting him, and gives the attacker a free pass. What an idiot.

          This episode does indeed bear out that, “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away”. This guy is lucky the perp didn’t have a gun, or else his brains would have been splattered over the seats.

          •  It is ALWAYS FUN now, to see an effete, white liberal Jordie get
            The Rude Awakening.

            Crazy Epic Beard BlackMan did MORE to change Kurtiss’ tender mind
            than an ENTIRE 503GB of posting bandwidth – here at amren.

          • Ingsoc

            This kid is Too Fresh Out of College. I reckon it’ll take a few more head bashings before he gets the message that the wonderful world of multicultural America that he was taught in college doesn’t exist anywhere in the known universe.

            Thanks for posting the photo, it told me everything I needed to know about this wimp.

        • StivD

          Look, some people have to crawl before they can walk. They are still a little skittish about uttering the word black and ‘did this’ in conjunction. Sometimes the lines are more than broad enough to read between. They may not quite lead you by the nose to the point.

    • Anonymous

      Gosh, how racist!  I mean, what does ‘race’ have to do with it?  Why, for all we know, the attacker could have been a white man just trying to provoke hate and make the white victim think he was a black…

  • Guest

    Here in LA I had several close calls like this guy, on the Red Line, downtown, and on MTA buses.  Often I was the only white present.  The illegals have pushed a lot of blacks out of Compton and Watts into downtown, Hollywood and even the East Valley.  (For anyone out there with hispanophile ideas, FYI they are only marginally less violent and hostile to us than the blacks.)  They love to act up during rush hour particularly (larger audience, perhaps?), and it got to the point that I volunteered to work early or late shifts just to avoid them.  Luckily my heart condition has sidelined me, probably permanently, so I no longer face the daily commute.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      How sad, having to be grateful that a heart condition has saved you from the abuse of blacks and browns.  I hope you get by okay.

  • When seconds count, the police are only — uh, 15 minutes away. Or 20. Or a half-hour.

    The writer kept telling us that he was thinking, “What if (the perp) had a gun?” Ah, my fellow White brother: What if YOU had a gun? And knew how to use it? And weren’t afraid to use it, to defend yourself? Maybe the perp wouldn’t have been swaggering off down the street after assaulting you. Maybe he would have been prone, in the subway car or on the sidewalk. Maybe he would have learned not to assume White guys won’t fight back. Or maybe he wouldn’t have to worry about things like that, or anything else, ever again.

    Another Trayvon Martin case? Screams of “murder” and “racial profiling”? Oh, anything’s possible. But if it happened again, and again, and again, each time such assaults took place, you know what? Those assaults would quickly begin to taper off, and then they’d stop. Even blacks don’t attack people they strongly suspect may blow them full of holes.

  • Rob

    It is ridiculous to try to depend on the Po-lece to protect you all the time.If you are physically assaulted,just assault your attacker back as much as you can legally get away with.Doing so is not physically possible for a lot of people, but what you need is PREPARTION,bolth physical and mental.If that had happened to ME,he would have been in sorryful shape afterward.But then again, cowards always attack someone that is considerably less powerful.

  • ageofknowledge

    Now you get to pay for him to have 3 hots and a cot too.


    Just in: The perp was carrying a bag of Skittles.

  • John in Phila

    Any Philly phriends ride the market el?

    Get off at 8th and Market?

    A regular fixture at the south end of the station is the black Israelite group. They shout, carry on, whoop it up, cuss whitey, etc.

    I make it a point to pick one of them as I walk by, and make evil-intentioned, sustained eye contact. Hopefully it’s scary for a brutha (and LOL, that my phone autocorrected to ‘brute’) to see an angry, well built white man in wingtips.

    In my younger days, I threw snowballs at them.

  • Traveler of time and space

    Many, many whites are waking up. Blacks 40 year window of integration in a 6000 history of isolation from civilized people has not worked.I bet it was tried in some distant land ages ago to the same effect. Most southerners are also realizing their ancestors were not bigots at all, but loved their families and prized security.

  • Related:


    For the obvious reasons, and thanks to the usual suspects, I wouldn’t mind the police presence.  But why must it be TSA?

  • guest

    I hope the poor white coward didn’t lose his purse as he escaped. I’m sure he’ll be over it by the time he reaches the SPLC conference he was headed to.

  • BO

    A wise former President once said:
    I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order that their children can’t ride the train in their own nation’s capital without getting beat up by quasi-retarded Africans because of their white privilege.
    Or something like that.

  • Natassia

    White people should boycott the Metro.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      White Humanity should boycott anything and everything that isn’t explicitly Whites Only. 

      Does your church support “missions” to Diversity? Boycott.  Does your alma matter “passionately embrace Diversity and inclusion”?  Boycott. 

      “It is a sad and hard reality that those institutions built for us by our White fathers have been given away to afrovoodoo negroidity. White Humanity can no longer afford to support, promote, or encourage the Diversity that is our doom. Jesus White Christ didn’t die on the Cross so your daughters could give you mongrel grandbabies. George Washington didn’t cross the Delaware River so you could have black neighbors. Abraham Lincoln didn’t sign the Emancipation Proclamation so you could be under Black Rule.” 

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What the Knoxville Horror tells us about the Sermon on the Mount,” 2008

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    [Expletive] the white man! [Expletive] the white man!”

    Was it Holder or Van Jones?


  • pablo

    In fairness to the conductor, I’ve read that public employees on subway systems are instructed, at risk to thier jobs, to NOT get involved in any physical battles with riders, even if they are standing next to a guy beating a 90 lb woman into a bloody mess.

    There are videos showing just such occurrences in subways where the conductor and other personnel stand by while victims are assaulted. People wonder why but are not told of job policy requiring hands off no matter what.

  • This is a story that could have come right out of Alex Kurtagic’s ‘Mister’. 

    Art describing life.

  • JohnEngelman

    The rate of violent crime per 100,000 climbed to 757.5 in 1992. By 2010 it had declined to 403.6.
    The internet makes us more aware of crimes like these. Nevertheless, the United States is becoming safer, not more dangerous. Nevertheless, blacks do have a rate of violent crime that is over seven times the white rate.
    Newspapers neglect their duty to their readers when they do not report on the race of criminal suspects. 

    • Memphomaniac

      JohnEngelman…….It must be clear to you that newspapers do not need to report the race of criminal suspects UNLESS IT IS REMARKABLE. Given that the rate of violent crime for blacks is seven times that of whites, as you say, it is SAFE TO ASSUME that whenever a violent crime is reported, the perp is black. When the suspect is white, the media is quick to make everyone aware…..otherwise, we know they are black (or hispanic). Everyone already knows that without being told.

    • Anon12

       . Nevertheless, the United States is becoming safer, not more dangerous.

      How many times do you repeat that lie on here?  We KNOW those stats are bogus. All I see on our local news DAILY is crimes committed in our area alone!  Most all crimes here are committed by MEXICANS and BLACKS!  So quit with your nonsense.

  • KenelmDigby

    One sincerely wishes that all the anti-white, ‘liberal’ political elitists who foisted the racial disaster on the USA were on the receiving end of this type of behavior.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      “When dealing with something that doesn’t make sense, always look beyond the immediate circumstance to the eventual harm it has on White Humanity, and there you will find the original purpose.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Making sense of today’s Diversity surge,” 1998

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       One question, who do you hate more; white liberals or blacks and other non-white perps?

  • JackKrak

    I hope the writer’s “Hope and Change” t-shirt didn’t get messed up during the attack.

  • Concerned

    As the preacher said to the sheriff (in Blazing Saddles) “Son, you’re on your own”. And people wonder why folks like me carry a gun? You’ve learned a lesson here. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. In incidents like this if your first thought is “where are the police” you’ve already lost the fight. You need a plan that involves action on your part, otherwise you’re a victim waiting for an assault.

  • Cooperstown

    Where is president Trayvon when crackhead criminal  Trayvon attacks whites and does this?  Is this retribution intimidation threats that Trayvon better be reelected or else?

    Can whites even begin to imagine when Trayvon is ousted from the WH what will happen? Thats when a majority white Congress better be prepared to step in and assume the reigns of government and take over the military. There will be millions of Trayvons in the streets disrupting everything. Gird your loins. Its coming soon.
    Fight fire with fire. Animals do not respect weakness. Survival of the strongest and fittest and smartest is the only way.

  • Unperson

    Why I No Longer Feel Safe on Metro

    “No longer”? So, prior to this, the author DID feel safe riding DC public transit?


    …as other passengers came to our aid. One of them pulled the man’s jacket over his head in a hockey-like maneuver.

    That maneuver, which does indeed come to us from the world of hockey (well, via the world of street-fighting and bar-brawling), is called “jerseying” or “getting jerseyed.”

    Jerseying is a “dirty” but very effective ploy that can, if nothing else, buy you a few precious seconds when you’re being attacked. Everyone on here should learn how to do it. No permit required.

  • NaturalBornCitizen

    What a Fool this ‘man’ is- He chooses to travel in the Jungle, does so unarmed and allows his toons to distract his attention. He is lucky he did not end up dead. $1000 the Fool will STILL vote for the Kenyan in November.

    Oviously his Daddy never had the John D. Talk with him.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I guess it’s a good thing this crack head didn’t assault George Zimmerman….’cause George would be in jail for that murder as well!

  •  “Now the voice was close—too close. I turned. The man had squared up
    directly in front of me, his face level with mine. I met his rage-filled
    eyes the moment before he head-butted me. Then his right fist came
    around in a hook, connecting just above my cheek.” {snip}

    Kurtis, Kurtie: THAT’S WHY military service is SO valuable!
    You do know, incidentally, that you’re SUPPOSED to hit somebody who hits you?  That’s when to go off.  You do have that right, even though you’re white (I assume).

    • Pelayo1492

       In today’s America don’t “assume” anything.

  • joewest666

    Move to Texas you can carry guns there.

    • Berkeley Redneck

      Texas is 11.8% black. California, by contrast, is 6.2% black. Stay out of handful of areas, and one will never be in the situation described in the article above. 

      • Trench_Raider

        While I disagree with your contention that Texas is less safe than California, I agree that they key to safety is to avoid high risk areas. to this I would add that one should be armed at all times, and practice good situational awareness.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    Please spread this link far and wide:http://chasthuglife.blogspot.com/

    We need to support these citizen journalists and inspire others to help their own communities with thuglife blogs.

  • curri

    Sanford, FL now appears to be under open Racial Bolshevist rule:

    Or doesn’t that description really apply to the entire USSA?  

    • curri
    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      “As ugly as the stain of bigotry is, the stain of Diversity is uglier.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Why they didn’t hang Jeff Davis,” 1999

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       The self defense laws have always been that way.  You can’t go after a perp after the fact, you must defend while being attacked.  What this does show is that an all out shooting war is just around the corner…..

  • haroldcrews

    If I were not an peace loving man this would appear to demonstrate excellent opportunities for black flag operations against media people.  People who work in the media particularly big media appear more willing to report black on white attacks when they, their loved ones or co-workers are the victims.

    • Don’t Ask

      I work in the mainstream media. 

      What you’re proposing is a very bad idea. 
      We do have a knack for getting to the bottom of things — more through persistence than intelligence. 

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        “Why I no longer feel safe at the baby doctor office”


        Unfortunately, this isn’t the story that will give us our too long delayed flash point and Heroic Day of Racial Reckoning.

        We need something along the lines of a van full of White junior varsity cheerleaders getting kidnapped and then raped by a gang of Treyvon Diversity Sons of Obama who video and post online.   Or better, a van of White Baptist “teens” on an outreach mission trip to the ghetttos of D.C. getting the same. We need something big, horrendous, and SOON!

        •  BTW, are you buying the “she wanted a baby” line as a motive?  I can’t put my finger on why, but I doubt it.  I’m thinking more like overt racial hate.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             Really?  Looks to me like a crazy black nurse wanted a baby and even a white one would do.  What it proves at least to me is that even when they are educated, trained to a profession like nursing, they can still murder with no remorse.  Probably easier that the victim was white, I’ll admit that.

      • haroldcrews

        If you have a knack for getting to the bottom of things you sure do have a ways of keeping it to yourselves.

      • ed91

        Mainstream media is a big part of the problem in our country…………

        You did not vet the fraud that is now called President……..

        Answer for that one.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    “To bring motivation back to the neighborhood where I’m frum.”

    Rap videos are “motivation” in the beloved community of color:


  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    The MSNBC Diversity anchor is promoting the hate lie that the afrovoodoo Diversity who killed the White mother in Houston yesterday and stole her White baby was just trying to steal “any” baby.

    Now the White TV news girl in Houston is repeating the same lie.

    “Nothing to see here, move along. Race had nothing to do with this isolated and unfortunate accident. Never mind that the black KNEW she was shooting a White woman and stealing a White baby. Race is just a social construct.”

    You aren’t supposed to believe that the Diversity Daughter of Obama targeted a White baby. Only vile and hateful racists would try to read race into this story.

    Why would a black want to steal a three day old beautiful White baby? What kind of anti-White privilege ceremony was planned for it? Could we have done more to prevent this tragedy if we were more committed to fostering Diversity and helping minorities?

    “As incapable as White Humanity is at understanding the endemic and ineradicable hatred that the negroes have towards us, we must never incapacitate ourselves from understanding that it exits and surrounds us. Diversity is our doom.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “What I saw in the Negro Holiness Temple,” 1977

    (Now the black MSNBC girl is claiming that the folks who picked the winning lottery ticket number “earned” the money. Blacks are incomprehensible to us, just like the English language is incomprehensible to them.)

  • XIXth

    This man is a perfect example of what is wrong in America. Rather than confronting the man and or screaming at other passengers about his offensive and hate filled ractist rant, this lobotomized white guy stuck his head up his proverbial rear, turned up the volume and tuned out. He goes on to admit he made a mistake….in it not meekly getting off the train. Whites need to stand up for themselves if they hope to not end up on a similar train…this time going to the gas chamber!

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    Ah the poor libtard does’t feel safe anymore on the train! Whine, sniff sniff, whine. His worldview of Youthopia is crashing and burning! What? Blacks aren’t the khaki pant, sweater vest wearing “geniuses” that the brainwash box (tv) tells him they are? How HORRIBLE…for him.

    He’s lucky he only got a headbutt and a sucker punch to the face, it’s too bad he didn’t get more. In all likelihood this incident will not shake loose the decades of brainwashing this lil’ libber has been exposed to but feh, as long as he get’s a nice healthy dose of “diversity in the raw” I am happy. Serves him right. 

    Oh and how do I know he’s a libtard? Judging by his reaction to the beating was one clue. “What are YOU DOING!!!!???” was how he responded. No “Epic Beard Man Beat Down” ensued. Just a feeble pondering of why his “equal” had the never to break the “multi-cultural bliss” he was enjoying. Oh yeah and the second clue to his libtardedness is the fact that his little story was printed in the Washington Post. 

    And notice how he failed to draw the proper inferences from his experience even though this incident was purely racial in nature, as the black that attacked him was screaming “F–CK DA WHITE MANS!’ and then attacked the writer and another victim, whom we can assume was also White. 

    In the end he seemed more upset that the Metro police weren’t on hand to prevent the beating or didn’t immediately arrive to  arrest the “aberration” in his multi-cult bliss. He seemed more inclined to blame the conductor for what happened or for not abandoning his duties in DRIVING THE TRAIN to come back and prevent our “gallant little libber” from getting his face pushed in. How terrible for him. Sneer.

    •  He seemed more inclined to blame the conductor for what happened or for
      not abandoning his duties in DRIVING THE TRAIN to come back and prevent
      our “gallant little libber” from getting his face pushed in.

      The progressive genius didn’t tell us whether the driver was black, white, or someone else.  This being the DC public transit system, (AR had an article about it a few weeks ago), it’s almost certain that he or she is black.  Meaning that there was no way he or she was going to intervene in a black-on-white crime, because he or she endorses black-on-white crime.  The other plausible reason is fear of lawsuits, company rules.

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      “Why I no longer feel safe at UGA”

      Documentary embraces cultural diversity

      By Haley Allen on April 17, 2012

      The film produced at the University, “Life Swap — Merging Cultures, Killing Stereotypes,” highlights the differences and stereotypes between cultures that can often be discouraging, but according to the film, should instead be embraced.

  • Denise

    I’ve noticed that the articles that garner the most posts are those regarding violent Black on White crimes. I am not suprised at all, as it indicates that one of the most pressing issues we face as White people is our safety. It is a life or death matter. Our response thus far has been to move to Whiter neighborhoods, conceal and carry, and hunker down. That only protects us in the short term, but doesn’t solve the problem. What are we going to do? What actions can we take now that will  insure a better future for our us and our progeny?

    I’m sure others here have asked themselves the same question. 

    It’s easy to get stymied, and do nothing. I figured the least I can do is talk honestly about race, on my own terms, and not as a reactionary. With the increase in violent black flash mobs, including in my once beloved city Minneapolis, I knew I had to have “The Talk” with my kids (they are young adults now). This was before Derbyshire’s article came out, so I had a more concise off the top of my head version.

    What kind of mother would I be if I did not tell them? I love my kids, and I want them to be safe.

    I may now be regarded as the Paranoid Mom, the Crazy Aunt, and the Racist Relative; but I would rather tell the truth than have my kids wonder someday why I didn’t warn them.

    • Ingsoc

      Talk to them about voting.  The only way to fight this is to vote the bastards out, fill out the card for them if you have to.  Tell them they face a much bleaker future than we ever did.

      If we whites organized and formed a voting bloc and voted in our own interests these lefties politicians would be out.  Soon, as demographics change, it will be too late.  

  • Doc Holliday

    I plan to stay off the DC Metro the day after Election Day.  Either Whites will be targeted for revenge if Obamao wins, or we’ll have to listen to a lot of shrieking and loud partying on the system and put up with a lot of “in yo face” harassment.

  • Why was my comment  “Public transportation is even worse than a monkey house at the zoo. At least the monkeys at the zoo don’t have knives and guns.”

    I think it had 30 likes.

    Just curious. Is that one of the banned comparisons here, blacks and apes? I can see where you’re coming with that. It isn’t fair to the monkeys.

    Monkeys don’t have…
    Food stamp cards
    Monkeys don’t gang rape 10 Whites a day in America alone (excluding prison rape)
    A monkey was never elected president and then added 9 trillion bananas of federal debt in 3 years.

  • Pelayo1492

     You are all reacting as if you have accepted your terminal fate. Are you going to line up to get into the boxcars? What the Hell is wrong with you!!!!!!!!
    We need to go to DEFCON 5 and not wait to be beaten, raped or killed. The rules have changed. Throw off the undeserved weight of false guilt and take up the burden of the sword.

    • StivD

      Trust me, I don’t feel doomed at all. There may be rough times ahead, but I know that whites will come out the other side.  I don’t believe in no-win scenarios for an entire race.

    • 1gravity

      I think we all take Pelayo1492’s point, but I offer the following list of DEFCON numbers to clarify. I think Pelayo intended to say DEFCON 1, although I only go to DEFCON 3 myself. BTW, I think standard US readiness is DEFCON 4.

      Defense condition
      Exercise term

      DEFCON 5
      FADE OUT
      Lowest state of readiness
      Normal readiness

      DEFCON 4
      Increased intelligence watch and strengthened security measures
      Above normal readiness

      DEFCON 3
      Increase in force readiness above that required for normal readiness
      Medium readiness

      DEFCON 2
      Next step to nuclear war
      War readiness

      DEFCON 1
      Nuclear war is imminent
      Maximum readiness

  • just like the blacks are to blame for being lazy, stupid, and unprepared for the arrival of whites to africa, this leftist fool is to blame for not being ready. pull your god damn iphone out of your @$$ and pay attention to your surroundings. you should have been ready for battle, especially when riding in a cage full of jungle dwellers. this beast snuck him and nearly got away with it. take off your stupid square glasses, peacoat, and scarf, and reach down and grab a handful of balls.

  • Pelayo1492

    It’s time to turn it around  and to make the enemy the one who’s afraid. When you see another of your own kind being victimized, work together and crush the attackers don’t stacnd there and watch like the wildebeest. Attack the predators.

  • MD citizen

    Those who live in the Washington DC area can confirm that the local Metro has become essentially a large Works Progress Administration boondoggle for the black community.  I remember using the Metro as far back as about 20 years ago while Metro still had a fair number of white employees and it was clean, safe and everything basically worked.  

    Time flies and political correctness has taken its toll.  Sloppy to non-existent maintenance, truculent metro employees and high crime make riding the metro an experience now to be avoided.

  • “I take this exact same line to work every day.  Despite this incident,
    it is really not that bad.  I’m much more worried about the DC bus
    system, which I have to use from time to time.”

    I have ridden the Metro since 1979. I agree, during rush hour it’s not too bad — I’ve only had a threat one time from a black male whose foot I accidently stepped on; and another time at a platform elevator a father with a baby held the door for a disabled person, and got screamed by a black woman who wanted to get going. I had a friend whose laptop was lifted by a black guy–to his surprise she got off quickly and ran after him yelling. She caught up with him and the Metro personnel (black I presume) actually did their jobs and caught the guy.
    Another time this friend was wrestled to the floor of the metro by a black male in the early morning. She kept her cool and talked him out of doing anything. I think a customer called help and the train stopped. My poor friend (and extremely competent person with a high level job in a federal location) was afraid to tell her unbalanced husband because she thought he would blame her. She has had bad luck with blacks on the metro.
    But I can’t say I’ve seen much stuff like that, and I have ridden during the day for many years. The weird stuff occurs very early in the morning or late at night when the ones who are hopped up on drugs or alcohol are riding. Sometimes during the day you see them slumped in the seats sleeping.
    Still, for 30 yrs of riding, I have never felt afraid. I don’t think its THAT bad. I’ve also ridden the buses every day for 6 months (to save money) and had no incidents and generally found people behaved. The black drivers were generally ok.
    Let’s face it. They need jobs, they are overwhelming lower IQ, and more of them will qualify only for these sorts of jobs. The metro is so automated there isn’t too much for the conductors to do except make sure the people are loaded or unloaded and use the emergency brake when necessary, something that wasn’t done for some reason in June 2009.

  • Carney3

    I’ve been at that exact station on a number of occasions.  Great.