Wesley Korir Wins Boston Marathon 2012

Jimmy Golen, Huffington Post, April 16, 2012

Trailing the leaders by 200 yards when the Boston Marathon slogged through Heartbreak Hill, Wesley Korir passed them one by one until he took the lead on his way out of Kenmore Square.

That’s when leg cramps forced him to slow down and relinquish the lead.

“It’s hot out there, in case you didn’t know,” he told reporters after enduring temperatures in the mid-80s to win the 116th Boston Marathon on Monday. “I knew it was going to be hot, and one important thing that I had to take care of today . . . was really hydrate as much as possible. I guess my biology degree kicked in a little bit.”

Singing religious songs as he trudged along the scorching pavement, the native Kenyan—a permanent resident of the United States—retook the lead from Levy Matebo in the final mile to cross the finish line in 84.8-degree temperatures with a time of 2 hours, 12 minutes, 40 seconds.

It was almost 10 minutes behind the world best established here a year ago by Geoffrey Mutai and the second-slowest Boston victory since 1985. Mutai, who was hoping a repeat victory would earn him a spot on the Kenyan Olympic team, dropped out after 18 miles with stomach cramps.


Sharon Cherop won the women’s race to complete the Kenyan sweep, outkicking Jemima Jelagat Sumgong to win by 2 seconds in 2:31:50. {snip}


Matebo finished 26 seconds behind Korir, and Bernard Kipyego was third as Kenyans swept the podium in both genders. Jason Hartmann, of Boulder, Colo., was in fourth place and the top American.


Korir, a two-time winner of the Los Angeles Marathon, was the 19th Kenyan man to win Boston in the last 22 years. {snip}


A total of 22,426 runners started the race in Hopkinton—about 84 percent of the registered field of 26,716 entrants. A total of 3,683 never collected their bib numbers over the weekend. Another 427 who picked up their starting bibs did not show up at the start; they will be offered a chance to run in 2013 instead.


Wesley Korir and Sharon Cherop


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  • Cliff Yablonski

    OMG the two photos look like aliens from another planet

  • But race is merely a social construct…

    These “social constructs” who just happen to be from or have ancestry in eastern Africa seem to win distance running events with almost universal regularity.

    • QD, then you have “social constructs” like that Jamaican bobsled team in the Winter Olympics, some years ago. Hollywood thought that was so freaky, that they made a movie, “Cool Runnings”, based on those “social constructs”.

      Then there’s that “socal construct” freak in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton. Much is made of the fact that he is a Bantu – but a Bantu from England. They have yet to find an African Bantu from the motherland, qualified to run in Formula One.

  • dmxinc

    I still have friends who think there are no differences between the races – except that we get sunburned.

    As  Derbyshire said, “….that’s infantile.”

  • “We are all equal, but blacks are better at sports.”
                                                                                                          – White Liberal

    • What is even better is all creatures evolved to adapt to their enviroments, but my invisible friend made all men equally intelligent

    • Thoughtcrime1933

      Apparently he doesn’t watch much MMA…no black heavy weight champs in MMA.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       But which sports?  This is a stereotype that just isn’t true.  The list of white dominated sports is long.  You can start with all the Winter Olympic sports and go from there.  But there’s also bicycling, and all the efforts being made to get blacks into motor sports is frankly embarrassing.  Some people are so brainwashed that they cannot think of any sports except in a black context.

  • shmo123

    Just once I’d like to see who the best American runner is. I guess it would be too much to ask that the race contestants be actual American citizens, or even worse, native born Americans. Why not just hold the race in Kenya?

    • NiviusVir

      Shmo123,  It (the best American runner) would likely be an black American of Kenyan descent.

      But remember, we mustn’t stereotype. We’re all the same. We have to continue to pretend that there are no biological differences between the races.

      • The__Bobster

        Shmo123,  It (the best American runner) would likely be an black American of Kenyan descent.

        The winner is sort of both:

        Singing religious songs as he trudged along the scorching pavement, the native Kenyan—a permanent resident of the United States—

    • The__Bobster

      The prize money would be insufficient and they couldn’t find rich sponsors who would get them U.S. citizenship.

    • Americagentlemansanta

      That’s a good point. The Olympic trials were a joke. The U.S. team is mostly just Africans who moved here. Would it really be so horrible if Americans ran for America instead of a bunch of Ethiopians?

    • Eagle_Eyed

      They usually list the fastest American, but you might have to do some digging to find the fastest (White) American.

      •  The USA Indoor Champion for 2012 for distance running is Bernard Legat, a naturalized American from Kenya.

  • Guest

    The after school track and field programs in Kenya must invest even more money than is invested in the same programs in the USA. Because that’s the difference. Otherwise, you’d have to question how money is invested in the USA.

  • Detroit_WASP

    When are we foolish, spineless whites going to start demanding affirmative action in sports?
    We should be demanding that Africans wear ankle weights to slow them down in these races.   THEN maybe more people that ‘look like me’ could win a race or two and our self-esteem would improve.

    In the NBA, when a white guy makes a basket, it should count as 11 points just to even the field….so to speak.

    Blacks get points added to their college applications and civil service tests, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • No

    There needs to be a separation in sports.  Allow blacks to only compete with blacks.

    I know, you’re probably thinking “white boy afraid to get beaten.”   Not at all.   I have two reasons:

    (1)  Like creatures should compete with like creatures.  I wouldn’t put a human in the Kentucky Derby nor challenge a bear to trout fishing.  Nor would I ask a racoon to run against greyhounds.

    (2) Blacks demean sports like they do everything else.  White sports were about “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat . . . the human drama of athletic competition.”    Add blacks and it’s all about “pay meeee de moneyyyyyy” . . . hos . . . bling . . . trash talking . . . dog murdering . . . ear biting . . .  and all the wonderful things we get from diversity.

  • I am not surprised at Kenyans winning both races. They are the best distance runners in the world by far. They start running long distances as children running long distances from home to school. If you look at the starting line in any long distance race, you will see many Kenyans in these races. However, they are not very good at sprints. Sprinting is dominated by people from West Africa. By comparison the Kenyans are smaller than the sprinters. They also do not have the muscle mass that sprinters do. Because of the slave trade from West Africa that brought many Africans to the New World, the best sprinters in the world come from the US and Jamaica.

    • that is probably why the Kenyans are in East Africa and not West Africa.  as long as the West Africans are not within striking distance (i.e. a  sprint’s distance) … neither the West Africans nor their spears … can catch the Kenyans.

      •  West Africans have a greater muscle mass. They are also taller and bigger than long distance runners. A male long distance runner from Kenya stands around 5’6 and weighs 135. A male sprinter by comparison is around 5’11 and weighs 185.

    • Except that business about “running to school”is just a bunch of public relations nonsense probably dreamed up by some (Jewish) PR exec. I read an interview with one of these Kenyans and he just laughed about it. School wasnt ten miles away. It was in his village.

  • JackKrak

    19 out of the last 22 winners have been from Kenya?

    I don’t care because I understand why it is that way, but if 19 of the last 22 winners of, say, American Idol were white there would be Congressional investigations…..

    • gemjunior

      As crazy as that sounds, you are correct, there WOULD be Congressional hearings.  The US gov’t would kowtow to some race huckster howling for some reparation or other.  I don’t know when enough will be enough.

  • anmpr1

    I guess.  But if they held a race for “good looking,” or even moderately attractive, these two wouldn’t make it off the starting block.  In Kenya, who knows?  And Jemima Jelagat?  Jemima?!!

  • Anonymous

    I see a need for affirmative action. Those who win these races have to be vilified and berated. They can redeem themselves only by focusing their outreach efforts entirely on those who are least likely to succeed.

    Meanwhile, those most likely to be able to compete against them should be denied team membership, access to training facilities and financial support. If they complain, they should be vilified for seeking “unmerited privilege”.

    Yup, that’s the way to beat them Kenyans.

  • Flytrap

    Y’all are just racist.  Everyone knows that Kenyans just try harder.  I mean, what else could it be?  If we could channel that effort towards space exploration, we’ll have colonies on Mars in 10 years. 

  • He is a PERMANENT RESIDENT of the USA?? Woo hoo!! Lucky US!!