Taco Bell Shooting Victim Was Holding Leash, Not Weapon

Fox Phoenix, April 4, 2012

Police are saying more about a shooting at a Taco Bell Tuesday night in which one man died.

They’re also identifying the victim as 29-year-old Daniel Adkins.

About 7:30 p.m., a 22-year-old man and his girlfriend ordered food at the Taco Bell drive-thru and were told to pull up while their order was prepared.

At the same time, Adkins stepped around a corner into the path of the vehicle and angry words were exchanged between he and the driver.

They got into an altercation and Adkins was shot once by the driver. He died at the scene.

The driver, a 22-year-old black male, called police but has not been arrested.

At first, the couple claimed that Adkins had a metal pipe that he swung at them—but it turns out he was holding a dog leash with his yellow lab on the other end.

Family members want that driver arrested, but he’s claiming self-defense.


A metal pipe or bat was never located. An independent witness did say Adkins swung his fists in the driver’s direction.


The dog, Lady, stayed by Adkins’ side until the Humane Society came. Adkins lived with his mom and dad. He’s 29, but his family says he’s mentally disabled and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. {snip}



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  • Hirschibold

    I knew our dusky brethren liked to have the odds in their favor (i.e. flash mobs, Jena 6, sucker-punching 90 year-old women in the foyers of apartments) but I didn’t know they also preyed on the mentally disabled. Keep lowering that limbo stick, black America.

  • Boereseun

    Let me guess, if Obama had a son he wouldn’t look like Daniel.

  • No

    “At the same time, Adkins stepped around a corner into the path of the vehicle and angry words were exchanged between he and the driver.”

    I don’t understand:

    Mental capacity of a 12-year old and he’s out walking a dog?  My 12-year old wouldn’t leave the front yard without a parent – and we live in a safe area.

    Angry words exchanged?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an “angry” mentally disabled person.  I’ve seen them throw fits, but you can tell the difference.

    You’re INSIDE a car and you have to SHOOT the guy?  Why?  What drove you to pull the trigger?  You didn’t see a pipe because there was none . . . you’re in a car . . . you can drive away . . . it makes no sense.

    You’re a 22-year old black and you have a carry permit?  (I assume he did or they would have arrested him right there.)   That’s pretty unusual.  Most blacks couldn’t get a carry permit if their lives depended on it. 

    Finally . . . 7:30 PM is still daylight.  How do you confuse a dog leash with a pipe? 

    This is a very strange story.

    • Ingsoc

      “it makes no sense…”

      It makes perfect sense if your goal is to destroy whites — “unleashing” blacks to commit murder and mayhem, such as setting children on fire, “pulling a train” and pouring bleach down the throats of  women, attacking the the elderly with hammers, and receive a pass for all of it.  

      Are you getting an inkling as to what we’re up against?  Remember blacks are tools, nothing (and I mean NOTHING) more.

      • No

        You’re right.  But still, when someone is shot, the scene is flooded with cops and investigators and DAs.  I would have thought that after listening to the negro’s story, they would have laughed and hauled him off to jail.

        This happened in Phoenix too.  There’s not a love for blacks there.  But I suppose that with the Skittle Boy thing, and the DOJ hovering around,  they’re now even more protected than ever.

    • Daniel was 29 with the mental capacity of a 12 year old.  The black driver is 22, so his mental capacity is….what…..a 10 year old?

  • The_Bobster

    Yes, but a leash is dangerous, unlike iced tea and Skittles.

    • Lou

       I hope you were being facetious..

      • The_Bobster

        Of course.  😉

        I was pretending to be Rod Sterling (sic).

    • gemjunior

      He thought that he was going to get whipped and it brought back traumatic PTSD of slavery times and he started identifying with the soul of Kunte Kinte.   He was in a PTSD blackout and has no memory of the shooting.  Ridiculous but I wouldn’t be surprised at this type of story…..

      • MikeofAges

         Good defense attorney. You’ve got it down  to manslaughter.

  • Oh please! The hypocrisy! Where was all the outrage when a defence less black boy who was clearly unarmed shot to deat h by the white acting mongrel Zimmerman? At least this pale lunatic had a weapon with an intention to attack & cause harm as opposed to skittles. Gimme a break!        

    • Impertinent

      I’ll take a smear on that bagel.

    • IstvanIN

      Anyone would mistake a leash with a yellow lab at the end for a pipe.

  • razorrare

    A much more iron clad  defence alibi by the black shooter would have been…

    I shot him cause he called me N****R.

  • Texrunner2003

    This isn’t anything like the Martin case! The Martin case has been completely distorted by the Main Stream Media such as the NBC doctored 911 tape. This is outright murder!

    • Djinn42

       I walked into my local CVS drugstore this morning and there was Trayvon, staring me straight in the face from the cover of People Magazine. Still using the picture of him from when he was 14 yrs. or so, in big letters across the front saying “An American Tragedy”, in much smaller print mixed among some other stories to the right of the cover said “George Zimmermans Side Of The Story”
      The MSM is dead set on pushing this to the extremes and getting everyone’s racial dander up. I would hate to be Zimmerman, his life is ruined even if he was in the wrong. He will end up dead somewhere, whether it be in prison or as a free exonerated man, his time is up and all thanks to the latest liberal media racefest.

      • Blacks are a “tragedy” on America….

  • MekongDelta69

    Don’t worry. the Congressional White Caucus will get all decked out in their Frederica Wilson bodacious hats and start screaming…

    Oh wait… never mind.

    • Lou

       Agreed.. Why the heck is it racist to have a Congressional white caucus but not a black ??
      I just don’t get that..

  • Ingsoc

    “The only thing that ever restrained the black man’s tendencies…”

    The only thing that ever restrained a black man’s tendencies was looking down the barrel of a loaded gun.

  • Texan1st

    Daniel Adkins is no more white than George Zimmerman.  According to the original article, his brother’s last name is Reyes.  This looks like a reverse of the Trayvon Martin case, though the facts in each case are substantually different.  Zimmerman looks to have a legal defense for shooting Martin, with injuries to back up him claims of self defense.  This shooter will have a harder time justifying his actions.  Even if this occurred at night, which it did not, the drive-thru has plenty of lighting and the shooters headlights would have lit up the victim if he walked out in front of him as the article claims.  Also, I’m sure Taco Bell has security cameras in their drive-thru and the video will be reviewed.  The national media has not picked up on this yet because the shooter was not arrested.  Of course when an arrest is eventually made, the national media will THEN run stories and they and those sympathetic to Trayvon Martin will use this as yet further proof that black people get no justice in America.

    • In Phoenix at 7:30 it is still very bright outside.

  • JackKrak

    That’s right – they have no impulse control whatsoever, but what’s worse than that is they have no sense of proportionality at all. They respond to any perceived slight, challenge or problem  – no matter how petty or minor – in the most extreme manner possible.

    • redfeathers

      They have a problem if you look at them, glance in their direction, or even think you’re looking at them.

  • Ingsoc

    You are trying to justify black crime and you suck at it.

    Look at statistics from the DoJ: blacks commit the vast majority of rape in America (and all first world countries they inhabit). In fact when it comes to interracial violence, 90% of it is committed by blacks against Whites.

    You are reduced to ad hominem sputtering and straw man arguments because the truth hurts so much.  Nothing new here, and nothing dumber than a white-hating racist.

    • Hirschibold

       Don’t feed the troll. (S)he is here for attention. Let him/her wither on the vine.

  • Ingsoc

    You have produced or presented no proof that this incident took place, genius.

    It’s amazing that there are so many dumb liberals around who justify black crime with bumper sticker slogans like “well others do it too!”

    Brilliant genius.  Nothing dumber than a brain-washed liberal, is there?

  • Lou

    Funny, haven’t seen this on yahoo yet……

  • Lou

     Just curious , where was he racist ? Point out his racism please..

  • Lou

     You’re a racist , you said ” white ” bodybuilder … Shame on you.

  • Lou

     Yes , it all depends on who says it..

  • IstvanIN

    Unlike blacks dogs are loyal, hard working and can exhibit both love and shame.

  • MikeofAges

     Not a lame racist joke. It’s a rhetorical device called “invective”. If you want to ban invective, say so. And while you’re at it, tell us what other rights protected by the Constitution and by American adherence to the charter of the United Nations and the Helsinki Accords you would like to eliminate. “Limbo stick” is a metaphor for the idea of standards. No more. no less.

  • The_Bobster

    Especially libtards. I suspect we have an infiltrator.

  • The_Bobster

    Ad hominem attacks, the only tool a libtard has besides the race card. You’ve used both here. Now you’re out of ammo.

    BTW, his name was Rod Serling.


  • The_Bobster

    Here’s what they do to people like you. In your case, you’d enjoy it.


  • The_Bobster

    They’ve already said that they’ll treat him like a White man.

  • MikeofAges

    A point about bullies and thugs. You don’t know who’s next. Case in point, Damian “Hotdog” Williams, the street thug who busted a rock on the  head of white truck driver Reginald Denny during the L.A. riots in 1992. He was sentenced to 10 years for the crime and served five. Three years after his release he murdered a 47-year-old black man who was his drug connection. Okay, a (probably nickel and dime) drug dealer. But could it as easily have someone else, a totally innocent person. Of course.

    Bullies and thugs don’t deserve any slack.

  • MikeofAges

    Just answer the question. Do you want to censor speech or dont you? You lower your own limbo stick a notch every time you open your mouth. The United States has a constitution, and is a signatory of the United Nations charter (1945) and the Helsinki Accords (1976), which included human right protocols. Freedom of speech. Freedom of thought. All that stuff. Everybody knows the political left would like to ban as hate speech all vivid and pithy rhetoric coming from the conservative side. You don’t fool me a whit.

    • Ingsoc

      Don’t feel alone MikeofAges.
      Insanity is not something that can be “understood”.

  • Ingsoc

    Yet another anti-white justifying Genocide. You’re so damned original.

    How did you become such an anti-white?

    I look forward to the day when brainwashed Anti-Whites like you are exposed as the sick idiots you truly are.

  • Ingsoc

    “If you can’t see it, it would be pointless to try and ask you to see it.”

    “at least he expresses them without resorting to sixth-grade talk”

    Now you’re just being silly, like any given sixth grader.

  • Ingsoc

    When someone says “think for yourself”, they don’t want you to have your own beliefs, they want you to have theirs.

  • Ingsoc

    So damned original.

    You’re anti-white and completely delusional. You don’t even have enough sanity to pretend you’re not supporting white genocide.

  • Ingsoc

    This from someone who gets his talking points from Tim Wise — and sucks at it.

    We need more like you promoting Tim’s anti-white rhetoric, maybe you can ask Tim if you can join him on his latest book tour so you can discuss white genocide in the gas chambers of your mind.

    You are anti-white promoting white genocide.

  • Ingsoc

    So original, again with the Tim Wise talking points.

    Meanwhile back on planet earth…

    People like you are militant pro-Genocide idiots, and should be shunned wherever you hide and creep out from the rocks you hide under.

    You’ve spent so much of your life listening to and actually believing the crap that Mommy Professor puts out that you’re beyond seeing what’s in front of your face.
    You are justifying Genocide. You are also dumb.

  • kjh64

    If this really happened as you say it did, then the Black was justified in shooting him.

  •  You want “comments”…very well then…I find it ironic you had to go back twenty years to find a case in which the “tables were turned” as you claim.

  • MikeofAges

     You also suck at triangulation.

  • Impertinent

    Don’t think you need a permit in Az.

  • Al and Jesse should die. I would consider that a great blessing from God.