Suspect in Okla. Shootings Says He’s Not Racist

Justin Juozapavicius, Yahoo! News, April 16, 2012

One of two Oklahoma men accused of going on a racially motivated shooting spree in a predominantly black section of Tulsa this month says he has no ill-will toward black people and counts several of them among his friends.

“I always got along with everybody. It didn’t matter what color you (were),” Jake England told his attorney, Clark Brewster, in a brief videotaped interview from jail that Brewster gave to The Associated Press.

A judge entered not guilty pleas Monday for England and Alvin Watts, who appeared in Tulsa County District Court via closed-circuit television from jail, where they have been held since their arrests Easter Sunday. They face murder and hate crimes charges for allegedly killing three people and wounding two others.

Special Judge William Hiddle assigned a lawyer to Watts and entered not guilty pleas for both men to charges of first-degree murder, shooting with the intent to kill and malicious harassment in the April 6 attacks in Tulsa. The harassment counts imply the victims were targeted because they are black.


Authorities, who have described the pair as white, contend the two housemates targeted their victims because they believe England wanted to avenge his father’s shooting death by a black man two years ago. Police said England and Watts confessed after their arrests and said they chose the victims at random.


A day before the shootings, England apparently wrote a Facebook post saying that it was the second anniversary of his father’s death, using a racial slur and lamenting that “it’s hard not to go off.”

Brewster said England is Cherokee Indian. In the videotaped interview, Brewster asks England why he used the slur on the posting.

“It was just express(ing) the way I was upset about the guy that shot my dad,” England told Brewster in the video, which lasts less than eight minutes. “That’s the only time I ever expressed anything like that about somebody.”

Documents filed with the charges said anonymous callers to a police hotline before the men were arrested claimed England was a racist who hated black men and that he “has mentioned he will die in a shootout with the police if he has to.” {snip}



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  • Guest

    Whites allegedly defending themselves from the hostile invaders?
    Charges being brought against them is proof that the courts are controlled by enemies of our people, for why else would they charge natives of our land for defending our territory from hostile alien invaders that are killing and displacing our people? That would be like an army court-marshaling it’s own soldiers for doing their duty!
    The sort of defending of ourselves that is alleged to have been committed by the two defendants needs to be extended to defending our people against these hostile courts as well.

  • Fakeemail

    In our culture today, being a “racist” is the WORST thing a person can be.  LITERALLY.  If a hard working white man is ever outed as a “racist” in his private views his whole world could be destroyed; he will be considered the lowest form of life not worthy of love or respect.

    Everything from a cheating wife to  a convicted black murderer will gain more sympathy than him.

    It’s time to realize that this witch hunt for the “racist” isn’t simply about destroying white people.  It’s about destroying white MEN.   Notice that all these hateful designs are go after white MEN.

    White Man needs to face the hard truth of the triple threat nature of his enemies:  the marxists, the non-whites, and HIS OWN WOMEN (feminists)  who won’t have his kids any more.

    This site is about not fearing the truth, well I say take a look at ALL of our enemies.  Swallow the whole red pill.

    The only other sites on the internet that deal so purely in the truth as this one are the men’s rights and pick up artists blog. 

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      Most accusations of “racist” are from Whites against other Whites.

      The best way to advance at your job is to spread rumours that you co worker is a racist, and then the boss can’t promote him. You get the promotion for saving the company from making the “unforgivable” mistake promoting that evil racist.

      “Anti-racism is codeword for anti-White, and some Whites know best how to profit from their ‘commitment’ to anti-racism and inclusive tolerance. They include themselves on the favored employee list, you know, the list of those who are ‘safe’ on the subject of race, by saying ‘Diversity is our greatest strength’ at the perfect time.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleysim, “How to get ahead,” 1989

  • Oil Can Harry

    Every time a black flash mob attacks whites while screaming anti-white slurs the local police chief holds a press conference the next day to assure us it wasn’t a racial incident and the slurs were immaterial.

    Okay, so by that logic this wasn’t a racial attack either and Mr. England’s use of the n-word is completely irrelevant.  

  • Drinking game time:

    …counts several of them among his friends.

  • Rocky Bass

    Well at least he didn’t come on Amren or anything really racist! 😛

  • Jake England is an Indian. He looks just like one. He’s got a mohawk  but he doesn’t look like Travis Bickle, baby. This bird cage liner didn’t have the guts or the honesty to show a big picture of Chief Shootablackguy or acknowledge that he isn’t White.

  • Francis Galton

    As Jared Taylor so astutely pointed out in his video about the whole St. Trayvon-of-Sanford debacle, it really is a d***ing indictment of American society when people feel that being accused of racism is worse than being accused of murder. 

    As a corollary, it seems that alleged White “racists,” even if they have committed no crime, are condemned (by White liberals in particular) for their THOUGHTS or ATTITUDES with greater vitriol than black murderers are for their contemptible ACTIONS.  Doesn’t this give Whites too much credit?  Are they really saying that Whites are SO powerful that their thoughts are more damaging to society than are the actions of feral blacks?  Or is it something else? 

    • Mainstreaming_Diversity

      “As bad as the Knoxville Horror and the murder of Eve Carson were, racism is worse.”

      -Bishop Tyronne Cedric Ceaser Solomon Jefferson Washington, “Why we must tear down all dems Confederate monuments and outlaw dat Rebel flag as hate speech,” 1999 

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    Why don’t blacks get grilled about their racist tendencies after they kidnap, rob, rape, torture, and murder our White girls and women? Why don’t prosectors immediatly start investigating their music collections to find any rap and hip hop lyrics that promote hatred and violence against White Humanity?

    Channon Christian, Eve Carson, Lauren Burke, Jennifer Ross, Emily Haddock, Anne
    Pressley, Julie Love, Nancy Strait, Pam Gentry, Kristen Warneke, Sandra Rogers, Beverly Melton, Lena Triano, Bonita King, Carissa Horton, Tracey McBride, Ann Harrison, Ashley Neeves, Pam Kinamore, Gina Green, Charlotte Pace, Chelsea Porter, Eugenia Calle, Brittny Watts

    • No

      QUOTE:  Why don’t blacks get grilled about their racist tendencies after they kidnap, rob, rape, torture, and murder our White girls and women? Why don’t prosectors immediatly start investigating their music collections to find any rap and hip hop lyrics that promote hatred and violence against White Humanity?

      Because none of that is “racism” as defined by the United Nations and modern liberals.  Blacks can’t be “racist” until whites first lose their “white privilege.” 

      Said in another way, they believe that true racism can only exist when there is total equality among races and then Race A turns on Race B.  But if there is inequality among the races to begin with, then that makes the a priori case that racism exists.

      Does the circular reasoning make your head want to explode?  Me too.  But that’s what many of our “best and brightest” in Washington believe.

      • Mainstreaming_Diversity

        “When dealing with something that doesn’t make sense, always look beyond the immediate circumstance to the eventual harm it has on White Humanity, and there you will find the original purpose.”

        -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Making sense of today’s Diversity surge,” 1998

  • Hirschibold

    1600 AD Do you recant of your heresy and admit that the world is flat, and that the sun revolved around the earth?

    1950s AD Are you now or have you ever been a communist?

    2012 AD Is it true that you are a racist?

    • JackKrak

      Attorney to witness : “Have you ever spoken, read or heard someone use the ‘N-WORD’????”

      Witness : “Yeah, well, one time this guy…”

      Judge and Jury : “GUILTY!!!!!”

    • Anonymous

      You found the problem in Westernism, even though I’m pro-white and am proud of my race, whites tend to always not say or do something unless it’s fashionable by others.  If hating blacks openly were fashionable, most whites would do it.  This is just an addittion to the examples you gave which were good.  Though you forgot to add 1700s AD Are you a witch or devil worshipper?

  • IstvanIN

    At least he won’t be subject to civil rights violation charges.

  • The smartest thing for him to say would have been I was shooting gangbangers wearing the same gang colors as the guy that killed my dad. He would be a hero. Eric Holder would have to go after the gang for not having any dieversity.

  • Guest

    Life has finally gone insane, when a defendent tries to make this case:

    I might be a cold blooded murderer, but at least I’m not a real criminal like a racist, so I do deserve mercy.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because hating someone because of their race or ethnicity is far worse than killing them.  (Sarcasm)

  • Varina

    I wonder if the reason the MSM isn’t screaming and hollering about his case 24/7 is because of something I saw on CofCC. It seems that since September of last year 4 Whites have been killed by Black mobs/beatdowns. Check out the site. I saw the article just a few days ago.  

  • No

    They broke him.  Could have been color photos of the aftermath of a brutal black on white prison gang-rape . . . or a video of an all-black cell block inside Okla State Pen . . . or maybe he was just subjected to non-stop re-runs of Glenn Beck crying and hugging black people.  Whatever they did, it worked.

    England certainly has a vested interest in proving this wasn’t racial.  Probably won’t help him . . . some buck will eventually make a name for himself . . . but he has to at least try.

    But I think the system also has a vested interested in proving that this WAS NOT about race. 

    One incident like a half-white Zimmerman blowing away a negro is acceptable.  (A crisis that shouldn’t go to waste.)

    But a lone-wolf attack like this just MIGHT get the whites thinking . . . “you know . . . if that idiot can do it, just think what we could do.  We have guns . . . we have cars . . . instead of just whining about black on human crime,  why don’t we start getting some street justice?”

    It isn’t so much that whites are being suppressed.  It’s that the system has a vested interest in gelding us, keeping us mellow with feetsball and keeping us busy consuming . . . chasing the next new sail phone or electric car. 

    The libs, blacks and their demonic allies may be on top right now . . . but they’re not REAL comfortable up there.  They’re seeing gun sales go up, NRA membership increasing and forums like this getting lots of traffic.

    They’re sleeping with one eye open.

  • Ingsoc

    “Brewster said England is Cherokee Indian”
    The msm is still reporting that he is white.

  • Rochester

    The media never mentioned England was a “native American” Cherokee indian for at least 2 weeks obviously insideously covering this up although it immediately called Watts a white racist who was singling out blacks only.
    Clear media manipulation in the same way as NBA and ABC did with the Sanford self defense case.

    So now we know that in the new age colorblind pc world race actually does matter even when it is covered up or manipulated by the media snakes as opposed to this being a raceless one human race world.
    Such lying liberal neocon hypocrites as if anybody didnt always know this.

    Technically though these are 2 cases where the media has shown itself as lying rogues on a mission to create havoc with whites pitting them against blacks with Zimmerman not being white and the Tulsa Cherokee indians involvement. But of course they move on an change the subject in a moments notice as self protectionists.

    • The__Bobster

      The media never mentioned England was a “native American” Cherokee indian for at least 2 weeks obviously insideously covering this up although it immediately called Watts a white racist who was singling out blacks only.

      No, they explicitly called him White.

  • Detroit_WASP
  • Berkeley Redneck

    I don’t know how citing government statistics is racist, and shooting black people at random isn’t. I don’t know how Chief Jake England is white, either. I guess  I don’t know a lot of things. 

  • Anonymous

    I guess being called a racist is a bigger crime then being a killer.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.