Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan continued his college speaking tour on Monday night at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

While his address included many of the racially-charged elements we’ve heard in other related lectures, the minister added in some new comments about whites, his personal experience with using marijuana and he even showered some praise upon conservative commentator Pat Buchanan.


“They know you, but you don’t know them or yourself, so you’re always at a disadvantage when you sit down with white people to negotiate,” he told his predominately black audience. “We don’t ever come in their presence like we are some little weak things.”

He continued, going on to address Caucasians directly.

“I know myself. I know you. And some of you white people—I know you better than you know yourself because God has revealed you fully,” he explained, going on to seemingly claim that he has a special, God-ordained ability to see what others cannot.

This, of course, was followed up with a cryptic warning to white Americans about their need to “change.”

“It ain’t about hating you. We ain’t got no time for that. But we know who we’re dealing with. We know what we’re dealing with,” he said. ”We know your origin in the world and we know how long you were set to live and unless you change, your end has come.”


“But we have to say to Republicans, one great Republican—Patrick Buchanan wrote a book that they [Republicans] spent $40 trillion dollars on black people. I don’t know whether it’s that much, but that’s what he said,” Farrakhan said. “Every time there’s a problem they throw money at it. And all the money they threw, the problem is yet not solved—cause it’s not money that will solve the problem alone.”




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  • RJS

    It is amazing that people like him and many raving leftists are allowed to speak on college campuses.

    But if any conservative, including Buchanon whom Farrakhan praised, goes to a college campus, all of the leftists go nuts and won’t even let him state his opinions.

    Any conservative who is against affirmative action or ILLEGAL immigration will meet the same fate.  You can count on vandalism, threats, and even the crybaby leftists throwing things on stage like five year olds.

    The corrupt, anti-white media never points out this horrible double standard.  

    • Anonymous

      Because he’s black and gets a pass.  Where have you been?

  • Boereseun

    Putting aside his obvious and thinly veiled, genocidal threat, I agree with his conclusion. Unless whites change from being pathetic grovelers to being a proud people, who are proud of our heritage and past, whilst growing a backbone and saying ‘enough is enough’, our end has come. I can tell Louis this though, I will not change to what he wants me to be, oh no, sorry Louis. I will not grovel and plead, I will rather fight till my last breath and die than live in a world ruled by the likes of Louis Farrakhan!

    Whites do better and achieve more when we do everything ourselves. That’s how we really need to change, we need to start relying on each other rather than cheap labour and cheap imports.

    • Bobby

      I couldn’t agree more friend. It doesn’t have to be a black person like Farrakhan. It could be any other non-white person, lecturing  white people on “what they need to be”, that strikes me as outrageous. Are you kidding me? Just what would a Chinese person, Indian person, or any other culture/race think of being lectured by an outsider on “what they need to be like”etc. It’s insane how so many Euroepan-Americans are accepting this nonsense.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble


        It’s not just us being forced to “tolerate” this, he openly attacks Jews, Asians and gays as well, those who have far more power than we do to shut this fool down.

        The president of Cal Berkeley stated:  “I condemn the actions of those who would disrupt this event. Attempting to shout down speakers is not protected speech,”

        You know he would NEVER afford this same “tolerance” to David Duke or Jared Taylor.

        As someone on another forum told me: Farrakhan (and the UC President) can’t help himself because he suffers from a condition called  “cranial rectal inversion.”


        • Anonymous

          Liberals can’t tolerate whites, conservatives, Christians and males.  They only tolerate a white when they are gay or they are Tim Wise.  Then again, he’s not white but just looks it.

      • Boereseun


      • Boereseun

        I personally think he’s a coward. I would have far more respect for a silly man like Farrakhan if he just came out and said, “If you whiteys don’t do what we tell you, we’re going to riot and kill you all.”

        My guess is that he likes to dish out these little tirades as a means to justify his existence. His speeches and all the other speeches of race hustlers all have one common theme.

        If the white man does not do what he is told, they are not to blame for their actions in the event that whites are removed from the face of the planet.

        It is simply to justify all their criminal and genocidal acts, that’s all. In their minds, they cannot commit racism or genocide, as their actions are justified, as whitey is not doing what he is being told to do or is not doing it quickly enough or is not apologising enough. It’s the same old regurgitated, whitey be ‘ressist’ nonsense that we are so accustomed to.

        And once you realise that ‘racism’ is merely you as a white person not doing what you’re told to do by a ‘person of colour,’ you start to realise that trying to appease these types will not result in peace or the brotherhood of man but instead with the destruction of everything that you hold dear.

        In reality, by following the advice of Louis, whites damn ourselves to a meek, short-term existence, where we are slowly but inevitably swallowed up whole by the excrement of brown and black that is slowly destroying our nations and homes.

        It is only in fighting back the tide, that we find a means of survival and once again begin to prosper.

        • Anonymous

          That’s why I had more respect for Malcolm X or The New Black Panthers.  At least when they called for violence, they meant it.  They didn’t try to kiss up to us to get money and power from us like most blacks do.  Farrakhan does not like whites or care about us.  He wants us dead, if not out of power.  Don’t let him fool you. 

          •  Your getting colder,moving away from whats really going as everyone does on Amren. Farrakhan and the Nation are realigning. The “White man” is no longer the problem in their eyes. The whole world watched the White American middle class lose out in the 2008 collapse. The “blonde blue eyed devil” was humiliated up close. Blacks didn’t do so well either, no one did. Nation of Islam is moving closet to the Islamic point of view that they have a problem with the financiers and the ones running the corporations, another ethnic group no one talks about much about on Amren.
            He is cheering on Pat Buchanaan a man who represented in my most humble opinion a real American Ethno-nationalism back when it could still survive in the mainstream. The Nation aren’t talking about blood, revenge and domination they are looking for allies. Pat was big on the fact that whites will become a minority some time around 2030 or something. Blacks are also dropping in number as well. In two hundred years you’ll both be living on reservations or black/white identity will have blurred into various shades of Hispanic. Amerstizos and Amerlattos.
            Farrakhan is saying something alot smarter that his usuall crap, hes reaching out to Paleo-conservatives on the white right side and saying we have the same problem. Pat also dislikes America’s foreign policy in the ME something Farrakhan has a big problem with as well. Do you see where this is going?
            I’m hoping one day Jared Taylor is going to start being honest about what kind of movement hes a part of and what hes really up against. These two old school race hustlers know the score and are willing to go out on a limb and hint at where the power really rests. Ron Paul is the only Conservative worth a dime in the states anymore. We can sit here and talk about race and IQ for as long as you like the minoritites aren’t bringing you closer to hyperinflation or a police state.
            If you were smart Ethno-nationalists you’d be doing like Farrakhan and  think about making political allies. Biggest score you could make for ideological Ethno-Nationalism is rallying around water rights for Native American’s, denying the Federal government and big buisness control of them. They’ll be coming for your stuff next via taxation, inflation, usury.

    • Anonymous

      He was saying whites need to ‘change’ meaning we are the cause of the world’s problems and we need to grovel to nonwhites and give them more money and let them kill us.  That’s what Farrakhan meant by ‘changing whites.’  He hates whites and wants us all dead.  What part of that do you not understand?  Why are we constantly making exceptions for blacks or browns or asians simply because they dislike the wars we are in or don’t like integration or ‘the jews’ or whatever?  The enemy of my enemy is not my friend.  It is still my enemy.

  • neanderthalDNA

    Whites are waking up, believe it or not.  A cold fury is building as more and more awaken.  This website is on a holy mission to inform and to light the fire of knowledge.

    Burn baby burn…

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope it lasts.  Our children and grandchildren will need to be awake and fight (and make more white babies) after we are gone.  I’m not old, but I look at white kids and feel sorry for them and for the nice white females that haven’t found a good strong white man to marry and have kids with. 

      • Truthful

        Get over it. If u stop killing them w/ abortions u would have more.

        • CoweringCoward

          per capital Asians and Whites have the lowest abortion rates, they are the most responsible citizens by a HUGE margin. Just not reproducing (probably due to an increasingly unfavorable environment) enough.


    This is a good example of how being “racist” will hurt your standing with blacks less than most whites assume, if at all.  Blacks consider all whites racist anyway.  To them, someone like Tim Wise is just a racist with a hustle.  

    • Anonymous

      They only tolerate Tim Wise because they think him bashing whites will get them something.  That, and it feels good for blacks to feel like victims and blame others for their shortcomings in life.  Ask these blacks, “What has Tim Wise or Jesse Jackson done personally for you?  Have they gave you any money?  Got you a nice job?  Helped you buy a home?  What?  Tell me what they’ve done for you.”

  • StivD

    Does “change” mean to know our place? Step aside for the originators of all things the First Man, The Black Man. 

    • Aj

      Uh yeah that s the way I read it. I mean we are just creations of the evil wizard Yakub. 

      We are supposed to basically hand off civilization to the noble African male who will lead us to the stars and beyond obviously.

      • Anonymous

        What don’t whites get about Farrakhan?  He hates whites and wants us dead.  Look at the interracial violence of black on white.  The only reason he fired Khalid Muhammed years ago is because Khalid let the cat out of the bag way too soon.  That was in 1993, before it was told whites would be a minority by 2050 and he wanted to continue to fool whites, jews, Asians and others that, “Oh, we don’t hate you or want you dead…”

  • Fakeemail

    Don’t disagree with those conclusions, but the reasoning is a bit off.

    Was there really once a time when white people would *never* have put up with the likes of Farrakhan, Sharpton, and the rest for more than 2 seconds?

    I wish I could’ve lived in that time; when we were actually a society and a people.  Not this grotesque charade.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I have no sympathy for blacks.  None!  They are attacking us left and right and I’m not hearing any uproar publically from blacks and I’m not seeing the same blacks apologize to us for North African slavery of whites or feel obligated to let us into their historically black colleges or companies, etc.  As far as I’m concerned, they deserve everything bad that happened to them in the past and now. 

  • ed91

    maybe he means his own end…… I’m conceding nothing to the racist pig…….  come and get it!

  • Screwy Louie praises PJB?

    My brain just blue-screened.

  • Rocky Bass

    They actually allow the raving lunatic to speak at colleges? We were invented 6,000 years ago, by an evil BLACK SCIENTIST named “Yacub” . This is just a teeny weeny tidbit of FareeCon’s teachings. The man is absolutely stark raving mad. FareeCon sure do hate him some honkey crackers though!

    • Anonymous

      I love how blacks can tell us what it’s like to be white, yet we can’t tell them what it’s like to be black.  Do most of them see how hypocritical they are being, or are they too stupid and impulsive to know any better?  Maybe I just answered my own question.

    • Truthful

      Bush family are just the as Farrakhan. All full of bull manure in their hearts and a black soul.

      • CoweringCoward

        Well, maybe so, I fail to see the connection. Please elucidate and help us slow folks along a bit.

  • Unperson

    Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam have always preferred extreme conservative and/or “racist” whites like PJB than for pandering, liberal whites like Jimmy Carter, the Clintons, et al.

    In the NoI worldview, blacks and whites should not be sharing territories; the races should be separated. This is why the only white politician ever allowed to address a NoI gathering (IIRC at their Chicago HQ)  was American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell — a man who was extremely clear about his distaste for black people and who rarely got through a sentence without dropping at least one N-bomb. I even seem to remember some NoI statements indicating they took this same attitude of grudging mutual respect toward the K!

    In short, the white people who Black Muslims like best are those who want the same thing the Black Muslims want: resegregation.

    Not that hard to understand, really: the two groups may be on opposite “sides” yet they share a mutual goal. But try to explain this harsh reality to a white liberal and watch his brain implode.

    • Anonymous

      More than seperated, the NOI wants us dead.  How hard is that for whites, even pro-whites who visit this site, to understand?

  • TheCogitator

    He also recently said this that people will kill their leaders. I did agree with him when he said that leaders can’t love money more than the people.

    • Anon12

      Yes. I saw that and immediately I wished some brave White leader would say that about OUR people!   Some things I agree with Farrakhan on, IF  it was switched from  “his people” to “our people”.

  • guest

    All these racist blacks go around saying they’re better off without white people.  Does this mean they’re better off without handouts, affirmative action, and welfare benefits?

    A lot of the good that they have, they have it thanks to liberal white race traitors.  Do they think the other races would coddle them if whites were to be gone?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly.  Will Louis Farrakhan stop playing the violin and adoring old classic European music?  I mean, the white man’s “the devil” and that’s the epitomy of white music.  Will they stop living in a country full of white people and using white technology and our system of laws against us?  After all, those are all white things and “the white man is the devil.”  Then again, black racists are the biggest hypocrites of all.  They are bigger hypocrites than whites I’ve met who use the N word and hate blacks and hispanics.  At least they don’t listen to rap or eat Mexican food, etc.  Us whites don’t care if blacks have their own black organizations or advocacy groups or neighborhoods, but they insist on not letting whites have white defense groups or pro white groups or let us preserve out own culture.  Blacks hate whites, yet sponge off of us and rely on the very technologies and inventions whites created.  That is hypocrisy.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         You say “us whites don’t care…”  This white does.  I think that they all should be in Africa and left to themselves to work it all out, period.  Then they should not be allowed into any non-sub- Saharan country or any other.  They could show the world how great a people they are – again.  You’d think that L. Farrakhan would jump at the chance.

  • Diamond Lil

    Well we know for certain that Farrakhan hasn’t changed, he’s still as full of it as ever.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Farrakhan states, “We don’t ever come in their [Whites] presence like we are some little weak things.” Of course not, it’s always better to approach Whites fuming, with a chip on your shoulder and ready to accuse them of racism at every chance. This is one of many reasons why so many Blacks don’t excel in our country. They are angry, resentful at the success of others and ready to blame anyone but themselves for their condition. The fact that other Blacks would gather to listen to such a foolish man is proof that very little will change for them. 

    •  Fuming, perhaps, but it is also part of the black game to always act as a sinless, guiltless, and perpetually abused party.

    • Anonymous

      It’s not just whites either.  Blacks resent the Hispanics for kicking them out of their neighborhoods and getting the welfare benefits and blacks hate the asians who move into their areas and start businesses.  They hate nonblacks and resent them.

  • Mainstreaming_Diversity

    Thank you sweet White Christ that Obama hasn’t shut down the Internet yet.  How many Whites will see that headline? How many will accept the message on face value?   Our ranks grow daily, and daily Obama schemes to shut dis here mutha down!

    What Farak means is that if Whites don’t change their attitudes into tolerance for embracing change, Diversity, and inclusion, then the new majority will wipe us out.   He didn’t promise us protection if we do change.

    Transgress and transcend Diversity, manifest and embrace Whiteness.

    • anon

       Thank you sweet White Christ that Obama hasn’t shut down the Internet yet.

      You mean Obammy’s handlers?

    • Anonymous

      We’ve been trying for years to kiss up to blacks and bend over backwards for them, yet they hate us.  You are better off living around whites than any other race.  I’m sick of hearing this extortion and threats from blacks.  Whites have a history of fighting back hard, even when we are outnumbered.  The Germanic tribes of 4000 fought off 20000 Roman soldiers.  The French with just a couple hundred men fought off well over 1000 muslims.  The South African white men with just 200 killed over 1000 African Zula warriors.  The 300 Greek men fought a 300,000 legion of Persian soldiers.  Whites are waking up now, they are arming themselves, they have bought most of the ammo, they are starting to carry firearms on them, I’ve seen women shooting rifles accurately at the range, I see white parents taking their kids to the range, etc.  I’m glad blacks are getting ethnically cleansed out of their own neighborhoods by Hispanics.  I’m glad the Asians are exploiting blacks in their own neighborhoods.  I’m not too heartbroken about black on black violence either.  Blacks hate us, attack us, want us dead and never show any gratitude towards whites for bending over backwards for the past almost 50 years now.

      • Truthful

        Blacks have a history to prove that. Thanks for admiting how you steal from others that are not white. America does not belong to whites anymore. We are finanially dying. All of us are in a sinking yachet.

  • MightyBoom

    Why do I have to enable cookies to visit this site now?

  • Personally, I kinda like Farrakhan.  I’d go into one anecdote but I doubt Komment Kontrol would let it remain, since it involves YKW.

    • MikeofAges

      Try it.

    • Please try.

      • MikeofAges

        I think he means our Dear Leader. All these characters live within a few blocks of each other. Farrakhan. The Obamas. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. BHO was a latecomer though. I think he lived in a walk-up apartment building even after he started his presidential campaign in 2007. Then he found out, if he was serious about getting elected president, he’d better own his primary residence.

        If I had to hazard guess, I’d say he lived right around 54th and Ellis before he moved to his current residence. The compliant media covered up his residential history along with everything else. To be fair, in that neighborhood it was acceptable, maybe preferable, for an officeholder to live in an ordinary apartment building. But revealing that fact would have put more focus on where he came from and what it meant to be from that community. Might have hurt, even derailed, his campaign for the nomination.

  • Jay1

    If we suddenly disappeared back to the evil scientist who created us, that would leave ‘African’ Americans at the mercy of latinos, arabs, latinos and various assorted groups all of which HATE Black people and have no fear of showing it.  Only whites have ever made room for blacks at the table.

    • MikeofAges

      If we suddenly disappeared, the Arabs would move in from the east, the Chinese from the west, the Indians from both directions and the Latin Americans from south. I don’t think the Europeans would have the get-up-and-go or the surplus population to attempt to compete in the colonization racket against the vast numbers, ambition and talent of the South- and East- Asians.

      All theoretical, of course. This will never happened suddenly, but it already is happening slowly. Still, looking at what would happen “all of sudden” is a good way to scope out the process. Long ago, I started to think that the old saw of the 1960s, “black and white together”, might someday acquire a  new and urgent meaning.

      Politically, black and white might end up uniting someday. For awhile. But whites, unless they are forced out of their homes or outright murdered, always prosper. Blacks don’t have such a good record. In the absence of a strict color line, and there never will be one again, blacks who succeed very often leave their “tribe” behind, in many cases genetically as well as socially.

  • ageofknowledge

    I think he should go back to singing jingles.

  • Anon12

     We know your origin in the world and we know how long you were set to live and unless you change, your end has come.”————————————Got news for you Farrakhan. We know your origin also, from Genesis onward.  WE (White “devils” as you call us)  are NOT from the synagogue of satan, as Our Lord Jesus, has said. Isn’t that in your Koran?

  • 9etrjdg

    I believe it is a genuine warning for us to change,thus I thank him.

    Only a dumb person would open their mouths before the trap has sprung.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a threat against whites.  “You white people better (fill in the blank) or else.”  How long are we going to keep giving into their demands and sitting back while they rape our women, attack our old, attack our young, sue us, and try to criminalize whites for fighting off black thugs?  I sure hope blacks get a really nasty backlash from whites soon.  They think other races are going to treat them well?  Are they that stupid?

  • radical7

    Farrakhan preaches hate. It would seem that many of you would admire such a person who harbors values so similar to many of yours. 

    • Bannister

      Yes, I actually do admire Louis Farrakhan. He’s the real deal. He loves his people and he wants blacks and whites to separate. He recently told black men to stop having sex with white women. And on top of it all, he called Pat Buchannan a “great Republican.” 

      Sounds good to me. 

      • The__Bobster

        Sounds good to me, too.

    • Nimadan

       Typical:  The only time pc liberals ever criticize black racism is when they use it as a launch pad to bash traditional Whites.   I guarantee this “radical7” creature has NEVER said one word about the genocidal crime wave blacks have perpetrated against Whites over the last fifty years.

    • Boereseun

      Oh man, you have such a chip on your shoulder. Are you a paid troll? You do such a piss poor job that I actually cannot determine your motive. You don’t try to debate, you merely hurl incoherent leftist babble, hoping some of the poo you fling will stick. Lefties have it down to an art form when it comes to rationalising hate. Anyone who doesn’t agree with you, about racial differences being nothing but social constructs, is a vile, noxious, toxic, disgusting, ignorant and bigoted racist who must suffer heinously for their hate crime. You lefties really shouldn’t talk about hate, you have more than enough of it in your own ranks!

      In truth, you mistake as ‘hate’ and ‘racism’ the ground swell of resentment among whites towards having the multicult and anti-white world view forced upon us. You forget that there is not a reason in this world why we have to accept our own demise at the hands of browns and blacks. We have a right to defend ourselves, our families, our heritage, our countries and our very WHITE being to the end. You mistake the natural urge to protect one’s nation as ‘hate’.

      Yes, I know. All these things make me ‘racist’ and ‘hateful,’ blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before.

    • MissBonnie123

      I think YOU would like nothing more than for white people to be wiped off the face of the earth. You, I am sure, agree with Farrakhan.

      I never condone violence towards any nonwhite group. I consider myself a white race realist because I love MY race for its culture, heritage, history, inventions, etc. I do NOT wish ill will on any race or ethnic group.

      You need to overcome you hatred towards whites.

    • Anonymous

      Wait.  Did you just say you hated Farrakhan?  Well, at least you are consistent.  I don’t see Farrakhan on par with Jared Taylor.  Jared has never spoken with a mean, hateful tone or gotten emotional or shut down nonwhite functions or threatened blacks and hispanics with violence.  Show me a video where Taylor or David Duke call for violence?

  • Bannister

    You see, Farrakhan respects Buchanan because Buchanan tells it like it is. I would not be surprised at all if Farrakhan has read Buchanan’s books, especially the latest one that has a chapter on white America. 

    Blacks like Farrakhan respect white men who speak honestly about race. 

    • Anonymous

      He hates white men and wants them dead, but it’s important white men speak openly and honestly about race without fear of punishment, loss of job, etc.  If we don’t speak out and stand up now, soon it will be too late.

  • JackKrak

    I blame idiot college campus lecture series for sponsoring this load of excrement. This is part of the way he and others like him fund their, um, “lifestyles”. Liberal do-gooders think they’re being avante garde and edgy by having him show up to put on his act and it’s an easy way to get attention. I remember going to see/laugh at Leonard Jeffries years ago at my university to hear about his “Ice People / Sun People” theory. He came out with his entourage – all dressed in dashikis – and greeted the audience with some African blessing in Swahili or something ridiculous. What followed was pure theater and all the airhead sorority girls and earnest anthropology grad students went home thinking how urbane and sophistocated they were for having spent time with such an exotic “academic”. I was amused too until I read how much the university had paid him for his act. This at a time when I was working 40-plus hours a week to afford my ever-increasing tuition.

  • .

    Anyone who thinks Farrakhan was praising Buchanan doesn’t understand the kind of word games Farrakhan likes to play. He wasn’t really praising Buchanan. He was just taking a cheap shot at Jews for calling both him and Buchanaan “anti semitic”.

    • Don’t think it was even that.  He was *mocking* Buchanan.   He even questioned his figures on the dollar-spending.

      Pat made a big deal in his last book about all the money lavished on blacks in federal poverty and affirmative action programs.  Farrakhan may indeed have a jaundiced view of federal aid programs as well, but he is not going to scorn such an effort like Pat would.  And LF is going to view any raising of that issue as anti-Black.  So he is saying Buchanan is “a great Republican” … in other words … “Here is a paragon of the philosophy you adhere to, and he is fundamentally anti-Black in his rhetoric. ”

      Farrakhan is speaking largely in riddles here, but there is definitely no overt praise of PJB in his brief reference.  The headline writers who write “Farrakhan praises Buchanan”  are working for YKW and trying to breath new life into Mr. Foxman’s thesis that Minister Farrakhan and PJB are two sides of the same coin.  Plus finish PJB off once-and-for-all after the CNBC debacle.

      (Odd thing is, PJB is *not* a Great Republican.  His last political act was to bolt the GOP and go with the Reform Party.)

      • The__Bobster

        He did not leave the GOP. The GOP left him.

        • Robb Moffett

          The GOP left a lot of people.

          Pat,a nd even Ann Coulter warned the GOP that massive immigration will wipe them out, but they continue to commit suicide. Right now , E Verify could pass in Washington, but cheap labor lobby Republicans are sitting on it.

           The GOP is truly the stupid party. But not for much longer.

           God Bless PJB!

  • Georgetown2219

    Buchanan should compliment this intimidation threat of the white race to the authorities although Obama is probably a so not secret member himself.  All of al sudden it seems all blacks are rising up in the election year to make sure whites a re intimidated since he clearly is talking to conservatives their day is over.
    And dont buy this lie about they just want 4 more years for Obama. Wrong. They want permanent black power and will change the laws by force if neccessary and those whites how object will be taken care of by their pagan god or Allah. Hasnt Obama already dropped enough hints intentionally? Whites who dont go along with the program will be eliminated like Malsom X proving the connection between Rev Wright and the black muslims was on target as previously stated and forgotten.

    Farrakhan is also a great black muslim and a great hater of whites and a great hater of America and what it stands for. His brand of black muslims are but a small isolated sect imagained by Georgia rural farmboy Wallace Fard in the 30s trying to be a prophet and has nothing to do with real arab mideastern Islam who are anything but liberal and cut the heads off of what the Chicago brand represents.

    Poor pimp Malcom X came running back home luckily  in 1 piece after he went to Mecca in the mid 60s and discovered the real ones dont play that shi* and that his Chicago sect was a joke. He wanted out threatening to expose “prophet Elijah” Fard as the fraud he was causing the criminals to blow his brains out in 1965. Farrakhan took over the Chicago sect and is a total blowhard intimidator.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    So Apocalypso Louie is on another Hate Tour, while the left screams “First Amendment” and tries to destroy Rush Limbaugh and John & Ken on the same issue.

    Chicago Civic Center: Farrakahan screams:  “Homosexuality is a bigger detriment to the black family than drugs and racism!!”  Standing Ovation plus no outcry from the gay community about “hate speech.”

    Cal Berkeley:  Farrakhan adopts a fake Asian accent mocking their race while saying “Can you imagine Ching Lee Joong with a picket sign?”   He also stated that Jews “control the government and that you need to be their friends in order to be successful” and that Jews control the media. Standing ovation plus no outcry from the Asian community or loud condemnations from the powerful ADL.  No shouting down, no rushing the stage, no attempts to physically stop Farrakhan, no death threats to the hotels that put him up.

    Would David Duke or Jared Taylor be afforded the same “courtesy?”

    The First Amendment only applies to the Left.


    • The__Bobster

      IOW, a lot of what he’s saying is true?

  • Denise

    “Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan continued his college speaking tour on Monday night…”

    What?! Why does this guy even have a college speaking tour?

    When an intelligent guy like Derbyshire gets fired by a conservative mag for telling the sharp honest truth, while a nut like Farrakhan is allowed to bunny hop from college to college spewing unintelligible nonsense and sheer hatred, it is proof positive that the inmates are running the asylum.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight


  • No

    Louis Farrakhan and the Nation Of Islam believe that white people were created 6,000 years ago by a disgruntled black scientist named Yakub (probably the Biblical Jacob).  Using eugenics, Yakub created the whites to be a race of devils who would oppress the black man for 6,000 years.  The blacks would then revolt and re-gain control.  They believe that revolution started in 1914.

    These people are dangerous . . . but they’re also nut-cases.  Nobody listens to them.

    • Anonymous

      When people bash the Mormons for not having enough blacks, I ask them what they think about the NOI thinking whites are devils and created by a scientist and that we will be smashed by the blacks?  Then again, their only objection to Mormons is they are white, conservative and have values.

      • StivD

        Their biggest gripe about Mormons is that they have lots and lots of white children compared to other whites.

      • Cuddles

        I’ve never thought of it that way before.

  • jackryanvb

    This goes under the column of:

    Who cares?

    Who cares what some leader of the NOI is ranting at some college?

    Who cares what Black rap singers are screaming in to some microphone?

    We’ve seen and heard this stuff for generations.

  • StivD

    I only have one brother-in-law that is like that; I don’t speak to him any longer because of that and a few other reasons.

    • Cuddles

      It’s pointless just best to avoid them.