State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Is Looking into the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Policy

Glenn Blain, NY Daily News, April 11, 2012

True to his word, State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is putting the NYPD’s controversial stop-and-frisk tactic in his cross hairs.

Schneiderman’s investigators are reviewing NYPD stop-and-frisk data and weighing whether to issue a formal report—setting up a potential battle with Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg, the Daily News has learned.

Documents obtained by The News show Schneiderman has met at least twice in recent months with top staff to discuss the NYPD program, which reached a record high 685,724 stops in 2011 and has led to criticism of racial bias.

Schneiderman pledged in his 2010 campaign for attorney general to crack down on “unjustified stop-and-frisk practices.”


NYPD spokesman Paul Browne also declined to comment, but police brass have long argued stop-and-frisk is an important crime-fighting tool.

Kelly spoke about the program in general at an unrelated event Tuesday, defending it as a “life-saving tactic.” He noted there have been 51% fewer murders in the past 10 years than in the prior decade.

“We know what we’re doing is saving lives,” Kelly declared.



In 2011: 685,724 people stopped by the NYPD*

53% (350,743 people) were black

34% (223,740 people) were Latino

9% (61,805 people) were white

88% (605,328 people) were not arrested or given a summons

819 guns recovered

In 2003: 160,851 people stopped by the NYPD

54% (77,704 people) were black

31% (44,581 people) were Latino

12% (17,623 people) were white

87% (140,442 people) were not arrested or given a summons


source: NYCLU

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    • Oil Can Harry

      QD, my fellow New Yorkers are such liberal tools that they actually elected Eric “Hit And Run” Schneiderman to be the state’s top-law enforcement officer even though he struck a parked car (causing damage) and fled the scene while on the campaign trail.

  • RJS

    All the complaining about racism and racial profiling is just a smokescreen to stop gullible Whites from even discussing the actual problem:  As a GROUP, blacks and hispanics are far more violent than Whites.

    …just like as a GROUP, men are more violent than women and teenagers are more violent than elderly people.

    A few years back, Jared Taylor mentioned a DOJ nationwide violent crime study of 100,000 victims identifying their attacker. 

    The racial percentages of the attackers matched almost identically the racial percentages of US arrest statistics.

    Of course there are isolated exceptions, but that seems to indicate that the cops are going after, and getting the bad guys most of the time.  

    I wonder what the anti-Whites who are now cruising this site would think of the following statement:  As a GROUP, blacks and hispanics are completely incompatible with Western Civilization.

    • JohnEngelman

      As a GROUP, blacks and hispanics are completely incompatible with Western Civilization. 
      Many have trouble adjusting because they are closer in number of generations to a paleolithic and later a neolithic environment. Because the criminal justice system of a civilized nation removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool, over a period of centuries and thousands of years civilization breeds civilized people 

      • RJS

        Your comment seems so unnecessarily complex and dances around the root issue – race.   “Many have trouble adjusting…”  Huh?

        I prefer not to speak in such an abstract and theoretical way.  I prefer to state things SIMPLY in a way that can easily be related to.  That’s what we need in these troubling times.

        Right here and now, we have allowed in a tidal wave of less intelligent, less educated, more impulsive and violent, disease carrying third worlders…not to mention they HATE us! 

        As a GROUP, they are far less intelligent (it’s genetic) which is a major factor in poverty, disease, illiteracy, violence and all their other collective pathologies.

        As a GROUP, they have a historical record of being completely incapable of creating the types of societies (like the US and Europe) that they are so desperate to live in.

        The proof is everywhere.  If they WERE more capable, they would naturally move to a country inhabited by millions of their own race.  But there are no countries like this.

  • Guest

    On this issue, you are wrong.  Stop and Frisk is a police state, totalitarian tactic.  I live in NY and see its fruits daily.  It seems to me too many race realists forget that the ultimate enemy they have is the government.  Without a libertarian underpinning, this movement, such as it is, will descend into authoritarianism.  Stop and Frisk, the MTA “we can search all bags randomly,” the DHS’s “see something, say something” campaign are much – MUCH more dangerous to the long-term survival of this country than the racial politics.

    • IstvanIN

      Racial politics is the end of freedom in America, and, indeed America itself.  Only a majority white country can be a liberal republic where the bulk of the public obeys the laws  because of a common social contract.  Multi-racial countries need the iron hand of a Stalin to survive in tact and without constant chaos.

    • No

      I  disagree with you Guest.  Cops have a right to briefly detain someone when they have reasonable suspicion a person comiitted a crime or is about to or is involved in one.  It’s called a “Terry Stop” and it comes from the 1968 Supreme Court case Terry v. Ohio.

      Reasonable suspicion is less than probably cause.  Probable cause would allow an arrest.  Reasonable suspicion just allows cops to investigate.

      I have reasonable suspicion of every black and brown person I see.  They need to be stopped and frisked.  In NYC, it looks like cops know what they’re doing:  Only 9% of the people being bothered are white. 

      I’m just as afraid of the “slippery slope” as you are, but the Terry Stop has been around since 1968 and there’s no evidence that local and state cops are abusing their power.

      Now, TSA, DHS . . . absolutely.  They are an abuse and need to go.  But that’s a problem of an out-of-control federal govenment.   Federal power, overall, needs to be drastically reduced, the TSA needs to be eliminated and the DHS drasticallyreduced in power.

      But let’s not mix a good police tactic (Terry Stop) with a tyrannical and out of control federal bureaucracy.  That’s apples and oranges.

  • Jay1

    Blacks and latinos together make up something north of 80% of the population here now.  (Imagine that!)  It only stands to reason that they would be the overwhelming majority targeted by any police policies anyway.  Sinmple logic – but liberals don’t subscribe to numerical logic.

    Anyways, I have a novel proposal.  Blacks and now latinos are always complaining of ‘racism’ from the cops (even if the cops are nonwhite!).  So let’s just keep all white cops out of majority black and latino areas.  Only non-white cops will patrol non-white areas.  At the same time, white cops will work in white majority areas.  White cops will only do stop and frisks on those deemed suspicious in their areas.  Same goes for schools.   All majority non-white schools will have an all non-white staff from top to bottom.  The kids do need to ‘relate’ to those like them after all!  Conversely, white majority areas will be staffed only by white personnel.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

    Then black and latino ‘youffs’ can no longer blame racism for their troubles with the law, and black and latino students can no longer blame ‘systematic’ ‘structural’ racism for their failures.  Why don’t we give this stuff a try?

  • Rocky Bass

    I don’t like stop and frisk, there was once a document that said this was not allowed. Anyone else ever hear about such a paper? Seriously I distinctly remember some talk about an old old document, some said, contained much wisdom.

  • Rocky Bass

    Blacks, Freedom and equality, civilization. Chose any two. Binarily exclusive conflicted things indeed.

  • Oil Can Harry

    So black and hispanic thugs only target the wealthiest 1% of New Yorkers?

    In that case you’ll be perfectly safe taking a stroll through the hood at night! Just wear working class clothes (sneakers, jeans, T-shirt) and they’ll leave you alone since you’re part of “the 99%”.