Senior U.S. General Orders Top-to-Bottom Review of Military’s Islam Training

Spencer Ackerman, Wired, April 24, 2012

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Tuesday ordered the entire U.S. military to scour its training material to ensure it doesn’t contain anti-Islamic content, Danger Room has learned. The order came after the Pentagon suspended a course for senior officers that was found to contain derogatory material about Islam.

The extraordinary order by General Martin Dempsey, the highest-ranking military officer in the U.S. armed forces, was prompted by content in a course titled “Perspectives on Islam and Islamic Radicalism” that was presented as an elective at the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia. The course instructed captains, commanders, lieutenant colonels and colonels from across all four armed services that “Islam had already declared war on the West,” said Lt. Gen. George Flynn, Dempsey’s deputy for training and education.


The strong response by the Pentagon brass illustrates growing sensitivity around the issue since Danger Room’s investigation of anti-Islam material in the FBI’s counterterrorism training last September. That story sparked strong condemnation of the training material from the U.S. Attorney General on down, and prompted the White House to order a review of U.S. counterterrorism training last October.

Despite that White House order, the “Perspectives” course, taught since 2004, not only evaded review, but had defenders in the Joint Forces Staff College that taught it.

Danger Room first learned about the course last month, and determined that one of its guest lecturers was Stephen Coughlin, who has taught FBI and U.S. Army audiences that Islamic law is a danger to U.S. national security. We sought comment from a representative for the Joint Forces Staff College, who defended the propriety of the course.

Feedback from students has been “mostly positive, usually around the 90% range,” Steven Williams, a spokesman for the college, e-mailed Danger Room on Mar. 14. “Students generally appreciate thought-provoking discussion and the freedom to consider critical perspectives.”

The Pentagon, though, told a very different story Tuesday. Flynn disclosed that since an unspecified “revision” of the course in the summer of 2011, multiple officers who attended the course had raised internal objections about its presentation of Islam and Muslims. {snip}


Accordingly, Dempsey has issued a letter to the chiefs of all four military services and the leaders of the military’s regional commands to make extra-sure that their own educational and training materials “are consistent with our values,” said Brig. Gen. Richard Gross, Dempsey’s senior legal adviser.



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  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    Our Values: the Strength of Diversity, Inclusive Tolerance, Open Border, Interfaith and Multicultural Dialogue, and Surrendering our White Daughters to the buck nasty blacks, dusky Arabs, cartel Mexicans, and whoever else helps us reflect who we are as a people.

    If you have any hope in the American future, if you still think prosperity is just around the corner once enough “wake up,” then you haven’t yet understood the significance of what happens when the strongest military in the world only talks about its battlefield enemies in ways that the enemies themselves endorse.

    As Rush Limbaugh said, the terrorists won with the election of Barack Hussein Obama. They don’t need to attack us again- they’ve got the inside track.

    •  Rush was right about that.  What we have to understand is that to the kind of Muslims that engage in terrorism, terrorism isn’t the end, it’s the means to an end, that end being spreading Shari’ah Law, aka Islam. 

      Obama’s U.S. Attorneys, including the one in St. Louis, support Shari’ah Law, because they’re fulminating against states that adopt legislation or constitutional amendments to prohibit Shari’ah from attaching itself to their state’s legal jurisprudence.

      Why should Mohammed al-Terroristiqua blow up a building to get Americans to adopt Shari’ah Law when Barack Obama and Richard Callahan are foisting it on us?  If you owned the cows and the pasteurization house, would you ever steal any milk?

    • GM (Australia)

      Looking at the conduct of the Afghan war (from the comfort of my lounge room) it almost seems that the troops are having to fight with one hand tied behind their backs with the other hand holding a PC manual which has to be obeyed at all costs.  In the meantime their Commander-in Chief is continually apologising to the enemy.

       Is it any wonder that US and allied troops  have at times reached breaking point and fired their weapons when they were not meant to.

      And regarding diversity, I see very little of it on the front line.

  • No

    Doomed is a little harsh.  In some deep kimchi . . . maybe.  My gut feeling, however, is that its loyalty will not be put to the test by the Left.  They would be too unsure how that test will turn out.

    We’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs and we’re definitely in a down-swing.  But a lot of that will vanish when Obama & Company go back to community advocating wherever the heck they came from.

  • anmpr1

    Once the military reaches a majority of lesbians, Muslims, blacks and Hispanics, how loyal do you think they will be to the white man’s constitution?  Sadly, the majority of the actual fighting forces, those carrying the guns that are supposed to “defend” this multicultural madhouse, will be white men.  It would be better if all white males left the military, and let it become what it will.

    • Rocky Bass

       I like to think that the remaining white and effective fighters are still in as a bulwark AGAINST them being used to oppress us.

  • sbuffalonative

    PC military. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

    I can’t wait for the day they start purging the services of white, heterosexual, Christian, men.

    • Major

      It’s well on it’s way. One Soldier after another from a staff Sergeant to a tenured colonel who dared to speak out…who have dared to say that Obama is a fraud…not qualified to be the CIC…is being Article 15teend or discharged after many years of service….to appease the PC POS that are now bowing down to “diversity”…AA and racis agenda..are being crucified for speaking the truth.

      I’m looking forward to a battalion who will surround the Capitol and take our country back from the perverts, socialists, commies and red diaper babies of the 60’s…to bring back the fear of god in the savages of the 3rd world….to make America the great dominate force for good on this shitty planet…and make the islamist scumbags bow..before our flag…..rather than the other way around.

      A planet without a dominate America… a planet in chaos. I want to see a battalion who says..ENOUGH…lets target Mecca…Yemen….Teheran…and makes a courtesy phone call to North Korea that says……you’re next and have 20 minutes to say goodbye.

      How bad would the world be…without the islamists…the NK’s and every other scumbag that we have to deal with now?

      • Rocky Bass

        If we as a country had any sense, we would be engaged in a “Manhattan Project” of drilling and building domestic energy. Then nuclear sterilization of the ENTIRE middle east should follow. We and the other semi civilized countries should then divide up the spoils and oils.  I remember a display in a gun shop that had a charred, burned, cratered spot on a board , to the right of which was mounted an old M5 Pineapple with a #2 on it’s ring. Under this board was inscribed “Complaints please take a number”. The middle east should be our charred burned 1st complaint, the second I think would go unused.

  • It does not matter.  Obama has ordered the surrender of US Armed Forces and Congress agrees.