Race, Millennials and Reverse Discrimination

Jamelle Bouie, The Nation, April 26, 2012

The most commonly said thing about the “Millennial” generation is that it’s more diverse and more tolerant than its predecessors. Millennials are more likely to be persons of color, more likely to show acceptance of same-sex relationships and more likely to have diverse social connections. With that said, none of this means that we’re somehow immune to problems of racism, prejudice and privilege.


All of this is lead in for a new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute, which polled adults aged 18 to 24 on everything from religion and morality to economic issues and the 2012 election. They also posed questions on race and ethnicity: Does government pay too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities? Is “reverse discrimination” a problem in today’s society? Is demographic change a good thing for American society?

The results weren’t heartening. Overall, 46 percent of Millennials agree that the government pays too much attention to the problems of minorities, with 49 percent who disagree. 48 percent also agree that discrimination against whites is a genuine problem. When you disaggregate by race and count only white Millennials, the picture is much worse.

A solid majority of white Millennials, 56 percent, say that government has paid too much attention to the problems of blacks and other minorities. An even larger majority, 58 percent, say that “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”


{snip} If you are white in the United States, almost everyone in a position of power or influence looks like you. You won’t be questioned if you find yourself in a nice part of town, you won’t be the picture of criminality, and few people will ever question your right to take government help. Cops won’t give you a hard time as a matter of course, and no one will ask you to speak for white people as a whole. Sports fans won’t go apoplectic and shower you with racial slurs because you scored a goal. {snip}

A quick note for those of you who will say that all of these things have happened to you. I’m not saying that individual white people are immune to being hassled by the cops, or being followed in a store. What I am saying, however, is that none of that will happen on the basis of your skin color. Being white doesn’t carry a host of negative assumptions. It’s considered neutral. Being black (or Latino) does, and that’s the difference.

With all of that in mind, I don’t quite understand how anyone could plausibly say that discrimination against white people is a problem in the same way that it is for minorities. But if I had to hazard a guess as to why a majority of young white people believe it, here is what I would say:

Because many young people are either in college or preparing to go to college, affirmative action is a salient issue, and there’s a widespread perception that minority students have an easier time of getting into school. Of course, this isn’t true at all; affirmative action adds racial (and ethnic, and gender, and religious) disadvantage to the collection of things that colleges examine when determining an applicant. There are no quotas and it doesn’t guarantee entry; a bad candidate is a bad candidate, regardless of their race. But if a Latino student and a white student are equally matched, the university might lean towards always choosing the former.


For a lot of young white people, I think, racism has become completely untethered from history. They’ve been taught “colorblindness” sans a sense of what it means to grow up in a country where white supremacy was once the ruling ideology. “Reverse discrimination,” then, is a catch-all for frustration at rules they don’t understand (white people can’t say the “N-word”), and double standards that seem unfair (e.g., “Why can’t we have White History Month and a White Entertainment Channel?). It’s understandable, but also a little depressing.


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  • I think I’ve been too hard on Evangelical Christians lately.

    I looked at the results of that survey.  The only religious group of white 18-24 yos that opposes the DREAM Act more than supports are ECs.

    • The only guilt white Americans should have is the guilt do to not sending blacks back to were they came from.  They were forced to come here and have resented it ever since.   We must work 24/7 to urge them to return to their real homeland.  

      • Excellent point. If you want to leave a black who is ranting about “racism,” discrimination, etc., speechless, just say, “I agree. The biggest mistake we White Americans ever made was bringing your ancestors here, because we’ve had nothing but trouble from it ever since.”

      • don’t forget the guilt of bringing them here in the first place. the most unbelievably stupid decision in the history of this country.

        • ed91

           the decision made mostly by Spanish, Portuguese and English ship captains of the 17th and 18th century, aided by chieftains from africa who  provided the product and plantation owners of southern North America who bought the product………..  and we’ve paid through the nose ever since.

          • The__Bobster

            Oh, it goes far deeper than that. The group responsible for the Black slave trade now engages in White slavery.

          • Don’t forget the Yankees, who dominated the slave trade. YKW were very prominent, as well.

      • AlbertSwearengen

         Ultimately, the enslavement of black Africans has been the best thing that’s happened to them and the worst thing that’s happened to us.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Quote:  “An even larger majority, 58 percent, say that “discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against blacks and other minorities.”

    THANK GOD, THEY ARE FINALLY WAKING UP!  I was beginning to feel like I was in a Twilight Zone episode where I was the only one that wasn’t nuts!

    I can see it now, WET- White Entertainment Televison!  Re-runs of Daniel Boone, Viking history, and Happy Days seven days a week! LOL

    Who will the white Al Sharpton be?  Jared Taylor,  Phillippe Rushton???

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I know you didn’t mean to but don’t insult Mr. Taylor and Mr. Rushton by compairing them to those vultures.

      • Detroit_WASP

        No insult intended but we need a “white leader” to come out from the wings.

        • ed91

           we’ve had white leaders come out and the media ruthlessly crucifies them.   David Duke for one.

    • ed91

       who the hell is phillipe rushton?

      • Detroit_WASP

        Google him.  Better yet, go on YouTube and watch his vids.  He tells the truth about race. 

      • anonymous_amren

        He’s one of the few psychologists who is completely honest about what science says about race. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvk8HF5hmtM

        He is most known for making the obvious observation that black people and North East Asians used different evolutionary strategies, with Asians having a few kids that they look after very well, and black people have as many kids as possible, as fast as possible and not looking after them much. White people are in the middle (but closer to the Asians). All the biological differences between those races point to that.


    • haroldcrews

      Not a fan of the Fonz since in one episode he came South for the sake of ‘civil rights’.

      • The__Bobster

        I’m not a fan of the Daniel Boone episodes with Rosie Grier.

    • and the birth of a nation marathons. and the gods must be crazy. love what the advanced african tribe was able to accomplish with the strange coke bottle artifact, a white man’s gift from the sky.

  • Francis Galton

    As a White male millennial myself (almost 23), I must say that I am
    heartened by this survey; however, the author seems to be missing the
    forest for the trees with his less than substantive examples of
    anti-White bias in our society (affirmative action being the only good
    example).  In reality, the entire public sphere of influence–the
    government, the media, movies, TV shows, commercials, etc.–stops at
    nothing to portray Whites (especially White males) as McVeigh/Unabomber
    clones, sexually frustrated or perverted, clumsy, helpless, nerdy, weak,
    moronic, ad nauseum. 

    Of course, we are not merely PORTRAYED in a negative light–governments
    the world over actually ACT on their anti-White prejudices, as evidenced
    by the systematic campaign to rid all majority-White nations of said
    majorities through demographic genocide.  The problem of anti-White
    discrimination, Mr. Bouie, extends beyond our all but non-existent
    borders, and goes far beyond the “lack” of a White Entertainment Network
    or a White History Month, as you seem to believe. 

    To the extent that minorities ARE portrayed or treated in a negative
    manner (when compared to how Whites are allegedly treated), it is merely
    a reflection of reality–higher black crime rates, in particular–and
    usually NOT indiscriminate discrimination (now there’s an oxymoron!). 

    If Jared Taylor’s (among others) brilliant essays and videos were viewed
    by every White in my generational cohort, I’m sure the percentages in
    the survey would be much higher; we can always dream….

    • Periapsis

      There’s hope for our race yet when young people see the elephant in the living room, that many whites look right past and do not see.

  • usapatriot1776

    When I was a kid I was profiled every time I went in the local 5 & 10.

    But since I wasn’t a thief, I never got caught or punished. I bought my toys with the money I got from my allowance, or saved up, or found under the couch.

    Kids were profiled, all kids, because it was kids that were stealing.

    Blacks and hispanics commit 90% of all the crime in America, despite still being relatively small minorities. Look up the DOJ crime stats by race. Blacks for example are 700% more likely than whites to commit murder.

    • ed91

       I always discriminate between water snakes and copperheads…….

      and I profile mosquitos……….hate ’em

      • Church_of_Jed

        “You don’t make a pet out of a rattlesnake, and you shouldn’t make friends with a negro.”

        -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “Racialist logic for surviving the Diversity Curse,” 2010

  • Hirschibold

    Not even a Marxist diploma mill is going to make a kid who wasn’t alive for slavery, or even Jim Crowe, think it is somehow justice that the president’s daughters should be afforded more points on an exam because they are underprivileged minorities. It also doesn’t help that for every Riefenstahl-esque bit of leftist propaganda like “To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Mississippi Burning” there are about a hundred cell-phone videos, uploaded by black people and featuring black people beating the crap out of solitary white people, young and old, in large mobs.

    As far as white guilt goes, it’s like the old BB King song. “The Thrill is Gone” and the only tingle left is the one running up Chris Matthews’ leg.


    • Up to my neck in CA

      A cry of “racism” is the Boy Who Cried Wolf of the 21st Century.

      • Church_of_Jed

        The future for White youth is hideous.  Somebody will seize that opportunity to help them connect their misery with Integration, Civil Rights, Affirmative Action, and the Diversity Curse.

        Our best future racists are just now coming of age.  They will lead the movement to repudiate the national debt.  They will unburden themselves from the vile, pernicious, toxic, hateful, and violent legacy of the  14 and 15 Amendments and Rosa Parks and St. MLK voodoo.

        Someone will shoe them the upward national trajectory through 1954 and then the descent to Detroit writ large.  They will blame it on the blacks.  They will Emancipate themselves from any obligation and they will be Free, finally.”Remember always, my son, that there is nothing in the oaths of Christ’s brotherhood that should make a Southern patriot agree to let his nation sink into mongrelization.”

        -Thomas Dixon, The Flaming Sword, 1939

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Dear Mr Bouie, let me help you overcome you ‘depression’:

    I feel guilty for being white and for being a member of a nation which spread the English language (Shakespeare is so over-rated!).
    I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Art.
    I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Science.
    I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Technology.
    I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Philosophy.
    I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Law.
    I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Democracy. 

    All of the above contributions of white Europeans are easily researchable on the net.
    In fact, we didn’t just contribute, we originated all of the above.
    That’s what makes me feel so guilty.

    Satisfied, Mr Bouie?.

    • ed91

       Don’t forget Prokofiev, Mozart, Brahms, Buddy Rich, etc

      I feel guilty for being white because of the contribution of white Europeans to Music

    • Church_of_Jed

      I feel guilty for looking at pictures of what Diversity Never Accomplished, and for wanting to visit before Diversity Destroys All.

      “Look in the mirror at your pure Euorpean face. If you ruin greatest inheritence by degrading yourself and make mongrel babies with Diversity, you will never see those eyes looking up at you on birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmas, but you will see something ugly, foreign, alien,  strange, and hostile to your family, religion, and culture. As bad as lynching was, Diversity is worse.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What I saw in Laurens, South Carolina,” 2007

  • ageofknowledge

    We’re not going to feel it. We are not responsible for events that occurred before we were born. The vast majority of us have supported equality and fairness and have zero ‘white guilt.’ We have no reason to feel guilty. I would venture that maybe all those drug dealing criminal mostly non-white gangsters should be ashamed of how they are living their lives. Unlike us, they really do have a reason to feel both guilty and ashamed.

  • The problem actually is: Young whites may feel no white guilt, but they also feel no black hatred for forcibly BLACKMAILING that previous white guilt.

    And, young whites rarely feel anything, anymore.

  • holyflower

    It’s evident young whites are not absorbing the “rules of the racial game” as Jared Taylor in this excerpt of his address to the American Renaissance Conference, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina:

    It’s unusual for anyone to put in utterly blunt terms the rules of the racial game in the United States, but Shelby Steele did so in The Wall Street Journal in 2006.  He put it this way:

    “Beyond an identity that apologizes for white supremacy, absolutely no white identity is permissible.  In fact, if there is a white racial identity today, it would have to be white guilt, a shared, even unifying lack of racial moral authority.”

    Got that?  For every other group . . . racial identity or racial pride, it’s a good thing.  They can celebrate their heritage.  They can be black and proud.  They can be Hispanic and think that’s great, but for whites the only permissible aspect of their identity is guilt, shame, sorrow.

    Now, of course, what Shelby Steele is passing on us whites is a death sentence.  No group can survive as a group unless it is prepared to put its interest before the interests of others.  This does not require any kind of hostility toward the other groups.  What it requires is what all groups take for granted.  Families, for example . . . put the interests of their members first.  Again, that does not require any kind of hostility, any kind of bothering of other groups.  But the group comes first.

    …Without a willingness, without the ability, without the moral authority for whites to say, “Yes, we do have certain interests and sorry, but we’re not simply going to be pushed aside.  Without this, whites will simply glimmer away.

  • If you are black it means you will never have to worry about a member of your family being raped…because of his or her colop.  You will never be afraid to go into a neighborhood where large numbers of white people live. In fcat you will enjoy going there. You will never be made to feel endangered by your skin color. You will never be afraid of being harassed,humiliated,intimidated,robbed,beaten,shot,stabbed,raped or murdered…because of your skin color. You will accept your privileged state as a normal one and will expect to be treated with deference,kindness and respect as a matter of course.

  • JohnEngelman

    It has been nearly two generations since the civil rights legislation was signed, and since billions of money taxed from whites has been spent in efforts to reduce black poverty, and the race gap in academic achievement. I do not think whites have anything to feel guilty about. 
    Those of us who thought black behavior and performance would improve as the result of the civil rights legislation and the war on poverty have the right to feel a sense of personal betrayal. 

    • ed91

       the civil rights enacted in the 1960’s is one of the biggest scams ever let loose on people.

      • JohnEngelman

        The civil rights legislation of the 1960s was passed because of the Second World War. The Nazis had discredited giving credence to the importance of racial differences. Blacks had done their part during the war. 
        At the time is was plausible to think that racial discrimination was the cause of black social pathology, rather than the result. Some people still think that way. A larger number feel the need to pretend to. 
        At any rate, the civil rights legislation cannot be repealed. A movement that tries to do that  will lose credibility on issues where it can be successful.

        • ed91

           maybe… I’m not so sure that blacks helped much in WWII………..
          they were there, but many times they are more trouble than they are worth……….

          • The__Bobster

            Yes, they were there…bringing up the rear, bugging out and fragging their superior officers. Did I forget raping the women in occupied Italy?

  • It’s funny, most of Europe never imported hundreds of thousands of slaves and yet even in Europe without the “legacy of slavery and institutional racism” the blacks over there are just as violent and poor as the blacks in the US.

    • haroldcrews

      Well yes but there was that nasty colonialism that Africans and the others can whine about.

    • Do you suppose … is it possible … that it could be (gasp!) GENETIC? Oh, yeah, I forgot: There’s “no such thing as race.”


      • Church_of_Jed

        People who believe that skin color is just a genetic construct are SOOO IGNORANT!

        • ed91

           we need to face and discuss the problems of blacks trying to live in a white society……..  they don’t fit and then there is the backlash…………..
          it doesn’t work out.

  • anmpr1

    Today while walking in the park (armed, of course) we came upon four individuals canvassing for Obama.  There was one late 20-ish black male, two white women in their 40s, and another white male in his late 40s or early 50s.  He looked like the typical liberal arts college prof.  He asked me if I  was planning on voting for Obama?  I looked at him matter of factly and replied, “No, I think I am going to vote for a white man, if I vote.”

    He appeared taken aback, and instinctively replied, “That sounds racist.”

    I quickly retorted, “Now let me get this straight.  96% of blacks vote for Obama, but I, one white, want to vote for a white man, and now I’m the racist?!”  I shook my head, and ended the conversation with, “You people are unbelievable,” and walked on.

    I am glad that the younger generation may be coming to its senses.

    •  You gave them something to kvetch about for days, no doubt.  Good for you.  It’s nice to hear from someone else who isn’t afraid to be openly “raciss.”

  • No guilt here.  None.

    • Church_of_Jed

      When they’ve got you on the rack and are about to kill you for your racist tendencies, just be sure to pull the get out of racist jail free card:

      “We must do more to atone for the sins of segregation by holding ourselves accountable to the beloved community of color for our unearned White privileges.”

  • radical7

    Two things:

    The first is that there is no such thng as “reverse discrimination.”  Reverse discrimantaion would mean that there was no discrimination.  Either a person has been discriminated against or they have not.

    Secondly, White privilege, especially White male privilege, has been a staplehood in America since tha nation’s inception. 

    • alex

      People from all over the world want to come to America. I don’t think that presence of blacks, especially black males, is the main attraction.

    • Anonymous

      Just as Chinese male privilege is a staplhood in China, just as Japanese male privilege is a staplehood in Japan, etc.  Blacks always make excuses.  They act uncivilized, are irresponsible, act impulsively and that’s why they find themselves in the situations they do.  Blacks too everything whites created and turned into a dump.  Everywhere blacks rule is a hellhole: Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Harlem, Memphis, etc.  The black race has never advanced past mud huts.  They’ve been colonized and outshined by every race and will continue to be since they can’t stand to see other races doing better off than they are.

    • Church_of_Jed

      I get really steamed and ashamed of myself for not doing enough to overcome the stigma of White male privilege that stains me with the memory of George Mason, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and worst of all George Washington. 

    • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

      What is a staplehood?

      • MrGJG

         A permanent toupee’.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Your first paragraph is the first thing I’ve read of yours that makes any sense and that I actually agree with. The second is your typical slanted gibberish.

    • MissBonnie123

      It was White men who founded and established the United States. Of course they should  have rights and freedoms and priority in the country that THEIR race created.

      Do you believe that Mexicans in Mexico are racist for putting their own kind first or blacks in Africa are racist for expecting their own kind to run the countries in Africa where they dominate? I bet you don’t. But you believe that White men should be disempowered in their own country and move to the side for nonwhites who hate them.

      It seems to me that you believe in double standards.

    • The__Bobster

      Staplehood? It’s funny when your people make up words, Jamal.

    •  What’s a “staplehood”?

  • Church_of_Jed

    A White liberal joins a black voodoo church and USA Today gets all hysterical about how shamefully late we are and how much more work we have to do to close the racial divide.

    Not once does he offer even a conjecture about why that would be good for White children, as though “everyone knows that the racial divide is a horrible stain on America.”

    Liberal journalists write as though we’ve all accepted that erasing Whiteness is a moral duty.  They now just drum it in our heads, just like TV commercials, as though we will all automatically move toward it as a social value and goal.

    The trick works on the argument from ignorance:  segregation is shameful, so integration is righteous, without ever having to say why or what is righteous about race mixing.  Since ingegration is the opposite of segregation, it is desirable. We don’t need to say what is desirable about it.

    Based on the White teens I see, never in Whites Only groups, but always with one or two Diversities mixed in to help prevent the formation of “unhealthy” White identity and to monitor them for insensitivity and  racism, I’d say that the White Erasure plan is working just fine.

    “If you think Hell is bad, just wait to you see the future.”

    -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “What I see in the headlines and on TV,” 2012


    Column: Church closes racial divide

    Credit goes to the black congregation in Trenton and the new white deacon for
    their commitment to racial reconciliation. Too bad a story like this stands out
    as such an anomaly. The Christian church in this country remains disturbingly
    segregated. But as Moriah has learned, connecting with the black church
    tradition can transform your perspective on race — whether you’re religious or

    White progressives with a religion grudge would do the
    liberal tradition prouder if they recalled the strength the church has provided
    to many African Americans, and if they honored what the black church has done
    for all of us by serving as a catalyst for human and civil rights.

    Tom Krattenmaker is a Portland-based writer and a member
    of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors. He is finishing a book on the emerging new
    faces of evangelicalism in politics and culture.

  • “The results are not heartening”? Why, I’m enormously heartened by them. Young White Americans are finally starting to wake up to the bogus chicanery of “political correctness.”

     I suspect that Jamelle Bouie is dismayed because he sees the whole structure of federally-approved victimhood, of special breaks and set-asides for a certain class of people because, 150 years ago, some of their ancesters were slaves, starting to crumble like a bridge that has outlived its usefulness. Except that, at one time, the bridge WAS useful and functioning. As far as I’m concerned, these “civil rights laws” have always been good intentions gone horribly, consistently wrong.

  • BO

    A photograph of the author.

    • BO

      Shoot, you have to go through a solicitation in order to view Jamelle’s image. Try this.

      • Church_of_Jed


        Anti-White Hatred Is Mainstream in the Media and the Schools
        April 30, 2012

        Kevin MacDonald

        What we are seeing now are just the faint glimmerings of the future of White victimization as Whites become a minority. However bad it is now, it will be vastly worse in the future. When there are officially condoned anti-White propaganda and actions at a time when Whites are still 2/3 of the population, imagine what it will be like when Whites are less than half. The hostile elites who control the media and who already condone government-facilitated anti-White hatred will be increasingly powerful as their constituents become an ever larger component of the population. At present there is a facade of official multicultural utopianism.

      • Anonymous

        Poor little Jamelle and all the other ‘woe-is-me-since-I’m-black’ can go back to Africa.  I’m tired of their whining and bad behavior.

      • MrGJG

         He doesn’t look French.

        • The__Bobster

          Hell, he doesn’t look like modern man.

  • Afoster477

    The race problem will remain in this country until Liberals and Blacks realize the the ancestors of American Blacks were enslaved by Black Africans and freed by White Americans.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     I’m not saying that individual white people are immune to
    being hassled by the cops, or being followed in a store. What I am
    saying, however, is that none of that will happen on the basis of your
    skin color.

    Really? So I wasn’t pulled over twice in rotten black neighborhoods in Baltimore & DC because cops assume any White person in those areas must be buying drugs? Don’t get me wrong, that’s usually a safe bet. Just like it’s a safe bet that yoofs of cullah in hoodies & baggy pants are usually up to no good.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Emily Haddock, Carissa Horton, Nancy Strait, Anne Pressly, Julie Love, Eugenia Calle, Sandra Rogers, Beverly Melton, Ashley King, Lauren Burke, Kristen Warneke… who is next?

    Council of Conservative Citizens website will be the first to report nationally as soon as it happens.  Teach your daughters gun control so it won’t be them.

    Tragically, Eve Carson supported the UNITAS Diversity Housing Initiative at UNC.  Embracing Diversity won’t save you from the Diversity Curse.

    • ed91

       embracing diversity puts a white in more danger…….. but like I tell my kids,
      “don’t believe me, learn the hard way”

  • Church_of_Jed

    White charity to blacks is a deadly misuse of White privilege.  Those who engage in such degrading bestialiaty should be cast out of society entirely.

    Sunday, I saw an older White couple taking a little black boy into the integrated Presbyterian church, probably their ugly single daughter’s adopted pet Diversity.  I then saw a White woman with a wedding ring on with a negro buck at the coffee shop- they kissed and I said “g…d…. disgusting!” under my breath.  The buck couldn’t of heard it, but he sure could sense it- I could feel the hate rising, but he left before genocidal race rage broke out all up ‘en heeah.  He looked like a professional Affirmative Action, so maybe he didn’t want the problems that come from beating a Whitey to a pulp in a public place.

    Can’t you just FEEL the African voodoo hate when you are near Diveristy? 

    “Integration wasn’t to uplift the blacks, which the White elites knew was an impossible task. It was to degrade Whites by eliminating the legal and civic distinctions that are essential to society and culture, and it worked.”-Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The secrets of race mixing, as discovered by a leading N’ggrologist,” 2000

    • Anonymous

      I’ve met white people who I thought were intelligent now adopting some third-world black kid.  What’s wrong with them?  When Different Strokes came out, that was a big issue in 1970s to adopt kids of a different race.  Now it seems like it’s normal.

  • Often, you see mixed-friendships in school – promoted by Government School Propaganda.

    As time passes, I see less of the black “friends” as the reality you describe sinks in.

    • Spartan24708

      This is true. When people graduate from te fishbowl that is high school or college and get out on their own they tend to gravitate to people like them .

  • The worst racists I see are indeed liberals. They feel entitled to criticize what they pay so much money, time and thought for. It comes out of nowhere – like a Christian harboring a deep hatred for “god” that seeps through, despite the brainwashing, whether by TV or pulpit.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Vibrant Diversity arrested in murder of White Marine in Georgia-


    • blindsticks

      Always that dumb question mark look on their face. Yet if you go over to Takis Magazine ‘The Talknonblack …’  and the discussion  resulting from John Derbyshire’s piece, every one of those white liberal apologists will tell you that all the negro troubles of the world  are down to  hundreds of years of white oppression and white  privilege and low expectations and … blah, blah, blah… .And if none of that manages to soften you up they start on about all the evils done by the white race the world over what with our wars and empire building and bloody dictatorships  etc…  Then there’s the inevitable myth/s about whites  doing all the serial killing  and kiddy fiddling. Pathetic. But if race is ‘an accident of birth’, then why the hell  should generation after generation of whites have to keep  apologising and paying just because we were born the ‘privileged’  caste. I dont feel privileged. I never did. And if Karma brings me back to earth as a Negro, I guess I would just have to  get on with it.

       But just think  I could say whatever  I liked, even the N word,  without being called a racist. 

      • Church_of_Jed

        Are you an organ donor? If so, you can’t designate Whites Only, which means you don’t even have the privilege of deciding which race you help keep alive.

        If we donate organs to blacks, we are making the race that is killing our race even stronger.

        Demographic change and Diversity Inclusion changes all our old civic assumptions. Reexaming all your decisions about posterity. Leave nothing to charity, because it will just go to Diversity Empowerment and the demise of Whiteness.

        •  I stopped filling out the organ donor card because of the racial angles going on behind the scenes; blacks refuse to donate, but PC mandarins put them at the front of the line to receive organs so there’s “balance.”  So, none of my organs for anyone, so sorry.

  • Oil Can Harry

    And you know who else feels no white guilt whatsoever? The slime who publish the Nation magazine!

    Since 1865 the Nation has had a virtually all-white staff. Meanwhile they give the rest of us endless lectures on the need for us to embrace “diversity”.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    When committed leftists (which is what largely makes up my generation) say the government worries too much about minorities, it’s another way of saying the government doesn’t worry enough about me.  It’s not a repudiation of multiculturalism, so don’t read too much into it.  Look at the rest of the survey results.  You have to plug your ears to keep from being deafened by the egalitarian nonsense.  Everyone needs an equal start.  The rich have too much money.  Same old song and dance.

    There was just an article on here saying one in ten marriages are interracial.  Which generation do you think is responsible for the increase?  This survey included 2,000 people out of a generation larger than the Baby Boomers.  Don’t raise false hopes over the words of people disenchanted from years of affirmative action on the campus and in hiring practices.  Save it for when more of my generation stops dressing and acting like Mac Dre at age 30.

  • 2573366

    Speaking for myself only, neither do “old whites”. I’m in my 60s…never owned slaves. So what in the H do I have to feel guilty about?

  • radical7

    ed912 asked  
     who the hell is phillipe rushton?

    According to some posters on this website, he’s a race realist who discusses sexual habits and varied genital sizes among different races of men

    • ed91

       I know who he is now, and the clip I saw was very well thought out and given intelligently and wisely…….

       radifool is wrong once again, a seemingly daily occurance for him

  • rentslave

    White supremacy is redundant.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Sort of like “White Superiority.”

      • ed91

         it drives blacks crazy that book-learning (for lack of a better phrase)
         is so easy for whites and so hard for them……

  • robinbishop34

    The genocidal multiculturalists just view these white women as collateral damage in a necessary war.


    • Ingsoc

      The person featured in the video you posted, who is demanding that Europe must be made multicultural, is not white.  She’ll depart from Europe when the results she demands, that Europe be flooded with nonwhites to make whites a minority,  comes to fruition.  All of Europe will become as South Africa is now, with the US close behind.  

      She is a vision of pure evil.

      • robinbishop34

        The person featured in the video you posted, who is demanding that Europe must be made multicultural, is not white.

        I know. The ‘white women’ I was referring to were the dead white girls at the hands of blacks listed by Guest.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Don’t forget “dropping to our knees.”  Blue-eyed blonds are especially preferred in this position.

    •  I think blacks like non-black women in general.  The blue-eyed blonds thing is a YKW obsession vectored by their media.

      • ed91

        can’t blame them for wanting different women than what they’re stuck wit’

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Yes, I, too am angry with those British colonialists.  Had they stayed out of India, we would not now be inundated with H1-Bs from India who speak (nominally) English. 

  • Sherman_McCoy

    But blacks need not worry about these things “because of their skin color.”

  • Rocky Bass

     I am 42 and really just feel uhmm whats the word…. Oh yeah RAGE!!!

  • MrGJG

     Of course you’ll always be safer among whites than you will among your own kind if your black. I imagine as a black man you find that shameful. I know everybody deserves the American dream, but even when good black people move into white neighborhoods, you have to worry about their extended families and the possibilities that they’ll begin to recruit other blacks to join them. That’s how the downfall of a neighborhood usually starts.
    I know this doesn’t apply to you as you said you now live in a predominantly black area, it’s just an observation.

  • blindsticks

    A black whinging about being black in a ‘privileged’  white world. So what’s new.

  • You cannot compare civilization that stretches back to Mohenjo Daro to products of SubSaharan Africa. Punjabis, Marathis, Gujarati, Bengalis, Tamils, Telugu,… and more & more- the comparison with Jamaicans, Haitians or US Blacks is just out of place.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I was treated by a local doctor in a local clinic when I fell ill in India.  I received excellent care.  I wouldn’t ever let an african touch me unless there were no other options.  AA has made all their degrees suspect.

  • Shawn_thefemale

     What is this nitwit smoking?
    Where to start… It’s so full of c**p that I’ll only pick a couple.

    Almost everyone in power or influence looks like me? The Autocratic Ruler of our country looks nothing like me. (Praise God.)  Neither does his wife,  50% of the news anchors and reporters on television thrust into our homes daily, nor a large percentage of government workers, er, employees.

    I wouldn’t be questioned if I was (ignorant enough to be) in ‘the other’ part of town? I would first be questioned about what and how much I wanted to buy, then, if I survive until a cop car showed up, I would automatically be assumed to be buying drugs.

    Racial slurs at athletes? Seriously? Who does this bozo thinks attends those games and  PAYS those ghetto celebs? My God, whites worship those savages.

    The rest are behaviors resulting from years and years of experience. The fact that this ‘author’ – term used extremely loosely – even gets press is a testament to the fact that everything he says and believes is pure, unadulterated BRA garbage.

    • ‘Almost everyone in power or influence looks like me? The Autocratic
      Ruler of our country looks nothing like me. (Praise God.)  Neither does
      his wife,  50% of the news anchors and reporters on television thrust
      into our homes daily, nor a large percentage of government workers, er,

      Hey don’t forget Eric ‘My People’ Holder as well!

      It is almost like the Blacks are totally taking over the Federal Government. 

      I now know what it must have felt like to have been a Southerner during Reconstruction. 

      Still there is reason for hope  The hippie-dippy liberal leaning Baby Boomer generation is about to ‘go to Heaven’… This will leave only hardened Gen Xers raised on ‘Fight Club’ and newly racially aware Millenials (like in this article) to get down to brass tacks and deal with the Rising Tide of Color. 

      • IstvanIN

        But unfortunately a grossly out-numbered and hunted minority.  Unlike the partisans in France there will not be a Britain or US to support them.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I don’t quite understand how anyone could plausibly say that discrimination against white people is a problem in the same way that it is for minorities.

    I really really despise it when clueless non-White proceed to lecture us Whites about “how it is”   i.e., we Whites are not subjected to discrimination even though we’ve had 50+ years of open,  government- sanctioned, legally-enforced racism against Whites in the work place, in college admissions and in career promotions. 

    Discrimination is ONLY against Whites.

    But you wouldn’t understand that, would you “Jamelle” because it’s not happening to you, is it?  It doesn’t affect you or your people, does it?   So why should you give a damn.  Easier to get up on your high horse and lecture Whites about how “good we have it.”

     You are one of the government’s “chosen” and have had doors opened for you, scholarships thrown at you, promotions, internships, mentorships and jobs handed to you that you most likely did not deserve and are unavailable to our people.

    You are a hypocrite of the highest order, a White-hating racist sanctioning the dispossession of Whites.  

    What you don’t understand is this:  When we are either long gone or a small, hated minority, your new overlords, be they Chinese or Hispanic, will not be as kind to you as we have been.

    I only hope I’m alive to witness it.


    • haroldcrews

      Last postings I saw postings in my area for a US Attorney and a US Magistrate included a blurb about women and minorities being encouraged to apply.  They might as well have said White Males Need Not Apply.  Equal opportunity my butt.  If that is ‘white privilege’ they can keep it.

      • The__Bobster

        It’s means the job description has been tailored for a minority, probably one they’ve already hired but they have to pretend to go though the motions.

  • Ingsoc

    Yet East Indians fall all over themselves to live in a white-created culture and chase white girls when they get here.

  • ed91

     white chicks need to wise up to the danger of being around blacks………

    hello?      wake up and smell and the wheaties!!

  • ed91

     bingo!   the real racists are blacks and hispanics that obsess about their race and ours, rather than buckling down and taking advantage of their opportunities.

    • Guest

      Even though the average IQ of blacks (even in America) and hispanics are lower than whites, if they tried, they could achieve a bit more than they are do now. They wouldn’t achieve as much as whites or some Asians, but, they would be achieving the best that their 85 or so average IQ would permit them. But they don’t even do that. They just sit on their bottoms complaining about racism and blaming whites for all of their problems. 

  • ed91

     I agree with most of your post….however…..  much of the past of David Duke, given through the eyes of a biased media, is askew and distorted.  However, I don’t like his views towards Israel.

  • I don’t know about various elementary & high school textbooks, but- what one needs to know about Black culture in the US, or globally ? In arts & literature fields, there are a few names. Education in European-originated countries- and this includes South America- remains “European”. How could it be otherwise ?

    I know something about great civilizations of India and China- and one can add Islam & Japan, but their output can be, at best, tangential in Europe or Americas. Science & technology are universal; as far as history goes, national history is taught, combined with mostly old European general history.

    Music ? It’s classical European music.
    Arts ? It’s Greece, Rome, …. plus some parts on architecture in Islam or Chinese and Japanese painting.
    Literature ? From Homer and others on, maybe some poems of Li Po and selections from Mahabharata.
    Philosophy ? Won’t bother.

    Maybe Titian, Rembrandt, Matisse, Byrd, Schubert, Orff, Keats, Kafka, Chekhov, …are completely irrelevant to US Blacks’ concerns & way of life. OK then- let them have their own separate curriculum.
    And let White Americans decide about their own.

  • vladdy1

    Some of the comments were amazing. It’s like they think this is 1963 and every white person is Bull Connor with one of those hoses, whatever they’re called. I wrote and talked about the beat-downs and how we are calling out for them to listen to our anger, but I imagine they will dismiss it as “racist drivel,” as someone there already has called the realist remarks.

  • Marc B.

    “and double standards that seem unfair”

    The writer is so delusional that she admits to double standards and than argues that they only “seem unfair”. She’s angry that young people have a barometer that makes them aware that others are getting over on them, and that they should learn to feel good about being a door mat for minorities.

  • Oh this is just too funny.  They’ve been trying to force feed us medicine, got overconfident and fed us larger and stronger doses, now they’re surprised we find the taste bitter.  This doesn’t surprise me at all.  There’s the affirmative action angle yes, but there’s also the constant blame and demonizing of whites for everything including the bad weather.  There’s the importation and coddling of immigrants that cost the millenials jobs.

    You see the reason millenial whites feel the way they do is because they’re the ones who have been made into lab rats in the social experiments of the left.  They go to class to be taut they are racist oppressors with unearned privilege.  Outside of class they receive cultural enrichment when they get harassed or beat up by blacks or browns (I myself was the target of ridicule and threats).  You can only take so much abuse.

    We haven’t forgiven, and we haven’t forgotten.  We are of or getting to voting age and we go to the polls thinking about who did this to us.  The left thinks that the youth of today will give them hegemony over the government.  That they’ll build a post-racial utopian America.  But like the Persians their hubris gets the best of them and they will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Just look at how many youths are getting behind the nationalist parties in Europe because the left has destroyed their lives trying transform the West.  I for one caught on to their crap a long time ago.  Like the “Great Erasure” article said I refuse to play their game and I flip the table when the game is rigged against me.

  • anarchyst

    This will probably get “flagged”, but here goes . . .
    There is one “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) that has been promoting “multiculturalism” and “diversity” FOR EVERYONE ELSE BUT THEMSELVES.  They were in the forefront of the so-called “civil rights (for some)” movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s, actively pushing their “equality” mantra and STILL push their “multiculturalism” and “diversity” message on those of us who are not considered “chosen”. Let a “chosen” woman bring home a black boyfriend and see what happens.  The result is almost always complete ostracization or outright disownment.  “Multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” . . . is the order of the day.It would appear that the above “group”, “race”, “culture”, “political movement” (which is it??) is hell-bent on destroying homogenous societies throughout the world.  Every country where they have taken up residence, they push their “multiculturalism” and “diversity” crap on everyone who is not “chosen”.   It is no secret that much of the (misplaced) hatred that exists for this “chosen” people is based upon their behavior in their “host” countries as they consider themselves “chosen” first and then members of their prespective “societies” second.  Their “double standard” (when it comes to racial homogeneity) does nothing to endear them to those who are not “chosen”.  .  .

  • Enoch_Power

    I think most people in the US recognise Britain as a rotten, Marxist, totalitarian, Stalinist nanny-state.  You are totally correct.  However YOU WILL BE SHOCKED at the brutal political persecution of the British National Party Mayoral candidate, Mike Whitby for the city of Liverpool.

    He had RIOT POLICE turn up at his house at 07:30 who smashed down his front door and arrested him for “election fraud”.  He was held for 7 hours – and released without charge (formerly known as we have no evidence).

    This has been coordinated with the media spewing out their propaganda and lies to make Mike Whitby look like a fraudster THREE DAYS BEFORE POLLING DAY.

    My friends – the United Kingdom is a fascist, three-in-one party state where even the slightest disagreement with the ruling elite will lead to persecution, humiliation, arrest and even death (Dr David Kelly for example).  

    Watch IN HORROR!!!!!!!!


  • Francis Galton

    Thank you; I’m Virginia born and bred.  However, I’m seriously considering moving, as the area I’m in now is one of America’s “Hearts of Darkness,” so to speak.  See article on “A Beating at Church and Brambleton.”

    • Gen__Lee

      Come on up to NoVa then. Plenty of jobs, plenty of whites, and we could use a right wing race realist like yourself!

  • William_JD

    There’s no such thing as “reverse discrimination”.  It’s a bogus term intended to imply that discrimination is naturally the province or Whites.

  • I’ve never bought into this “we need leaders” thing.  Leaders need constituencies more than vice-versa; given constituencies, leaders will inevitably come to the fore to represent them, but the reverse is not at all true.

    Leaders will emerge when there are true, hardened constituencies to represent.

    We are in the very early days of White group consciousness. We need to continue to build silent constituencies. When they’re large and determined enough, these constituencies can collectively emerge from the shadows and take action.

  •  I hear you.  I hate them too.  What’s funny is, nobody ever objects.  They focus on my racism and anti-YKW-ism.  But I hate liberal Whites FAR more than I hate non-Whites.

  •  “If you are white in the United States, almost everyone in a position of power or influence looks like you.”

    More like, if you are White and proud in the US, almost everyone in a position of power looks like you, and wants you six feet under.

    Liberals are fond of pretending 95% of Whites in power aren’t Uncle Toms.

  •  Indeed.  Let’s poll blacks to see how many even know the extent of black crime, how many fell guilty over it, how many feel black crime is a much bigger problem than White crime, etc.

  •  And I’m not an extremist politically or religiously.

    We won’t hold that against you.  You’re young, you have plenty of time to wise up, and you’re off to a good start.

  •  Liberals don’t seem to feel any guilt at all.  They seem to be accusing everyone else of being guilty.

  • ed91

    Maybe you’re black and maybe you’re not…….

    Most blacks have trouble putting sentences together, not to mention correct usage of commas and capitals……..

  • Anonymous

    Because he never will.  Most blacks hate whites and want us gone.  When you bring up white victims of black crime, they will immediately bring up “We can’t get jobs” or “Well, you treated us that way.”  How does the past or one’s inability to get a job give justifcation for being violent?  You won’t get most blacks to be civilized human beings who will fight against black racism.  Never.

  • I’m glad that over half the people in my age group don’t suffer from the mental affliction commonly referred to as ‘white guilt.’