Man Shoves Reporter, Screams “N” Word on Live TV

WTOC, April 19, 2012

A Charlotte man is behind bars after shoving a WMBF News reporter, snatching her microphone, and shouting expletives on live television Wednesday night.

While standing on the sidewalk at 915 North Ocean Boulevard in the heart of Myrtle Beach, reporter Ashley Taylor was speaking live during the WMBF 11 p.m. newscast concerning the escalating crime rates across the Grand Strand, when she was violently pushed from in front of the camera.

Justin Moore, 20, of Charlotte, NC, jumped in front of the camera after nearly shoving Taylor to the ground. Donning a blue t-shirt and dark sunglasses, the man snatched the microphone from the startled reporter’s hand and began shouting the “N” word, in reference to himself.

An unexpecting audience viewing the newscast suddenly saw Moore come across their screen and scream, “I am that [‘N’ word],” before the live shot ended.



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  • No

    Yes you are, Justin.  We never doubted it.

    But why is this “news?”  I can think of three reasons;

    1)  Ashley has never seen a negro.   (She’s reporting on crim . . . that’s not it.)

    2)  Ashley was surprised to see a negro go feral.  (She’d heard rumors about it happening, but had never witnessed it for herself.  Again, as a crime reporter . . . highly doubtful.)

    3)  Justin just regained his eyesight and suddenly realized he was a n-word?  He is wearing the dark glasses at 11 PM.  I think this is it.

    What would you do if you suddenly realized you were? 

  • Well, he certainly is. One of the better behaved ones, honestly.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    i am SHOCKED  that this reporter contacted police . are not these the very people that they worship and grovel too constantly.  she will probably be fired for going against the black man and im not being sarcastic.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      meant to say not being   Facetious possibly better word

  • libertarian4339

    There’s been so many incidents of black misconduct and criminality on video lately I think blacks do a great job of highlighting themselves as being ill suited for civilized society.

    I know the message boards around the internet reflect a VERY large number of whites who are fed up with them, and it has been growing now for about three years or more.

    Used to be no one would utter much of a peep….even if they were allowed to…but not any more.

    It’s beginning to look like whitey is is in disgusted mode, ready to shift into high gear.

    • MrGJG

       No doubt about it.  I have never seen so many pissed-off white people, and I’m not talking about pro-white or rightwing sites. I’m seeing it on mainstream sites like CBS or Yahoo…when they allow commenting, which as everyone knows when it comes to racial stories, commenting is often disabled. I wonder why?

  • He’ll get no argument from me.

  • WmarkW

    It’s nice to know DAN’s are self-aware.

  • ed91

    makes you believe in sterotypes……

    I’ve seen a thousand like him, maybe more

    • redshirts

      That’s what I heard Kanye West say when he ripped the microphone away from Taylor Swift.  “I’m a N!” 

      I know he didn’t say that, but that’s what I heard him say, and so did you.

      Ashley Taylor attended Bob Jones, which once was a bastion of Whites Only No-Dating the Negroes Segregation.

      (Her name is “Ashley Taylor”? Really? Why didn’t her parents just name her “White Privilege Taylor” instead?)

      Times changed, of course. Whiteness Shall Not Stand!

      Bob Jones University Apologizes for Its Racist Past

      Bob Jones University, the Bible college in Greenville, South Carolina, did not admit black students until the 1970s. Then, for a 30-year period, interracial dating was prohibited. Now the university has announced that its polices were wrong.

      Lost in the spectacular news accounts of the election of a black man as president of the United States is another event — this time in higher education — that stands as a milestone in racial progress. In an eloquent statement, Stephen Jones, great-grandson of the founder and the fourth president of Bob Jones University, has apologized for the institution’s racist past.

      President Jones stated, “For almost two centuries American Christianity, including BJU in its early stages, was characterized by the segregationist ethos of American culture. Consequently, for far too long, we allowed institutional policies regarding race to be shaped more directly by that ethos than by the principles and precepts of the Scriptures. We conformed to the culture rather than provide a clear Christian counterpoint to it.

      “In so doing, we failed to accurately represent the Lord and to fulfill the commandment to love others as ourselves. For these failures we are profoundly sorry. Though no known antagonism toward minorities or expressions of racism on a personal level have ever been tolerated on our campus, we allowed institutional policies to remain in place that were racially hurtful.”

      • Impertinent

        Wait, BJU, when they start getting admitted ( under guilt and AA of course ) and dem b-ball players and football linebackers….start dating your sweet, southern belles. You know that’s a huge score and a milestone for blacks to get a white woman…don’t ya? Or haven’t you thought that far ahead about those nasty unintended consequences?

        Seems to me that the well heeled alumni of that once wise institution might just start sending their bucks some where else…as well as their daughters for safe keeping. The south still has a long and strong tradition of putting on those lavish 
        “coming out” extravaganzas for their débutantes. And they like them pure and unmolested….by anyone, let alone AA inducted morons.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse


    To blatantly steal a line from a poster on the original article,

    “You took the words right out of our minds.”

  • ed91

    the older ones can be even be worse, though they may be less nimble.

  • redshirts

    While I was reading this story, the black Diversity hire news girl on TV mau maued, ooked, and eeked about Dick Clark’s role in bringing the races together.

    “When in comes to music, there is no color line,” she gushes with a smile. She has light brown mulatto skin and straightens her hair to look less threatening.

    I remember “Professor” Diversity Eric Dyson, light skinned, of course, going off on one of his insane rants about how we all revere Michael Jackson for brining the races together. Did MJ rape little White boys at Neverland Ranch?

    God’s mercy sweet Jesus White Christ, it’s time to reconcile and heal from the trauma of Diversity with some good old fashioned show tunes from Johnny Rebel and Wagner.

    • Clydejames

      Alan Freed was the first as a spokesmen for the race mixing experiment of social engineering and out did Dick Clark but the alcoholic Freed was not commercial enough with his perceived Jewishness and that hoarse cigarette smokey voice of his.

  • generalquagmyer

    If Obama had a son, he’d…  Oh, never mind!

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

      He’d be the *bleep* AAAAHHHhhh…

  • The__Bobster

    Justin Moore, 20, of Charlotte, NC, jumped in front of the camera after nearly shoving Taylor to the ground. Donning a blue t-shirt and dark sunglasses, the man snatched the microphone from the startled reporter’s hand and began shouting the “N” word, in reference to himself.

    Sounds familiar.

  • Morons never think more then 5 seconds into the future and that there could possibly repercussions for their idiotic actions.

  • Adam P

    Another proof positive incident about typical negro behaviour, they go ape!

    • Strider73

      Hence the significance of the abbreviation “Tango November Bravo” (TNB).

      As for “going ape,” everyone should watch the original Planet of the Apes movie and note the stratification of the ape society into three “race”-based castes:

      1) At the top, the lightest-skinned, light-haired orangutans (Dr. Zaius and the rest of the tribunal). They are the judges, ministers and other government officials. The ancient Lawgiver was also an orangutan.

      2) In the middle, the chimpanzees (Drs. Zira, Cornelius and others). They are the scientists and technicians.

      3) At the bottom, the dark-skinned, dark-haired gorillas. They are the soldiers and common laborers.

      Now for the big question: Did the author of the novel on which the films were based create this society on purpose?

  • Don’t blame blackie.  This Negro is doing what comes Natural and for that, you cannot blame.

    Now, this black person will go to Jail but will he learn?  NO, he will not.  The blackie will grow stronger, meaner and much more determined upon his release.  Look for a bigger and better beating and/or murder next time.

    And never forget, he will gets lots and lots and lots of kudos and support from his own kind too.  Hurting/Murdering White People is a “badge”.

  • Gee, the  hype didn’t live up to the reality. Stupid prank is all. 

  • Texan1st

    How poetic that a member of the media gets victimized by black thuggery. One of the reasons the beating death of the reporter in Arkansas didn’t affect me emotionally like many other cases do. These are the people that have been running interference and censoring black on white criminality for decades, leaving a large portion of the white population ignorant to the level of black on white crime. When one of their own becomes a statistic, I find it hard to sympathize.

  • Lou

    Why do they beep it out ??  It’s ok , a black dude is saying the  ‘ N ”  word….

  • Shawn_thefemale

    He might have screamed it on the local tv, but guaranteed, that’s as far as it got. Another ebony escapade that will disappear from view lest too many whites learn about it.  You know what happens when a black doesn’t take one for the team: whites riot.

    Oh, that’s right, it’s the other way around.

    • white_privilege_stigmata

      Tracing a new Diversity trend.

  • ageofknowledge

    He looks like Eddie Murphy kind of.

  • hyperborean_genesis

    “A person’s language is an extension of himself and to attack his use of language is to attack him. With the language of racism, this is exactly the point for the language of white racism and the racism of the whites are almost one and the same. Difficult and painful as it may be for whites to discard their racist terms, phrases, and cliches, it must be done before blacks and whites can discuss seriously the eradication of white racism.”

    The Language of White RacismAuthor(s): Haig A. BosmajianSource: College English, Vol. 31, No. 3 (Dec., 1969)

  • Impertinent

    “Pretty soon blacks will want N removed from the alphabet.”

    Then what will they call each other? Most of Chris Rock’s or Eddie Murphy’s act would disappear. Maybe with those crips and bloods hand signals?

  • Impertinent

    Of coursed DC wanted “harmony”. He wanted the rights to all those tunes too and had them sign contracts handing them over to his production company. Smart? You bet. Rich? Even better.