Man Beats Mcdonald’s Manager with Baseball Bat for Not Being Served

WTSP (Tampa), April 23, 2012


Police say on Sunday night, the suspect entered the restaurant on 715 E. Memorial Boulevard to order food.  {snip}

When a manager asked him if he had been waited on, the suspect reportedly became angry and said he had not and that the exact same thing happened to him the previous day.

The suspect demanded the corporate phone number, which was provided by the manager. The suspect then threw down the paper and stormed out of the restaurant.

Police say about 20 minutes later, the suspect returned with a baseball bat, jumped the counter and began hitting the manager with the bat.

The suspect yelled, “All I wanted was some [expletive] food!” and then left the store.

The manager suffered significantly bruised ribs and was taken to the hospital.



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  • The suspect yelled, “All I wanted was some [expletive] food!” and then left the store.

    Interesting.  He wants “expletive food,” so he goes to McDonalds.  Where “expletive” is definitely on the menu.  Especially in the ghetto — The rumors that ghetto fast feeders get lower “quality” (in as much as fast feeder food can ever be quality) choices is absolutely true.  A buddy of a buddy who managed a chain of Jack in the Boxes in St. Louis confirmed.  Ghetto blacks will eat anything out of  a clown’s head as if it’s five star restaurant steak, so why waste the best food on them?

  • Rocky Bass

    I invite any  interested to come with me on an adventure into the deepest darkest depths of the black mind and join me over at
    These folks are pathological.

  • Rocky Bass

    They are commenting on this story at that link.

  • Hunter Morrow

    Suspect, suspect, suspect, suspect and suspect. We don’t know gender, race, age or description yet a black guy, about 20 years old, popped into your head, didn’t it?

    Did you think it was the 50 year old Polish woman? The 40 year old Vietnamese man?

    See, suspect, is the new “youth” and “teen” and my personal favorite from the previous 2 summers worth of black rioting and mobbing, “teen youth.”

    Every time I hear suspect I think a black guy or a hispanic guy. About 60 to 80 percent of the time black, 20 or so percent hispanic.

    God, the amorphous, invisible suspect. See, 20 people probably saw that guy. McDonalds has cameras and video monitors. No descriptions, no sketches, no pictures, no surveillance video…


    I bet 100 bucks off the Dollar Menu it was  a black or a brown.


    • No

       Baseball bat isn’t the usual tool of choice for non-whites, so yeah, I thought the assailant was white for a minute.  Lots of white guys seem to be going off lately. 

      Of course, anyone that upset about delayed feeding is probably quite the Big Mac afficionado . . . and not likely to be climbing over any counter.  The story makes no sense . . . but then again, there is a negro involved.

      I suspect the black guy stole the baseball bat . . . and has  suffered slights at the hands of McDs before . . . french fries too salty . . . drinks not strong enough . . . you know, critical issues in a negro’s life.

      Watch him as he leaves.  It looks like he’s using his shirt to grab the door knob.  It would be just like a negro to be afraid to leave fingerprints after showing his face on camera.

      Or maybe he figures they all look alike, so . . . 

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          “Lots of white guys seem to be going off lately. ”

        Is that right?  About how many?  Let me count for you;  Brevik, Brevik, Brevik, and Brevik. 

    • bluffcreek1967

      Of course we all know that if the ‘suspect’ was a white male adult, the news would have reported everything about him. We would have known, for example, if he was married or not, what part of town he resides at, what jobs he previously held, his educational level, and his various marital affairs over the past 1o years, his high school sweetheart, etc.

  • Hirschibold

    What is it about black people and fast-food?

    • haroldcrews

      Lessened impulse control.  Desire for immediate gratification.

    • Zorro

      Both are no good for you.

  • diversity_is_a_hate_crime

    How soon will these videos be banned from release? Every time White Humanity sees them, we just become more invested in our racist White privilege and harden our hurtful stereotypes and commit to more racial profiling against the beloved community of color. Depictions of criminal blacks is an insult to Diversity’s greatness.

    The Diver$ity Indu$try acts all enraged up ‘en heeah over black crime reporting, but secretly they like it. They point to it as the reason for racism, then say we need more stories that reflect positively on the contributions and achievement of African “Americans,” and more sensitivity training. They get paid for the training.

    They never offer to go into black communities to teach the negroes to stop the violence, because there is no money in it. And they know that you can’t teach blacks to stop their blackness. Diversity is in the blood.


    Notice how he universalizes: hard working Diversity is just like everybody and deserves to be perceived fairly. He doesn’t mention that Affirmative Action gave all the Diversity their good jobs. Truth Fail.

    The world’s greatest evil is the conformity of White attitudes with the reality of the Diversity Curse. If you are apprehensive around blacks, it’s ONLY because the media has fed you too many black crime stories, and has nothing to with blackness at all. Truth Fail.

    Diversity is “depicted”. What about Whites? Aren’t we “depicted” in TV commercials as the doofus to the dignified negro? Aren’t we “depicted” as undeserving of our White privilege?

    Trayvon Martin and the Media Depiction of African American Males

    I don’t know George Zimmerman. I don’t know whether he is racist, and I have no idea what was in his heart and mind when he shot and killed the 17-year-old.

    I do know that if Zimmerman consumes news, it’s likely that he’s being fed a steady diet of distorted and scary images of black men.

    A content audit released last October by The Opportunity Agenda (TOA) in New York examined coverage of black men and boys found that often missing from that coverage is mention of legions of boys and men of color who rise every morning and go to school or serve in the military, who are businessmen, schoolteachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists, stay-at-home dads, bloggers and more.
    That one-sided portrait of a multidimensional community has consequences for all of us.
    “These unbalanced and distorted media portrayals can lead to distorted perceptions and discriminatory treatment,” says Alan Jenkins, executive director and co-founder of TOA, which describes itself as “a communications, research, and policy organization dedicated to building the national will to expand opportunity for all.”

    According to a 2000 study, local news consumption and racial fear are directly linked. In “Prime Suspects: The Influence of Local Television News on the Viewing Public,” Franklin D. Gilliam Jr., dean of the School of Public Affairs at the University of California, Los Angeles, and Shanto Iyengar, professor of communication and political science at Stanford University, measured viewers’ racial attitudes after watching local crime news in Los Angeles.

    “Our central finding is that the exposure to the racial element of the crime script increases support for punitive approaches to crime and heightens negative attitudes about African-Americans among white, but not black, viewers,” they wrote in the study.

    According to Dominique Apollon, research director at the Applied Research Center, a nonprofit that has done research on racial framing in the media, “As far as local coverage is concerned, more often than not, the media portrays black and brown men as violent menaces to society [and] as repeat offenders who are beyond rehabilitation.

    “Reporters primarily rely upon law enforcement for quotes, and police often stoke or reinforce the public’s existing stereotypes and fears about black men. The effect is a public that is primed to be paranoid. And combine that paranoia with pro-vigilante public policy and a callous disregard for black life, and you have the tragedy and travesty of this incident and its aftermath.”

    Given the state of the news industry, a concerted effort is required if we want to see balanced coverage of boys and men of color that gives the audience a more accurate and less fraught view of them.
    In recent years, as traditional news media have suffered painful contractions, determination to diversify newsrooms has waned, decreasing the number of journalists of color who could help fellow journalists see communities of color through a different lens.

    Things are not much better on the digital side where an all-too-common complaint is that white men dominate conversations and panels about the future of journalism.

    The case of Trayvon Martin is a stark reminder of why it matters who is in the conversation about coverage.

    The weekend of March 16, black media commentators including Touré, Goldie Taylor and Roland Martin took to Twitter to discuss the shooting, and Charles M. Blow wrote about it in his New York Times column. Meanwhile, a check of Twitter feeds by prominent non-African American media commentators shows that many were talking about Mike Daisey’s misrepresentations in his searing piece on Apple’s Chinese manufacturing partner.

    Both are important conversations that deserve coverage. One is about who we are as journalists. The other is about who we are as a society.

    Both must take place if the media are to meet their responsibility to help all citizens make sense of the world.

    One helped to inform the conversation about journalism ethics during a transformational time in this industry. The other brought the nation’s attention, from Cher to John Legend to everyday people, to focus on the shootings of African American men.

    As we go forward, I hope these same people will rally around the cause of accurate and fair coverage for black and brown boys and men so they, too, no longer risk being mistaken for a dangerous predator.
    Perhaps then this older sister and legions of sisters, parents, grandparents and friends can stop worrying.

  • That’s who they market too now.  If you spend most of your ad budget to attract a specific demographic then these things happen.  Maybe he just doesn’t know about all the opportunities McDonald’s can give him as a black man.  

    • IstvanIN

      The CEO of McDonalds is 365black.

      • Batman could possibly be an upstart in the corporate training program.  

  • IKantunderstand

    I really don’t understand you all… Absolutely nothing could be worse for your self-esteem than being “dissed” at Mc Donalds. So obviously,any red  blooded American, has a baseball bat at the ready, just waiting for the chance to make things right. I don’t know about you, but I am always armed when I go to Taco Bell,

    • haroldcrews

      Personally I keep a pick-axe handle in the back of the truck instead of a baseball bat.

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Here in CA. you would get charged with having a concealed weapon. So what we do here is have baseball bats in our vehicles, but keep a glove and softball handy too, after all you where just heading to team practice later.

  • So that seems like a pretty reasonable response…..

  • KenelmDigby

    Just imagine for one moment that modern cash economies were never devised, there was no money, no capitalist means of production, no distribution systems, banks etc.
     Just imagine in such a scenario that this savage had to either patiently and tenderly grow his own food through the adversity of drought, flood and pestilence, or, he could take another option and consume fresh human protein on the hoof.
     Which scenario do you think will play out?

  • haroldcrews

    Whites are also known to put chemical sterilizers into fast food.

  • Unless McD’s is currently paying off Jesse and Al, I see a lawsuit in the future. Didn’t one race pimp or the other sue certain liquor companies for marketing malt liquor or hard liquors to blacks? And tobacco companies for marketing menthol cigarettes to blacks? McD’s will soon be facing the same issue for marketing unhealthy, artery clogging fast food to blacks. You know, another way of sending blacks to an early grave.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    It’s easier for his low IQ brain to pick up a weapon and attack than it is to right a formal complaint.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Forget about “God” and learn to help yourselves.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Where have you been all your life?  Hispanics go violent pretty easily.

  •  To wit, the attached pic.

  • Frank

    At least he didn’t steal anything.  The ciy should give him an award!

  • IanJMacDonald

    The solution is obvious: commonsense bat-control laws.

  • In Simpsonville, SC, a McDonald’s employee, age 19, allegedly spat a load of phlegm into a cup of unsweetened iced tea that he handed to a drive-in customer:

    • Up to my neck in CA

      If Je$$e Jack$on had ANOTHER son, he would look just like this guy.

  • Rocky Bass

     Ho wouldn’t dare! Brotha you got’sta “keep yo pimp hand strong”

  • ageofknowledge

    The obvious point being communicated here is that if someone will turn to armed violence over having to wait for their fast food order, imagine what they will do if someone unknowingly pulls into the parking space they want or some other slight (intentional or unintentional). Individuals like this really need to be separated from the rest of civilized society… which itself is composed of individuals that follow the social contract codified in our rule of law.