Macon Easter Egg Hunt Canceled after Past Violence

Atlanta Journal Constitution, April 6, 2012

An annual Easter egg hunt in central Georgia has been canceled after organizers say parents became violent while trying to collect eggs for themselves and their children in past years.

This will be the first time in years that the Easter Bunny won’t be visiting children during the annual egg hunt at Central City Park in Macon, traditionally one of the largest Easter events in central Georgia.


[County Commissioner Joe] Allen said he canceled this year’s hunt because parents caused children to be hurt. He said that in past years, one woman was injured and several children were “trampled on.”

[Editor’s Note: The population of Macon, GA, is 62 percent black.]


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  • ncpride

    It’s funny that as I was reading this article, Fox news reported on it, complete with a picture in the back ground of a crowd of White people and their children. They never give up do they? 

    • IstvanIN

      When I hear of adults trampling children on an Easter egg hunt the first thing that comes to mind is a wild-eyed white woman!

  • sophiepeaches

    I’m from a very small town, and we had exactly the same problem.  We told the mothers that the Easter Egg Hunt was for the children only, but it was like we were giving away 10 dollar bills.  Sad.  People used to want to fit in and act like they had manners….Now it seems they don’t care, they just want as much as they can get.  Same with the church pantry…We had people showing up every month in Cadillacs and other very nice cars to fill up their trunks.  I asked a friend who would know how many of these people actually needed the food.  She replied, “About half.  The rest will take what they can get.”  Sad.  Sad.

    • Oil Can Harry

      I saw this story on ABC World News and most of the wacko parents seemed white.

      This reminds me of the loony parents out there- many of then white, to be fair- who scream their heads off at their kid’s Little League games as if it were Game 7 of the World Series. 

  • redshirts

    Keep your eye on Macon, Georgia, cuz deys sho’ be kepp’n in real, fo’ sho’.

    In the last couple of years, 30,000 Whites have fled the city limits for the counties. It’s so bad, even the blacks helped reelect the White mayor after a disastrous Diversity Mayor forgot to spread the wealth around to key black churches. Macon now has a White mayor and police chief, and all the Whites know that it won’t last. Macon is so Diversity-rich, that the few White leaders can’t really do anything to stop the rot and ruin. Whites who live in the mansions above downtown all live in constant fear of the ghetto apes who live nearby and roam at will. Everyone knows that a disaster is looming.

    The White neighborhood of Ridge Ave. had to shut down its Halloween because the Diversity Swarm endangered the for White children.

    If you are ever thinking of spending thousands on a trip to Africa, save your money and go to Macon instead. Macongo.


  • Easter egg hunts are being canceled more and more.  Whites’ acquisitive attitudes and helicopter parenting, are equally to blame as black animalism.

    • I must say, that I have surely seen” not so intelligent” White’ parents behave in such a way, but never to the extent of the ‘negros’………

  • radical7

    A similar situation  happened a few years ago in Colorado Springs, Colorado. An overwhelmingly White community. The town’s annual easter egg hunt was hijacked by overzealous parents who decicded that rather than let “their kids” compete for an easter egg, to rush the field, find the eggs themselves to ensure that their child would receive an egg. Arguments between parents started, a few fights broke out etc… Things went beserk!  The end results that the event was cancelled.  The story made national headlines.

    • The_Bobster

      Yes, helicopter parents who have an visceral fear of seeing their children fail at anything.

    • ncpride

      It was last year, and in the half dozen articles I read about the hunt, not one mentioned fights that broke out between parents, or children being harmed. Now I’m NOT excusing aggressive, pushy White parents, because I know they exist, and they should be ashamed of themselves for ruining this for their kids, but lets stick to the facts.

  • Really nice example for our children.  

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    at SPDL-

    LOVE MY RACE said…


    Now, the Diversity teachers are leading their students in afrovoodoo chants and rap music dancing in preparation for the all important CRCT achievement test.

    Instead of extra study time, Macongo’s black Diversity students dance!

    Why does Diversity have such a hard time evolving past our “hurtful stereotypes that reflect poorly upon the community of color”?

    Why are they so insistent in confirming every negative bias and bigotry we have towards them?



    PK, Please grab the photos of the dancing negro scholars and post. These are the students who will one day be on TV commercials telling us about all the exciting scientific discoveries they are making, i.e. they will be given Diversity grading curves, Diversity scholarships, Diversity graduate degrees, and Diversity jobs via Affirmative Action, and then everything will keep falling apart and they will blame White privilege, systemic bias, and institutional racism for the chaos.

    Isn’t it racist for Macon’s teacher to have so little hope in good CRTC results that they have given up on extra study time and devolved to jungle voodoo?

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    Georgia is Detroit.

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    The rap craze in education is a real fad. I’m watching a public access TV station that is showing a rap video for reading.

    I am reading, do you know what dat means, she got her own book, can’t read, sit down, get your head in a book, get a higher education, home boy you can do, I AM READING, you know what dat means, she got her own book, stud’n for da SAT…

    The rest of it is completely unintelligible voodoo patios. I can’t watch it any’mo unless Catherine Meeks, Macon’s most famous Affirmative Action PhD, can decipher it for me.

    This is how PEG will teach Whites to close the Achievement Gap.

    Does the Diversity Community have any idea how absurd and voodoo this all appears to White Humanity? We actually applaud and welcome it. Whatever Diversity can do to prove how unfit it is for the English language, math, and science, and how supremely fitted is by genetics for minstrality, is just fine with us.

    Blacks who justify our prejudices are the real heroes of the race.


    Read more here: