Diner Racism: Waiters Diss Blacks

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, April 10, 2012

The heated and ever-expanding national rage over racism is now spilling into the America’s large chain restaurants where African-Americans say everything from their tipping to tableside etiquette is dissed by white waitstaff, according to an in-depth survey for the Journal of Black Studies provided to Secrets.

“Black consumers who dine out frequently are almost guaranteed to experience discrimination at some point over the course of a month,” said the unique study. Worse: servers interviewed looked down their nose at blacks as “uncivilized and hedonistic” and as a result feel that “inferior service is warranted.”

The new survey, completed by two sociologists, one from Wayne State University, the other from North Carolina State University, adds to the explosive atmosphere sparked by the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Florida that’s been followed by racial clashes around the nation. Notable in the survey: of the 200 servers who participated, 87 percent were white.

Key findings: When asked who tipped best, whites topped blacks, according to the servers. Also, Whites were described as better customers than blacks, who typically were called “picky,” “demanding,” and “rude.” {snip}



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  • WmarkW

    Since they didn’t mention Indians, I don’t believe their results.

  • Hirschibold

    “So I was in the airport the other day, eating in a restaurant in the terminal. And a message comes over the loudspeaker saying “This is the TSA. Report any unusual activity to the  nearest agent. So I got up from my meal and went up to an agent in baggage claimed. And I said, ‘I’d like to report something. Yeah, I saw a black guy leaving a tip for his waiter.'”

    -Rich Vos

  • anarchyst

    Even black waitstaff are reluctant to wait on tables occupied by blacks.  Blacks are unruly, very rarely tip and in general are rude to the waitstaff.

    • The_Bobster

      Even Thai-Grr Woody didn’t tip. That no-tip gene must be a powerful one.

      • Hirschibold

         Ditto Charles Barkley. Someone created a website for good and bad tippers (celebrities) and I’m sure can guess the common thread for bad tippers.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    And sure as the sun rises in the east, this will be twisted from a referendum of the shortcomings of the black community into a commentary on the insensitivity and continued backwardness of whites who just can’t let go of their revulsion of shouting in restaurants, chewing with your mouth open and abuse of service people at every turn.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    For a noble proud, strong race blacks sure whine a lot. Again with blacks NOBODY can speak the truth. They demand a lot and give nothing but headaches in return. I watched them make huge messes in restaurants, make the waitress run around for their ever increasing demands (it always seemed to be more ranch dressing), complain about the food (in hopes of getting a free meal AFTER it was eaten) and leave ZERO and I mean ZERO tip.

    • You are right, a common practice among blacks is to eat 90% a meal then “discover” a hair on the plate,  and make it clear that they would “go off” if they were charged, plus they demand a free dessert.  these folks were the ones to lazy to run out on the bill.

      • Spartan24708

        I worked at a pizza restaurant for a number of years and every few weeks a certain black woman would call and say she found “pubic hair” in her pizza and demand a new one. Honestly would anyone out there have an appetite after finding that? After a few months we got a new manager and she tried the trick on him. He straight up told her that nobody undressed by the food and it was probably her own hair. She treid the racism thing on the restaurant owner and he hung up on her.

        • gemjunior

          It was probably the hair off her head, because they need a forensic criminologist  to tell the difference. 

          • Spartan24708

            No doubt! After that the new manager required proof if someone claimed that their pizza was contaminated.

        • The_Bobster

          Those peoples sho do hab a thang  ’bout pubic hair, nome sane?


          “Thomas was drinking a Coke in his office, he got up from the table at which we were working, went over to his desk to get the Coke, looked at the can and asked, ‘Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?’.”[34]

    • sbuffalonative

      “For a noble proud, strong race blacks sure whine a lot.”

      And you can’t move forward if you’re stuck re-playing the past.

      Other than the Sharptons and Jacksons who make a living as race hustlers, the blacks who seem to make it are the ones who aren’t obessed by the past.

  • This isn’t new.  Blacks are universally horrific tippers and bad customers.  Don’t believe me?  Ask a black waiter.

    • IstvanIN

      Beat me to my comment!

    • You are right, it is not new. But its effects linger.   Because this form of “discrimination” is good for some cold hard cash for plaintiffs’ lawyers.  And restaurants are under the threat of the “Denny’s precedent” if they do not eat their losses on blacks.  Every time I go to a Denny’s look at the menu I think, “each one of these menu items could be about 50 cents less if they had not been soft with that settlement/judgment for discrimination”.

  • Boereseun

    Not giving a black what they want is racism.

    Not listening to a black is racism.

    Not liking blacks is racism.

    Disagreeing with a black is racism.

    Mentioning black crime pathologies is racism.

    Mentioning that a black looks like another black, is racism.

    Mentioning the colour of a perpetrator, if they’re black, is racism.

    Not promoting blacks is racism.

    Not promoting black ideals is racism.

    Not supporting Affirmative Action preferences for blacks, is racism.

    Not condemning your forefathers over their white privilege and being racists themselves, makes you a racist.

    Not treating blacks like they are Gods, is racism.

    Not apologising for your white privilege is racism.

    Not wanting to live near blacks is racism, unless you’re a liberal.

    Mentioning IQ test scores, as a means to prove race realism, makes you racist.

    Being better than a black makes you racist.

    Everything you work for, you didn’t really work for, you got it due to white privilege. What are you, a racist or something?

    Being a white means you’re a racist, unless you grovel 5 times a day for forgiveness of your white privilege and then you’re still a racist, just one of those nicer ones. 

    All in all, anything you say or do as a white, that is not fully condoned by blacks, is racism.
    Feel free to add as many ‘you’re a racist if…’ lines as you like.

    • Shawn_thefemale

      And the well-renowned  ‘if you’re white you’re only allowed to defend yourself against an attacker if he’s also white’ . Fighting back against a black attacker makes you a racist on steroids and sets you up for murder and hate crime charges.

  • haroldcrews

    I have an idea why don’t blacks go to only black owned and run restaurants that have only black staff in them.  That way they won’t be ‘discriminated’ against with poor service.  Fool though I am if I get bad service somewhere on a regular basis I don’t go back.  I have that much sense.  But then I don’t get to sue a restaurant or chain because of the colour of my skin.  I also try to live by the Golden Rule and not force my company and association where it is not wanted since I have no wish to be on the receiving end of some undesirable’s company.

    • saxonsun

      Red Lobster. We used to go a lot–all white. Now only  the blacks go.

  • RJS

    All this continual nonsense about “discrimination” is just a smokescreen
    to force gullible Whites to stop LEGITIMATELY criticizing or even discussing poor behaving

    Take it from a former bartender…it’s all true!

    If blacks tipped like everyone else and behaved, there would be NO reason not to be willing to deal with them.  Restaurant and bar staff live off tips…period…end of subject.

    A family member and I used to go to a Denny’s that gradually became infested with blacks.  Ironically, there was a BLACK waitress who regularly waited on us.  She was treated horribly by the black customers. 

    On a few occasions, she even referred to them as…you guessed it…f*****g  n*****s! 

    Take any successful bar or restaurant where increasing numbers of blacks keep showing up.  It is a DEATH SENTENCE!   Whites will simply stop coming.   Then…no quality employees will want to work there.  Period…That’s it.

    I have no doubt that the anti-whites that are beginning to visit this site will shriek…but it is the simple truth.  Of course there are “individual” blacks that behave, their “overall” presence is death sentence for a business that formerly had a predominately White customer base.

  • Just read through the comments at the source article. Very enlightening!

    • haroldcrews

      Is it just me or are whites in the comment sections of many articles showing less reluctance in calling blacks out on their failings?

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Racial realism seems to be growing.  Since I’ve started reading AmRen and VDare, I’ve noticed even on other comment boards the growing discontention among whites when it comes to racial issues.  There is no need to be PC or sidestep the truth anymore.

      • hereward

        I’ve noticed that, too; some of the comments on articles in mainstream newspapers nowadays are indistinguishable from those on Amren or SBPDL.  And Harold:  liked your comment about wet sidewalks causing rain.  Gonna have to steal that one.

        • haroldcrews

          Thanks, but you aren’t stealing it from me.  I’ve heard it several times over the years.

  • It occurs to me that America is replete with ethnic restaurants; Mexican, Chinese, Greet, Indian, etc. 

    I can never recall seeing an African restaurant. Surely, such exists; but I know of none. 

    •  For a little more than a year, there was a Somalian restaurant in South St. Louis City.  I don’t know about the Ps and Qs of Somali cuisine, but I do know one of the menu specialties of that place was pre-paid cell phone plans.

    • haroldcrews

      There are soul food restaurants but they are pretty much in inner cities so whites customers are few and far between.  It’s just Southern country cooking but they claim it as black food.

      • gemjunior

        There are some soul food restaurants here in NYC that they make a huge big deal over (news media having their giant noses up their black rears exclaiming in JOY every time a black business/store/gas station succeeds in not closing in a week they have to put it all over the news so White people see the EQUALITY in blacks being able to run a business for every 1,000,000 run by a White) so Sylvia’s soul food joint in Harlem is always talked about – Bill First Black President Clinton went there on the news.  Ugh.  It was a typical greasy spoon looking place with vinyl tablecloths and Sylvia probably put on the Mammy act – it’s perfectly fine when taking money off stupid Whites acting like what they were eating was “cuisine” yuck.  Black eyed peas and collard greens made with plenty of fatback and salt.  Wow. Yippee.  What do foreigners think when they sit down to eat that stuff?

        • saxonsun

          Yes, the food is bad.

    • Spartan24708

      There are a couple in Salt Lake City.

    • Laidley Hall

      Ethiopian restaurants were trendy in NYC maybe 30 years ago–ate at one once. Food not inedible but once for novelty value was enough. Ate at a West African restaurant in Brooklyn maybe 25 years ago–the staff was very solicitous, very eager to please. Food, again, not inedible but nothing I’d go out of my way to try again. Plus I’ll bet you anything one or both establishments are long out-of-business.

    • The_Bobster

      I liked Olive Garden until I passed by the back of my local one while the cooks were on break and discovered that every single one of them was black. As there are very few blacks in my area, I concluded that they were being imported.

  • Just overhearing a black order his meal is revealing:  “Gimme a …this”  “Gimmee a …  that”,  “I Wanta … this”.

    Not ‘May I please have the …”, “I’ll take the…. “.  

    There is a sense of entitlement conveyed, right from the order down to the tip.   

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I always wince when I hear someone say “I’ll take this, I’ll take that.”  Whatever happened to “I’d like this, I’d like that.”  I always say it that way.  I hear whites saying “I’ll take,” all the time.  Some do it because they are really nearly functionally illiterate, but some, many I believe, do it as a passive-aggressive exercise.  Wait folk have to take so much stuff!

  • Remember when Denny’s was sued for discrimination? The siut claimed that blacks were asked to pay first while Whites were not. Seems blacks have a bad habit of eating, then running out on the the check.  So when a large group of blacks would enter the restaurant the manager would call a “black out”  to alert  the staff to collect the tab up front. Just another example of how  racism and prejudice is  provoked,  not initiated

    the “blackout”,  just another of the many contributions made by black folk to the American culture!

    • The purpose of Jim Crow laws was to avoid such criminal acts. 

    • razorrare

      I am sure my memory serves me correctly-in stating-Denny’s was sued by blacks who claimed their service was slow…Slow service is hardly a case for discrimination,because Whites are often subjected to slow service as well.Denny’s shamefully agreed to settle and put their nations employeees through diversity & sensitivity training–just like those other businesses who have done likewise rather than fight it in a costly and long drawn out lawsuit.Though corporate America wont tell you this,this is one of the main reasons why they have shut plants down here and invested in building new plants in more freindly ,non-black, countries.As a bonus they get cheap labor benefits as well..but the main reason for them leaving is opportunistic lawyers stuffing their pockets  with millions/billions/trillions made in such “discriminatory” lawsuits.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Maybe, but there are many non-black areas in the US where plants can and should be put up.


    When I worked as a waiter in college, black customers always made unusual requests, ordered things not on the menu, and were generally difficult.  They also rarely tipped, and when they did, it was below what is expected. The best customers were Irish and Italian whites — friendly and generous.  Jewish customers were difficult, often asking for free extras and tipped poorly if at all.  Asian immigrants were polite but did not tip, presumably because they did not know they were supposed to.  American born Asians were good customers as were Latinos.  

    • Spartan24708

      I had a notable few black customers who tipped. Most were rude, slammed doors or made you wait while they raided the change jar. Hispanics always tipped something and many were fairly generous.

    • saxonsun

      Indians are bad tippers. Gay men are the best.

  • haroldcrews

    There may be a solution.  First place a sign at the entrance that gratuity is automatically placed on the tab, say 15% or 20%.  But the management will have to make sure they have good wait staff.  A significant number of restaurant have this practice in place already particularly for large parties.  Secondly have the restaurant covered by security cameras.  The camera will come in handy in the event of an altercation.  Lastly any customers who are truly abusive get escorted out of the restaurant and informed that they are not welcome back and if they return will not be served.  Any customer who becomes physical abusive or physically sexually harassing of the wait staff will have charges pressed against them.

  •  And it is blacks who get to pick and chose when they are to be treated as a group and when they are individuals. for example, when all blacks vote for the black candidate,  their acting as a group is ok, it’s not racism because they are black.  And when the subject of slavery comes up, all blacks are victims of slavery. But when you point out that blacks are responsible for most crime in America, for most poverty, for persistant failure in our schools, suddenly they are all individuals.

  • Arglebargle

     “[U]ncivilized and hedonistic?” Bulleye. Anyone who’s had the misfortune to be seated near blacks in a restaurant knows how apt a description this is.

  • ncpride

    racial clashes around the nation.

    Someone please point me to a link covering these so called ‘clashes’ that are not actually unprovoked attacks on Whites and Whites ONLY.

  • razorrare

    I have never seen a black owned restaurant either..but surely there must be one somewhere.

    Just stands to reason.

    I also thought there were no black farmers who actually owned the farm..never have witnessed black farm hands as well..but surely there must be some ,somewhere.

    After all, that black lady who gave out loans in the Agri bussiness said so.

    Eighty Thousand blacks feeding at the trough of the “black farmers lawsuit” says it must be so.

    But darn,i sure have witnessed a lot of black crime, rape,& murder..

    Even though the MSM & the anti-White self haters and haters say it aint so.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I have to drive through Vallejo CA. from time to time for work. There is a BBQ place that is black owned. It’s name and ownership keeps changing every few months, 6 months tops. They don’t last because they have only one demographic and “he done wants a dish-count!”

    • Anon12

       I have never seen a black owned restaurant either..but surely there must be one somewhere.

      Speaking of a black owned restaurant, when I was working, our unit always went to lunch for someone’s birthday . One of the blacks in our unit wanted to go to this restaurant.  I knew right away that I would not be going. I said I had to pick up my son at lunch hour or some excuse. Anyway, they all came back about a 1/2 hour PAST the lunch hour. I asked what took them so long. They said they could not get what they ordered and  they waited and waited and waited.  The black help were all arguing LOUDLY with each other and cussing, so my co-workers had enough and left!   I could have told them that would happen. The restaurant went out of business 2 weeks later. I would never eat in a black run restaurant and risk spit in my food (ala: Jesse) or risk having stomach pains soon after.

      • sophiepeaches

        When I worked for DHS in downtown Fort Worth, TX, we all (mixed group) went out for lunch one day.  We were a group of about 15.  The blacks left ZERO tips.  We all tried to make up the difference.  That was the last ‘group’ outing.

        Also, the head of the dept. (black) and her best friends, would come back from lunch whenever the hell they wanted to, and made a big fuss walking down the hall, letting us honkies know that they could come back any damn time they wanted to.

  • Flytrap

    I used to work in a restaurant that had a black sous chef and after work one night, the staff was sitting around having drinks and the subject of tips came up.  Even though he worked in a restaurant, he wouldn’t tip or would leave less than 5% when he did.  We gave him hell but he was unmoved.  

  • haroldcrews

    Stereotypes are a rational response based on prior experience.  When stereotypes are permitted to be acted upon they minimize the risk or loss by those holding the stereotype.  The person primarily disadvantaged by stereotypes are those in the stereotyped population who do not conform to the stereotype.  To the extent that stereotypes are not permitted to be acted upon than the disadvantaged are those who are not permitted to minimize risk or loss.  In this case the disadvantaged are the black customers who are actually good customers who tip decently or better.  But they are not the victim of the wait staff but of poor black customers.  If good black customers wish to blame anyone it is the poor black customers who are to blame not the wait staff who are just reacting rationally to undesirable circumstances.  

    • Anon12

      Rich black customers are the SAME way!  Blacks will never tip Whitey unless of course they are trying to make a hit on a blonde White woman…Blacks have always been known to never tip. I knew a waitress a few years back that worked at Denny’s, she said they all hated to see blacks walk in because they of course were loud, demanding and rude and NEVER tipped.  They mostly came in to cause trouble or to yell racism if they did not get  their way.

      • saxonsun

        Once saw a black man and his 3 sons in  a Denny’s–poor waitress.

  • ed91

    With black it isn’t a fraction, it’s a majority.

    • The_Bobster

      It’s still a fraction, just a large fraction.  😉

    • C W

      You are absolutely correct. There is not one black community that is safe for a Caucasian to walk through. The majority of blacks in this nation are useless. Imagine this nation without blacks.

  • Tim

    I never expected a tip but I always demanded civil behavior….I figure that`s due me.

  • Rocky Bass

    Thankfully I work on electrical/computer/PLC controls for machines and manufacturing, not many blacks own manufacturing equipment or machinery. White owners and Latino operators is the norm. 

  • “Whats the difference between a canoe and a black?”

    Canoes can’t drown and blacks can’t tip.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Not exactly the same situation, but very close: the other day at the nasty big box China-Mart, I was inline in  between two blacks. Ahead of me a very well-dressed older black man with two young boys, well-behaved and well-dressed, obviously his grandchildren. I didn’t see the cashier in time to get out of line, when I noticed that she was a black female, around 35-40ish.  From the conversation between the cashier and customer it was clear they didn’t know each other, but she was just as chatty and happy as she could be with him, laughing, talking, and thanked him, and wished him a wonderful day. He was extremely polite, actually a very nice (and rare) black man.

    As I stepped up, I wanted to try something. I spoke first, very pleasant, nice and cheerful. She raised her eyes a just a bit, with a nasty look on her face and barely grumbled, ‘Hi.’ I let it go, said a couple other friendly things, but of course she never replied. She clearly telegraphed that she HATED  having to deal with me. As I left, I thanked her, again, she mumbled something unintelligible.

    As I was walking away, the two  20-ish black  males behind me,  dreadlocked, saggy-panted thug types moved up, and lo & behold: happy, chatty cashier gal reappeared! Just whooping it up with the bro’s, which she also clearly did not know personally.

    Watch for me soon; I’ll be on the news. I’m going through her line again as soon as I see her at work with a black in line. I’ll get behind them, and after she disses me again I’m going straight to the manager and complain about repeated episodes of her obvious racial discrimination.

    • Spartan24708

      I would have marched right to the supervising cashier (they wear red vests at China Mart) and complained. If she hadn’t done anything about it I would have gone up the chain of command. That is unconscionable behavior from someone who was supposed to be providing customer service. That store has a bad record in dealing with white employees who are subjected to racial discrimination- many of them reported that their reports were not dealt with or filed away and forgotten. 

      • haroldcrews

        Definitely, the next opportunity tell the manager that the black cashier was rude to you because you are white and that there are plenty of other places to shop if that store doesn’t want the business of whites.

    • The_Bobster

      Speaking of Wal-Mark:


      The more Wal-Mart stores a county has, the more likely it is to have active hate groups in the area, according to Penn State economists.

    • Tarczan

      Shawn- Just avoid blacks at all costs. Rearange your life if necessary. Is the small victory you might achieve worth the possibility of you incurring an all out attack by an African?

      • Definitely,

          I got fed up with the rude, dangerous, and arrogant blacks where I use to live in Wilmington, De.. I moved to an area of only 2 and a half percent black population. It’s like heaven compared to that hell hole in De. I admit I am prejudice but getting beaten, robbed, and stabbed by five blacks and spending 10 month’s in the hospital dying twice during surgery tends to make you feel this way. It also tends to make you not want to leave your pistol at home.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Better get it on film somehow, or forget it.  But if you do, you could youtube it.

  • Bob Johnson

    I like that way that it’s immediately assumed that any generalized criticism of blacks is racism.

  • sbuffalonative

    Many of us know waiters and waitresses. Some of us have been waiters and waitresses. We’ve all heard the stories. Some blacks will come in and act respectfully. Others will come in expecting to be treated like royalty. The server can do handstands and back-flips but get little in tips. The ones who come in like kings and queens are just waiting for any minor or perceived slip-up to justify not leaving a tip.

    On a side note, I hate the idea of tipping. I’d rather have a flat-rate bill that included a clearly posted gratuity charge than have to determine what tip was appropriate for the service.

    I wish the practice of tipping would come to an end.  

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

       I’m with you on that. I tip because A) when I was dead broke in Texas and hoping to make enough to eat on a given day, I of course wanted people to tip me well for delivering their pizzas;  and B) because my wife is a long time waitress and gives me hell if I don’t.

      But really, I think it’s a bit of a rip off. I pay full price for the product I order & eat. If the person charged with carrying it from the kitchen to my table isn’t making enough money, it seems that her employer should be the person with whom to take up that matter, not the customer. Good food costs enough. I don’t like covering a restaurant owner’s employee costs on top of it.

  • sbuffalonative

    “All members of a group are held accountable for aberrant behaviors that are practiced by a fraction of that group”

    Blacks are free to impugn the majority of white people as racists. When whites draw conclusions from aberrant or common behavior of blacks, whites are accused of stereotyping blacks.

    Dealing with blacks is always a no-win, lose-lose proposition which is why I do my best to avoid interacting with blacks. Heaven forbid I should be at work talking to a co-worker about a family picnic and the next day standing in HR being accused of using code words to talk about lynching blacks.

  • This is easy to understand… Blacks feel as though they are owed everything, so the thought of leaving a tip is beyond them. Have you ever seen a black man after a flood filling sandbags? Or bringing toys to Toys for Tots? It reminds me of a recent story–
    This Halloween, I had so many trick-or-treaters at my home, that I ran out of candy. Being in Southern California, I ran into a mexican grocery store and started looking for bags of candy. They had none.
    I went up to one of the workers and asked them for Halloween candy, and he stared at me blankly. Finally, someone understood a bit of english, and showed me the candy aisle, where he pointed at Hershey bars and such. I said, “no, I’m looking for bags of Halloween candy, you know?”- and I waved my arms and such. He/They just didn’t get it. They had no clue.
    As I walked back to my car, it came to me– mexicans don’t hand out candy to neighborhood kids. They have no need to, they simply walk to a white neighborhood and pick up free candy. They don’t decorate their homes, because why go to the bother when someone else will make a nice display for you?
    Why hand out candy? Why leave a tip? And yes, I understand I have used an example of mexicans to discuss blacks, but then again, I lump them together. Sue me.

  • KenelmDigby

    So-called ‘academics’ (no dount tax payer funded), have nothing better to do with their time.

  • Boereseun

    That’s the point of my comment. Instead of trying to disprove that you’re a ‘racist’, it’s far better to place your energy into your own people and help them by being a good person. The less that we, and those around us, care about the ‘racism’ charge and trying to disprove it, either by being groveling wimps like Lowry or by saying, ‘we’re not racist, we’re race realists’, the less power it has to determine the American National or World wide racial debate.

    Whenever I’m having a conversation about race with friends, family, even colleagues and those I’ve studied with. When the inevitable: ‘that’s racist!’, comes along I don’t backtrack, I ask them to define what they mean by ‘racism’. I put them on the spot for holding a belief. It’s the only way to turn the debate back where it belongs. When someone calls you a racist, ask them to prove it. Even better, place them in a position of defending their belief by using an analogy. 

    By turning the R word back on our liberal overlords, we find a means to confront them over their racial double standards. A means to bring those on the fences over to our side, to our way of thinking. Only by not forcing, but instead by crictising the left and showing their cowardice, do we win real societal change.

    This kind of logical reasoning will obviously not work on your die hard Marxist liberal, then again, that’s not the target market. I love ‘studies’ like this, not because I think it’s worthwhile ‘research’ but because it allows one to say, ‘Oh, guess we’re all racists then, huh. So what? Call someone who cares.’ 

    In short, it’s just another survey that proves being a normal person means you’re a ‘racist’.

  • haroldcrews

    Now that is interesting.  I’ve never heard that before.  If true then Jim Crow worked as an unintentional subsidy to otherwise less competitive black businesses.

  • The_Bobster

    Rent-seekers who don’t produce anything but discord.

  • No

    Amen Paulie.  Thank you for pointing that out.  The only thing that allows 40 million blacks to rule 200 million whites is the division among whites.

    Well, that and a corrupt federal “gubmint” . . .

  • Boereseun

    Paulie, don’t get me started. We have the same problem here with Rugby. Nothing can rile up a white Afrikaner like Rugby, which is problematic and this was and is used by the ANC, to placate the whites of this country.

    I played when I was at school and at university. The intensity of that sport, and all those that play and work in this sport, is high, especially at Provincial and National level. It’s a great way for white men to relieve a bit of their anger and frustration after a hard days work but, and it’s a big but, some of them can love Rugby to the point that it overtakes everything in their lives, the ANC know this and cause little upsets, like changing the shirt of the national team or harping on about quotas or trying to replace the Springbok emblem with a flower. They use it to distract from their utter incompetence of running the country.

    Rugby and Cricket are still far and away white man sports in South Africa. And therein lies the problem though, it distracts far too much from the incompetence of the ANC.

    It will be interesting to see if white South Africans, both English and Afrikaans speaking, still support Rugby and Cricket when they are not played by whites, when they don’t get to see their sons playing anymore. On that day, I hope they can put down the remote and start taking heed of the real problems facing this country. I wish they could do it now whilst still having their love of sports but I just don’t see that happening.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    ” I say, those types of Whites do not deserve nor will get any help from us when the time comes.”

    Don’t worry anon, these enablers will be the first ones sacrificed on the alter of diversity once the Republic falls apart. Just like at the zoo, eventually the lion bites them and when they are “let out” they are the first and closest targets. Except the Democrats that run this state, they are protected behind fences with armed guards…gee I wonder why?

  • I used to be a waitress in my 20’s.  Black people NEVER leave tips, just a very few decent ones, but that was hard to come by.

  • C W

    Let’s get back to the standards of the early 60’s and before. Enough is enough. The majority of the black community has proven they are worthless to our country. We need a national Caucasian society that will separate themselves from the blacks in this nation. Our withdrawl will keep them in the state they are in and increase our rise in power. We must make them think we are weak. “Pretend inferiority and encourage their arrogance. ” Also “If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him.”
    These quotes are from the Art of War by Sun Tzu It’s time we organize and take this nation back.

    • Overwhelmingryan

       Oh well hello there Hitler.

      How are you today?

      • sbuffalonative

        OUCH! A Hitler reference. I feel offended.

  • Fly

    For stereotypes to endure they must contain an element of truth.

    • Overwhelmingryan

       This isn’t always true.

      • sbuffalonative

        Stereotypes persist because they are true.

        • Overwhelmingryan

           And I just said that’s not always true.

  •  I suspect you’re right.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the news in the last handful of days that “Magic Johnson is buying the Dodgers for $2 billion.”  The reality is that Magic Johnson himself is putting up only a small fraction of the purchase price, he’s just the well-tanned L.A. civic pride front for the real money, the Guggenheim art fortune.

  • saxonsun

    Blacks are notoriously bad tippers as are church people.

  • saxonsun

    It is child abuse.

  • saxonsun


  • Boereseun

    “When I imagine Hell I imagine an endless section filled with obese black
    women who all need refills and want to see the manager. That’s my Hell.”

    Poetry haha!

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    This is possibly my favorite of all race related topics, because I know and have known a LOT of wait staff. The vast majority of them are white, and of those most are safely PC where issues of race are concerned. But bring up the subject of waiting on blacks & their tipping habits, and watch my dear we’re-all-the-same-under-the-skin friends froth at the mouth and form lynching parties.

    I won’t bore you with details, they’ve already been covered by just about everyone else who’s posted here. I just enjoy watching those who refuse to SEE having their eyes forced open against their will.

    Me, I never waited tables. Don’t have the temperament for it. Did deliver pizzas in San Antonio for a time tho. Same problems with blacks that all the waiters have.

    Personally, I was never quite as miffed about the poor-to-nonexistent tipping, since tipping is a social custom I never understood and of which I’m not really all that fond. I found being dependent on tips to be humbling, almost degrading, but I had to eat. If someone didn’t tip well, I didn’t hate them for it.

    But with blacks it was never that simple. Rude. Whiny. Usually stupid. Always trying to scam me.

    “$15.20?! Dey said it wud only twell dolla on da phone!”

    Then of course the ones who pay for the pizza, then call to say it wasn’t right, then when I go back for it there are two slices left (knowing that Domino’s policy is not to fight over a refund).

    Again, my Planet Rainbow coworkers got mad at me for stating this openly (I was nearly fired for it), but they all had the same experiences and hated delivering to the same addresses and apartment complexes I did. I just smiled.

    •  Did deliver pizzas in San Antonio for a time tho. Same problems with blacks that all the waiters have.

      If bad attitudes are all you suffered, then you got off pretty easy.  Blacks calling for pizza in order to ambush the delivery man and kill him is about a once every two years or so occurrence in St. Louis.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

         When I started there, another driver had just been robbed in one of the predominately black apartment complexes, and a few months earlier there were two others. I don’t know if the perps were ever caught. I do know they were black. I myself was never attacked while on that job. Then again, at that time I was a six foot tall twenty-something who knew how to handle myself, as opposed to the three female drivers who were robbed. The twenty dollars in mixed change in my pocket must not have been worth the trouble.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     I worked my way through college as a part-time bartender.  My first job was at a tourist restaurant in a major city.   To be fair, we had lots of rude/stupid White customers, but problems with Blacks came at much higher frequency and intensity.   Some of them would argue over the bill and try to haggle (!?), while large groups would complain that their food took a long time, etc.  Tipping?  No way. 

    I also noticed that Black s frequently ordered fried rather than sauteed food.  They preferred very sweet drinks (daiquiris, pina coladas and so on). 

    And they are so surprised and angry when we are not so thrilled to see them in our restaurant.

    By the way, most restaurant workers have code words for awful Black customers. 


    How do you know those that tipped were only “Irish or Italian” WHITES?

    I didn’t say only they tipped.  I said they were the best overall customers.  Reading comprehension.  If you can’t tell an Italian from a WASP, Pollack or Southerner, you must be pretty thick.  

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Years ago, I had a beautiful red headed girlfriend who worked at a Marie Calendar’s restaurant in Sacramento.  Things may be different now, but she hated waiting on the black women who came in; they treated her rudely, ordered her about, and didn’t leave tips.  She felt especially put upon because of her looks.  I also tip well, even if the waiter didn’t do so well.  I explain my problems to them in an aside.  I have nothing but compassion for people who do that job.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Trying to milk the tips out of the white sucker.

  • Funny, but driving around in the “diverse” SF Bay Area, you’ll observe the same pattern you find in so many things: whites and Orientals clustered together on one side, then a big gap, then Latinos/Hispanics, then another gap, and then blacks.

    I’ve noticed this pattern re politeness on the road ways. Blacks virtually never make eye contact to “ask” to cut in, never politely wave their hand, nod or mouth “Thank you” after you’ve let them in, and virtually never wait or wave to you to let you cut in.

    Latinos do those so sometimes.

    Whites and Orientals do it often.

    However, some Orientals, usually older ones (who probably never owned a car for the first several decades of their lives), can be clueless as to what’s going on.

    Blacks, having been born and raised here, however, know exactly what is going on….

    • Up to my neck in CA

      In Oakland we called it “anything goes driving”, where stop signs are only suggestions and merge means speed up and cut you off. My personnal favorite is when they stop in the middle of the road to “holla at der boy”. Their level of entitlement and arrogance in CA. is sickening.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    I hear dress codes work too.

    • Rocky Bass

       Yeah just leave penile gourdes out of the code for sure.

  • Rocky Bass

     I have not shared your experiences with eastern store clerks. I will say they are 1st meeting standoffish, probably from dealing with blacks and or jerks. Being a jabber-box, I tend to engage these folks in conversation whenever possible. The damnable thing is that our political/world views are usually not too far out of synch! 
    Try it, see if I am not right, most think we are committing suicide!

  • Rocky Bass

     I would agree but they are paid soooo little here. Waitstaff is the worst job from a compensation/hassle view (I did read this somewhere). Airline captain was tops.

  • Eugene K

    When I was a paperboy, the best tippers were usually the black folks actually. 

  • radical7

    White fraternity boys and sorority girls and lesbians are the worst tippers. 

  • Zu Byerly

    Did they do it because of their cultural practice? Maybe the woman was just mentally ill.