‘Black Lifestyle’ in Japan

YouTube, August 25, 2011

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  • My God in heaven.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Those Japanese girls aren’t real blacks.

      Afer all, they have jobs. And no rap sheets.

  • IstvanIN

    So sad. Hina looks terrible.  The kinky hair by the hairline (corn rows???)  The hideous tan.  The tanning salon keeper has that orange “I sleep in a microwave” look.  The idea that “black” fashion looks good on blacks but vulgar on Japanese girls, no, it looks vulgar period.   The liberal mom, “well, she doesn’t have cancer so it is OK”.  Until she visits a US military base and gets knocked up by a black GI.  has the world gone mad?  Is de-evolution what we really want?

    Land of the Setting Sun.

    •  “Land of the Setting Sun”.

      That might be the overstatement of the year. This is a fashion fad, and doesn’t really indicate anything other than showing that some Japanese girls have bad taste.

      Remember that on the superficial level, Japanese culture has been aping American culture since Douglas MacArthur was their supreme governor.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

    This is not a surprise to me.  Most Japanese grow up in a comfortable, if somewhat sheltered, environment and seem remarkably naive and even ignorant about the rest of the world.  While many have a rather negative attitude about the world outside of Japan, some develop a fetishistic interest in some culture or subculture. 

    It reminds me of the affluent yuppie liberal who likes some part of non-white culture but is still disconnected from the whole truth of the matter.  They like the resorts of Cancun but would be horrified by the Third World Mexico City. 

    Disillusionment with Paris is sometimes found among young Japanese woman who are shocked at the reality of a city that is not always romantic or beautiful.


    • Earl P. Holt III

      A good dose of nigros will fix that naivete…

  • Japanese wiggers.  It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.  Oh who am I kidding?  This is hilarious.  She looks like a clown!

    It’s easy to think black culture and blacks in general are cool and hip when you’ve never had to deal with either of them in real life.   Someone buy this girl a plane ticket to Haiti.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Hopefully the next plane heading for Haiti will be the Enola Gay…

      • Mel

        Japanese wiggers doesn’t sound right. I think Jigger may work…..

  • This is nothing new. I remember in the 1970’s seeing news reports of Japanese wearing Afros and listening to soul music.

  • redshirts

    Well, we suppose it was inevitable.   The voodoo curse that comes “out of Africa” is the most powerful evil in the history of Earth.   It seeps into everything and infects all with its toxic brew of hatred and bestiality. 

    • Earl P. Holt III

      …and desecration and destruction…

  • Don’t be surprised. USA is the main trend-setter in the world. When Elvis was the king – he had exuded magnetism around the globe, too (the same with Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe etc.).

    What’s “in” in the US, inevitably becomes global frenzy, with only a few exceptions. First get rid of rap, hip hop and other idiocies at home, and they will naturally become extinct elsewhere.

    • Wow!  So true. I agree with you here. We need to get rid of the low grade hip hop / rap garbage. Back in the 80’s it was classic rock which was the rage. The Japanese were big fans of Hard Rock music…from Beatles, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Led Zepplin….Queen being the all time favorite band of the Japanese. In fact, in Japanese culture, Freddie Mercury is the only western music icon who is a mainstream Manga character. Even today Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses and Black Sabbath hold endearing popularity that will never fade away!

      Now THIS is REAL music:

  • Hirschibold

    I used to go to school with many Korean and Japanese kids. I noticed that the Koreans mostly eschewed American pop culture (aside from video-games) while the Japanese kids basked indiscriminately in every aspect of American pop culture. They listened to rap, they dyed their hair, they even adopted the attitudes of spoiled American youth who imitated ghetto thug youth. The Korean kids fared much better academically. Me thinks there might have been a correlation of some kind.

  • Base and trashy just like American women who aspire to belong too “black hip-hop” culture.  I’m sure these young women failed at everything else they’ve tried.  Black males will accept them because their standards are so low.  These women have no fear of failure in the “black lifestyle” because they are already at the bottom of the ladder.  Good luck achieving any form of success in Japan, just don’t bring your worthless bodies to the USA.

  • Both Orientals and Occidentals have created successful, long lasting civilizations. Thus I am saddened whenever I see either of them “hooking up” with blacks, or just “buying into” American black culture. So often, that branch of their family tree withers and dies (literally or figuratively by becoming “ghetto”) after that foolish mistake.

    But then again, Jersey Shore is very popular (or at least the MSM keeps
    pushing it), and that is only two steps above black thug culture….

    Usually their teenage daughters drawn to this sort of thing when they want to do what the MSM says is popular or cool. Thus the MSM always shows patriarchy — the God ordained bulwark against this sort of thing — in a bad light (e.g., poor father “sells” his daughter in marriage to fat, bald, ugly, mean, and/or old rich guy when she’s in love w/a veritable Prince Charming whose only fault is being poor).

    When fathers abandon their role in overseeing their daughters’ activities/friends/suitors (yeah, right!), this is the result….

    So sad.

  • the girls in the video look pretty homely. The announcer is much prettier. Black Lifestyle!!!!!

    • IstvanIN

      Hani kinda looked black with that broad nose.

  • Drop them off in Compton for a week and see if they still have the same affinity for B-style!

    • They will be bruised,beaten up, hooked on drugs and pregnant!

  • razorrare

    Japaneze bussinessmen had no such delusions..when they started investing and building manufacturing plants in America–specifically car manufacturing plants–they built them where blacks geographically were a very small minority…and those ruling Japan to this day tells the UN where it can go when they are pressured by such to become a diversified people by accepting third world immigrants around the world…even though they may need more people due to their population numbers which have been declining the past few decades, to meet labor needs,they still soundly reject it.

  • razorrare

    Japanese bussinessmen had no such delusions..when they started investing and building manufacturing plants in America–specifically car manufacturing plants–they built them where blacks geographically were a very small minority…and those ruling Japan to this day tells the UN where it can go when they are pressured by such to become a diversified people by accepting third world immigrants around the world…even though they may need more people due to their population numbers which have been declining the past few decades, to meet labor needs,they still soundly reject it.

    • razorrare

      remove comment

    • KenelmDigby

      The point is that third world ‘refugees’ whom the UN force and foist on western nations, in general, do not work and usually live off permanent welfare.

  • I lived in Japan for 30 years, Japanese girls are brainless. They are only mimmicking what they see you TV. When the next fashion trend comes along they will dump this and follow that. Japanese who are married to black in Japan don’t have very good lives, pretty pitiful.

  • Detroit_WASP

    I’m certain that all the rocket scientists in Japan are rushing to the malls to buy afro wigs and droopy drawers.   Or, maybe not.

    • Zorro

      Yes, all the top Executives of SONY, Mitsubihi, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Canon, and Konika are all wearing droopy pants, with their basball hats on backwards, and are layered with bad taste jewelry.

      Just keepin’ it real, dog.

  • KenelmDigby

    Apparently, it is ‘cool’ and ‘trendy’ to imitate extreme caricatures of blacks in this way, it is not seen as ‘offensive’ but as ‘buying in to the culture’.
     Strangely enough, the Black and White minstrels were doing the same thing well over a century ago, but it was a softer, gentler (if you can imagine that these days), ‘black culture’ they were exagerratingly mimicking. But for some reason the minstrels were considered ‘highly offensive’ and banned.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan


      This German-produced video is complaining about the alleged racism of the Japanese.  I don’t think the Japanese were intentionally being offensive with this act of black face; merely comedic.  (They put on blond wigs and mimic White celebrities as well.)

      PS-This is an example of how inane and imbecilic Japanese TV can be.  American TV seems so witty and clever in comparison.

    • Zorro

      Rent the Ronald Reagan movie, “This is the Army”.  There is a large Minstrel number toward the end of that movie.

  • A few things to point out:

    Firstly, Japanese culture (on the superficial level, anyway) has been basically a poorly-translated copy of American culture since the end of WWII. Baseball, John Wayne, and now this: it is not surprising in the least.

    However, the central core of Japanese culture has remained very solid, compared to that of Western countries where liberalism has corrupted the heart of our society. A willingness to adopt foreign styles and cultural characteristics is not the same as adopting a truly cosmopolitan outlook. For a country with such a high suicide rate, the Japanese culture as a whole is much less suicidal than our own.

    One should also note that the “black” style these women embrace is primarily of African-American origin. I don’t see any of them wearing neck-stretch rings, lip discs, or any other elements taken from indigenous African culture.

    It is worth noting that individuals in the subculture described in the video are looked down upon quite harshly by the rest of society.

  • They are certainly not. This is what is best thought of as a “fad”. 

  • I feel sick. These girls have obviously not had the pleasure of being around blacks in a greater than critical mass situation. This is absolute dis-genics run amok!

  • No

    I agree that this is just a fad.  The Japanese are the ultimate racialists, with an immense pride in their culture and homogeneity.

    The real story here, however, is the store that profits off the fad.  We see that in America and all over the world – depravity masquerading as business.  Hollywood and outfits like MTV regularly undo what parents try to instill.

    Until we can control what goes into the minds of our children, they will be victims of those who profit off our cultural destruction.

    My first thought was that this jigger needed a good whipping from her daddy . . . or like others have said . . . a nice long visit to any American ghetto.

    But on second thought, it would be far more effective to drop the store owner in the middle of Detroit and let him take some of his own medicine.

  • Delusional libtards can be found everywhere, unfortunately. However, I wouldn’t fret. I’m sure they are just a handle full out of the 127+ million living in Japan.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     I suppose anything is possible, but I don’t think it is likely.  The Japanese don’t discuss the full story of WWII in their school textbooks and even deny details of the Nanjing “Incident”.  (This infuriates the Chinese to no end.) 

    Recent news on that:

    In turn, Chinese and Koreans are pretty good at ignoring/downplaying any wrongdoings on their part (Mao who?).

      Not to generalize, I found that East Asians don’t have much empathy and their knee-jerk reaction is to deny responsibility for anything.  No guilt there.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Wait until they develop melanoma from over tanning.  Bet that won’t be cool.

    “Black life style!” They ought to come here so they can get over it quicker, they’re making fools of themselves and wasting their time.

  • Jaggers….

    • WhiteGuyInJapan


  • bluffcreek1967

    The lowest thing a White or Asian person could do is to adhere to the fashion trends, music and attitudes of ghetto Black culture. It has ruined the Black community itself, including many Whites who were dumb enough to admire such foolishness, and it will do the same to the Japanese if enough them continue to fawn over Black people. I tend to think they are a little smarter than many of the naive Whites here in America.  

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Cultural exchange, you say?  Hmmm…
    This fellow “enriched” South Korea last year.  Maybe Japan could do the same. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    A couple things that jumped out at me during the video.

    “In Baby Shoop their slogan is: Black for life.”
    “Hina and her friend are going to have a adventrous black night.”

    If they only knew the truth about such things. It appears our Liberal MSM’s tricks are working to keep the REAL antics of the black man downplayed. One night in a US ghetto would scare the “black” out of them, that is if they made it until morning alive!

    • Jon

      Liberalism and Feminism is in full swing in Japan and yes they do not see the real dark side to black culture that we have here in the USA.

  • mikejones91

    Please don’t Japan. You have a wonderful/beautiful country. Why get cultural cancer?

  • JamesEdenhof


    Subcultures for
    teens in Japan are so innocent. It does not mean anything really. After a while
    they put on their suits and works respectfully and with spotless discipline in
    the familybusiness or for some carcompany. In the West you can se people of all
    races still dress like children with hip hop clothes, goth/emo or other retarded
    infantilized styles even when they pushing forty.

  • Nip Hop.  there.
    that’s a good name for it.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      That’s a good one!

  • Zorro

    Aren’t they the same bunch that wants to have plastic surgery to have their eyes shaped like White women’s eyes? They go from one extreme to another.

  • Anonymous

    shut up you narrow minded self centered jack ass. you who only know bits a peaces has no right to speak your really are races look up history and you will asian’s aren’t white and whites where slaves them selfs

  • David Yeagley

    Every people has the capacity for the low life, for blatant sexual preoccupation, imitation and mimicking through dance and music. Some people learn sublimation and art, others aggrandize the lower, emotional nature. The black race is the lowest of the low, with slavish sensuality. This is the easiest mode. Any other race can slip down into that mode, easily. It is weakness, cheapness, quick-fix style indulgence. A sugar high. Highly marketable, as well. It is not an achievement, but a denigration, a waste.

  • Jon

    If Japan forgets what happens to society when they let the black race absorb them into their then u will see Japan stagnate worse and worse. I hope Japan does not go down the path of stagnation but a lot of Asian countries have negative population growth so i do not see how they can fight it. After 200 yrs who knows how many Japanese will be around but it will be worse if they absorb Black culture into theirs.

  • Tim Nolan

    Next thing: they will be advertising free tours to Ferguson. Find yourself an authentic looter! Bring him back to japan to meet parents. I am surprised they are not wearing “hands up don’t shoot” t shirts in Tokyo.