Why Should “The Rock’s” Daughter Get Affirmative Action over Your Kid?

Debbie Schlussel, February 28, 2012

Why should “The Rock’s” daughter get favored in college admissions over the kids of some poor, blue collar couple elsewhere in America? Why should she get preference over the average suburban White kid? Sadly, she will be likely be chosen over every White kid, whether it’s for college admissions or hiring or promotions in her future job.

Fisher v. The University of Texas, a major affirmative action case dealing with race-based college admissions, is now before the U.S. Supreme Court. And I predict that, once again (as with every other affirmative action case that has come before them), the Justices will continue to favor race, gender, and ethnicity as a factor in admissions. The problem is that, as reflected in their decisions, the Supremes always consider affirmative action as if it helps some struggling guy from the ghetto, whose mother is a crack whore, to get just a tiny leg up on an upper class White guy from the burbs. Sadly, that’s not usually how it works.


[Simone Alexandra] Johnson is the daughter of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dany Garcia, both multi-millionaires. Right now she’s ten years old. But in seven years or less, she’ll likely be applying to college. And she’s not just a two-fer in affirmative action stakes, she’s a four-fer. The Johnson daughter is female and half-Hispanic, 1/4th Black, 1/4th Samoan/Asian. That means she starts off with four advantages in affirmative-action based college admissions preferences over everyone else. If you’re a White male, fuhgedaboutit. You just don’t stand a chance against her. Not because she’s the better candidate. It’s just about her luck of birth.


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  • Right on. I never liked The Rock anyhow. Mick Foley’s kids should get preferential college treatment though because Foley=God.

    Have a nice, White day.

    • JackKrak

      Right on, brother

    • June39

      Never knew the Foleys had been elevated. Since my mother’s maiden name was Foley, I looked up the meaning. I found that Foley means “pirate, marauder, etc. Glad to see you’ve given us top billing.Thanks!

  • Anan7

    I had a debate with a friend in high school about this.  He thought affirmative action was the best thing around.  I should mention that he is half-Hispanic.

    I attempted to debate the issue with him.  That is an injustice, I told him; “That’s hypocritical” and the like.

    He responded with a passionate “F!ck you” (moderator, his words, not mine!).  I think that is the typical attitude from the “anti-racists”.

    Let me quote the mantra: “Anti-racist is a code word for ‘Anti-White'”.

  • The cRock will probably send his daughter to an elite private high school, where she will finish nowhere near the top ten percent of her graduating class, (probably).  Therefore, this Top Ten Percent baloney in Texas wouldn’t apply to her anyway, apart from the fact that they’re probably not in Texas.

  • crystal evans

    She is not Asian but Pacific Islander. Pacific Islanders do not perform as well on college entrance tests and have lower GPA’s  than East Asians do. She would probably get affirmative action for that. If she were part Japanese, Chinese or Korean and she was applying to medical school, she probably would not get preferential treatment,

  • Whites from the lowest poverty levels score higher on SAT’s  (and every other test) than upper middle class Blacks (families earning $100k+).  Considering this and that Blacks entering college today were born after 1990 and face none of the imagined challenges of previous decades, it’s  hard to understand what Afro-Action is trying to remedy.

    • Not quite true. A near tie, albeit where the White did slightly better than the black, was achieved when the White was raised after divorce by a single mother who made less than $20,000 a year and the black was raised by a mother and a father whose combined income was approximately $250,000.

      So twice the parenting and 12.5 times the money and the black will ALMOST do as well as the White on a test.

  • Anon12

     You should have told that Judge you were mentally disabled because you are a “racist” and tell him you are now a protected class and see what he would have said to that! lol..

     Then tell him you want to apply for SSI  while you’re at it, since we  (Whites only) are all mentally disabled because of our “evil”racism. 

    Isn’t that  what they are accusing us of  daily? That “racism” is  now a mental disorder?  Then they can legally inject us  and “commit” us against our will so we will no longer object to our wonderful multiracial nation.

  • sbuffalonative

    Can AR submit this as an amicus brief?

  • crystal evans

    No, just the hardest working people on earth.

  • crystal evans

    She is not Asian. She is Pacific Islander. Her family comes from Samoa. Pacific Islanders are Hawaiians, Samoans, Tongans, and Fijians. Asians include Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, and South Asians (Indians and Pakistanis).

  • sylvie

    With a combination like that, coupled with a nice college degree, she could be the ‘Dictator for Life’ of Hillary Clinton’s Brown Utopia!

  • razorrare

    Good article by Schlussel..the icing on the cake? The Rocks daughter,should she attend a public school will also be served  “free lunches” courtesy by us White taxpayers..

  • I’ve always contended that the poor White kid from West Virginia
    or Appalachia, who persevered against all odds, deserves every consideration available. But what box is he supposed to check to get the consideration he so deserves?

    I don’t care about poor blacks or Mexicans and I most certainly do not care about rich ones.

    • saxonsun

      Notice how poor Whites are never mentioned except in the pejorative? They are our biggest neglected group.

  • radical7

    Why should wealthy White kids get preferences in college admissions? The fact is that many of them do.

    • crystal evans

      Simple. Because either their parents were alumni of that university or they gave a lot of money to that school.

    • Because them that got is them that get.  It’s human nature.  We can end affirmative action far more easily than we can alter human nature.

    • Of course there is some merit to this, but as it stands, I would prefer some wealthy White kid getting preference over some Mexican anchor baby, black, or asian exchange student. The wealthy White kid can be discussed once we deal with the intentional discrimination against White Americans , carried out under the auspice of affirmative action.

  • Xanthippe2

    No, it will not.  It would be an issue if mentioned, but of course it never is.  Even illegal immigration is not much discussed.  Instead, one lame non-issue after another is brought up.

  • JackKrak

    Forget about Ms. Johnson – I can give you the two most outrageous examples of potential beneficiaries of affirmative action anywhere.

    Malia & Sasha Obama.

  • saxonsun

    I realized this decades ago–it couldn’t have been more obvious. What wasn’t so obvious was how far it would go and how sheer madness would overtake the West.

  • radical7

    Crystal Evans:

    So, by your argument, I guess it is acceptable for children of wealthy Black alumni who donate money to their alma maters to receive preferential treatment over lower income White kids?  

    Thomas and Question Diversity:

    Your comments demonstrate your bigotry.


    • crystal evans

      It happens in the reverse as well. A lot of schools give some preference to children of alumni, regardless of color. 

    • Quick, someone get me either a rhyming dictionary or Jesse Jackson’s cell number.  I want to write a haiku which starts with “Demonstrate your bigotry.”

    • “Demonstrate my bigotry?” I’ll take that as a compliment….

  • crystal evans

    I can tell you that Asians especially children of immigrants study harder and longer than anyone else. They also attend prep courses for the SAT or the ACT. They do not spend time playing video games, and watching tv. Many also work part time in the family business. If this isn’t hard working, I do not know what is?

  • Kurt Plummer

    Given the PC race-guilt which is forced upon our students in colleges as institutes of social engineering does not deserve the name education.
    Given the utter mess that a generation of not even considering domestic hires from such high reputation places as Stanford and MIT and and and for the key science and engineering positions which supported the technology base which supported the economy (Thank You Mr. Greenspan!).  So that we can instead move to H1B hirees whose governments send them as spies and/or are utterly unqualified to serve due to fraudulent degrees or poor communications skills.
    _Given the fact_ that no white should WANT to participate in a national higher education system where two ethnic groups (East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews) while nominally representing 6-8% and 2-3% of this nation’s population, in fact have 23 and 25 percent of the college entrances **locked down**.
    One wonders whether we should instead begin to look at the realities of what we can do, ‘outside the system’ to ensure our own posterity.  Create separate white enclaves.  Breed well within them, introducing the highest IQ children to each other at a point that avoids Westermark and provides high affinity (read: money and opportunity to enjoy adolescent courtship rites) until we can move to active genomics.
    And provide for the rest of our people a very controlled, union based, trades system that is exclusive ‘by shop awareness’ as an internal hiring policy for those we know.
    It’s time to stop pretending that the problem is fixable from the inside people.

    • anarchyst

      Working outside the system willl be the only way to insure white survival.  There is much that we can do now.  Despite the “civil rights (for some)” laws, homogeniety of neighborhoods can be maintained by selling ONLY to people of like culture (white).  We can develop networks of white-owned businesses that hire ONLY whites and ONLY do business with them.  Homeschooling is one way to get out from the multicultural cesspools that both public (and some private) schools have become.
      Whites must get away from the mind-numbing entertainment “bread and circuses” that our (supremacist–not white) (email me to find out more–you may be surprised at what you find)  “leaders” have numbed us with.  Get away from the sports and multicultural garbage.  Turn off the damned TV.  Associate with like-minded whites and START to form alliances to further our race . . .Our alliances must be formed quickly, time is running out . . . it is still not too late . . .

  • anarchyst

    The advantage that o’bama has is his race.  The republicans will not touch ANYTHING that hinges on his past associations, fraudulent documents, his lack of “qualifications” and questionable citizenship to become president.  You can bet that the o’bama and the democrat party will do EVERYTHING to demonize ALL whites as “racists”.
    The o’bama has already trashed our Constitution by executive order, doing whatever he wants.  The only good to come out of the o’bama is that once out of office, it will be nearly impossible to elect another black president. . .

  • anarchyst

    Good comments!  To add to your insightful analysis, let’s not forget that oriental cultures are good at copying and improving the inventions of others.  However, when it comes to thinking “outside the box”, no culture surpasses whites of American heritage in innovation and invention.  Oriental cultures (both business and personal) operate on a basis of “consensus”.  Peer pressure is extremely intense and keeps one from pursuing independent “thought”.  Witness the Chines spies (industrial espionage) that have been caught with manufacturing technology trade secrets from US companies.  I will put white AMERICAN innovators against ANY other culture . . .and bet on American white success.

  • DetroitRight

    Ummmm…. You do realize what Debbie’s ethnic background is right?

    Just an FYI… I am not in agree with you all. I just wandered over and saw this.

    • anarchyst

      yes, I do…
      Thank you,

  • redfeathers

    We know who created this country.  It was Beck’s black founding fathers, of course!

  • redfeathers

    No, it won’t be discussed.

  • Beloved Comrade

    Milton Freidman also quipped:

    “It’s just obvious you can’t have free immigration and a welfare state.”

    Wise man.  

    What better way to destroy white American than allow free immigration from the Third World in order to create a massive welfare state.

  • Beloved Comrade

    The difference is this:

    Asians have been allowed by the U.S. government to form race-based,  political pro-Asians only groups to advocate for their people.  

    This is disallowed for whites.  When we try it, we are immediately squashed and labeled Nazis..


  • Wayne Lo

    East Asian nations on the whole have done remarkably well once the shackles of imperialism were removed.

    The fact is China was richer than the whole Europe and the US  just 180 years ago. China was about 35% of world GDP just before the Opium wars. Then China was drained of her wealth for a century by rapacious whites. By 1949 China was down to less than 5% of world GDP.

    In just 60 years China, in the face of international isolation and hostility, having fought one war where they defeated the US, and aided another asian country (Vietnam) to defeat the US, China has clawed back to 15% of world GDP.

    From the chart below, you can see that once China kicked out the Western imperialists in 1949, her ascent has been as rapid as her decline after 1840.

    Part of the reason is because of the indisputably high East Asian IQ (average around 105). This means of course the East Asian percentage of geniuses is much higher than for whites.