Where Is the Black Outrage over Thusha’s Shooting?

Nirpal Dhaliwal, Evening Standard, March 29, 2012

This week’s report into last summer’s riots found that the shooting of Mark Duggan was apparently the last straw for a black community under siege from the Met and its stop-and-search tactics. But this week has also seen the conviction of three young black men for shooting a five-year-old girl, Thusha Kamaleswaran, through the spine in an attempted gangland hit.

The killing of a known criminal and gang member in Tottenham triggered an orgy of looting; many community leaders leapt to Duggan’s defence. Yet the paralysing of an innocent child hasn’t elicited a peep of condolence from such leaders, let alone outrage at those responsible. And not one pair of Nikes has been stolen in protest.

The two cases highlight the hypocrisy that frames our discussion of race and crime. About a thousand people attended Duggan’s funeral, as though his death were akin to the assassination of Martin Luther King. How many of them will contribute to Thusha’s appeal fund as she contemplates life in a wheelchair?

While there should be concern about and full accounting for any killing by the police, the black community should be more concerned about the chronic degree of gun crime committed by its own members — a primary reason for the police being armed in the first place.

Stabbings and shootings by black youths in London are regular occurrences. Yet the main effective means the police have of tackling them — stopping and searching suspects — is derided as racist and oppressive.

Were stop-and-search to end, the black community would suffer most as the number of black victims would sky-rocket. This fact is lost amid the sanctimonious complaints from the likes of former City Hall race adviser Lee Jasper and Stafford Scott, a Tottenham-based race consultant. Both have made hay since the riots in their attempts to portray the police and society at large as racist.

At times their double standards have been so blatant, it’s staggering. Interviewed on Radio 4 last year, Scott decried black MPs David Lammy and Diane Abbott thus: “I see them as white people.” When historian David Starkey made a similar kind of accusation on Newsnight discussing the riots (“the whites have become black”), he was vilified. Scott, who’s black, wasn’t censured in the least. Funny, that.

One amusing sight during the riots was of a young man wearing the uniform of the urban gangster — a hoodie, gold teeth and jeans slung low, snarling war-dog in tow — castigating the police in his patois for treating him with suspicion. It was a protest akin to donning a white coat and stethoscope and then complaining that you’ve been mistaken for a doctor.

Rather than blaming society, such characters should criticise the gangster culture and its celebration of semi-literate, criminal machismo that undermines inner-city life.

And they should march in the streets of Thusha’s Stockwell neighbourhood to shame the gang members, the people who value black lives cheapest. For black gun crime is a far more lethal menace to black people in London than the Metropolitan Police will ever be.

Thusha Kamaleswaran

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  • My sympathies go out to Thrusha and her family. It is sad that she and her plight have been ignored while all the attention has been placed on the death of Mark Duggan. People need to see that this little girl is a victim as well. Though she may be seen as collateral damage in a gang war that has no end, I would love to see those who were convicted of her shooting forced to visit her and see what goes through every day because of what they did to her.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The black community doesn’t care about this girl because she’s South Asian.

      As Eric Holder would say, that’s not “my people”. 

    • IstvanIN

      My sympathies go out to Thrusha and her family.  Mine do not.  Neither she nor Mark Dugan nor Nirpal Dhaliwal should even be in the UK.  If blacks are killing Hindus hopefully that means they have less time to kill whites.  Better them than us.  Gosh knows their is no shortage of “Thrushas”.  And who names a kid after a fungal disease?

      Come on “Asiaphiles”, tell us how much smarter and more valuable Hindus are than us and how we are better off being displaced by them.

      • StivD

        Yes, the real point of this is ‘asian’ people can speak truthfully about race, and in defense of their own people, in a country created and sustained by whites. They’re also free to ignore white victims but still claim themselves to be as British or American, whatever, as whites.

        • IstvanIN

          We could, it is other whites and Jews who really shut us up for speaking out.  They are afraid of non-whites.

      • Show a bit of humanity. Yes, she need not have been there. BUT- she was a victim of inhumane treatment. Be it in London, Sahara or South Pole.

        • IstvanIN

          My heart breaks when I look at my grandson, my nieces and nephews, my cousin’s kids and grand kids and think of the horrible future that awaits them because of the insame liberal mentality of showing “humanity” towards non-white invaders.  I am sick of my people trying to uplift the savage hoards to our standards when all they do is bring us down.  Let them live their lives and us ours.

          Keep this in mind, you can only have a modern, liberal society when it is run by and is majority white.  Liberalism does not work among the enevolved.

          •  Well, if you’re incapable of sympathy for a victim of black gang terror, a victim who is a 5 yrs old girl & who just happened to be in the UK (no one asks a 5 yrs old anything about her wish to be anywhere)  – I have nothing to add.

          • IstvanIN

            I have sympathy for whites.  Her parents are responsible for her being in the UK.  I have no control over that.  Perhaps they could stay in India and improve their own land instead riding on the backs of British built society?

          • IstvanIN

            Bardon Kaldian
            The 17th century French writer, duc de LaRochefoucauld, said: “Sometimes our hate surges so high that it places us below those whom we hate.” (other translation: ““When our hatred is too bitter it places us below those whom we hate.)

            I do not hate nor do I think most people here do.  We just do not care.  Our people are being exterminated.  There are billions of Indians.  They have there own homeland.  They are not our problem.  Because of white “caring” their populations have soared and they are invading and killing us.  They have not evolved on their own to create the societies we have.  That isn’t my problem.

            You and your type are the problem.

          • Bardon, some are as extreme as liberals, just heading the opposite direction. Unfortunately, they hurt the cause more than help. It’s this mind-set that has made others view all Whites as racists.  Wow, a 5 year old NON-black and these are the responses. Insane.

          •   I want to see his grave exhumed, his remains dumped into sewer.


      • Anon12

         I agree with you.  The more I think about it…

        Whites are always lambasted by other Whites if they don’t “show pity, etc.” to the nonwhite victims EVEN when those same NONwhites NEVER, EVER show any empathy towards White victims! 

        • IstvanIN

          Absolutey true.  We nned not celebrate others troubles but we need not concern ourselves either.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Not one word of outrage from our Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg – Ha Ha), Home Secretary, or the BBC , about this case. The offenders were black, nuff said.
    Imagine if a gang of white robbers had shot a young black girl?.
    We’d never hear the end of it. 

  • .

    There is a big difference between the shootings of Mark Duggan and Thusha. Thusha was innocent.

  • gemjunior

    LOL.  Good explanation for that crazy name.  It is so peculiar that we always have to listen to the childishly contrived names lacking any etymology.  Names can almost always be traced to a meaning in so many cultures.  Not these.  They can put any syllable with any other to make up the most unimaginable, ear-splitting, grating-on-your-nerves, meaningless names.  Clytrell.  K’trese. A girl in my class was named LaLeaTrice (same spelling; rhymes with Beatrice).  And one of the secretaries at my old companies:  Eutrice (pronounced “yootriss”) and became annoyed when we pronounced it “Uterus”.  Another fave: L’avonne.

     I think the goal of the black name chic is to mix a quasi-African-sounding name or syllable and then pair it with a sort of French ending like –nne, eau, aux?  Anyway, it sort of “spells out” the craziness of what life will be like in the mix of the fambly….

    •  I have seen N’D’Mario in the wild.  Which means they’re now using double apostrophes.  Expect to see more and more.

    • I know what you mean. You have names like Shaquan, DaMario and Latrice etc. You can tell what race they are by their names. I mean no other race has these kind of names. It is no secret that people with these kinds of names, have problems finding jobs. One woman actually found that she got more requests for job interviews when she went by her initials instead of her unique name.

      • Crystal, I remember from the mid 1970’s, Notre Dame’s football team had a Bantu running back named Hiawatha Francisco. He never made it in the pros. A couple of years after he left Notre Dame , his younger brother played at Notre Dame. He was also a running back, and his name was D’Juan Francisco.

        I’m not making this up. The Francisco brothers, Hiawatha and D’Juan.

    • Quasi African would be Mbonga, Ntutu, Mkelela,..

  • Yes, where’s the outrage from whites? Why aren’t you and your brothers out there protesting? That is what you should be axing yourself

    • Anon12

      Yeah, sure. When OTHER Whites do I will. I saw on youtube what they did to that 65 yr old White woman who was protesting with a few more YOUNGER White protestors, against the illegal aliens in our country. The illegals and legal mexicans on the other side had HUNDREDS! We have to have at the least HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of Whites protesting. How can you expect one old White lady and a few other Whites to do it? 

      Have you marched and protested on the White side of things?  How old are you?  Most of my friends are already dead or disabled as it is.

  • KenelmDigby

    In the near future there will be very few ethnic English left in London.
    They are already fleeing in droves, fleeing to rural areas all over Britain, which have one thing in common – few ethnic minorities.
    It’s exactly the same ‘white flight’ dynamic you saw in the USA decades ago.
     The UK government (most notably the disasterous New Labour maladministration), has responded in part by importing huge numbers of White Eastern Europeans into London with its ‘open door’ immigration policy.
     However London will most likely resemble Los Angeles (an LA with lousy weather) than anywhere else in the World. Coupled with a Brazilian like income distribution (thank New Labour – the ‘socialist’ party), the polarization in the ethnic composition of London will be between blacks and subcon Indians. East European immigrants notwithstanding there will be very, very few Whites left in London in a couple of generations time, probably no more than 5% of the total population.
     In LA the turf war is between black and Hispanic.In London the war will be between black and subcons. As in LA will hatreds and rivalries are being engendered. Blacks prey mercilessly on subcons. Subcons genetically have a dsdain for blacks.

    • IstvanIN

      That might make a mass clean up possible. Quietly evacuate the white population, send in the Royal Army and depopulate London.

      •  No. Evacuate the Whites & then neutro London (to nuke it would be detrimental to the places of historical/tourist interest).

    • IstvanIN

      The government should, when the white percentages are that small, evacuate the remaining white population and have the Royal Army depopulate the rest of London.

      Uganda and Zimbabwe were ethnically cleansed, why not the UK?

  • KenelmDigby

    A few years back, a young Polish nurse was killed in cross fire between black thugs in New Cross, London.

  • No

    “the black community should be more concerned about the chronic degree of gun crime committed by its own members”

    Don’t hold your breath.  Pigs will sprout wings before blacks give a hoot about black criminals.

    What’s it going to take to get it through thehead of these writers and reporters:  They’re not like us.

  • Remember a couple of years ago, when the “Survivor” television series was going to split four tribes along, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and Bantu lines? Well, the Bantus screamed and foamed at the mouth crying “racism”.  It wouyld have shown the Bantu “tribe” as the least well-off of the four tribes, and they couldn’t have that.

    Although this may sound blashemous to some, more and more, I think the REAL reason that the white regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia were toppled, is not because of their racial practices per se, but because they were success stories economically, in a sea of Bantu African sewage. They showed how it is possible for Caucasians to build economic engines in the midst of a Bantu miasma of slop and garbage. Heck, Bantus from neighboring countries would sneak into South Africa because they could make more money bussing tables in a restaurant there, than they could working as civil servants in their own Bantu country of origin.

    It was the same thing with the Asiatic Indians in Uganda. Most of them were merchants and small businessowners who were way more successful than the Ugandan subject. But Idi Amin couldn’t stand that, and expelled them. With nary a peep of protest from the West.

    Blacks indeed seem to care only if a Bantu is shot by a non-Bantu. If a Bantu is shot and killed by another Bantu, well that’s just Africans being Africans.

    • No, Luis, the answer is simpler. White Europeans created global civilization & its rules. After WW2 & Hitler’s excesses, it has become  impossible to tolerate racially segregated regimes.

      Things can be changed only when the entire project of forced equalization- which is also a European idea- collapses thanks to combined forces of scientifically proved racial inequalities & pressure of unsustainable Black habitats.

    • The_Bobster

      Remember a couple of years ago, when the “Survivor” television series was going to split four tribes along, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian and Bantu lines? Well, the Bantus screamed and foamed at the mouth crying “racism”.  


      Not “was going to”.  They WERE split and the producers had to integrate them when the expected results occurred.

  • radical7

    The fact is that far too many Whites have either been indifferent or outright pleased when Blacks and soe other non-Whites have been murdered. 

  • The 17th century French writer, duc de LaRochefoucauld, said: “Sometimes our hate surges so high that it places us below those whom we hate.”  (other translation: ““When our hatred is too bitter it places us below those whom we hate.)

  • Who cares?  There are BILLIONS of those people and they’re all, all too willing to take over what Your Family, You, The White Peoples, Created.

    When Americans have their own Place to be left alone to, then and only then will I find the time to be sympathetic to them and their losses but not a second before.

    • IstvanIN

      Thanks.  I do not want any harm to come to little girls like that BUT I do not want her invading my grandson’s living space.  I have my own concerns.  They do not include the children of invaders.

      • I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen any non-white defend White People or take up White Issues.  I’ve never seen a non-white promote immigration into their Countries and I’ve never seen a non-white give up any piece of their Culture because some White People were offended.

        I’ve never seen any non-white admit to their own racism and I’ve never seen any non-white willing to clean up their own Country but I have seen them make demands and EXPECT to be allowed to take over every single White Job, White Neighborhood and White Country in existence.

        And of course, aside from the non-whites whom can never seem to do anything on their own, there’s just too many stupid white people too.  I don’t need asians leading me (politics) and I don’t need them to be my Doctor.  I don’t need their caste system and I don’t need them to be my employer.  I don’t need to be forced to spend my money at some Third World Alien “owned” business because I can’t find even one American Owned Gas Station and I don’t need my Tax Money being spent on them via SBA and other Government Set-Asides.  I don’t need to paying so they can have their Third World Languages printed for them in MY COUNTRY!

        I just have no more patience.  “white” people are just not smart enough to survive and quite frankly, they don’t deserve to survive.  If you’re willing to bow down to Third World Aliens because, oh gee, they’re not out shooting people in the Streets, you deserve to die.  There’s one more than way to skin a cat but these “white” people are just too stupid to understand that and they don’t deserve to live.  I no longer work to defend these white people nor work to make sure they have a Country of their own to call home.  Let the asians work to secure the white peoples future in this asian country they have the nerve to call America.

  • IstvanIN

    So the (real) British taxpayers are stuck paying for him and her for the rest of their lives.

  • IstvanIN

    He is a victim, a victim of his “mother” not teaching him common decency and not provding him with a father who could discipline him properly.

  • StivD

    Indian, and everything else, get to post pretty much what they damn well please here. They’ve said plenty of negative things about white people. Get off your high-horse. 

  • OK. But, don’t forget two points- and I’m not pontificating:

    a) suffering innocent human beings deserve our sympathy

    b) this sympathy- which should encompass all helpless sentient beings- does not mean we are obliged to commit suicide to please some lunatic utopia addicted maniacs, which would result in annihilation of our racial, ethnic & cultural identity. We can & must defend ourselves & fight without quarter. And this struggle can be fought without lowering us to the level of savage sadistic fanatics.

    • Bardon, don’t waste your time. They’ll never understand. For them, any and all non-Whites are 100% evil and worthless.  Thanks to them, btw, us Whites have that racist tag that just won’t go away. I wonder why….

      • StivD

        If you’re still terrified of being called racist at this stage; then  you shouldn’t bother in the first place.

        • Indeed.

          It’s a word!  A WORD!  It’s just a WORD!  And, they fall completely apart over it. Is it any wonder “white” people don’t have The American BackBone to save their own Country?

        • I don’t care about being called racist. I care about White people as a whole falling under the racist umbrella which has helped weaken us as a whole. Again, extremists on both sides caused this, not people like me who simply, and only, detest blacks. I’m guessing you and the one who posted below are bitter 24 hours a day. That’s a sad way to live.  :O)

          • StivD

            Not close to bitter or desperate about this situation. I can be very intense and I. have. lost patience. Sometimes being strident is the only way to get a point across. I don’t think quiet people are usually listened to these days.

  • One needs a discerning mind to avoid all traps of one-sided emotional response.

    1. the girl is not dead, but paralyzed. Unfortuanately, this may be for life.

    2. a few of AmRen commentators have reacted beneath contempt. Probably due to constant stress & sense of hopelessnes.

    3. but- there is nothing wrong for a mother to wish her children/grandchildren marry “their own kind”. I don’t see it as something inhuman, but a perfectly normal parental wish.

  •  For BK…..

    As for stooping to their level, I am sick of that term. That is ONLY
    used against WHITE people so as to condition us to not fight fire with
    fire.  To make us feel “superior” by not acting against the hate and
    vitriol against us daily in this world?

    No. In the aftermath- and during the conflict- of the WW2, the US DID NOT:

    * open concentration camps for the Japanese
    * open concentration camps for Germans
    * engaged in mass rape campaign or forced prostitution
    (Japanese imperial forces in Korea)
    * begin mass destruction of cultural artifacts of conquered
    nations with the aim of erasing their national identity (Germans have completely & systematically devastated home of the father of Russian poetry Aleksandr Pushkin & the home of composer Piotr Tchaikovsky)
    * collectively exterminated whole villages as acts of revenge (Lidice, Oradour)

    In short, the US were good guys. Good guys won. If you stoop to the level of animals, you become one.

  • Don’t waste your time with these “white” people.  Not all White People are meant to survive anyway.  Only those who know The Truth about what’s going on will Survive and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

    It matters none how nice or “mean” you are.  If you’re nice, non-whites take advantage of it and if you’re “mean”, they take advantage of it.There has not been one War (since My Founding Fathers’) that Americans have not been FORCED to pay so that that Country can be re-built and it’s population bought to America and this is on top of the fact that America is not the Guilty one.There has not been one nice thing America has done that has not been used, abused and literally drained neither.There are tons of white people who will never accept Truth and for that, they and their Blood Line will either be killed or turned into Slaves.  It’s Poetic Justice.

    And, I’m sure you’ve noticed like I have how they never explain why it is, if asians are not here to take-over, why does 5% of the population own HALF of all the hotels in this Country or why you can’t find an American Owned Dunkin’ Donuts or why they have Birthing Tours or why they need Government Money that is SPECIFICALLY for them and blah, blah, blah, blah.  I never could look at someone as “intelligent” or see how my Country needs a people that needs so much pandering to at WHITE American Tax Payers’ expense.  I mean, if they’re smarter than us then why aren’t they paying for themselves and why take-over entire industries if they’re truly able to compete with White People?

  • “Asians can write honestly about race.”

    Please clarify this.  Sounds like something my “anti-racist”  friends from UC Santa Cruz would write eg :”People of colour are allowed to be racist, after all they are the ones who…” Not an insult but an observation. Perhaps irony and sarcasm?

    Nirpal Dhaliwal  is known here mostly for being in a terminal, gossipy May/December marriage with a Daily Mail writer. I don’t see his writing as “honest” at all just  more of the alchemy of race in action; Punjabi man wags his fingers at Blacks and becomes White.  He clearly wants to align his beliefs with racist whites by using a child’s tragedy as the conservation opener which is sick. He’s of course correct that there is no mass movement coming from UK Blacks about this crime or crimes in their areas in general and that is terrible but there also is not one for Asians as well and crime is just as bad on that side. Yet he mentions the riots conveniently leaving out that many Asians were looting and committing acts of violence!

    My husband who was born in Tower Hamlets is an Anglo/Saxon/Celt who’s family has been here for generations. On August 8th 2011 (against my concerns for his safety)  he walked down the entire stretch of our area as it was all kicking off  and 95% of the people he saw starting fires and marching in groups of fifty were Asian.  Mercifully he was not attacked and our area not destroyed despite some heavy damage. Unlike many other Anglos in this area, , my husband family could not afford to utilize the “right to buy” and move away to Essex or Kent  a generation ago or so. Nor was he part of the Jewish community who once had their industries in the East End and who have now moved way to Stamford Hill, Gantz Hill etc  after selling  many businesses primarily to Pakistan, Turkish  and Bangladeshi immigrants.  No one cares about poor working class white people in the UK ESPECIALLY  middle class and ruling class white people (middle class in the UK is FAR wealthier than the middle class in the US thus the gap is huge in income, education etc) . Poor whites absorb the immigration, they watch their neighbourhoods change in a generation, they watch other whites like Poles and Ukrainians come in and get much of the prime construction, restaurant and retail jobs while still fully retaining their culture, Romani people have a huge celebrity and human rights activists backing  and then Cockneys are called simply “racist Chavs who speak Estuary English”.   Heartbreaking and paradoxically why the BNP can’t catch on here.  Working class people of all races are largely on the same page and we have friends of both Black and Asian descent. Class overrides race here. All are from families who assimilated and assimilation largely stopped being required after Enoch’s Powell’s speech out of fear that England would “look racist” or seem “backward”. Thanks for nothing Enoch. Roger Daltrey recently made much more sense (and he actually grew up working class and came from being a sheet metal worker/lower class unlike Enoch).  No rivers of blood for Rog, he just wants things to be fair here-we ALL do.

    Any man in their day that advocated turning the East End into what it is today
    would have had his teeth knocked out, or would have at least been
    laughed out of the pub. More damaging than the imbalanced demographic shift was
    the spiritual shift in the people of the beautiful East End  and the rest of the UK where lower class indigenous people live. Nirpal Dhaliwal is essentially gloating over that shift by aligning himself  with those who caused it which is sickening.

    • This is confusing.

      1. White immigrants will eventually assimilate (Russians., Poles, Ukrainians etc. ) as did their compatriots before (Joseph Conrad, Nikolai Tolstoy, Benjamin Disraeli, John Profumo, D.G. Rossetti, ..)

      2. South Asians, especially Pakistanis & Bangladeshis have to be tactfully persuaded to stay home.

      3. first & foremost- the plague of British society, class consciousness & status has to be pushed aside in favor of ethnic & race consciousness. I don’t know how this can be accomplished, but it must be.

      And there is no way of “letting London” & fleeing. One of historical European cities, saturated with glorious past, must retain its identity & not be turned into a Lagos or a Peshawar.  

      •  I’ll respond to each point:

        1. That was because the UK was and still is an unrivalled cultural centre for artists and scholars the world over. Scholars are one thing and itinerant workers are another.  Because of the E.U. you can now work and send money back home. Poland is beautiful. If I could support a family there, work here and send money back home to say run a small shop or buy a home I would.  It is a tough call especially if all of the EU is supposed to be working together as one.  My husband’s uncle gets on fine with immigrants on construction jobs including Poles.  I like the Klos (local Polish grocery) but like all big influxes they can sell to their friends and network with them. And they have ambition which brings us to..

        2. The working classes and poor have rolled over. There has to be accountability and protest without hate.  I’m living here and my husband and I are not out marching (though we protested the Hajib Gates ).

        3. I cannot see that ever occurring. Unless you are a rock star, designer or a photographer you don’t mix outside your class if you are a working class British. Rich kids (Trustrafaria) come live in our area and now all the spit and saw dust pubs pubs are gone or going gastro/yuppie because, hey, can you blame the owner for wanting to serve people who will spend big money?

        I agree that London is beautiful and despite all the problems we plan to stay. I did not get to connect with many Italian Americans in California, I now get on a bus and can go talk to Italians here working in outdoor markets. I’m hours away from other countries as well. But my husband can only share this joy to a small extent. He’s excluded by definition from the blended culture that many middle class whites and/or anti-racists are pushing for. The author of that piece just ignored his own house and that’s what really bothered me. 

    • Great link Bardon. Uncanny in it’s accuracy. I’ll pass it on.

    • Yes, generally-speaking, I think Indian woman are beautiful. 

  • StivD

    I find it truly funny when someones says they only dislike blacks so they have an out or some form of moral superiority, lol. 

    Nearly every other race, nationality and so on, have been, at one time, an enemy and/or threat to white civilization. You can reel off a whole list of them from ancient times to the present day,  the entire span of Western Civ. So, ultimately, I think the only people that can be completely trusted and kept in the fold are whites; as many as can be reminded of who they are and the benefits of it.  We are unique. 

    I’m was and still am neutral concerning Asians until they become such a focus.

    • Does this mean you are fine with asians, I mean indians poisoning Americans so they can take over the Town?It happened. Look it up. An ENTIRE Town they poisoned. The Dalles in Oregon.

      There are tons of examples of what asians have done in America and none of them good or beneficial to America and Americans but ALWAYS beneficial to asians and ONLY asians.

      No need to respond as I already know what you’ll say. You love asians too and wish for them to be here as they NEVER do wrong or put any harm upon America and Americans….

      • StivD

        I don’t know where you got the idea I have an affinity for Asians of any kind. I meant that I can pretty much ignore them until they are held up as a standard for whites to aspire to and as a valued minority. I don’t think either thought. 

        To me they’re some of the most foreign seeming of any other outsiders.  I have no idea why anyone would think they have a right to be in the West anymore than any other race besides whites. I only hold a neutral feeling toward them until…or unless…

        • Fair and Understood.  Please Accept My Apology.  Here’s Me:

          I, like you, Stand for no one but Our White Peoples.  I am however, willing to let go of those who choose to put a People or Peoples in the same Category as us and especially, those who wish to include them for to do so, as you know, does nothing but to further them in out breeding us and breeding with us.  It’s Gross and Unnatural.

          All I want for Christmas is One White Town….

  • meant to respond to stiv

  •  No, she just didn’t express herself adequately.

  • StivD

    Ever heard of compassion fatigue? 

  • Mr Valentine

    How do you think the guns get on the street in the first place, this practice has been going on for years in the USA and here with guns and drugs…..of course the establishment has its plausible deniability but are happy to see certain people kill each other, and that’s there game plan along with (off licence’s and bookies) on every corner, but the only thing they didn’t count on was the collateral damage……my heart does go out to Thusha and her family and i think there are many black people like myself who are angered by what has happened to thusha and her family, that’s why i take offence to ( Nirpal Dhaliwal’s ) artical saying basically that we don’t give a monkeys about (Five year old Thusha) but would burn shops and loot for the murder of gangster (mark duggan)…..Let me make this clear…..those f##king street punks who jumped on that band wagon to make a little money, made it seem like all the riots was about was the murder of ( mark duggan ) when in fact it was all about making money…… and the fact riots didn’t happen when thusha was shot, was that i think we all don’t need another repeat of what happened when ( mark duggan ) was murdered, because if it were to happen again it would of with the murder of ( Smiley Culture ) so i ask (Nirpal Dhaliwal) why there was no looting or shop burning when (smiley Culture) was murdered???