Trayvon Martin Case: Martin Was the Aggressor, Police Sources Say

Rene Lynch, Chicago Tribune, March 26, 2012

As Florida braced itself for what could be the biggest day of protest yet in the Trayvon Martin case, police revealed new details that depict the slain 17-year-old as the aggressor and appear to support George Zimmerman’s claim that he was acting in self-defense when he shot the teenager.


{snip} Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson plans to lead protesters to the Sanford City Commission meeting being held this evening, and attended by the slain teen’s parents. {snip}

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that police sources say Martin was the aggressor on Feb. 26, knocking Zimmerman to the ground with a single punch and then climbing on top of the 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain and slamming the back of his head into the ground. Police say this account, given by Zimmerman, is supported by eyewitnesses, according to the Sentinel’s report.

One such witness reportedly told police that he saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, striking the man, while Zimmerman cried out for help. The attack left Zimmerman bloodied, police sources told the Sentinel, and led him to fire at Martin in self-defense.

Police say Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose, had a fat lip and confirm that the back of his head was cut. He received first aid at the scene but refused to go to the hospital and received medical treatment the following day, according to the Sentinel’s sources.


At the time, Martin was suspended from high school after he was found to be in possession of an empty marijuana baggie, according to the Sentinel. {snip}

Zimmerman was heading to the grocery store when he spotted Martin and called police to report a black youth acting suspiciously, possibly on drugs.

Zimmerman stepped out of his SUV to follow Martin, even though a police dispatcher told him he didn’t need to do so.

Zimmerman told police he he’d lost sight of Martin and was heading back to his car when the youth suddenly stepped into his path. According to the Sentinel, Martin asked Zimmerman if he had a problem. Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone. Martin then said something like, “Well, you do now” and punched him, according to the Sentinel’s sources.

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    The incident happened in a gated community and gated communities have video cameras around their club houses so when will we be seeing the video?

    • mikejones91

      You know that doesn’t matter. Even if a video came forward showing Trayvon as the aggressor. There will still be riots when Zimmerman isn’t jailed. What does that say about black community and the white sheeps? They don’t care about the truth. They want blood.

      • Xanthippe2

        It really says more about the media than than it does about Whites and Blacks. (Trayvon’s mother excepted.)

      • Desi30354

        It says you enjoy creating what ifs. The one witness has said he didn’t see the fight but only that after the shot the screams stopped. And now we have video showing Zimmerman with no bruises after threw fact but you still defend him. What does that say about the white community?

        • guest233

          I can not beleive people willingness to beleive a lie. Take a grainy blurry photo and maintain as truth an image that say’s wound’s were not visible and everyone beleives it..they said it must be true To this day they say no apparent wound. Now take the blurriness out..and look. WHOA..a definate head wound. Police record’s also report a head wound and fat lip, grass stain’s on back of coat and a broken nose. Bit shoooo..don’t tell might exonerate an innocent man and we don’t want that..he killed a man in self defense but his crime? The kid was black. Of course had we the white man placed a bounty on those 5 black’s who kidnapped a couple and killed them brutally we would be racist’s.

        • mikejones91

          Yeah I’d like to ask what you THINK now? You watch World News with Diane Sawyer? I’m sure you do. If you watched it last night, enough said. So before you insult MY people, take a look a Detroit, Philly, Somalia, and ask yourself, “What does that say about the black community”? Then look at Berlin, Moscow, Rome. Nice try though…

    • MekongDelta69

      Doesn’t matter. If they had a video of O.J., that low IQ, anti-white jury would’ve acquitted him anyway.

      There’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money to be made in the race hustling, affirmative action, diversity shakedown business. Just about every single corporate entity, school, enterprise, organization, government agency, ad infinitum have entire divisions dedicated to this stuff. None of this existed when I grew up. It’s a multi-billion dollar business, paid for by guess who?… Yes YOU – if you’re white.

      • carole smith

        I would have made that OJ comment had you not done so; as I have been saying the same thing for years.  

    • CCTV doesnt allways point the right direction, clearly , and without time gaps. I was the victim of a failed mugging in front of a building next to the bank I were just got money out of the ATM. It wasnt on CCTV , but luckly 2 of them were wanted so I didnt have any problems.

    • saxonsun

      When will the msm report Jackson’s comment about feeling relieved when he sees whites behind him at night instead of blacks? Even blacks racially profile other blacks. This would blow the lid off of everything.

    • guest233

      Aunti Occupy..i beleive this is the reason the police are confident that zimmerman was acting in self defense.

  • Personally, I do not think that it would make a difference to hordes protesting in Sanford, FL that Martin punched Zimmerman and that Zimmerman cut his head and had a fat lip. To them, the white man killed Treyvon and that is all that matters.

    • haroldcrews

      Considering that they have been claiming widespread killing of blacks by whites or even that Zimmerman was white I would say your surmise is accurate.  Facts don’t matter.

      • I agree. In fact, when the story of Treyvon being suspended at the time the incident occured. His mother complained that people are disgracing Treyvon’s memory? Give me a break! The truth is the truth regardless of what they think.

  • ncpride

    It does not matter what the truth is. Period. The media has really done a number on this Zimmerman guy, and even if they were so inclined to finally report the truth, which they are not, they have done far too much damage to back track now. Even if by some miracle they acknowledge Martin was the aggressor, they will still find a spin to blame Zimmerman. My advice to this fella is to get ready for the fight of his life because they are coming for you, and they will stop at nothing to charge you with something,  especially now that Obama has stuck his nose in to it. Can’t have the president looking like a fool now can they? Or better yet, a race baiter.

    • tickyul

      New Black Panthers……10K bounty on Zimmerman…….where is Holder cracking down on this illegal action??????

      • Oil Can Harry

        Cracking down? Holder probably put up the $10,000 himself! 

      • Holder’s busy telling the Issa Committee that he knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Project Gunwalker, letting felons buy weapons stateside to be brought into Mexico to arms the drug cartels.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Yes, while the media is ignoring the entire case.

      • saxonsun

        If something happens to Z. obama and holder are responsible.

    • saxonsun

      And Zimmerman has just been “withdrawn” from college. What ever happened to “inocent until proven guilty?”

  • Hirschibold

    This case is truly becoming a terrifying episode courtesy of Rod Serling. How can so many people commit to one man’s guilt and another’s martyrdom before a jury is even selected. Can this happen to me? Can I be standing on my lawn when someone attacks me and I defend myself like a good citizen, and I then end up condemned by the commander in chief? I am trying to avoid general mention of this case during the day, just because of how unsettling it is, but the meme of Trayvon is everywhere, and there are very few people in mainstream journals who still take their duties seriously and refuse to be led around by the nose. Google will not even auto-complete anything but hagiography of King Trayvon.

    Jim Goad over at has done the best editorializing on the subject, though. Want to know why this case is growing so big, and why Obama has weighed in? Think swing state, think electoral votes.

    • ArturoPendriago

      Native Floridian here.  Florida is more Hispanic than black, and with Marco Rubio as the likely VP nominee, I see Obama losing Florida, especially after this.  This is why none of this makes sense.

      • The_Bobster

        I’d think a real native Floridian would know that Rubino is a Reconquista who doesn’t meet the requirements to be VP.

      • libertarian4339

        You could well be right about Obama losing Florida, if Rubio is asked and decides to run as VP, but I think it will due to the high likability of Rubio by most all the residents here. 

        He’s articulate and sharp and he has the guts to tell it like it is.

    • joewest666

      Ding, ding, ding.. johnny tell us what he as won…

    • crazy_j

       Swing State, electoral votes – absolutely.

      Also, since Obama can’t trumpet any victories vis a vis the economy or our never ending wars, he will certainly take this notch in his belt in their place.

  • libertarian4339

    Martin had three suspensions from school that is known about at this time.  The last one involved the marijuana.

    At one point, burglar tools and jewelry were found in his possession, which he claimed belonged to a friend, but didn’t know the friend’s name.

    With these additional details coming to light,  it’s entirely possible he was casing a premise when he was noticed by the neighborhood watch guy.  He said the perp was acting strange.  I’m wondering too if the autopsy will reveal any kind of drugs in his system.

    Too, as grieving as the family pretends to be that didn’t stop them from taking out a trademark on their son’s  name in order to earn money from this tragedy.

    I’m wondering if this entire incident is going to backfire on the black perps who have been screaming lies and defaming Zimmerman.  There are blacks who denigrated and defamed him far more than the law allows.

    Certainly the worst of them are the Black Panthers who are seeking to get a million dollars from black celebrities.  That’s a prime group to sue and come out with a substantial sum for the Zimmerman family.

    The radical liberal press can probably be successfully sued also, since it now appears their falsifications were political and therefore did not indicate an absence of malice.

    So far, the bottom line looks like this kid was no more than an out-of-control black thug who was involved in probably a hell of a lot more than what has been revealed so far and got EXACTLY what he deserved.

    • Good. Let it all come to light. Just like the Duke la crosse team-Bantu stripper case. The initial outcry was a crescendo, until more and more facts started coming to light. It wound up with the Bantu stripper being totally discredited, and her being arrested several times, for various things.

      Or Rodney King, the focal point of terrible race riots in Los Angeles, 20 years ago. He also was arrested several tims after his “moment in the sun”.

      As more facts come out about this Trayvon Martin, people will start to realize that he was no saint.  

  • B

    Poor Obama, stuck right in the middle. He can’t appease the prejudiced blacks for if he has Holder arrest Zimmerman then he will lose a ton of white and Hispanic votes. 

    • Lou


  • mikejones91

    TThe media molds the perceptions of the sheep. Pictures of him with his sister/in his foot ball uniform mold perceptions of innocence and youth. This on the other-hand, molds a MUCH different perception.

  • AA

    So, what’s the latest word on Zimmerman’s race? “White Hispanic” is last I heard, though I haven’t been following too closely.  Since they were so quick to call it a hate crime, I’m guessing there’s no chance in hell the “White” part will disappear.

    • The_Bobster

      Lynching George Zimmerman—Overwhelming America’s Historic White Majority
      By Peter Bradley on March 25, 2012 at 11:15pm

      The Obama White House continues to incite the lynching of George Zimmerman, although he has not even been charged in the death of Trayvon Martin—yet. And with typical uselessness, the Righteous Right has rolled over on its back like a spaniel.

      On the Sunday morning CNN talk show State of the Union, White House spokesman David Plouffe doubled down on President Obama’s controversial comments on the case, calling GOP Presidential contenders Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum’s wimpy criticisms “reprehensible” and an appeal to [white?!!!??] “people’s worst instincts”.

      On ABC’s The Week, George Will, perhaps the prototypical Main Stream Media [MSM] professional token conservative, took refuge in condemning Florida’s “Stand Your Ground”  law—designed to avoid the crazy cases where homeowners have gone to jail for resisting burglars. He did, however, caution that the MSM and “certain well-known agitators” ended up looking like fools in the Duke Rape Hoax.

      For it’s not just blacks and white Lefties who are spouting this false narrative. Sean Hannity has sounded just like the liberals on his radio and TV show—though, like Will, he has dutifully intoned that we still need all the facts.  And that’s essentially the line Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have parroted also.

      National Review’s ignominious contribution to the issue: a now-notorious column by Editor Rich Lowry titled “Al Sharpton is Right.”

      As it happens, of course, the shooter, George Zimmerman, is Hispanic. According to reports, Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, had a head wound and was heard screaming for help prior to shooting Martin. Zimmerman claims the boy attacked him from behind after trying to walk away from the confrontation. Over the weekend, a new witness surfaced who seemed to corroborate this. [Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman, Fox Tampa, March 23,  2012]

      • ncpride

        Sean Hannity has sounded just like the liberals on his radio and TV show

        I’ve just watched him (Hannity) try to walk back all the damage he has done the past week or so, asking if the ‘media’ made a rush to judgement, as if he hasn’t been right in the middle of it. How I despise these spineless hypocrites, who are just as useless as liberals when it comes to the reality of race issues.

        • vladdy

          Hannity panders with the blacks more than anybody. Sometimes, as when his “Vera” is on and he’s sending her “adopted kids” expensive gifts, I have to turn it off.  

      • MekongDelta69

        Hannity is (and has been since he went national, ironically the day before 9/11) a complete racial coward. Any caller who tries to bring up race or anything close to that is shut down. I understand why (some) radio talk show hosts can’t say what they’re REALLY thinking, because they’d lose their jobs, but I used to wonder why Hannity was especially terrified.

        Then, many years ago, I read a very long piece by Hal Turner (which I wish I had saved), basically saying that Hannity used to have views just like Turner, but once he started to get big locally in Atlanta, he did a 180. (There was a LOT more detail to the article, but I don’t have it, so I can’t quote it.) Turner said that he was ‘terrified’ (or whatever word he used), that people would find out his past views.

        If I find it on the Wayback Machine, I’ll link it.

        • anarchyst

          Hal Turner was an FBI “plant” that was exposed a couple of years ago . . . look who owns Fox and you will see why the “soft gloves” on black racism are a part of Hannity’s “schtick”.

    • crazy_j

       Hispanic Jew would be the most precise, though I’ve yet to see that description used.

      • Zorro

        This Zimmeman guy is about as White as the “Frenchman” who killed seven people, and turned out to be an Algerian Muslim.

    • AA, I’d say Zimmerman is “Mulatto-Hispanic”, in that his ethnicity is Hispanic, but his race is mixed – a white father and a Peruvian mother (never seen a picture of his mother, so I can’t say what she looks like).
      Hispanics can be any of race, which is why for statistical purposes, they are put in a separate category.  Consider these examples – 

      1. Fernando Alonso, the Formula One driver is a Hispanic Caucasian. He was born in Spain, but his features are definitely Caucasian. So too, was Adolfo Luque, the Cuban-born baseball pitcher with the Reds in the 1920’s. He predated Jackie Robinson by 25 years, so Robinson integrated baseball solely in term of color, not being the “first minority”.

      2. Juan Marichal is a mulatto Hispanic, from the Dominican Republic. As you know, the Dominican Republic makes up 2/3 of the island of Hispaniola, with Haiti being the other 1/3.

      3. Brazilian soccer legend Pele, Cuban Olympic boxer Teofilo Stevenson and Roberto Clemente are examples of Bantu Hispanics. 

      4. As far as Oriental Hispanics go, the most salient examples are the infamous Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, of the Phillipines. True, they don’t speak Spanish in the Phillipines, but almost all of them have Hispanic names, but distinct Oriental features, as well.

      5. The Mexican is the product of Caucasian Hispanic and North American aborigine (aka American “Indians”) matings. So, Fernando Alonso’s ancestors mated with Geronimo’s tribe, and the result was Cantinflas!

      • MikeofAges

         Soccer great Pele is Brazilian. He is LatinAmerican, but not Hispanic.

      • Juan Marichal I would not consider black.  Pele, though, yes.

    • MikeofAges

       He was mestizo, even with a white European (German-Jewish surnamed) father. I’m not sure how much white European you need to lose your mestizo “card”. But he hadn’t lost it.

  •  In a world with balls, Zimmerman would be a hero.

    • Zorro

      Common sense died a long time ago.

  • delete

  • If incontrovertible evidence is offered that the “youth” did indeed strike GZ first, then expect more “eyewitnesses” to come forward proclaiming that GZ used the N word or some other random word that, when uttered, causes Africans to lose all self control, and viciously attack any Caucasion within 25 yards. Not that they need an excuse, but use of the N word excuses any and all African anti-social behavior, up to and including murder. Even if the victim wasn’t the party that used it. As for video, I’m surprised that cell phone videos haven’t turned up on World Star Hip Hop yet. Anyone checked?

    • Zorro

      Except when these creatures are using it in their street ebonics or Rap “Music”. 

  • This black guy doesn’t like Hispanics (or Whites).  Maybe he should join Al & Jesse…lol

  • The Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, the Black Panthers, et al., do not care about the “details.” They can smell blood (Zimmerman’s blood) and they want it, literally….

  • This whole debacle is the worst case scenario for the anti-whites.  Despite the fact that this situation is a tragedy in a number of ways,  it is coming as a blessing for us.   I see a wholllllllle lotta eyes opening up.

    • Zorro

      Yes, the Media will be its own undoing. What Karma.

  • joewest666

    Duke Lacrosse all over again.. except Herr Obama will have major egg on his face running into the election.


    Hmm… I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories, but the whole affair looks like a trap for dumb libtards.

  • Now that the mainstream media has whipped up a firestorm with its irresponsible reporting on this incident, and the Black Panthers have in effect put out a “shoot to kill” bounty on Zimmerman, and the likelihood of black riots looms if the upcoming grand jury does not return a true bill against Zimmerman, the truth finally begins to come out. At least a few members of the MSM appear to have been shamed into doing a little digging to get at what really happened.

    • Zorro

      Well, whatever it takes to get these worms to do their jobs.

  • As reasonable people tried to remain calm and let the wheels of justice turn, there are sinister forces at work, hoping for widespread disturbances to fan the flames of racial hatred.  The marxist media played this entire incident as they do everything else, rub the skin of society raw in hopes of destroying traditional America.  And now that the combination of half truths and biased language has hardened the minds and hearts of those easily manipulated, there may never be justice for either Martin or Zimmerman.  And yet the worse may still be waiting.  As a veteran of several major riots in South Florida, I am beginning to get those old vibes that something will happen.  The introduction of the Al Sharptons, the New Black Panthers, and yes, the highly provocative Sunday services held in black churches all point to street trouble.  And that is too bad because many people will get hurt and worse. 

    • I agree. It looks like it will be another “long hot summer.” If you have white skin or are Asian, you had best avoid blacks at all costs as things heat up. This would be particularly true in our major urban centers and anywhere blacks congregate in groups. There will be a protest march in the downtown area of my hometown this Friday. I will avoid going downtown for anything during that time. Be prepared to defend yourself, especially this summer.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Is there anyone here besides me who is sick to death of this case?  

    We have been saturated on the West Coast relentlessly 24/7 on all fronts — I can’t get away from it! .  

    Try as the media might, they can’t connect  Zimmerman to the Klan or Tea Party. They desperately want to portray Sir Skittles as an innocent angel brutally stalked, hunted down and murdered in cold blood by a White vigilante / homegrown terrorist.

    This hate/kill Whitey campaign has been in the works for years waiting for the right moment.  Southern  Florida is no stranger to large scale riots and the blacks’ best race baiters are there fanning the flames. “Vigils”  are being held in Chattanooga, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Tulsa, Memphis, Washington D.C. — what would it take for any one of these vigils to turn into full scale rioting?

    White Americans have had it with the racism charges.

    Gun and ammo sales are soaring. Ruger has stopped taking orders because they can’t keep up with demand.  White Americans are arming themselves for when the black underclass takes to the suburbs — going to take from Whites what they’ve been told is being withheld from them and is rightfully theirs.

    Fine.  Unleash the Dogs of War!   Release the Kraken!

    Remember these words:

    You’re gonna have to kill some crackers! You’re gonna have to kill some of their babies. 

     —New Black Panther King Samir Shabazz

    And remember the government you live under won’t do a damned thing when words like this are said — or White children are set on fire by blacks, or elderly White people raped and brutalized by blacks or a White college student is murdered by three blacks in his dorm room.


    • crazy_j

       “Fine.  Unleash the Dogs of War!   Release the Kraken!”

      I might argue that anybody that wishes for war, strife, death and destruction has at least one screw loose.

      Why tip your hand? You think DHS isn’t monitoring these comment sections?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Go ahead and put your head in the sand if you wish.

        Meanwhile, while the economy is collapsing, 0bama is power-grabbing more of our liberties and blacks are being readied to unleash violence and rioting — with the government’s encouragement — we Whites are being targeted for genocide. Remember what happened with last summer’s riots and who was the object of the violence. That’s a small taste of what’s to come.

        Look to South Africa for an example of what happens when Whites become a minority, lose their living spaces and are lorded over by hostile, vicious non-Whites with historical grudges against Whites.

        Do you think this is not happening here in the U.S. to Whites? In England to Whites? England is now a police state. SA is a killing zone with Whites as the target.

        You think the U.S. government is going to protect you? How about your local multi-racial police dept.?

        Now tell me I have a screw loose.


        • crazy_j

           Head in the sand? Moi? Hardly.

          Thing is: I’m not advertising specifics all over the internet, and especially not in areas that are almost sure to be monitored by “authorities”.

    • Periapsis

      In some areas, blacks who try that are going to die in droves at the hands of whites who are most definitely not going to allow harm to come to their families. Case in point. An 18-year-old hoodie rat came to a white neighborhood 40 miles from his ‘hood with a gun. In short order he carjacked a woman, broke into a man’s grage and stole a bike, chased another person into his home with the gun, fired shots at houses while riding up and down the street. The owner of the home he stole the bike from got his gun, and chased the thug down in his truck. Sure enough the darkie fired at him, he emptied his pistol into him and killed him. A local grand jury refused to indict him, and he was released. Imagine what will happen in many areas when hordes of ‘hoodies try the same thing and get their heads shot off for their trouble. The man who chased down, confronted then eliminated the thug was white, and guess what. There was no outcry, and no Rev. Bigmouth to incite racial violence here. All of this happened here in my are last summer. That should be a clue as to what would have happened to “Trashboy Martin,” had the perfidious, yellow journalism local media hadn’t got into the act. He would have been swallowed up by the ground just like this black thug was. Since they intend to kill us, we have to kill “hoodies,” lots and lots of ’em if they try swarming us.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Remember the Bernie Goetz case? A Grand Jury in New York refused to indict him and when the state rammed the case through anyway a Manhattan jury acquitted Mr. Goetz of first degree murder and assault charges — the jury only found him guilty of third-degree possession of a loaded, unlicensed weapon. Then, the vile Kuntsler stepped in…

        I read about this incident in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina where members of a White neighborhood decided to stay and defend their homes and neighborhood…

        From: White Gunmen Go On The Record About Shooting Blacks During Katrina: “If it moved, we shot it!”

        Facing an influx of refugees…a group of white residents, convinced that crime would arrive with the human exodus, sought to seal off the area, blocking the roads in and out of the neighborhood by dragging lumber and downed trees into the streets. They stockpiled handguns, assault rifles, shotguns and at least one Uzi and began patrolling the streets in pickup trucks and SUVs. The newly formed militia, a loose band of about fifteen to thirty residents, most of them men, all of them white, was looking for thieves, outlaws or, as one member put it, anyone who simply “didn’t belong.”

        “Three people got shot in just one day!” he tells me, laughing. “Three of them got hit right here in this intersection with a riot gun,” he says. The shooting victims, who were African-American, [he assumed] were looters because they were carrying sneakers and baseball caps with them. He guessed that the property had been stolen from a nearby shopping mall. According to Janak, a neighbor “unloaded a riot gun” — a shotgun — “on them. We chased them down.”

        Janak, who was carrying a pistol, says he grabbed one of the suspected looters and considered killing him, but decided to be merciful. “I rolled him over in the grass and saw that he’d been hit in the back with the riot gun,” he tells me. “I thought that was good enough. I said, ‘Go back to your neighborhood so people will know Algiers Point is not a place you go for a vacation. We’re not doing tours right now.'”

        When “looters” showed up in the neighborhood, “they left full of buckshot,” he brags, adding, “You know what? Algiers Point is not a **** community.”

        NOPD nonetheless issued a statement in response saying “we absolutely have had no complaints to substantiate any of the claims made in that article.”

        Whites: Ask yourself this: As we become a minority in the U.S. surrounded by hostile non-Whites would you like to live in a neighborhood like this?

        As for me. Yes and Hell Yes.


  • razorrare

    Something we will never see…a Federal Witch Hunt of the MSM barrons using the “Federal Housing Act” to charge them with denying Zimmerman the right to live in his own home….and for inciting blacks to kill Whites…

    Federal Witch Hunt Succeeeds:Piekarsky and Donchak…

    Here is straight from the Department of Justice’s proud press release on the kangaroo conviction of the two—from their civil rights division.
    The jury found the defendants guilty of violating the criminal component of the federal Fair Housing Act, which makes it a crime to use a person’s race, national origin or ethnicity as a basis to interfere, with violence or threats of violence, with a person’s right to live where he chooses to live.
    There are no Civil Rights for illegal aliens
    First, I would just like to point out that recently many have been confusing civil rights with human rights and this is just such a case. Civil rights are those bestowed on a citizen by their country. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, have no civil rights in this country. That is one of the cherished benefits of becoming a citizen. This has been obfuscated by these race pandering groups and attorneys looking for cases and persecutions. They try to confuse you into believing that our system works on human rights and it does no such thing. The UN works on the human rights system. The United States works on a defined civil rights system as outlined in our constitution. A violation of Luis Ramirez’s claimed “human rights” has no place in our courtroom. And as he was not a citizen of this country he has no civil rights, so the civil rights division of the Department of Justice is outside of their jurisdiction.
    Second, after reviewing the original case above which was a charge of murder and “ethnic intimidation”, why is the federal government using some housing clause to prosecute two young men. Piekarsky was only 17 at the time and Donchak was just over 18. How were they depriving Luis Ramirez of where he lived because he got in a fight with them in a park late one night?
    Obviously this is the only charge that they could make stick against these two and it should outrage every American that the federal government would go to such length to convict a citizen on unrelated charges just to bow to the whims of the illegal alien lobby. These groups are using the justice system to prosecute people they do not like by trying to make you believe that crimes are segmented between murders that were nice murders and murders that were hateful murders. But going beyond this, no murder even occurred in July 2008, it was an accidental death due to a fight. Yet, these two face life in prison.
    Double Jeopardy—Piekarsky and Donchak were tried twice on the same charges
    Another item that should should be brought to the reader’s attention in this case is the violation of Piekarsky’s and Donchak’s constitutional rights. As I pointed out in an earlier article on this case, under the fifth amendment of the US Constitution it states quite clearly “[no person shall] be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb”. As the two have already faced “ethnic intimidation” charges under the state of Pennsylvania, they should not be allowed to be tried once again for the same incident and the same charges after being acquitted…

    Fast forward to “Knock Out Game Case in St.Louis”….and you will understand the depth of my anger towards the biases and double-standards not only meted out by the MSM but also by our Federal Govt and those who are suppose to enforce our laws without prejudice.

  • anonymous_amren

    Trayvon Martin’s twitter account:!/NO_LIMIT_NIGGA
    That is his real twitter account. You can tell because: on the 5th of February he talks about his birthday, he uses his nickname “slimm”, and he talks to @SJ_SayNoMo_4:twitter  who later changed their name and pic to “R.I.P. Tray”.
    His Facebook account:

  • ShoutsAtTV

    What I don’t understand is why the media gets away with that seven year old picture. The saintly puppy in a hoodie look would apply to most pre-adolescents, male/female or otherwise. By all accounts, (including his mother) this kid was becoming a danger to the community at 17 and 200lbs.

    But I suppose a drunk slackjaw, clutching burglar tools in a hoodie wouldn’t sell so many papers.

    • jackryanvb

      Please try to present facts, not exageratons, untrue rumors. 

      Reliable police reports state that Martin was 6ft tall and 160 lbs at the time of his death – tall and lean, something like Thomas Hit Man Hearns when he fought Marvin Hagler and Sugar Ray. 

      But he wasn’t 200 lbs. 

      The true facts almost always support our side – when we give way to rumors and exagerations, we open the door for idiot Kooks, conspiracy mongering types who give our side such a bad reputation by pushing CT nonsense like 9/11/01 was a complete inside job and Arabs didn’t fly the planes in to the buildings.

  • There is something bigger behind this. Does anyone seriously believe that Obama is so stupid to issue a strongly worded, even tastelessly emotional statement-just like that ?

    He certainly had had all the info (and much more, for sure) that was at the time circulating the Web. He knew that Trashon would be unmasked as a thug & the whole affair as self-defense.

    No, there is more to it, but I can only speculate.

  • jackryanvb

    Another good lesson here is to protect yourself by filming video of Black thugs, looking and acting like Black thugs. The lying MSM media (particularly MSNBC and CNN – the Communist News Network) will publish 5 year cute photos of the Black thug threatening and assaulting you and your family, but if you have video of the thug cursing and threatening you and you can show the public what he looks and feels like now that he’s grown over 6 ft and is 17 years old in his criminally prone years – you’ll be protected.

  • B

    Turns out Zimmerman was right all along, this kid was a thief.

    “According to the report, on Oct. 21 staffers monitoring a security camera at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School spotted Trayvon and two other students writing “W.T.F.,” an acronym for “What the f—,” on a hallway locker, according to schools police. The security employee, who knew Trayvon, confronted the teen and looked through his bag for the graffiti marker.Trayvon’s backpack contained 12 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a watch and a large flathead screwdriver, according to the report, which described the screwdriver as a burglary tool.Trayvon was asked if the jewelry, which was mostly women’s rings and earrings, belonged to his family or a girlfriend. “Martin replied it’s not mine. A friend gave it to me,” according to the report. Trayvon declined to name the friend. “

  • MikeofAges

    This just in. National Public Radio admits Trayvon Martin “punched Zimmerman in the nose”.

    And in further news, scientists have discovered recently that life is dangerous for adolescent males. Fighting. Bad judgement. Aggressive behavior. Motorcycles. Gangs. Drugs. Alcohol. Risk sports. Combat service. Some don’t survive.

  • brew730

     “I read where all the blacks are laughing and celebrating that Martin
    beat up “whitey” first before Z shot him….This is how sick blacks are”

    As I’ve said before on AMREN, your statement reminds me of the line from White Men Can’t Jump.  “A black man would rather look good and lose than to look bad and win”

  • Zorro, Whites, Hispanics and Asians all distance themselves from blacks. That will never change either. In fact, I see that increasing if anything. As  some, if not many, Hispanics and Asians assimilate more and more over time, we know the last thing they want is to be near blacks.

    They all know that blacks = nothing positive….ever.

    Yes, liberals will always be on the side of the blacks (though they’ll never live in a black neighborhood or send their kids to black schools).

  • If he were simply labeled “Hispanic”, perhaps. However, that would be no fun for the liberal media. 

  • Just another INSANE liberal. Thankfully, everyone knows she’s a nut case so her comments mean nothing to anyone, except her liberal counterparts. 

  • saxonsun

    In NYC yesterday white kids in hoodies gathered in church to pray–and they don’t even know they’re praying for their own destruction.

  • saxonsun

    And yet some balck on tv had the nerve to complain that the martin case wasn’t picked up at first by the national media!!!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The family of Trayvon has taken this one step further…PROFIT!!

    Cashing in on her thug son is the lowest form of scum, when will it end?

    •  If Zimmerman is cleared under the “stand your ground” law, the “ghetto lottery” (civil lawsuit) will be permanently closed to the family. So this is their alternate way of cashing in. Anything to avoid working for a living.

      • B

        Why is the stand your ground law ever relevant here? It has alwyas been legal to defend yourself when physically attacked.

  • if they would run George Zimmerman’s mug shot on the front page of the New York Times, this controversy would be over in nothing flat.  I do not know what you would call this guy exactly, but first words that came to your lips would not be to say “he’s a white man”.
    So this is a case of two minorities jacking with each other, ending in tragedy.  Happens 10 times a day on the streets of St. Louis.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Yes, the Constitution. We haven’t heard about it, or used it in years. That’s too bad, because our Founding Fathers worked hard putting that amazing document together.

    Oh, you mean those Old Dead White Men (or ODWM as they’re now referred to) that the schools tell us are irrelevant slave holders?  (think I’m kidding?  I’m not).

    This is what we are losing and have already lost:

    For example:

    Last month, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations announced its desire for a worldwide tax.  These economic globalists defend their tax as “very small” (“just” 0.005%) — the tax would be used to “ensure no one lives below a certain income level.”

    The directof or the White House National Economic Council Gene Sperling said “We need a global minimum tax.”  Obama officials, quoted in the Weekly Standard said:  assurance that nobody is escaping doing their fair share as part of a race to the bottom or having our tax code actually subsidized an facilitate people moving their funds to tax havens.”

    For example:  Right to Peaceful Assembly?  Shredded!!:

    Recently HR347 was signed into law effectively outlawing peaceful assembly anywhere near where the Secret Service may be.  This expands current law to make it a crime to enter or remain in an area where an official is visiting even if the person does not know it’s illegal to be in that area and has no reason to suspect it’s illegal.. 

    For example:

    On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.

    0bama himself, of course, gets to say what constitutes an emergency and as we’re already at war, expect this to go into effect after the election.

    And from  NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre who said the president’s low-key approach to gun rights during his first term was a “conspiracy to ensure re-election by lulling gun owners to sleep.”

    “Get re-elected and, with no more elections to worry about, get busy dismantling and destroying our firearms’ freedom, erase the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights and excise it from the U.S. Constitution.”

    I think the U.S. Constitution is already in tatters.


  • carole smith

    We ARE all God’s children, according to the Bible.  Yet, I do agree that too many whites have a warped sense of Christianity that is allowing them to believe they are doing the right thing in not protecting what is theirs from blacks, who have not learned to behave in decent society.  I can love all people of all colors and ethnic backgrounds as Christians are supposed to do, yet I know that I must protect what is mine from some of God’s children.    It is their own cultures that foment this discord, so we as whites should not be blamed for wanting to distance ourselves as much as possible from them.

  • The_Bobster

    Skinhead O’Conner is insane…..has been for decades.

  • vladdy

    Speaking of diversity, the local radio station is starting to play government-sponsored  pro-diversity ads, here in our 95%, small, rural city in Missouri. “Mommy,” the little eirl says, “Look at all the people at your work! They’re all different! Why do all the people where we live look alike?” The mommy tells her how great diversity is, and the ad ends, “Diversity. It’s not just for the workplace. Think about YOUR neighbrhood. Brought to you by the U.S. Dept of Housing.”

    On the bright side, a small town near us had an anti-Agenda 21 meeting last night.

    • disgusting radio ad, that

  • vladdy

    Real pics and Twits can be found. Don’t use Google (ever) — It’s a tool of obama. I use dogpile and just put in his name and “pics” or ‘tweets.” 

  • vladdy

    Check The Daily Caller for TM/’s pics and tweets (all about f***** b****** and such)

  • Kurt Plummer

    Be careful what you wish for…
    Blacks have been set up to take a major fall in the -hopes- that they will be replaced by hispanics as the #1 wage slave ethny of our ‘NWO’ society.
    A poor president who made many bad decisions and now cannot find anyone willing to sign a check for more.
    A hispanic hero who is ‘white’ because that, plus the ‘struggle to acknowledge facts’ allows us to fall all over ourselves in finding something to create a false affinity with.
    Some things to keep in mind folks:
    1.  Hispanics are clever as blacks are not.  They think communally at more than a words-they-don’t-understand level.  Planning and creating the hierarchies to survive.
    2.  They have a TFR that is often well above 3 and has gone as high as 4.4.
    3.  They breed young (Quincenara to Marriage is about 3 years after 15 or ‘something is wrong’.) which means their cadre` numbers are eligible for certain job classifications far more often (as much as 50% for an 18 vs. 35 year old reproductive interval).
    4.  They have a disdain for our system of social regimentation whereby graduation from high school does -not- mean moving up into higher education _and it doesn’t matter_ because Hispanics vote as a block and will, by the middle of the century, have the dominant population numbers.
    5.  Ultimately, culture is the expression of genes and Hispanics, especially the lowlifes that Mexico and Central America use America as a dumping ground for, have created a failed state narco kleptocracy.  Where nepotism and croneyism are -expected- to rule.
    6.  Their average IQ is in the mid-90s, well above blacks but well below whites.  Yet their vote-by-womb birth rates again make this unimportant because they look at life with the mentality of a third world state and a failure to understand that the world goes forward into a high IQ, high work product, era where farming and menial labor are a backslide to guaranteed poverty.

    These are not the kinds of people you want to be competing with (97% pure Han Chinese) China with in 2060.

    So, whether you believe that Trayvon got his just desserts or not, don’t elevate one minority over another, simply because whites haven’t got the balls to call a spade a spade.  Hispanics will no more listen to our sob stories than they will blacks.  They are here to take the place, not take the place of blacks. 

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Blacks have been set up to take a major fall in the -hopes- that they will be replaced by hispanics as the #1 wage slave ethny of our ‘NWO’ society.
      You left out cannon fodder for the NWOs endless wars.

  • They’re not as bad from my experience, sorry. Not even remotely close. The only “side” they might take is that which helps them bring over relatives, get them legal citizenship, etc. 

    I’m not going to waste my time describing my real experiences.

    All I can say is this: Never forget who the REAL enemy is. In case you forgot, simply scroll up to the top of this page and see what this whole article is originally about.

    Same old story. This nonsense burns me up a hell of a lot more than some  illegals marching for rights or citizenship or whatever.

    I think some on here just want to take their frustration out on another group since we dropped the ball with blacks.

    You can also bet liberals would love to see us all sectioned off. They want it to be everyone vs Whites and that’s what some on here promote. Sorry, not me. Other groups aren’t perfect (neither are we), but no one compares to those wonderful black folk.

  • QUID0

    The  Christian ?Newsome  murders . 
    Also on  the  same  weekend  Zimmerman  shot  the  young  thug  in  self  defense, 1  black  was  killed  and  18  wounded  by  gunfire  after a  b-ball  game  between    two  all  black  colleges  in   Jackson, Tenn. >.  Not  a  peep  about  that  on  the  national  media.
    Just  one  more>>> One  year  before   Zimmerman   killed  Trayvon  the  thug  in self  defense ,  18  blacks  were  arrested  in  Cleveland,Texas  for  gasng  raping  an 11  year  old  hispanic  girl >>  this   also  never  made  national  news.

  • QUID0

    The  brain  of  those  who  evolved  in  the  tropical  enviroment  of  Africa  are  as  different  from  ours  as  there  skin  is   from  ours.   Hey  have  a  very  small  prefrontal  cortex  which  is  the  part  of  the   brain  that  controls  both  rational  thinking  and  empathy.
    Student  will  never  be  taught  this  in  school  but  there  is  more  differences  between  this  race  and  other races  than  just  skin  color >.  sorry  if   these  facts  offend  those  who  have  been indoctrinated  into  political  correctness.

  • MikeofAges

    For all kids. White kids die in vehicle accidents at a high rate. Drug overdoes are universal, more for some and less for others, but still universal. The “this just in” is a little sarcasm. This issue is well known.

    Things can be done to help people make it. In  Trayvon Martin’s that could have consisted of making him quickly accountable for his past trangressions. Teaching him to respect and respond to his elders. Sending  him to a school where he had to wear black pants, and white shirt and tie every day, where he was called Mr. Martin and he called his teacher “sir” or ma’am”, or “mister, miss, mrs or ms (as they chose to be addressed). Edward Braithwaite, an African engineer working as secondary teacher in postwar Britain solved this problem, teaching a class full of working class white kids.

    His story was made famous by the film “To Sir With Love”. The movie was a whitewash though. The kids were far, far worse than they were represented in the film. He actually did reform them. There is a recipe for all troubled kids here. Get them teachers who are popular and charismatic, but firm. You won’t get those kind of people out of our leftist-run educational programs. Anybody who needs to go to school to learn what the difference is between a 13-year-old and 16-year-old, or bright kid and a slow kid, or an affluent kid and poor kid, or a white kid and a black kid doesn’t belong in a classroom in my opinion. Not to mention, who would rather have teaching your kids (or any else’s), an education major or someone who knew their subject? 

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      “Not to mention, who would rather have teaching your kids (or any else’s), an education major or someone who knew their subject?”

      Elementary teachers have college degrees in education.  High school teachers do not major in education — they have college degrees in their subject FIRST then a year of mandated ed school.

      The problem is low black IQ and aberrant black behavior, not all of them of course, but enough of them that majority-black schools are absolute hell holes of anarchy.  Most blacks have topped out by grade 3, some a few years later — after that they are out of their league.

      There are still many fine, hard working, very intelligent and dedicated teachers.  I see them every single day.  But, we are put in an absolutely impossible situation — educating those with IQs of 80-90 all the way through high school.

      We high school teachers get black and brown students whose average reading level is grade 3-4. It’s not that they weren’t taught to read or that we’ve given up on them,  it’s that they don’t understand how to decode written language, except at a very rudimentary level.  Intervention program after intervention program has been thrown at their feet starting at a very early age.  Not one of them has been successful. Not one, including Head Start, a Great Society program that was supposed to close or narrow the achievement gap and, after 40 years, has done neither.

      We teachers are in a no-win situation — hence the large amount of cheating because school districts are trying to tie test scores to our salaries and jobs.


      • MikeofAges

         I attended inner city schools. Many years later, I had contact with school systems thanks to working as a reporter for small town papers. I just have very little regard for education programs and their product. When I went to school, the best teachers were young men without education credentials, who were hired on account of the teacher shortage in that era.

        IMO, Trayvon Martin was not mentally deficient in any case. If he had experienced more discipline and firm boundaries this event would not have happened, I am sure. I don’t think the Trayvon Martins of the world are as  different from the James Dean youth of the 1950s or the “corner boys” of the Studs Lonigan era as anyone thinks they are. Basically a bunch of lower middle class guys who are cocky and self-important way beyond their true capacities, and extremely destructive, self destructive above all though still dangerous to others as well.

        As teens and young men, these types are socially adept, often better athletes, and have a way with the girls. But they are destined to amount to very little.

        In the case of black youth and young men, they are the ones who in our era have the physical wherewithal, fatalism and recklessness to act out the violent fantasies many young men from all backgrounds have. Add to that the fuel of racial grievance and a misplaced sense of moral righteousness and you have a deadly mix.

         If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think  anyone needs that extra year to teach if they know their subject. A degree in your subject, an evaluation of suitability and an orientation “boot camp” ought to be enough.

  • 1.the 911 call made by zimmerman clearly has him describing the black youth as wearing a “black hoodie”2.a
    witness 911 call clearly has her saying that ¨the guy on top is wearing
    a white t shirt¨. who was the guy on top? not trayvon if we take zimmerman¨and the police´s description of what the deeceased was wearing. a “black” hoodie.3.where are the pictures and/or medical report of zimmermans alleged injuries?4.the
    person screaming for help heard in another of the 911 calls from
    neighbors is highely unlikely to be zimmerman, why would he scream for
    help when he was ¨on top¨ subduing trayvon.also, it is clear that the screaming suddenly stops with the shot being fired. immediate silence after that.zimmerman most likely abrutley silenced the source with his shot.

    • MikeofAges

      Maybe you’re right, but this isn’t a place where coffeehouse logic prevails. Most of the people here are willing to wait for the facts to become certain and let them, and the law, be the guide.

  • Don’t drive or walk into the middle of a “justice for Trayvon” protest. You just might look at someone the wrong way.  If I need to buy gas, for example, and the gas station has lots of blacks hanging around the parking area, I drive to the next one. On the other hand, should the time ever come when I have to defend myself or my family and neighbors, I am prepared and quite capable of doing that. What burns me up even more than the Sharptons and the Jacksons are the white liberal media icons who are gining up black hatred for whites on a nightly basis. Whites are victimized by black violence on a daily basis but I predict the rate of black violence against whites will increase dramatically very soon, because blacks have been whipped into a frenzy by the mainstream media.

  • radical7

    Actually, new evidence was released by ABC news that verifies the fact that the police chief wanted to charge George Zimmerman with manslaughter but was overruled by his superiors. Now it is clear that this was a cover up by the Good ol’ boys

    • Energizer2112

      Whom are these good old boys covering up for? The neighbor and community watchman who saw Zimmerman getting his head bashed on the sidewalk? Well that just makes perfect sense. Don’t you have any sense of shame about defending a sociopathic vampire squid such as Trayvon Martin?

      • Impertinent

        Little does “anon” realize that sadly…most police forces and their Chiefs…have had to take “diversity training” to learn how to bow down to the illiterate, criminals so as not to hurt their feelings. All for the “Snivel Rights” gangsters and hustlers.

        Poor cops can’t do their jobs without having to fear the wrath of a “disaffected” youth or an angry racist Porch Monkey these days. I’m sure they’re gritting their teeth as they see these black savages invade their quiet town.

  • radical7

    I’ve asked so many people during my lifetime why they hate African-Americans so much and most often I got “I don’t know…I just do.” For a long time I thought it might be some type of weird sub-conscious guilt but I don’t think that is the case. In the past 3 years I’ve seen how much deflection and especially projection comes from these people and now I think that it is based on fear because so many of the white racists know that if the situations were reversed they would be lusting for revenge…it is very possible that it is beyond their comprehension that not everyone lives for revenge…most just want a decent shot at life and to live that life with security, love and laughter….all three qualities which do not get much respect in the lives of racists.

    • vladdy

      People I’ve asked say it’s because wherever they go, they spread violence, thuggery, obscenity, mysogyny, stupidity, and ignorance. And ‘cos they won’t leave us alone. And cos they cause us to pay for mass transit we can’t use, schools we can’t send our kids to, and diversity training that tries to pile guilt on our heads. And ‘cos their kids, rich or poor, get into better schools and jobs with lower test scores and performances than our kids. And because they’ve destroyed our popular culture. And because if you try to treat them like every other human being, they go off on you and vomit ugliness all over you. And I do agree with you about the lives of racists. Blacks racists in the schools drove me right out of my career and pension as a teacher. Lusting for revenge? Yeah, I am, but like most people, I’ve just moved away from it. However, yesterday I heard the first “bring diversity to YOUR neighborhood” commercial on my talk radio station. Kind of interferes with my security, not to mention love and laughter.

    • Energizer2112

      Every racist will tell you exactly why he or she is a racist. Forty years of living in Chicago will permit no illusions about the differences among the races, including intelligence and temperament. By the way, the black and Hispanic body count in Chicago for the month of March is 22, and the number of hospitalized casualties must be close to 100. The shut down of the 2011 flash mobs just squeezed the sociopaths back into the neighborhoods, where they can kill and rob each other instead of middle-class shoppers and tourists on Michigan Ave. Anyone who can’t see the difference between the races in an environment such as that in most big American cities is a fool or a liberal who believes that social dysfunction is the result of white racism.

    •  ? People here mostly don’t like Blacks. Why ? Because:

      * they’ve personally suffered injuries from Black criminals (mugging etc.)
      * their families & children have had almost invariably negative experiences with Blacks
      (school, work place, public transportation,..)
      * they know about huge disparity between White on Black and Black on White crime. Hence, they consider Blacks- many of them- racist predators.
      * they’ve seen so many media cover-ups or manipulation (O.J,. Knoxville horror, Rodney King, Duke Lacrosse, Wichita horror, ..) they simply do not believe MSM
      * they’ve seen detrimental effects on White population thanks to affirmative action
      * they are constantly hearing lies about the greatest civilization that has ever existed, the Western European, interpreted in the context of “White guilt”
      * they see that Black-ruled cities and municipalities frequently turn to 3rd world dumps

      And- this is about all non-Western races & cultures: they don’t see the reason why would they be the only group of people, i.e. European Americans, that is doomed to be dispossessed & become a minority in their own country. This phenomenon is not happening anywhere in the “colored” world: not in Japan, not in Saudi Arabia, not in Ghana, not in Vietnam, not in Bangladesh, not in Jamaica, not in China (except Tibet),..

      So- why would a sane person wish to commit suicide ?

      • Swarmi

        What “I” dont like is the race hustlers trying to make this into a race war when it has nothing to do with race.

        CNN, NBC and Al Shaprtons gang are leading the charge.


        Tawana Brawley

        This is V.2

  • One of many reasons I live in Montana (and plan to die there.)

  • radical7

     Vladdy wrote:

    “”People I’ve asked say it’s because wherever they go, they spread violence, thuggery, obscenity, mysogyny, stupidity, and ignorance. And ‘cos they won’t leave us alone. And cos they cause us to pay for mass transit we can’t use, schools we can’t send our kids to, and diversity training that tries to pile guilt on our heads. And ‘cos their kids, rich or poor, get into better schools and jobs with lower test scores and performances than our kids. And because they’ve destroyed our popular culture. And because if you try to treat them like every other human being, they go off on you and vomit ugliness all over you. And I do agree with you about the lives of racists. Blacks racists in the schools drove me right out of my career and pension as a teacher. Lusting for revenge? Yeah, I am, but like most people, I’ve just moved away from it. However, yesterday I heard the first “bring diversity to YOUR neighborhood” commercial on my talk radio station. Kind of interferes with my security, not to mention love and laughter.You obviously associate with people who are very intelelcutally dishonest and delusional.

  • radical7

    Zimmerman is a cold blooded murderer. Period!

  • radical7

    You would accept a man who murdered millions of Jews , gypsies and countless numbers of other people over people just because they are Black?

    You are sick beyond measure!

  • TheCogitator

    It has been widely reported that Martin had Skittles and an ice tea. Has anyone checked to see if the convenience store where he would have gotten them sold those items to him. Maybe he did not buy them, but rather stole them. That could account for his aggressive behavior.

    • Swarmi

      Maybe he thought Zman was loss prevention.  This is a common reason to run like a rabbit.

  • crazy_j

    Simmer down, Francis. In all your chest-thumping, you seem to have missed the point entirely.

    Who “wishes for” war, strife, etc.? Bon does. I once again quote him as saying, “Fine.  Unleash the Dogs of War!   Release the Kraken!”

    There’s a difference between discussing socioeconomic and political issues, and advocating & inciting violence. In a public forum. For all the world to see. Where, likely, authorities monitor comment sections on behalf of or in conjunction with DHS and other local, state, and federal enforcement agencies.

    In essence, what I was saying to Bon was this: Think before you shoot off your mouth. Same to you, really.

    Don’t think for a second that I’m not on your side of the issue. But I do not and will not advertise specific plans, preparations, tactics or details in an open forum accessible by anyone – including the enemy. Tipping your hand in such a way not only endangers yourself, but others as well.

    Advocating and salivating for a Race War discredits not only yourself, but the site as a whole and the the people who frequent it.

  • Swarmi

    Alan D sez the case is weaker than a wet paper bag. 

  • mikejones91

    Yeah anyone else watch World News last night? Surprisingly, they showed the OFFICIAL injury report and under race, he was marked white. Hmmm