Tech Titans Fund Undocumented Students

Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal, March 6, 2012

A group of Silicon Valley technology leaders, impatient with attempts to rewrite immigration laws, is funding efforts to help undocumented youths attend college, find jobs and stay in the country despite their illegal status.

The group includes Jeff Hawkins, inventor of the Palm Pilot; and the family foundations of Andrew Grove, co-founder of Intel Corp.; and Mark Leslie, founder of the former Veritas Software Corp. Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, has for years supported undocumented students through her organizations that help low-income high-school students.

The Silicon Valley money is part of a broader response by individuals and states to Congress, which hasn’t passed the Dream Act. That federal legislation would offer a path to legalization for illegal immigrants who graduate from a U.S. high school and attend college or join the military.

“We think Congress’s inaction…is devastating for these students and tragic for the country,” said Ms. Powell Jobs, who was one of the first in the tech community to champion the Dream Act by lobbying her congresswoman and writing an op-ed piece supporting the legislation.

The focus of the Silicon Valley philanthropists is Educators for Fair Consideration, or E4FC, a nonprofit that gives scholarships, career advice and legal services to students brought to the U.S. illegally as children.


The U.S. has “put a lot of money into [undocumented students] already,” said Eva Grove, wife of Intel’s co-founder, whose family foundation gave $1 million to immigration-related groups last year. “It makes no sense to dead-end them after they are educated.”


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  • JohnEngelman

    The U.S. has “put a lot of money into [undocumented students] already,” said Eva Grove, wife of Intel’s co-founder. 
     –  Miriam Jordan, Wall Street Journal, March 6, 2012      
    The U.S. ought to have put that money into people who are here legally.  

  • I’ll bet the plan is to get them into Law School so they can join the ever growing army of Liberal Elite Lawyers.   Its becoming harder for whites to get into law school.

  • Fine by me.  We’ll have a handy list of people admitting to some sort of Federal immigration crimes.  It will make the Grand Jury’s job nice and easy.

  • Correct.  Not only that, some of the assistance that this milieu gives to these “DREAMers” reads like obstruction of justice.

  • The irony is that Steve Jobs rose to the heights he did after starting out in a mixed blue-white collar household background in Mountain View, California.  It’s impossible for working-middle class white Americans even to get a foothold in the Bay Area now, because of the viciously expensive housing costs, the outsourcing of blue collar jobs, and the insourcing of many white collar jobs to legal immigrant visa holders.  Wherever the next Steve Jobs might be right now, he won’t have the same path to success, if he has a path to success at all, partially because of the political advocacy and business dealings of the first Steve Jobs and now his widow.

  • nettle

    These misguided elites are guilt ridden because of their wealth so to distract themselves and others from paying attention to their enormous wealth; they play with the social issues of the day which now happens to be blacks and Hispanics.  This wealth originated from average whites giving them seed and tax money, infrastructure, education, a safe environment, the brain power, buying their junk, etc to start and make their fortunes.  Where is the gratitude toward whites?  This country built by white brain power took in Andy Grove as a refugee.  These misguided individuals completely ignore the fact that Bill Gates spent over $5 billion trying to increase the rate of blacks kids going to college and he admitted he did not move the needle one bit.  On the other end, for years with no end in sight, the government has been shoveling huge amount of wasted tax money to close the so called racial learning gap.  The end result is the destruction of this country’s educational system with this country consistently placing at the bottom in international testing.  The average white has been too complacent in allowing his country to be destroyed.        

  • Gandolf

    I personally know people with Masters degrees in Computer Science that could not get any job in the tech industry because of traitors like these. They have already flooded the IT field with foreign labor through lobbying congress to extend the H-1B visa program. U.S. citizens with Masters degrees that can’t even get a help-desk job. Pathetic and should be illegal. Everyone is involved from Micrsoft to Cisco Systems.

  • Xanthippe2

    These same companies obey European labor laws for their employees that work there (very limited lay-offs, vacation time, etc.) but they know that American immigration laws can be broken at will — “our” government doesn’t care.

  • LOL…yes, but only if you can get someone who is willing to enforce the law!

  • Fantastic, the elites do by their actions hold away competition.   Because they are Marxist elites, a well-educated, market-oriented White population would shatter dreams of racial equality utopia.  And they would be competitors to push out the current elite. 

    In order to encourage equality of the peons, you need to hold back the brightest of the bunch, of all races.  Yes, smart Blacks are also oppressed.  This keeps the peons from gaining feudal estates.  Things never really change that much, its the Middle Ages all over again.  Keep the peasants dumb.  Give them bread and circuses.   

    I think that is why we advocate a Renaissance here- 
    to end the feudal oppression of Whites by the Marxist, internationalist elite.

    Always remember that the nationalist rebellions of the 1800’s in Europe were all about bringing power to the people, and ending the multinational, oppressive empires of Europe.  

    Let us have an American Renaissance.

    • Insoc

      Oh, I agree.  Except when the government switches completely over to a non-white marxist police state, wealth will be taxed — heavily — if not outright confiscated and redistributed, exactly as it was after the Communist Revolutions in Russia and China.

      The non-white rabble is already being primed to hate and despise the rich and hold them responsible for their poverty and misery.

      The elites can only keep the barbarians at the gate for so long.  

      The good news is they’ll be targeted for attack in exactly the same manner as us white kulaks.   Bread and circuses only work for so long.

      It won’t take an American Renaissance, it will take a Third American Revolution and this next one will be particularly long and bloody.

  • ageofknowledge

    I’d like to see every one of those rich yuppies live in the Hispanic gang neighborhoods they created with their modern liberal hippie BS.

  • anarchyst

    Bill Gates was (and is) not that smart (intellectually).  He was “at the right place, at the right time”.  His “smart” move was to purchase an “operating system” from a student who formulated it for $20,000.  This became the basis for DOS . . . the rest is history.  Bill Gates never had the intellectual prowess to develop an “operating system” on his own.
    Bill Gates’ leftist attitude is sickening . . . he has scholarship programs for non-whites only .  .

    • Bill Gates is hardly a good programmer.  One of the smart people that worked for him once saw some lines of code he wrote, not knowing it was Bill Gates who wrote it, and blurted out loud, “Who the hell wrote this brainless s**t?”

      Gates was to the manor born.  Ever hear of the Seattle-D.C. firm of superlawyers called Preston Gates Ellis?  The “Gates” is Bill Gates’s father, the “Ellis” is relation of the Bush family.  Bill Gates was the silver spoon son of a superlawyer who loved computers, and was able to build a huge corporation based on business acumen and partially illegal monopolistic tactics, not necessarily good code.

      Then again, MSFT isn’t the iCabal.

  • JohnEngelman