Seneca Police Referring Assault Case to Federal Authorities

Ray Chandler, Independent Mail, March 28, 2012

Six men have been charged with beating a North Carolina man and police say they are referring the case to federal authorities to see if the men might be charged with hate crimes. Seneca Police Chief John Covington said the investigation indicated that race was a factor in the attack, so the case file would be transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The men who have been charged are black. The man who was beaten is white.

The six men are charged with assault and battery by mob. They are Teryn L. Robinson, 18, Tray Devon Holland, 19, Justin Dimon Alexander, 20, Derick Lee Williams, 22, Kino Martinez Jones, 25, and Montrez Obrian Jones, 22.


The arrests followed an investigation that began March 17, when Seneca police officers arrived about 12:50 a.m. at the parking lot of Applebee’s at 696 By Pass 123 in response to reports of a man being beaten.

They found Terry Moore, 32, of Macon County, N.C., lying in the parking lot. He was taken to Oconee Medical Center.

According to a statement given later by Moore, he had been fishing with friends in Oconee County all day on March 16 and the group capped the day by going to the Applebee’s.

As the group left, Moore said, he went to the restroom while his companions went to their vehicles. When he went into the parking lot, Moore said, he was taunted by members of a group of 15 to 20 blacks who called him names such as “tree honky” and “cracker”.

One of the group hit him, Moore said, and as he reached for the alleged assailant, “everything went black.”

According to one of Moore’s companions, one of the assailants used a stun gun on Moore.

Moore said that he recalled being on the ground surrounded by feet and being beaten. According to one of Moore’s companions, one of those around Moore appeared to try to protect Moore’s head from injury.

According to Covington, none of the suspects knew Moore.


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  • RememberVienna

    I am awaiting a statement by Obama.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Obama’s statement:

      “If I had sons they would look like the six young men who jumped that white boy. ” 

  • I Am Terry Moore

    You Are Terry Moore

    We Are All Terry Moore

  • gemjunior

    I think it will also get worse from hereon in.  They are emboldened like never before in history – as violent as they have been in the past we can be sure we have seen nothing yet.  I think that, thus encouraged, they will unleash murder on us.  This is also where we see if Whites will have the sand to take their rightful place in this society as the majority and the leadership to take this country back as the domain of White people, and to make sure that NO ONE, black or White, ever forgets it. 
    Every time a White person is violated, we their brethren must appear in force and protest.  No longer can we sit reading the news of the freshest debauch and think of civilized, gentlemanly, “European” responses.  They do not understand these responses.  And the media just pushes and pushes, never imagining that there is a limit to what will be  tolerated.
    I am afraid but it will not stop me from joining any fight to stop this.  I don’t have whatever it takes to lead a fight but I DO have what it takes to join one, to make a number.  And no matter what, if there are protests against this that I hear of, I am going.  I promise that  much, I will be there.  If there are mobs of blacks protesting, they get attention.  And Whites need to appear right there in counter-protest.  If we appear by ourselves, we’ll just be censored, or not shown, ignored, or whatever by the sleazy scummy media.  But we can appear opposite them and get other Whites’ and the world’s attention that way, by forcing ourselves on their notice.  One way or another, there will soon be no other choice.

  • William_JD

    When I was a teen, we’d occasionally go to Seneca late night because the bars were open till 5 a.m.   I’m surprised that none of the White boys pulled a gun.

    By the way, this would have happened about 3 miles from the home of Senator Lindsay Grahamnesty.

  • William_JD

    This happened in South Carolina.

  • William_JD

    Yeah, I’m from there, and something is very strange about this. 

  • No

    It’s starting to sound like there’s a race war going on . . .

  • gemjunior

    Yeah, I know the feeling.  I’m a girl too (actually I’m 47 so I guess I’m a little furthur on LOL) and I have unfortunately like many Northern European ladies, a touch of the osteoporosis already.  So I can count on getting some fractures but I don’t care.  When I say “I’m afraid but it will not stop me from joining any fight to….” I don’t just mean physical.  I’m afraid in general and what’s more, I’m admitting it.  I’m afraid for my men, my little girl, and my wonderful way of life which may be interrupted in a really ugly way.  But like I say, I’m not dying for a fight but am ready.  As you have mentioned, there is a lot to be said for “smart fighting.”  White people are certainly smarter than blacks are in the larger, general sense.  And the Vietnamesepeasantry, as we know were u

    • Forgive me for my traditional values, but I hope we haven’t gotten to the point where our women do the fighting for us.  If my lady had to fight it would mean that I was already dead.

      • gemjunior

        Most women welcome these traditional values, and I am definitely one of them.  Hope it doesn’t come to us having to get physically involved but we never will know till I happens.  I don’t think we would have to; I believe once it becomes clear to whites, and they seem to surely need it S-P-E-L-L-E-D out for them, then the white men will organized into a very effective force and women won’t have to do hand to hand combat with feral black males.  The US army sends women to combat, I can’t imagine what would become of one POW female in a place like the Middle East or Africa.  Best to keep one bullet for herself IMO.  Thanks for that reminder though.

  • ArturoPendriago

    I have seen the same thing, especially with all of the Mr. Skittles hoopla.  Almost every article has pro-white, anti-black comments about 8 out of ten.  That is encouraging.  

  • Flaxen-headed Strumpet

    Ironic that the SC State law that these suspects are probably going to be charged under was promulgated in 1951 at the request of the NAACP. More background info here:

  • The_Bobster

    I’ve seen that, too, and the moderators seem to be less prone to stomp on the pro-White ones. Maybe they’re just getting so many of them that they can’t suppress them all.

  • ncpride

    Shoot, I LIVE in NC and haven’t heard a peep about this. As per usual, I have to come to AmRen or other pro White sites to hear about it. I’m beginning to see why other Whites are so clueless when it comes to racial crime. They flat out don’t know because the media won’t report it, or to be more accurate, go to great lengths to cover it up.

    I’m surprised this didn’t end in some sort of shoot out. I’m not kidding when I say almost every White male I know including family are armed at all times or never leave home without one in the car. Shocked, really that this didn’t end differently.

  • Our govenment is making sure the thug element gets every opportunity to take an “interest” in the great outdoors. This was from 2005, but I’m certain the diversity dream is alive and well in our nation’s parks!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Seneca Police Chief John Covington said the investigation indicated that race was a factor in the attack, so the case file would be transferred to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

    This case was transferred straight to the trash!!  

    This is the last anyone will hear of it.


    Image:  0bama’s sextuplets, if he’d had sextuplets.

  • JukeJointJimmee

  • B

    If the  blacks knew they could get lynched for doing this they would not have ever done such a needless heinous act. This is the exact behavior lynchings used to prevent.

  • gemjunior

    The problem is they seem to always be able to adjust.  I was watching a video that the Africans are even in Russia. Complaining, of course.  Seems the accommodations AREN’T up to scratch as they are in the UK and Ireland – free council house brand new with all amenities, free weekly allowance more than the native people are taking home after working a grueling 50  hrs workweek, etc.  These complaining Africans in Russia were given a funky, nasty old trailor with no heat and were outraged, and also unhappy there were no laws to force a grimace of pretend welcome and pretend politeness onto the faces of the locals.  Russia doesn’t pretend to be on their knees to political correctness.  Lead the way, Russia.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    blacks are a miserable people. they have turned the trayvon martin circus into a reelection campaign for hussein. even going as far as morphing martins face onto the african flag motif of husseins first poster. disgusting pitiful lot. typical, angry faced  group, never positive or uplifting think the world owes them everything blame others for their failures. a culture of grievance. a sad sad people. hussein represents the perfectly. they are a sick and hopeless race who will never change. they contribute nothing just threaten and intimidate every other group.
    the one percent of blacks with a positive message are derided as uncle toms by the majority. they dont mature beyond the mentality of a 6 year old whos parents would tell them nobody owes you anything. they never learn basic life lessons. they are the most racist and hateful people on earth. trayvon martin….pathetic.   

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     i was disgusted by the interview of strange and his dad typical leftists asking for forgiveness and understanding for the blacks that beat him causing permenant
    disability then saying pray for them i was ready to vomit. it seems like the same types of whites are getting beatdowns. then they want to go to the pen and ask the black why they beat them try to understand the help them etc. it makes me sick.

  • ageofknowledge

    It’s just not safe for white people to be around groups of black males.

  • The_Bobster

    My brother used to live near a park like that. He always hoped that winter arrived early.

  • You know what the real problem is? If they are not charged with a hate crime, no Whites (organizations or otherwise) will say or do anything about it. Also, the victim, as with most cases I believe, will not pursue it any further. It’s one of the biggest problems in our country.